Blade of Demon Salvation

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Someone even said, and I quote, 'If you see that people love your one shots and then do a second chapter man I bet yea if you make this full length story people will enjoy more of your awesome work'.

After hearing (reading?) that and having this idea in the back of my head for a while… well, it's hard to not feel motivated to at least give it a shot.

Just to clarify, this fic has NO relation to my previous one-shots, this is an AU of what happens in canon with some personal twists.

I mean, there is literally no reason to make a fanfic and write everything the same, right? Go watch the anime/manga for that.

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'How did this happen?' A boy with red hair, carrying a girl on his back kept repeating in his head as he walked through the snow.

"Nezuko… don't die, don't die." He begged the girl as he forced his body to take another step. "I will save you, you can't die." He kept saying as tears began to form in his red eyes. "Your big brother will definitely save you!" He declared taking another step in the snow.


A red haired boy had just finished placing charcoal in a basket till there was no space for more, then moved his arms through the straps and stood up with the basket on his back. He is wearing a white kimono top with a checkered dark turquoise and black patterned haori over it a blue scarf around his neck, a pair of hanafuda earrings, black baggy pants and boots, he also had a scar on the left side of his forehead.

"Tanjiro!" The boy turned as he heard his name to see a woman coming out of their house, she has purple eyes and black hair and is wearing a white head scarf and a white long sleeve smock on top of a purple and cream checkered kimono.


"Your face is covered in soot." She says as she wipes her hands on her smock. "Come over here."

Tanjiro does as he is told and approaches his mother as she kneels down in the snow and starts to wipe his face with a handkerchief.

"It's dangerous with all this snow." She says as she continues cleaning her son's face. "You don't have to go, you know."

"I want everyone to eat their fill on New Year's." The boy answers with his eyes closed. "So I'm gonna sell as much charcoal as I can."

"Thank you." His mother says with a smile as she finishes wiping his face.

"Nii-chan!" Someone calls out and the two turn to see a boy and a girl younger than Tanjiro walking towards them.

The girl is wearing a peach kimono tied with a brown obi, with a pink jacket over it, her hair is black and goes down to her shoulders with the fringe right above her eyebrows and her eyes are red like Tanjiro's.

The boy is clearly younger than the girl with the same hair and eye color, his hair is in a buzz cut and is wearing a light green checkered kimono with a jacket of the same color over it.

"You're going to town again today?" The boy asks excitedly.

"I'm going with you!" The girl declares.

From the corner of the house a boy similar to Tanjiro, holding an axe walked by and approached as he heard them talking, he has the same red eyes as the other kids, short spiky black hair, a mole beneath his right eye and is wearing a gray kimono top and a green jacket with baggy pants and boots similar to Tanjiro's and a scarf with the same patter and color as Tanjiro's haori.

"Oh no, you're not." Their mother said at the girl's declaration. "You know you can't walk fast like Tanjiro."

"Mom!" The kid complained.

"You may not." She repeated and walked towards them. "Since he isn't using the cart today, he won't be able to give you a ride when you're tired."

The two siblings pouted for a second before the boy ran towards his brother and hugged him.

"I wanna go with you!" The girl repeated as she moved closer to her older brother. "I promise I'll help you!"

Tanjiro smiled gently and placed a hand on top of her head.

"Thanks, Hanako." The girl, Hanako, smiled widely at his words. "But you're staying home today." Her smile was instantly replaced with a scowl as tears formed in the corner of her eyes.

Tanjiro gently moved his brother away before kneeling to his height and placed his hands on his shoulders.

"You too, Shigeru. But I'll get you tons of goodies, okay?"

"Really?" Shigeru asked with a smile.

"Yeah." The red haired teen confirmed making his younger brother giggle; he then moved his right hand to his sister's head. "And Hanako, I'll read for you when I'm back."

"Okay!" The girl said with a smile.

"That's a good girl."

"Thank you, Tanjiro." Their mother said, her son nodded.

"Okay, I'll be heading out now." Tanjiro said before looking at the boy with the axe. "Takeo, it doesn't matter if it's not much but could you chop some wood?"

"Sure, I'll do it, but…" Takeo trailed off and looked away with a pout. "I was hoping we could do it together."

