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9: Teny Iida



Nezu sighed as he looked around the room at the gathered teachers. "This, as you all well know, was a major blow to not only our school's security," Power Loader frowned as he looked at his gloved hands, "but also to our reputation." Toshinori, in his shrunken form shook his head, "Yesterday's attack was meant to belittle us. Strike where we are most sensitive. And it has done that." Midnight pinched the bridge of her nose below her glasses. "Not only was a Hero nearly killed by the bombs that the Joker planted, but several students were injured as well." Snipe growled beneath his mask. "Not only that, but one of those students has lost his Quirk, possibly forever...this cannot go without retaliation on our part."

"The problem is," Present Mic said, lacing his fingers together, "The Joker not only made a mockery of this school, the teachers, and the students, but his return debut probably inspired other villains to come crawling out of the woodwork." He said.

Eraser Head nodded, "Not only that, but he effortlessly took out the school's "big guns"; you, All Might, and Izuku Midoriya." He said, "You couldn't act because the bombs would've gone off right off the bat, doing who knows how much damage, and injuries. And Izuku couldn't get near them without risking the kryptonite."

"He did that anyway," All Might put in, shaking his head, "You saw what he did from the school cameras. He didn't care what happened to him as long as he got that bomb away from his family and the other students..." He sighed deeply, "But...dammit where is all of that kryptonite coming from! Its a well known radioactive, cancer causing mineral, and power source! Yet he seems to have so much of it!"

"Artificial Kryptonite isn't the power source that some people wanted it to be, plus it's harmless to normal people and is relatively easy to make," Nezu put in, "In short, he is most likely involved with a black market dealer that can make the mineral cheaply, and quickly, hence the copious amounts he seems to have. But the question remains: how do we retaliate?"

Cementos picked up a file from in front of him, and frowned, "The Iida family has volunteered their services. Both Ingenium Elder, and Ingenium Junior are hunting them down as we speak." He sighed, placing the file back down, "The Iida family is out for blood. Poor Tenya's father is actively telling the news that he intends to murder the Joker should he find him."

"If that really is the Joker," Midnight put in. "With Midoriya still recovering from that strange wound he sustained, Recovery Girl's keeping him sedated until she thinks it's safe enough to let Miss Ashido use that solar gun on him. It's healing very slowly for someone with the fabled Kryptonian Quirk." She said, "All Might, did he say anything when you arrived on the scene?"

Toshinori frowned as he thought, "When I arrived, around three minutes after the villains fled, he was delirious from blood loss, and slight kryptonite radiation poisoning." He frowned, "He kept muttering something though. 'It's not him'. That's all I was able to understand from the senseless babble. Recovery Girl put him under a red solar lamp so she could work on him after than, and knocked him out." He frowned at the thought of his protege's condition, "Now she's keeping him under a high-powered solar light to help the healing process."

Aizawa leaned back in his seat, his arms crossed, "I think," he said, gaining the attention of the other teachers, "that the revival of the Justice League is about the only thing that'll stem this growing flow of trouble. All Might, your retirement and subsequent search of a successor caused no end of trouble, legal and more. Villains all want a piece of you before it's too late. The Villain the Killed All Might would be forever famous." He sighed, "When the Sports Festival comes about in two weeks, and Izuku makes his choice of who to include, you need to have made your choice, and have him, or her put into the Watch Tower as well for safety's sake until they can control that awesome power you keep locked up in that scrawny body of yours."

"Hey...I RESENT THAT! BLARGH!" All Might puffed up to his muscle form before spewing a mouthful of blood and shrinking back down. "But..." he wiped his lips, "You're right. The person I choose as my successor is immediately going to have a target on their backs because this Quirk has explosive power as just a base. And there are no students here that have that sort of Quirk save for Young Sato, and I doubt he could handle it..."

"When will Mister Shield be able to get you up to the Watch Tower?" Nezu asked.

All Might smiled, "The Javelin's been repaired, and he says he can have it here within a few hours depending on I Island's position." He smiled, before a massive frown came onto his face, "Izuku told me that there will be a great number of bodies to bring home for a final resting place." He said grimly. "All for One left no one alive when he went on that rampage."

"And so we shall make it a point to bring them all home, and give them proper burials worthy of Heroes." Nezu said, sighing, "Now, tell me, how is young Iida doing?"


"You're planning to do what?!" Kirishima demanded as he looked down at the seated Iida, "Are you outta your mind?!"

Tenya looked up at the faux red-head, "What other choices do I have?" He asked, looking down at his legs, which were much smaller around the calves now, "I...I don't feel right without my engines...I don't feel whole..."

Kirishima looked at Bakugo, who was sitting up, just as wide-eyed as the Hardening Quirk user, "Bakugo, come on, tell'im he's nuts, or something!"

"Deku was never this desperate for a Quirk," Katsuki frowned, "But...I guess that if I were in your shoes, Four-eyes, I'd...understand..." He held up his hands where little explosions were going off. "I used to think I was unstoppable until I entered this goddamned school, and then that damned nerd got himself turned into a Superman knock-off."

