Some info:

The story will be told from a first-person perspective, the OC's

"This is talking" "Go jump over that fence"

(This is thinking) (I will jump over that fence)

This is narration/action- I Jumped over that fence


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So, where was I…

Oh right

Yet, another sunny day. Then again, ain't most day sunny here in Japan? It, has been about 3 weeks since I 'arrived' here. And I still had a hard time coming to terms with it to be honest.

Right now, I was sitting at my school desk, which was located at the back corner of the class. And while the class was still in session, I was just staring outside. Towards the school's gate.

(...I have always been fascinated by this country.

I grew up watching animated shows that were created in Japan, and it didn't take long before I started playing video games as well. I've actually lost track of how many hours I spent on both. Hell, even my initial understanding of Japanese came from these sources of entertainment, and… right now, it all feels… like total… bullshit.)

While I was in my own head, the sound of bells echoed throughout the school, signaling the end of class. I snapped out of my inner thoughts and started to pick up my stuff, only to see the teacher gesturing for me to go to him.

( Ughh… good job me, that's what you get for not paying attention to the class like an idiot in plain sight. )

"Naier Sepfier?" The middle-aged teacher, who's frown seemed to be a permanent addition to his face stared at me. His eyes pretty much telling me that he would rather be at his local cafe playing mahjong rather than waste his time on me.

"Yes, sir" I answered back.

"I know that you came here as an exchange student, and adjusting to a new foreign environment can take time. But it has been three weeks, and I would prefer if you actually started paying some attention to the classes you are supposed to be present at Sepfier."

He said as his eyes practically drilled holes into me. I guess to him, not paying attention in his class equals to me not respecting his authority. Not that I'm surprised though, some teachers can be like that.

"Yes, of course. I'm sorry teacher, it will not happen again" I answered, trying to sound as sincere as I can.

"...Good, you may go now" Seemingly appeased with my answer, the teacher returns to his papers and signals me with his hand to leave.

With that confrontation finished, I picked my bag from my desk and started heading outside.

(While I really don't give much of a damn about his ramblings, it's not because I have something personal against him. It's simply because soon, none of this crap will really matter…)

I close the class door behind me and start heading towards the school gym.

(The lunch break should last about 40 minutes… it should give me enough time.)

Looking at the watch in my phone I nod to myself and start heading towards the stairs.

(For the last month since arriving at… let's just call this place Japan for now. I have been pushing myself non-stop. From physical training like running, sprinting, parkour and endurance tests, to looking up guides on how to use tools and weapons. Hell, I even took classes in armed self-defense and went to the gun range, multiple times a day too.

Not a very easy thing to do considering I'm still a high-schooler, aka under-aged. Meaning, I had to go the extra mile just to get permission to even be allowed to enter the gun range. All of that, because… I was scared shitless… still am now that i think about it.

As one might expect, these things cost money, and they cost a lot.

While not really official yet, I was actually in pretty heavy debt. I had already reached the limit on the credit card that was given to me, and also sold everything inside my house in order to finance my… madness.

I was betting on the fact that very soon, the debt will no longer matter… because otherwise. well, I just dug myself into a pretty deep fucking hole.)

While walking down the stairs my thoughts were interrupted as I saw a student leaning against the railing, his face having the words *dejection* written all over it.

(And then, there's this guy, in the same spot since the first day I 'arrived', still with the same depressed attitude. Truth be told though, I had reasons to cringe seeing that guy. The first one being, that for all his depression, this guy is actually what you might call 'The very lucky one' and now that I was 'here' in the flesh, I was actually pretty jealous of him.

The second reason though, oh the second reason made my stomach tie up into knots till I wanted to throw up, the reason was simple really.

I knew the guy, without actually 'knowing' him, and not in a stalker-ish kind of fashion. I don't swing that way.

The student in front of me is Takashi Komuro and his existence 'here' verified that things will soon go bad… very… VERY BAD.)

It also verified that normally speaking, I should NOT be here.

I slowly walk up to Takashi after descending the stairs.

(I was never good at socializing… but well… fuck it. Time to creep out the dejected dude, this needs to happen.)

I clear my throat slightly before speaking up.

"Excuse me?"

(I am far more nervous than I'd thought I'd be, am I really that bad at striking up conversations with strangers?)

Takashi seems to react to my voice and turns his head to me, one eyebrow raised in question while staring at my face with an odd expression.

"What, who are you?" He asks.

"Naier Sepfier, I'm a transfer student. Look, I didn't mean to bother you, but ever since I arrived here I keep seeing you on the same spot every day with a dejected look on your face… you ok?"

I fold my arms while finishing my sentence (yu-ok? Really? Is that the best I could come up with?)

The guy just… stares at me… I don't know if he is surprised or just plain annoyed.