Tanjiro smiled and approached his younger brother before patting him in the head with one hand.

"There, there."

"What's with that all of a sudden?" The kid said as he swatted the hand away.

"You're blushing, Take-nii!" Shigeru said while pointing at him.

"Sh-shut up!" Takeo yelled, Tanjiro simply patted him again, this time with both hands. "I said cut it out!" He yelled again in embarrassment, while taking a step back earning a laugh from the rest of his family.

Once their laugh subsided, Tanjiro said goodbye again and began to walk away.

"Hurry back, okay?" Shigeru yelled at his brother before waving at him along the rest of his family.

"Be safe, okay?" Hanako yelled.

Tanjiro waved back before looking forward.


Not a minute after he began walking he saw a girl walking in the opposite direction.

She is wearing a pink kimono with a star pattern and a white smock on top of it that she is using as a blanket, she has black hair tied in a bun, decorated with pink ribbons and violet eyes.

On her back there is a small kid with the same hair color.

"Onii-chan." She calls out when she sees Tanjiro.

"Hey, Nezuko." He greets her, then looks at the kid sleeping on her back.

"I was putting Rokuta down for a nap, or he'd make a scene when you leave."

'True, he has done that before.'

"He misses Dad a lot after he passed away." She mentions with a sad smile, Tanjiro smiled in a similar way and moved to pat Rokuta's head. "And everyone follows wherever you go." Tanjiro's smile widened a bit before he brought his hand back.

"I have to go now."

"See you later!" Nezuko answered.

As Tanjiro arrived at the town, the people there greeted him.

"Oh, Tanjiro." The lady that tends to the local inn greeted. "I can't believe you came down from the mountain on a day like this." She said with a smile. "You're such a hard worker! You might catch a cold, you know?"

"This is nothing, really." Tanjiro answered. "Do you need some charcoal?"

"Hey, Tanjiro!" A man called out. "Can I have some charcoal?"

"Thanks for fixing my sliding doors the other day." Another called out.

"I'll need some charcoal, too!" A third one said.

Tanjiro smiled at hearing them all.

'Looks like I'll be able to sell a lot.'

Just as he thought that, someone else called out.

"Tanjiro!" A young man said as he struggled out of the grip of an older woman and approached him, he had a bloody nose, showing that he had been hit. "Oh man, perfect timing!" He kneeled down and showed something wrapped in cloth. "I've been accused of breaking this plate!" He showed it to the red haired boy. "Help me out, will you? Sniff it!"

To any outsider, hearing him say that would have been ridiculous, who would ask a person to 'sniff' something to prove their innocence? To the townsfolk, though, it's a different story.

They learned a long time ago that Tanjiro has an inhuman sense of smell rivaling, and maybe even surpassing any dogs'.

Moving his face closer to the broken plate, Tanjiro sniffed the air a few times before turning to the woman.

"I smell a cat." He said.

"You see?" The man yelled.

"Oh my, so it was a cat?" The woman thought out loud.

"I told you it wasn't me."



By the time Tanjiro finished selling the charcoal and began walking back home the sun had long since set.

'It's really late.' The red haired kid thought. 'I'm glad they're sold out, though.'

"Hey, Tanjiro!" Someone called out to him as he was about to enter the path of the mountain. "Are you gonna go back to the mountain?" A man with black hair asked from inside his home. "You'd better not, it's too dangerous."

"I've got a great sense of smell, so I'll be fine." He assured the man.

"I'll put you up for the night, come on, get back here." The man insisted.


"Don't argue! Come on! Before the demons show up."

Tanjiro took a look at the mountain and back to the man before nodding and walking towards the house.


"Thanks for the meal." The red eyed kid said after finishing his meal. "Hey, Saburo-jii-san, what are demons like?"

"Man-eating demons have always prowled the land once it gets dark." Saburo began as he got a spare futon out from the closet. "That's why you should never stroll around at night." He said, putting down the futon on the ground. "If you're done eating, go to bed. You can set off for home at first light."

Nodding, Tanjiro got into the futon as the older man placed another one besides his.

"These demons… they can't go inside houses?" Tanjiro asked curiously.

"No, they can." Saburo answered as he smoked a pipe.