"Next thing we all know, Joker comes back from the fucking grave and nearly kills us all," he sighed, and looked at the newly Quirkless teen. "You gonna talk to the nerd?"

"Yes." Iida nodded, "If he helps me, then I've got no doubt that it'll work."

Kirishima shook his head, "You guys have gotta be kidding me with this crazy shit," the sharp-toothed teen sighed, "You realize that what you're gonna do could end up killing you, right?"

Tenya clenched his hands together, "I realize that," he said, "But as I said, I don't feel whole...I have to do this."

Katsuki sighed, and rose up from the hospital bed, "You might wanna wait for Deku to wake up, but I know a good way to get ready for all this," he said, gaining looks of confusion from his classmates, "Before he was kidnapped, Deku had a habit of jotting down anything and everything about Quirks, Support Gear, and methods to gaining Quirks." He said, "He has thirteen volumes of hand written Hero Analysis books alone. Each one of those volumes has notes on their Quirks, fighting styles, and how to counter them with minimal risk to himself."

"How does that help him?" Kirishima asked, jerking his thumb at Tenya.

Tenya, however, understood, "You think he studied the methods of which past Heroes gained their powers?"

"I know he did," Katsuki said, looking at the teen, "Up for a little stroll?"

Tenya shakily rose, "Would we even be allowed to - "

"We won't take anything from the house," Bakugo said, "Besides, I wanna check on the munchkin."

Several minutes later, Tenya stood outside the Midoriya home with Bakugo and Kirishima. The explosive blond knocked, and waited for a minute before he heard someone coming to the door.

"Yeah, who is - oh." Mina said as she opened the door to find Bakugo standing in front of the other two.

"Your horns are back," Bakugo noted.

Mina nodded, "Yeah, hurt like hell, but I'm back to my bad self," Mina smiled halfheartedly. "How's Izuku?"

"Recovery Girl's still got him knocked out," Kirishima said somberly, "Look, Mina, I know this is probably a bad time, and all that, but, uh - "

Mina stepped out and crossed her arms, "Bad time? Are you fucking kidding me?" She asked, "Even I can't stay bright in this situation!" She snapped, "Do you know how many news centers have been calling us nonstop since this morning? A bunch of reporters are at the gate right now demanding to see Izuku, but he can't even wake up right now because that crazy old bat won't let him!"

"We understand what you mean," Tenya said, trying to ease her temper, "We all feel drained by what's happened, some far more than others." He gestured to her, and the Midoriya household. "But Miss Ashido we need your help."

"My help?" Mina asked, looking at the odd trio, "What do you need my help for?"

Bakugo took a breath, "Listen, Pi-er-Mina," Mina raised a brow at the usually insulting teen's use of her name, "Izuku took down a lot of research notes. Whole books of them." He jerked his thumb at Tenya, "We think one of them might be able to help Four-eyes here with his Quirk."

"Or lack there of," Tenya put in.

Mina seemed to think for a moment, but, reluctantly, nodded, "Alright, I'll help you find it, but don't go pawing around through anything that looks personal."


Izuku frowned as he struggled to open his eyes, and was momentarily blinded by the lights hanging just above him. Groaning in discomfort, he sat up, shoving the lights away from him. He was weak. Without his Quirk activated, he felt like he'd been flattened by a steamroller. He sat himself up on the edge of the bed, and activated Kryptonian, his muscles bulging out slightly.

The artificial solar energy from the lights made him feel a little stronger, but they weren't enough fully heal himself. He needed sunlight. Carefully, he pulled the IVs from his arms, and stumbled up and over to the window.

As he opened it, and floated outside, he could already feel himself getting stronger. [I need more though,] he thought. Looking up, he could see that the sun was high in the sky, noon if he was to guess. He wanted to try it, but he'd never flown that high before. Still he rose up, higher, and higher until the school, the cit were just dots beneath him.

The air grew cold, and the clouds began to thin. [Higher.]

And higher he went. Until the sky gave way to the black abyss of space. And now he could feel the warm of the sun for what it was. Power. The close he got, the more his body seemed to take in. He flew closer and closer until his skin began to glow golden. His cells energized, feeling like a bolt of lightning coursing through him. And he finally understood the Quirk that All for One had given him.

Kryptonian, the original one, was far stronger than what he had. But the Kryptonian that now inhabited his body was more efficient. His body knew when to stop absorbing sunlight and not over load his system unless he forced it to. And All for One had made it more difficult for him. Yes, artificial sunlight from sun lamps did have some effects on him, red solar light outright draining him of energy, but true sunlight was what gave him his full power.

A power that was surging through him and demanding release.

And so he did: he forced the stored energy in his body out in a massive burning shock wave that would have leveled a city block if he'd been on the ground. And yet, even after releasing such a tremendous amount of power, he felt he could do it again if he needed.

