Allen Walker looked up in the darkness.

A woman with long dark hair to her waist and a star on her forehead held out a hand to him.

An akuma? No, his eye hadn't activated.

"Destroyer of Time. You must awaken! The end is coming."

Allen looked at the woman. She had dark blue eyes, and her face looked so pained.

"You must stop it."

Allen stared at her. "Stop what? Who are you?"

"Stop? Stop me..."

Blood covered her, spilling onto the floor, staining her dress.



Allen woke up and tried to shake off the dream.

But he couldn't.

Who was that woman? An enemy? Or someone he could save? Was she a Noah? An Akuma?


"Ah?" A girl looked up at him. "I'm sorry about that. I'm new here. My name's Kuri Hikawa. I came from the Vatican. I am a Priestess."

"So are you with Crow then?" Allen asked.

Kuri shook her head. "No but the binding feathers they have were taught to them by a branch of my clan. All the children of my family have been priestesses, though only the females have been exorcists. However...I am the last..."

"Oh I'm sorry." Allen said. "Did the Earl—"

Kuri nodded. "Well. It was nice to meet you."

She extended her hand, and Allen took it.



Lenalee was lying in the ruins of a city. It was completely destroyed and everyone was dead.

"What's happening? Where is everyone?"

She looked around.

"That's right...everyone is dead." Kanda was standing in front of her, sword drawn. "Don't be afraid. We still have time. We must find the Darkness, and destroy it. It is the only way to stop this from happening. It is up to you and me."

Lenalee covered her face, and began to cry.


Lenalee entered the meditation room.

She sat down, and began to meditate with Kanda.

"You hear it, don't you." Kanda said. "The wind is rustling."

"What is it that you want from me, Kanda?" Lenalee said, wondering if Kanda knew her dreams.

"I just want to meditate with you." Kanda said simply.

"Hmph. No thank you." Lenalee snapped and left.