"Then, everyone would get eaten by them."

"That's why the demon hunters protect us by slaying them since way back when." The man put out his pipe. "Anyway, time to sleep."

Tanjiro simply nodded and closed his eyes.

'Saburo-jii-san must be lonely after losing his family.' Tanjiro thought as he drifted off to sleep. 'I'll bring my siblings next time, we'll tell him that there are no demons and he is safe.' As he thought of this he felt his consciousness slipping away. 'But, come to think of it, my grandma used to say the same thing when she was alive.'


"Nii-chan is late." Shigeru said, looking towards the door of their house.

"Don't worry, Onii-chan has a good nose for trouble." Nezuko assured her younger brother as she helped their mother prepare dinner.

"But isn't he taking too long?" Hanako asked a bit downcast. "He said he'd read to me when he gets back."

"Calm down, even if he doesn't come back tonight, he'll be back by morning and read to you then." Takeo answered her.

"Tanjiro-nii, won't be he cold sleeping outside?" Rokuta asked the others.

"You don't have to worry, you all know the people in town like Tanjiro, I'm sure they'll let him spend the night if it's too late for him to come back." Their mother assured them. "Now, go to the table, dinner's ready."

"Yes." Everyone answered in unison.


After eating everyone went to sleep, some of the kids after their mother convinced them to, when in the middle of the night, there was a knock on the door.

"Hmm? Did Onii-chan come back?" Nezuko thought as she got up from her bed and moved towards the door.

The next morning.

"Be careful on you way back." He said to Tanjiro.

"Yes, thank you for everything." The boy answered with a bow before beginning the way back home.

He had been walking for a while when he first sensed it.

"The smell of blood!" Tanjiro thought out loud as he began to run.

By the time he made it back, he was sweating and breathing heavily… yet he could hardly feel that as his brain understood the sight in front of him.

Lying in the snow, just outside their home, were Nezuko and Rokuta, both covered in blood.

He let out a strangled cry and ran towards them as he shook away the basket.

"Nezuko!" He called out, kneeling near the two. "What happened? What's going on? What happened here?!" Tanjiro turned towards his home and saw a sight that not even his worst nightmares could have conjured.

Inside the house laid the bodies of his entire family, their blood splashed around the walls and the floor.

"Mom… Hanako…" He called out as he felt his legs wobble, hoping to hear an answer. "Takeo… Shigeru… Nezuko… Rokuta…" But no matter how much he waited, no answer would come. "Why…? How…?" Shaking himself out of his shock, he approached each of his family's bodies, almost all of them were cold, making it obvious they have been dead for a while.

Except for Nezuko.

Ignoring everything else he grabbed the hatchet his brother was using yesterday, placed a light blue haori around his sister, put her on his back and began to run to the town.

'She's still warm! She might survive if I get her to a doctor!' Tanjiro repeated in his head as he forced his body to move.

The more he ran the more he felt like he would collapse, he wasn't able to breath properly, it had started to snow and his lungs hurt.

Yet he ignored all of that, forcing his body to continue to move no matter what.

'Hold on, Nezuko! I'll save you!' He kept repeating in his head, hoping that his sister could somehow hear his thoughts and cling to life.

Just as he was walking down near a cliff he felt Nezuko move and got distracted, in that moment, he slipped with the snow and fell down.

'Oh no!' He yelled as gravity did its work but didn't feel any pain as he touched the ground. 'I was saved by the snow.' Tanjiro thought, getting over the shock. 'I slipped because of the snow to begin with.' Moving to a sitting position, he looked around and called out for his sister.

He saw her standing with her head down a few feet away to his left.

"Nezuko, are you alright?" The red haired boy asked as he got up and ran towards her. "You don't have to walk! I'll carry you to town, okay?" He said as he got close to his sister. "Nezuko!"

Nezuko didn't answer, she slowly raised her head to meet Tanjiro's sight and-

"Grr!" Growled before lunging towards him, trying to bite him.

Out of reflex, Tanjiro dodged the first bite, then used the handle of the hatchet and placed it between the next one.

Nezuko bit down on it and pushed until Tanjiro was forced to the ground.

'Sh-she's… a demon!' The red eyed boy realized.

