Ok I know its been a while since I did a chapter for this story, life has been crazy for me. The next chapters are mainly going to be focused on Rey and Finn, But don't worry I'm not leaving Kylo and Maisie out to dry. Anyway if anyone is reading this story from Kansas city Missouri (Yes that is where Kansas city is located, not Kansas) congrats on the Super Bowl Victory!

Chapter 11: A living Legend (Rey, Claire, and Owen)

"So what exactly are we asking your friend to help us with?" Rey asked "Owen used to work with a species of Dinosaur called Velociraptor" Claire replied "He was working on a project studying how they responded to human commands in order to see if they could be used to aid Military operations" She added. Rey looked at Claire uneasily "Did it work?" Rey asked "not really, the project failed when Jurassic World went down in 2015, but one of the raptors survived and we need Owen's help to catch her" Claire said "Do you think he will help us?" Rey asked "That I do not know, I mean Owen loved the raptors but him and I have not spoken in some time" Claire said, a hint of sadness in her voice "Alright here we are" Claire said as she pulled onto a gravel road.

Owen stood atop the ladder working on the walls of his halfway built cabin when he saw a grey Tahoe pull up Who could this be? He asked himself and then watched as his former girlfriend Claire Dearing exited the car along with a young woman he did not know "Back for more huh?" he said as he climbed down the ladder and approached the two women "Owen it's good to see you" Claire said nervously "What brings you out here and who is this?" he asked "Owen, this is Rey, she works with me" Claire said "Its good to meet you Mr. Grady" Rey said and shook his hand "Please, call me Owen" he replied "Owen would like a drink?" Claire asked him "Did you bring them or do we have to go somewhere?" he asked

Rey sat uneasily at the booth with Claire who was laughing at something Owen told her "I can't believe that you think I left you" Claire said "What? You did" Owen said "Replay the conversation in your mind, you didn't want to live in a van like bum and you said Owen go and so I left" he added "Yeah because you wouldn't let me drive the damn van" Claire said defensively. Rey sighed, if this is what Han and Leia were like she couldn't blame Kylo for going to the dark side "Well now look at you, saving the world" Owen said "Yeah well at least I'm trying, you can't always spend your days working on a cabin and drinking beer" Claire said "You dating an accountant? An insurance actuary" Owen said "Owen" Claire said "Dermatologist, does he check you for blemishes? Your skin looks flawless" Owen replied "No wait, A ventriloquist, you love a dummy" he added "Owen, this is not why we are here" Claire responded with a serious tone "Yeah I know why were are here, Lockwoods little flunky called me. Rescue Op save the dinosaurs from an Island that about to explode" Owen said "The answer is no" He added "Blue is alive Owen" Claire said.

Owen choked on the beer he was drinking "Jesus, Claire" he said "You raised her Owen, are you just going to let her die?" Claire asked. Owen looked at her, he had raised Blue since the day she hatched, watched her grow and watched as her siblings were killed in front of her by the Indominus Rex. He had almost lost Blue as well in the process, he cared deeply about that raptor and there was not a bone in his body that didn't want to have been able to bring Blue to the mainland after the incident, but Owen knew that Blue was safer off on the island, even if now that safety was in peril "Well yeah" he said "Come on Owen, you are a better man than this" Claire said with a hint of sadness in her voice "You should write fortune cookies" he responded "You are an asshole you know that" Rey said to him "Kid, you don't know a thing about me" He responded "Well, there is a charter flight tomorrow, your name is on the manifest, its your call" Claire said as she got up "Goodbye Owen, I hope you reconsider your decision" Rey said to him as she followed Claire out.

"I can't believe that you dated that guy" Rey said to Claire "He's a complete jerk" she added "Rey you have no idea how much Blue means to him" Claire responded "From what I heard in that bar, Blue doesn't mean anything to him, he could care less about her" Rey responded "Give him time, I feel that he will help us" Claire said. Claire hoped she was right, she knew that Owen would never forgive himself if anything happened to Blue, and hoping was all she could do at this point.