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Chapter 12: Only Love can enter here (Rey and Finn)

Finn watched as Rey entered the apartment "So how did it go with Claire?" Finn asked her. Rey looked at him and said nothing and went into their room. What's wrong with her? Finn asked himself. He walked to the door and from inside he could hear Rey crying. He opened the door and saw Rey sitting on the bed, tears flowing down her face. "Rey are you alright?" Finn asked as he sat on the bed next to her and put his arm around her shoulder. "I saw him Finn" Rey replied between sobs "Luke again?" Finn asked "No, Kylo Ren" Rey replied.

Finn's heart stopped. Kylo Ren was on earth! And Rey had encountered him again! "Did he hurt you? Did he tell you anything about what he is doing on Earth?" Finn asked, trying to hide his fear "No, we fought briefly" Rey replied as she wiped a tear from her eye "I'm guessing you kicked his ass?" Finn said slyly. Rey nodded causing Finn to smile, Rey had beaten him again and probably humiliated him "He kissed me Finn" She finally said. Finn's heart stopped again, Ren kissed her. He had kissed Rey, his Rey, it was one thing that Ren had tortured her before, but now he dared to kiss her, the woman he loved "Did you like it?" Finn asked with a hint of anger in his voice "Finn, I-" Rey started "Did you? Rey tell me the truth!" Finn said trying to contain his anger "No, I was disgusted by it" Rey said as she closed the door to their room. Finn sighed "Rey, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to-" he started before Rey kissed him and kissed him hard "I want you Finn, more than you know" Rey said as she took off his jacket causing him to look at her nervously "Rey, I don't think-" he said but Rey kissed him again, and again and continued to kiss him. Each kiss made Finn only want more, he finally helped her with her shirt "I know you want me" Rey said seductively "What are you Kylo Ren now?" Finn said slyly "I don't need the force to read your mind" Rey replied and pushed him on the bed.

Franklin sat in the living room when he heard a noise from Rey and Finn's room. He started to get up when Zia walked in. "You hear that right?" Franklin said "Nope" Zia replied with a sly grin. Franklin looked at her and shook his head "What?" Zia replied "Nothing" Franklin said as he sat back down on the couch. Zia sat across from him "You're jealous" Zia said bluntly "Of who?" Franklin replied "Who do you think?" Zia responded. Franklin looked at her with confusion "I don't know" Franklin said, causing Zia to sigh "You're jealous of Finn" Zia replied. Franklin was taken aback "Finn? I'm not jealous of Finn!" Franklin said defensively "Really? The fact that he is screwing Rey in the other room and you are out here brooding says otherwise" Zia snapped back.

Rey smiled as she put her shirt back on "That was amazing" She told Finn who was sitting on the bed without his shirt on "Yeah, it was" he said as he gave her a sly smile. Rey opened the door to their room and saw Zia and Franklin standing outside. "Were you guys standing there the whole time?" Finn said as he saw them "No, no, we were not-" Franklin said "We just wanted to let you know that we are heading out tomorrow to the island. Claire expects us at the airfield at 7:00" Zia said cutting Franklin off. Finn looked at her with excitement "Wait, we're going to Isla Nublar?" Finn asked with a hint of excitement in his voice "No, we are going to Jurassic World" Zia replied.

Finn could not sleep that night, even though Rey was sleeping next to him and her hand was on his bare chest. He could not stop thinking about the fact that Kylo Ren was on Earth and that Rey had faced him alone, again. I have to be there for her more, next time she might not be so lucky he thought. He tried not to imagine the things Ren would do to Rey if he captured her again. He also could not imagine what would happen if Ren turned Rey to the darkside, a fear that always was in the back of his mind. "Can't sleep?" a voice said and looked up to see Luke Skywalker standing in the room "I'm not surprised" he added with a smile. "Have some class Master Skywalker!" Finn said as quiet as he could "She's not the reason" Finn added. Luke walked towards the bed "Ren, I know" Luke said. Finn was shocked, Luke knew Ren was on Earth and did not tell them! He knowingly put him and Rey in danger "Why did you not tell us!" Finn said "Tell us what?" Rey said as she woke up and saw Luke standing near the bed and quickly covered her upper body "Master Skywalker!" Rey shockingly said "Hey Kiddo" Luke replied. "Luke knew that Ren was on earth" Finn said to her "You did!" Rey said. Luke sighed "I knew they were planning something, I did not know that he was already here" he replied "But right now the important thing is getting to the island, you have to protect the raptor" Luke added. Finn looked at Rey with confusion on his face "What rap-" Finn said to Luke, but then he saw that the Jedi Master was gone.