Her eyes had turned pink and were slit, she had two sets of fangs and the hands that were on his shoulders had claw-like fingernails. 'Nezuko's a man-eating demon…? No! That can't be the case, Nezuko's a human ever since she was born!' He is certain of it, he was there when she came to the world. 'But… she doesn't have Nezuko's usual scent.' Tanjiro continued to try to make sense of the situation.

Nezuko was definitely human until yesterday, does that mean something happened to her, she turned into a demon and attacked the others?

'No, that's not it, Nezuko didn't do that!' Tanjiro mentally shook his head out of that thought. 'She was lying as if she was protecting Rokuta, and there was no blood on her mouth or hands.' Then he realized something that he wasn't able to process at the time due to the situation.

Among the smell of blood from his family there was another scent, a scent that he never smelled before.

"GRR!" His thoughts were interrupted as Nezuko growled once again before her body grew.

'She grew in size and… she's getting stronger.' But even in this situation, he couldn't help but think of something else.

'While I was sleeping carelessly at Saburo's house, they were murdered brutally like that! It must've hurt! You suffered, didn't you?' Tears began to form in his eyes. 'I'm so sorry I couldn't save you.' He said, both to Nezuko and the rest of his family. 'I have to help Nezuko somehow but- ngh, she's too strong for me to push her back!' Realizing that trying to overpower her was impossible, he only had one other option.

"Nezuko!" Call out to her. "Hang in there, Nezuko! Don't give in!" He didn't even realize when the tears began to fall, blurring his vision, but he didn't care. "You gotta hang in there! Don't turn into a demon! You gotta stay strong!" Right now, the only thing occupying his mind was to save his sister, nothing else matters. "Hang in there! Hang in there!" He continued to call out. "Hang in-" But stopped when he felt something fall in his face.

His sister's tears.


He stopped what he was about to say when he saw someone behind Nezuko with a sword poised to strike.

Nezuko noticed it too and turned her attention towards the new arrival, the momentary distraction was enough for Tanjiro to momentarily overpower her and he quickly moved her out of the way of the sword.

He felt the blade almost touch him but it only cut the hair that he keeps in a ponytail.

When he would think back on it, Tanjiro would realize that the strength behind the attack was ridiculous as it blew away a good part of the snow in its path and sent the two siblings rolling until hitting a tree but right now that thought didn't even crossed his mind, there were more important things to think about at the moment.

'What the… Who is that?' Tanjiro asked in his mind, trying to ignore the pain on his back after hitting that tree.

Standing in front of him was a man with messy black hair tied into a low ponytail and dark blue eyes, wearing a black uniform with a red haori and holding a sword.

"Why are you protecting it?" The man asked, his tone emotionless and his expression completely deadpan.

"She's my sister! She's my younger sister!" Tanjiro answered, holding Nezuko in his arms, noticing she had went back to her normal size.

The man squinted as Nezuko began to growl and tried to get away from her brother.

"You call that thing your sister?" He asks before suddenly lunging towards the two.

Tanjiro closed his eyes and moved his body between Nezuko and the man but before he realized it, the man had grabbed Nezuko and moved away.


"Don't move!" The swordsman ordered as he effortlessly kept Nezuko in place with one arm. "My job is to slay demons." He said in the same emotionless tone. "Needless to say, I'm going to decapitate your sister."

"Hold on! Nezuko hasn't killed anyone!" Tanjiro said back before trying to explain what happened. "There was another scent back at my home, a scent that I'd never smelled before! That's probably the one who killed my family!" He said, taking deep breaths between words to get them out. "It wasn't Nezuko! I don't know why she turned into something like that, but…"

"It's quite simple." The black haired man answered. "Because her wounds were exposed to demon blood, she turned into a demon." He spoke matter-of-factly. "That's how man-eating demons multiply."

"Nezuko would never eat humans!" Tanjiro declared with certainty.

"You gotta be kidding. Just now, you were about to be devoured." He argued back.

"You're wrong! I'm sure she knows who I am!" The red haired boy said. "I won't let her hurt anyone! I'm going to turn Nezuko back into a human! I swear I'll heal her!"

"She can't be healed." Tanjiro felt like someone stabbed him when he heard those words but ignored it.

