2: The Dark Superman


Inko Midoriya had been forced to accept far too many things in her life. The first being the death of her husband due to a freak accident at his overseas job. Being a Flame Quirk user, to be a welder on oil rig was a dangerous enough job, but the truth of the matter was that it wasn't even his fault that the rig blew up. It was negligent management that caused the offshore rig to explode. She didn't even get a chance to bury him.

The second was the fact that her son, he would be fifteen now, had been born Quirkless, like a shrinking majority of the population. It was cruel to think of his life as it had been; bullied by those he once saw as friends. Treated like a freak for something he had no control over. She had seen the signs of his depression, but through it all, he kept moving forward until her third hardship.

Losing the last of her family.

The search for her son had gone on for months, but the authorities had turned up with nothing. Not even Hound Dog had been able to find his scent. It was as if he had vanished into thin air. Inko had begged them to keep searching for him, but the police had given up after eight months of searching.

There was no denying it. Her son was gone.

But there was a small silver lining.

The girl, Mina Ashido, and her had become fast friends after they had met that first time just after the disappearance. In the coming months of the search, the girl had been a constant companion to the older woman, for which Inko was forever grateful. Now she understood why her son had told her that she may have been right. Mina was an absolute ray of sunshine in her lonely little apartment.

Mina stopped by every day to see how she was doing, and for even a scrap of news concerning Izuku, but as always, there was nothing. So she prayed with her at the little shrine she had set up for both Hiashi, her husband, and Izuku.

"You know, Mina," Inko said to the girl on one such visit, "You really should focus more on your schooling rather than keep coming over to see me."

Mina shook her head, her eyes on the picture of the curly-haired boy next to a man with equally curly black hair, "I can keep up with my schoolwork just fine, Inko." She said, smiling. "Besides, I've still got hope that he might just walk right through the door someday."

She smiled at the girl, "I'm glad I'm not the only one that hasn't given up hope."

Mina smiled right back, "I'd be a hypocrite if I caved in like that," she said, rising and reaching for her bag, "I told the same thing to him before..." She trailed off, looking back at the picture of the boy she missed so dearly.

Inko reached over and gripped her hand, "You can't know how much that means to me, Mina," she smiled weakly, "Now you should go. It's nearly time for your train to leave, and I remember you saying that you were accepted into U.A. High School, didn't you? You should really be getting ready for that."

Mina bent and kissed the woman on the head, "I'll drop by again."

"Just not as often," she cautioned the girl, "Your studies aside, I heard through the grapevine that there's been some new vigilante roaming the streets, and he's not above dropping in on teenagers."

Mina looked a little confused, then nodded, "I think I saw something like that on the news." She said, "Apparently the guy has a dual Quirk, or multiple Quirks."

Inko sighed, "Bad enough that Superpowers are the norm, now, but we keep having more and more powerful individuals pop up." She sighed, "I wonder if the Heroes can keep up with this one?"

"Everybody slips up sometimes," the pink-skinned girl smiled, "This guy's no different, two Quirks or not."

"I suppose you're right," the older woman smiled, "Still, though, please watch out for yourself; I don't think I could handle it if I lost someone else."


Tomura Shigaraki was not a patient person. He liked results. Immediate results. Normally, if he didn't get what he wanted, then a mass murder was surely to follow in the wake of his tantrum. But for the passed year, his patience seemed to be paying off.

His master's latest project was beginning to show promise. Of all the Quirks his master possessed, the one that he had chosen to tweak, and pass on to a new bearer was known as Krytonian, named so for the Quirk's single deadly weakness, an extremely rare, and radioactive mineral found in certain asteroids that sometimes fell to the Earth's surface. The weakness was still there as a fail-safe, but the subject he had implanted the Quirk within had been...restricted in the Quirk's true power.

As such, Kryptonian's power was severely lessened. As it stood, the only powers that the subject had access to were flight, and super strength. Tomura liked to think of it as a level based system. The more experience his new toy got, the more power he would unlock.

And he was about to set his new toy loose.

"Are you certain that this is a good idea, Shigaraki?" Said the misty form of his companion as they stood outside the Kryptonian's room. "The Master has only just finished the conditioning process. What if he breaks free?"

Tomura grinned vilely at him, "He knows well enough not to try anything. If he does, he knows what'll happen." He smiled and reached for the door.

The inside of the room was lit with artificial red lights that emulated the energy of a red sun; another weakness of the Kryptonian Quirk. Yellow sunlight empowered the subject, whilst red sunlight made him as weak as a Quirkless individual.

Said subject sat, back against the wall, in the middle of his bed, covered in a blanket. "Hiding again?" Tomura asked in a jovial tone, "Come on, you've got work to do."