" I've been better… why do you care though?"

He turns his back to me and stares away towards the school's field.

" Well like I just said. I kept seeing you here looking like you are about to jump off. I was curious" I came up for a reason on the spot as he kept staring away from me.

(Well shit, I can't tell him. Hur-Dur me know stuff. Plus he doesn't seem to be in a talking mood anyway.)

"Huhhh… well, if you don't want to talk, my bad. Didn't mean to bother you… I'll get out of your space… just don't go off doing something stupid all right, no shit mode last forever."

I raised both my arms as I turned around.

(Yea… stuff can always get worse, much… much worse. For the rest of the world at least)

I started walking away from Takashi, and the only thing I heard from him was a sigh. I leave the guy to his vices and head down towards my initial destination, the gym…

A couple of minutes later I was there, with the only person inside being me.

(No surprise there, that's why I decided to come here in the first place, most people are probably eating or relaxing right now… Well whatever, got my spare shirt in my bag so. It is time to run some laps.)

And with that I started to jog, lapping around the gym's track. As I kept running around the gym track, I tried to empty my mind so I could focus… Yet all it took for my focus to get messed up, was for me to look up and see the school's banner.

(Fujimi Academy… )

"Why the hell am I even here?" I curse under my breath. That, was all it took for my mind to start wandering again. I then stop running and start massaging my head with one hand.

"I need to collect my thoughts here… I'm running short on time… and I need to make the best of it while I can. Focus goddamn it"

(My name is Naier Sepfier, I'm 17 years old, and I am an exchange student from Europe. I can speak both English and Japanese. Why did I say Europe and not an actual country? It's because it doesn't matter right now, what matters is where I'm at. Fujimi Academy, in Japan.

With three days left before the biggest pile of shit ever seen by humanity hits the fan, and what do I mean by shit? Well I'm talking about the god-damn end of the world via an express zombie apocalypse.

As to why I know all this crap? It's because I've seen it… and not in any future vision type of bullshit. I have seen it… in a god-damn anime. Hehh… Yea, even when I'm telling to myself it sounds ridiculous

If somebody had told me that I would be waking up in a damn anime, I would have kindly asked them to be in one where perma-death and flesh-eating corpses are banned…

And speaking of Death. I have been thinking about this since I arrived here. As to why am I here. I mean, this is definitely NOT normal. So, what? I died? And now I am here because... I don't know, Illuminati and rainbow puking unicorns. I mean I KNOW who I am, I still have the memory of my 'past' life, that is the reason why I know what is supposed to happen in the first place.

And among other things, I also remember when I started my mandatory army training because my country is moronic, or when I got my first video game system. Though there are some things that I have forgotten, like my old native language for example.

But, I also know who I am now or… who I was 'here'. It feels more like switching a hard drive in my head, with each drive storing a different past)

"Ughhhh… there is no point thinking about this now, I need to focus on what is to come and be as prepared as I can be. Luckily for me, there's a silver lining."

(The body I woke up with is not the one I remember having… I would be dead and doomed if it was. While I was no Kohta, I definitely was not as athletic as I'd prefer for a zombie apocalypse.

This body on the other hand was above average to say the least and this last month I literally pushed it as hard as I could.

And it was paying off, I was getting faster, my reflexes were quicker, my punches carried a good amount of force and I could go on for quite a while without running out of breath. Physically I felt prepared.

Mentally on the other hand… I was a roller coaster of wrecking balls…

I was not actually a hundred percent sure what would happen when day-z arrived. If the whole thing won't happen, then I will be chased down by debt collectors... Or worse, if the zombie apocalypse does happen and I get stranded all by myself.

No matter how strong I become I cannot survive alone. This fact leads me to what really kept me up at night.

The story followed Takashi and his team. So I 'know' only what will happen to them. That means, to have any chance in actually using the knowledge I have. I need to join Takashi's team.)

"Also add the fact that I really don't want to end up all alone or tread in the dark in the middle of a god-damn zombie apocalypse."

And well, I'm gonna be honest with myself here…

( Takashi is a cool dude and all. But if he is going with a trio harem again, I might wind up trying to go all commander cockblock on his face. Yes, I'm salty, if he likes Rei so much to be depressed over it for this long, then he can keep it in his pants, thank you very much… I am actually feeling bad about Kohta now, knowing what he had to deal with, with him having a crush on Saya and all.)

"Ok… I have relaxed enough…. Now focus, keep jogging. I will worry about Takashi and his group when I get to them… Because first I need to actually get to them… If I keep freaking myself out every time I try to think about it, I'm gonna be the first one to kick the bucket too."

I pump myself up and start running again. I know better than anybody after all, that soon, everybody will be running with me.