"I'll find a way no matter what! So, please… please don't kill her!" He begged. "I'll hunt down the one who slaughtered my family! I'll make everything all right!" Even as he continued to talk, the swordsman didn't seem to be listening as he moved his swords closer and closer towards Nezuko. "So please! Please! Don't do it!" An image of the rest of his family flashed in his mind. 'Don't take anyone else from me.' Realizing that his words weren't reaching the swordsman, Tanjiro did the only thing he could think of at the moment.

He knelled down, placing his forehead on the ground.

"I'm begging you not to!" He said through tears. "Don't kill my little sister! Please don't do it! I'm begging you…" 'If he doesn't listen, then Nezuko…'

"Don't ever give others a chance to murder you!" The man suddenly yelled, his tone a far-cry from the emotionless one he was speaking with until now. "Stop that pathetic groveling! If it was the least bit effective, your family wouldn't be dead!" As he continued to talk, Tanjiro slowly raised his head to meet the man's eyes. "Can a weakling who can't take the initiative in such a situation heal his sister?! Hunt down the enemy?! Don't make me laugh!" The swordsman roared. "The weak have no rights or choices! Their only fate is to be relentlessly crushed by the strong! The demons might know how to cure your sister! But don't think that a demon would respect your will or wishes! Naturally, I have no respect for you, either! That's reality!" He berated, glaring at the boy. "Why did you throw yourself over your sister earlier? Was that your way of protecting her? Why didn't you swing your hatchet? Why did you show your back to me?" The black haired man asked before pointing his sword at him. "All those blunders led to your sister's capture! I could've skewered her along with you!"

During the entire monologue, Tanjiro could only stare, not moving as the man berated him.

'Don't cry.' The swordsman thought, still maintaining his glare. 'Don't despair, now's not the time for that. I know you're devastated. Your family was massacred, and your sister's become a demon. I know it's painful. I know you want to scream. I get it.' A small pang of guilt made his way into his mind. 'If only I'd gotten here a half-day sooner, your family might not have ended up dead… but there's no way to turn back time. Feel the rage. The powerful, pure rage of not being able to forgive will become your unswerving drive to take action!' He moved his sword back and pointed it at Nezuko. 'With such a fragile resolve like yours, you can't protect your sister or heal her… or get revenge for your family!'

"N-" Tanjiro didn't finish his sentence as the man stabbed Nezuko in the shoulder. "Stop!" He yelled, before grabbing a rock and throwing it at him.

The man used the handle of his sword to deflect it and stood there, waiting to see what the boy would do.

Tanjiro saw the axe in the snow and ran towards it, grabbing it and another rock as he ran between the trees to circle around the man holding Nezuko.

'I can't beat him straight on, what happened earlier taught me that much.' The red haired boy thought, he wasn't even able to see when he grabbed his sister from him so any attempt at winning if he attacks head-on is useless. 'Please, let this work!' He threw the rock at him but it only impacted the tree behind the man as he moved out of the way.


'A straightforward attack driven solely by emotion…' The man thought, seeing him rush at him. "You fool!" He yelled before hitting him in the back with the pommel of his sword, knocking him out. 'You're a fool but at least you moved… hmm? Where's his hatchet?' He thought, not seeing the weapon that the kid was holding.

His eyes widened when he heard a sound above him and barely moved his head out of the way in time to avoid the axe hitting him, it did manage to cut off a few strands of his hair, though.

'Just before he hid behind the tree.' The swordsman thought as he realized what had happened. 'He hurled that rock toward me and, at the same time, tossed the hatchet in the air. He hid his hands as he pretended to attack so I wouldn't realize he was unarmed.' The black haired man stared at the unconscious boy, genuinely astounded that he came up with that plan of attack in the few seconds between when he stabbed his sister and he threw the rock. 'He knew he couldn't beat me. He tried to bring me down after I struck him! This kid…'

"Grr." Taking advantage of his momentary distraction, Nezuko managed to free herself and kick the man away before moving towards her brother.

'Damn! She'll devour him!' The swordsman thought, rushing to reach them- he stopped, his eyes widening at the sight in front of him as the words the red haired kid had said before repeated in his head. 'Nezuko… It wasn't Nezuko. She'd never eat humans!'