The subjects head perked up ever so slightly as he took interest. "What do you want?" He asked, his voice strained and meek. Or so it sounded. Tomura knew better, however. In the passed year, he had seen him do much just to get away, hence the reason for keeping him locked in a room to weaken him should he activate his Quirk.

"It's not what I want," Tomura sneered at the subject, "It's what father wants." The veiled head drooped, "That's right, you know you can't say know to him, don't you?" He taunted the subject, "You know what'll happen if you even think about it."

"Tell me what you want, or leave."

"Now, now, no need to be rude," Tomura smiled, "You are familiar with the Eight Precepts of Death, right?"

He got a nod.

"That's good, because father wants you to eliminate them," Tomura said gleefully, "You see, word on the street is that their leader is making some kind of Quirk suppressing ammunition, something that can rid a person of their Quirk for good."

"I'm not killing anyone," the subject said, "No way."

Now Tomura lost his smile, "You're no fun, as always." He said, stepping closer. He reached out and grabbed the subject, knocking the blanket off of him, revealing a messy head of green/black hair. "You don't decide what to do. Understand? When I say eliminate, I mean eradicate! Got it?! I want nothing left of these peons, or their research! Destroy everything, and everyone!"

Green eyes rose up to stare directly into the red of Tomura's. "Only the master can scare me, Shigaraki." They were an intelligent set of eyes that held a cold fury that trumped even the malice within Shigaraki's crimson orbs. "So fuck. Off."

Tomura sneered, "Do it...or I'll be paying your mother a visit."

"Touch her, and I'll break you in half." The boy said evenly.

"Oh, we both know that if you had the gall to do that, you'd have done it a long time ago," Tomura chuckled, "I, on the other hand- " He backhanded him so hard his head crashed against the wall. "Have no such problems. Do it. Or she dies."

The boy rubbed the back of his head, glaring, "When?"



After his meeting with the Kryptonian, Shigaraki found himself back in the main room of their hideout. A bar, to most people. But it was occupied by the worst of the worst that society had to offer. They had all flocked to the one that he called father, and master.

"You really are too harsh with him," said a distorted voice on the screen next to the bar, "If we do not make him our willing ally, then sooner or later I will have to kill him, and find another to wield such power."

"I wish you'd just given me that power," Tomura said, pouting, "As long as I've known that brat, he refuses to do anything unless I threaten him with his mother. He's too pure!"

"True, all too true," the voice said, a chuckle sounding from the screen, "But I believe he can be swayed. After all, he was scorned by the man he idolized as a child, and was even bullied by those he thought of as his friends. What better mold could their be for a dark heart."

"As you say," Tomura sighed, "But I still wonder if we can follow through with the plan to kill All Might using him. What if he turns the first chance he gets?"

"I have a contingency plan for that." Chuckled the voice once more, "After all, Superman was not the most powerful being in the beginning, he was just the first of many. If our little friend decides to run home, then he will never make it."

"And then I can just deliver his body to mommy's doorstep." Tomura laughed.


The high-rises around the Musutafu city were usually quiet. However, the quiet was disturbed the labored, frightened breathing of a tiny person. A child no older than six, sat huddled amid garbage, trying desperately to hide. The child, a little girl, was ungodly thin, and had bandages wrapped around both arms and legs. Her hair, long and unkept, was a bluish off-white in color, and parted by a single, slightly glowing horn.

Anyone that saw the girl would think that she was homeless. But she was far from that. But the home she had was not a home at all, but a prison built around her by her caretakers. Every day she was cut, stabbed and drained of her blood, and then her caretaker would fix her so she wouldn't die. And she wanted to. Desperately.

"Eri," the girl stiffened, and looked up, "What have I told you about running away?"

"N-Not t-to."

"And yet you keep doing it," the man said, "You know what that means, don't you?"

The girl, Eri, clutched at her arms, "P-please, I - "

The man, dressed in a trench coat, and ornate plague mask, reached for her. She closed her eyes, waiting for the pain.

But it never came. Cracking her eyes open, she looked up and saw that the hand that was reaching for her was being held back by another. "And who the fuck are you?" The man asked angrily as he tried to take his arm back, but found that whoever this person was had a grip made of titanium.

"Doesn't matter who I am," said a young voice, and Eri looked to the stranger, seeing a red and black robed figure hovering behind her caretaker, "What does matter is who you are. Kai Chisaki, right?"

Kai sneered at him, his skin beginning to break out, "Who wants to know?"

If his face wasn't covered by a red mask, Kai would have seen a smile, "All for One sends his regards." He then crushed the man's arm in his grip with a quick snap.