Smiling to himself as he turned and looked back down at Earth, he leaned forward and started home.


"Jeez, I know you said that Izuku was a nerd, but damn!" Kirishima said as he thumbed through one of the notebooks. "This is incredible! Any villain would give their left arm to get a hold of even one of these!"

Tenya nodded as he looked through his own book, "Most impressive. I haven't seen notes and theories like this since Steven Strange, and Ray Palmer!"

Mina herself was impressed as she looked through a notebook on Support Gear, "Bakugo, I never knew that Izuku designed your gauntlets?"

Bakugo frowned, "Yeah," he sighed, "We were friends a long time ago," he said, flipping the page of the book he was reading, "When I first got my Quirk, he gave me all kinds of ideas on what would work for my Hero Costume."

"And then you turned into an arrogant jerk-wad, and pushed him away," the pink-skinned girl frowned at him, "You're lucky he's such a nice guy."

Bakugo didn't say anything on the subject, "So where's Auntie Inko, and the munchkin?"

"Out for the day," she said, "Inko thought a day away from all this nonsense with the press would be good for her so she took her to Hero Land."

Bakugo snorted, "I used to go there all the time with Deku when we were kids." He flipped another page and chocked, "I got it!"

Kirishima and Tenya dropped the books they were looking through and crowded around Bakugo with Mina giving out an indignant HEY as she went to pick up her boyfriend's notes.

"It's all here," Tenya breathed out, "Notes on chemicals, the exact level of voltage needed to cause the phenomenon, and suggested precautions!" He shook his head, "He...he was going to attempt this!"

Kirishima frowned, "But why didn't he?"

"Because," Izuku said from the door, startling them, "It mostly involved lost technology, chemicals you can't get on a teenager's allowance, and the very high possibility of dying a very agonizing death."

"Babe!" Mina bounced up from the floor and crashed against his chest, "Thank God! I thought they were keeping you under?"

Izuku hugged her back, "Even without my Quirk turned on, my metabolism pretty much forced me to wake up," He chuckled, "I'm starving."

"Good to see you up, man," Kirishima said as Mina giggled and moved out of the room and off to the kitchen, "Sorry we didn't ask or anything, but - "

Izuku looked down at Tenya, "You want to recreate the Flash phenomenon." It wasn't a question.

Tenya nodded. "I know it's crazy, but I honestly can't see myself without becoming a Hero." He said, "My older brother is Ingenium, the Speed Hero. Just like our dad before him. I was supposed to take the name when I graduated, and became a Hero...but I can't do that now...not unless I can - "

"It could kill you, you know that?" Izuku interrupted.

"We said the same thing," Bakugo said as he snapped the book closed, "But he's dead set on it."

Izuku frowned at the former Speedster, "And if it doesn't work? What then?"

"At least I'd have tried." Tenya said, his voice deadly serious.

Mina came back into the room with a large plate of sandwiches, "If we can get Hatsume to help, then I think it might be possible." She said, sound unsure of herself, which made her boyfriend look at her before grabbed a sandwich. "Look, I know it's a long shot, but Iida's my friend, and I want to help him if we can."

Izuku pinched the bridge of his nose, "I must still have drugs in my system, because...I wanna help, too."

"YES!" Mina yelped, the plate and the food flying out of her hands, "That's my Hero!" Lucky for her as she hugged his neck, Kirishima grabbed the plate and caught the food...except the one that smacked Bakugo in the face.



Toru was staring at herself in the mirror with a look akin to wonder. Normally, when she looked at a mirror, she saw nothing but her filled out clothes, but nothing else, now however she saw herself...sort of.

"I have dimples." The semi-visible girl smiled as she looked at her friend, "Ojiro, I have dimples!"

The tailed teen could almost laugh at how childish she sounded, "Yeah, I can kind'a see that." He smirked. Toru Hagakure was, for lack of better words, pretty. Very pretty. She had short, black pixie-cut hair, and violet eyes. Along with the dimples she was so excited about, she also had a small dusting of freckles across her nose that he thought was cute.

The only problem he was having with the girl's new semi-visibility was the fact that Toru, being invisible most of the time, tended not to wear underwear, which, since she was now partially visible, was a problem since he could see almost all the way down her shirt.

"I wonder if I can control this?" She wondered out loud, "Midoriya seemed to think I could, but - "

"Where is Midoriya?" Aizawa demanded from the door as he entered the Nurse's office. "I was under the impression that he was being kept under?"

Ojiro shrugged, "If he's not here, then he probably woke up and headed back to his house." He said, "Mina did get shot yesterday."

"What?!" Toru gasped, "You're kidding!? Is she okay?!"

"She's fine," Aizawa said, "Recovery Girl assured me of that before she left last night." He frowned as he looked around the room, and saw the many vacant beds that were supposed to have students in them. "This doesn't bode well."


Author's Note: As you can probably guess, Tenya is about to get his with about 10 GWs (10,000,000,000)worth of electricity. Will it work?

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