Kneeling between the boy and the swordsman, Nezuko had her arms spread, acting as a shield for her brother.

With a roar, she lunged at the swordsman.

'Long ago, someone said the same thing, only to be devoured by a demon.' The man thought as he effortlessly dodged Nezuko's strikes. 'When a demon is starving, it will kill and devour even its own parents or siblings. Because they're nutrient-rich. I've seen it happen more times than I can count.' He stared at the girl trying to attack him as he continued to dodge. 'This girl has been wounded, and she's expending energy to heal those injuries. She must've drained vast amounts of her strength as she transformed into a demon. That means she's severely starved at this moment, without a doubt.' He dodged a strike to his head then used his palm to push Nezuko away. 'She must've wanted to feast on a human right away, even if it's her own brother…' The image of Nezuko standing between them flashed through his mind. 'Yet, she protected him instead, and she is only aiming at me.'

Nezuko jumped towards a tree behind him and used it as a foothold to lunge towards the swordsman.

'I wonder…' The black haired man sheathed his blade but kept his hand on the handle. 'These siblings… might be different from others.' With that thought, he hit her on the neck with the edge of his hand, knocking her out.



"I'm sorry to leave you behind, Tanjiro." The red haired boy heard his mother's voice, he could also feel his siblings near him. "Take care of Nezuko for me, all right?" He unconsciously moved his hand and grabbed something, when he opened his eyes, that had tears falling from them, he saw Nezuko laying besides him, she was covered in the haori he had used before and a piece of bamboo was placed on her mouth, bound by a red tie.

"You awake?" He raised his head towards the black haired swordsman, who was standing with his back against a tree, before moving to a kneeling position and hug Nezuko closer to his body. "Go see an old man named Urokodaki Sakonju who lives at the foot of Mt. Sagiri. Tell him that Tomioka Giyu sent you." The man moved away from the tree. "She seems to be all right since it's cloudy now, but never let her be exposed to the sunlight, okay?" With those words, the swordsman, Giyu, disappeared.

Tanjiro isn't sure how long he stood in place after Giyu left but he knows that it was longer than he should.

Eventually, he picked Nezuko up and began to walk back to their home.

Before going to Mt Sagiri he has to get her a set of clothes that isn't covered in blood… and bury the bodies of his family.

A few days later.

Inside a house, Tomioka Giyu quickly made his way towards a specific room, he stood in front of the door for a moment and took a deep breath before knocking.

"Come in." A male voice said from the inside and the black haired man did as told, opening the door, walking inside and then closing it behind him. "Giyu, it's rare for you to send a crow saying that you want to talk, what's the problem?" The person inside asked.

"…I let a demon escape." He answered.

There was a pregnant pause as the man processed the statement.

"You mean that a demon managed to escape from you?"

"No, I… knowingly allowed a demon to live."

The man took a deep breath and stared at him.


So Giyu did just that, starting from the moment when he almost cut off the girl's head if it wasn't for her brother, the way he begged him not to kill her, how he almost managed to hit him with an axe and, most importantly, how Nezuko had protected her brother.

"…and you're absolutely certain that she was protecting him, it didn't just so happen that she was moving towards him to eat him and you misunderstood?" The man asked.

"She stood between us, with her arms spread, and glared directly at me." Giyu answered calmly. "I don't think that can be interpreted in any other way."

"…you do realize that what you did is a direct violation of the Demon Slayer corps' code of conduct and that if anyone finds out about this… no, let me rephrase that, you do realize that I have an obligation to report what you just told me, right?"

"I know, as a Pillar, you can't ignore this." Giyu answered. "I'm just asking you to see it for yourself before passing judgement, there is something different with those two."

The two men stared at each other before the one that was in the room first sighed and hung his head.

"Alright, I trust your judgement enough to at least go and see for myself if what you said is true." He said before raising his head. "However, you do realize that if she has attacked someone already you are responsible for it, right?"

"I do." Giyu answered with a nod, his expression solemn. "I'm aware of the possibility and I'm prepared to take responsibility if that's the case but I don't believe I'm wrong."

"For your sake, I hope you're right." The man said with a small smile.

"Thank you, Sabito."

"Don't mention it, my friend."

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