Kai howled in pain, and stumbled away from the attacker, "Why you motherfu-"

"Language." A swift, unseen blow to the stomach had Kai falling to his knees.

The figure then turned his attention to the little girl, who cowered, "It's alright, I'm not gonna hurt you." He said, lifting the mask from his face, and showing her a kind smile beneath freckled cheeks, "I'm here to help."

"You're here to die!" Chisaki roared slamming his hands into the ground causing it to erupt in massive concrete spikes that curled around the strange teen. Eri suddenly found herself whisked up and away from the ground and into the young man's arms as he took to the air.

He set her down on the ledge of a building. "Sit right here. I won't be long."

Eri shook her head frightfully, "Please don't! He'll kill you"

"He won't even scratch me." The masked teen floated back to the ground hovering in front of an enraged Chisaki. "That was a pretty reckless thing to do considering you wanted that girl back so badly."

Kai narrowed his eyes, "If she gets herself killed I can just put her back together again as long as it's been less than five minutes."

The teen clenched his fists, "So you don't care that she could've been killed?"

"Fuck no!" The ground and buildings around them writhed again as concrete wrapped around the teen, only for him to shatter it in an instant, "What the hell is up with your strength!?" He snarled, "You some kind of All Might Jr.?"

"No," the boy said, his voice hard and icy, "But he did have a hand in creating me." He vanished and reappeared in front of Chisaki, hammering a hard punch into his gut that cracked his spine. A brief moment of pain was all it took to repair the damage to himself before he tried to reach for the stranger, only to find his arms locked in an iron grip. "You know, I don't usually enjoy hurting people, but I think I'll make an exception for you." He crushed both wrists in his hands, shattering the bones.

Chisaki howled before his knee came up and slammed into his chest, cracking his rib cage.

"You see, I'm under orders to kill you, and route your group before you get too large and hard to handle." The teen said, lifting him up by the front of his jacket, "But from what you just said," He placed his palm against his chest, and pushed. Chisaki was sent hurtling backward into the walls of a building within the alley. "I think I should give you something a little less merciful."

Chisaki coughed, blood dribbling from his lips. "Yo-you bastard..."

The caped teen touched down in front of him, "I'm no less of a bastard than you are considering you were using that little girl for something like removing Quirks."

"If I can cure the world of this infection, then I don't care what happens to a single little bra - guh!" He was grabbed by the front of his jaw.

"Be quiet, or I really will kill you." The boy said, and slipped something around his neck with a click, "This band is something All for One came up with. It suppresses and nullifies a person's Quirk for as long as they wear it."

He looked at the teen in shock before reaching up to remove the collar, his wrists still broken.

"You really think you were the only one to look into suppressing Quirks?" The stranger asked with a sneer in his voice as he pulled his hood back into place, "My master has had the technology to shut off a person's Quirk for ages, he just didn't see the need to use it." He pointed to the man's neck, where a black metallic band now rested, "You won't be using that Overhaul ability of yours anytime soon."

"Wh-who the hell are you?!"

"All for One likes to call me his Dark Superman," the boy said, shaking his head, "I don't like it." He floated forward and lifted Chisaki from the ground by his coat, leveling him out with his eyes, "But I dislike people like you even more. So, you can call me Eradicator."

Back on the roof, Eri covered her ears as she heard a scream coming from the shadows, and tried to block it out as she usually did. The ground beneath her then shook with a tremendous shock, causing her to look up and see that the surrounding buildings were all collapsing to the ground in piles of rubble.

The fluttering of a cape caught her attention as the stranger floated back into view, Chisaki hanging limply from his grasp. He touched down in front of her, and held out his hand, "Are you ready to go now?"

Eri hesitated a moment, but reached out, and placed her tiny hand in his, "Where...are we going?"

He smiled beneath his mask and wrapped his cape around her, "Up, up, and away."


The door to the bar crashed open, startling the occupants something fierce as their least favorite member floated in, his hands full. Tomura stood and glared at him angrily, "I thought I told you not to leave a single person alive?!" He shouted, spooking the child in Eradicator's arms, "What the hell are you doing with that kid, and Overhaul?!"

Eradicator shrugged, and held up his other hand, which grasped Chisaki by the back of his neck, "This one has a matter controlling Quirk, so I thought the master would want it before I let you have him."

"And the girl?" The misty villain behind the bar asked. "Surely you don't expect to care for her?"

"She's the source of the Quirk-suppressing drug you told me about," Eradicator said, shocking them, "I figured that the master could either get rid of it, or absorb it. Still, Eri's gonna be better off with us than she was with this as-er-jerk."

Giggling, one of the few females in the bar bounced over to the masked menace, "She sure is a cutie," she smiled, flashing her fangs at the girl, who pulled Eradicator's cape over her head, "Aw, don't be scared, sweetie! I'm not mean!" The girl cooed, "I'm Himiko Toga, nice to meet you!"

"Yeah, not scary at all," a young man with patch-work skin said, "Just psychotic."

"That's different!" Toga huffed at the man, "At least I don't look like I sewed my skin on, Dabi."

Eradicator sighed, "Could someone call the master? I don't want to have to knock this idiot out again. He screams too much." He said, and set Eri on the bar, "Kurogiri, could she have some food? She looks like she could use it."

Dabi got up and moved around the bar, "I'll do that. Kurogiri can call the boss-man."


Eradicator hated talking to his master. Talking to him always felt stifling, as if someone had told and elephant to sit on him. Now was no different. Save for the fact that it felt all the more dangerous because he could feel the fury coming from the blacked out screen.

"I trust that there is a reason that Kai Chisaki is still alive, Izuku," All for One said in a deceptively calm voice, "I do believe that Tomura wanted you to kill him, and destroy whatever research he had on suppressing Quirks, did he not?"

Eradicator, his mask off, knelt in front of the screen, "Yes, but Tomura can't see the forest for the trees, Sir," Izuku said, gaining a growl, and a few laughs from Tomura and the others, "The girl I've brought back is the source of the suppression drug. I believe she has a Quirk that allows her to suppress or erase them altogether. Chisaki told me as much when he started blathering on about Eri being cursed with a horrible power."

"Which means you should have killed her just as I instructed!" Tomura snapped, making the girl yelp and hide beneath Izuku's cape.

"Peace, Tomura Shigaraki," Kurogiri pleaded with the Decay Quirk user.

"I happen to agree with you, Izuku," All for One said, "The girl's Quirk may prove useful to me. I shall meet with her, and ascertain if I am able to make use of it." He said, making Izuku sigh in relief. She was safe for now. "And what of Chisaki? Why does he still live?"

"Again, it is because of his Quirk, Sir," Izuku said, speaking quickly to peak his interest. "From what I've heard of him, his Quirk allows him to deconstruct and reconstruct matter to his liking, what's more I've even seen him do it. It doesn't end there, though, because he openly admitted to using the same power on Eri here to put her back together." His fists tighted audibly, "If allowed to grow, he could rival you in power, yes, but if you had his Quirk...you could easily heal the damage done to you by One for All."

The screen was quiet and unresponsive for a moment as All for One considered the possibilities of Overhaul being added to his arsenal, and a dark chuckle rose up.

"Well played, Izuku, well played indeed." All for One chuckled, "It is true that Shigaraki does lack a bit of vision, and needs to learn and grow more before I pass onto him my powers, and this proves it quite well."

"I did level the entire area they had control over, Sir." Izuku pointed out.

"As you should have." All for One laughed, "You've done well, Izuku, very well in fact. I believe you have earned a reward for this."

Izuku lifted his head, "After taking the girl's Quirk, let her live." He said, "That's all I want."

All for One chuckled again, "Ever the gallant Hero, aren't we?" He said, "I will agree to this, and perhaps even gift her with a different Quirk if she is compatible with something from my stock. In the mean time, look after her. And Kurogiri?"


"Bring Overhaul to me...immediately."


Izuku Midoriya: Hero Name - Superman/ Villain Name - Eradicator

Izuku's abilities came about at the hand of the Super Villain All for One, a long time enemy of all Heroes, particularly those that inherited the Quirk One for All, the brother Quirk of All for One. Izuku was a known Quirkless individual, and, even though he had a sharp mind that was capable of breaking down a Quirk's abilities and weaknesses within minutes of witnessing it in action, he was still bullied because of his lack of a Quirk, mostly by his childhood friend, Katsuki Bakugo.

On the day that All for One decided to act, Izuku had intended to commit suicide after a rather painful bullying session by Bakugo, but had the good fortune of meeting an aspiring young Hero, Mina Ashido. Mina recognized the signs of his depression, and "kidnapped" him on a date. Although he was reluctant at first, Izuku quickly found himself enjoying every second he spent with the young woman, and vise versa. By the end of their date, it was clear to both of them that there was more between them than a simple friendship.

Unfortunately for the young couple, All for One had other plans. While he was waiting for the train, Izuku was taken by one of the Villain's most loyal henchmen, and brought before him. At first, Izuku was confused as to what had happened, but soon found himself forced to work for the mad man with the threat of harm to his mother, and potential lover.

And thus, All for One granted him the modified Quirk of Superman, and took up the name Eradicator.


AN: Sorry this took a while to get out, but as you can see, even thought the old Izuku is still there, he's buried deep. How deep? We'll see.