Saito Uzumaki


Hajime Saito from Rurouni Kenshin as a redhead

Basic stats:

Strength: C

Intelligence: A

Speed: A+

Stamina: B

Chakra level: A

Taijutsu: B

Genjutsu: C

Ninjutsu: B

Personal atributes:

Kenjutsu: S

Trained from a young age in the art of the blade, and refining his craft through decades of struggle for survival, Saito has reached the level of the masters. Methodical and lacking any sort of flare, his style faithfully takes the concept of 'simple is best'.

Uzumaki bloodline:

Being a pure born member of the Uzumaki clan, Saito possesses an exceptionally strong lifeforce, chakra and stamina.

Fuinjutsu: A

Befitting a member of the Uzumaki clan, Saito has a natural talent for seals.

He employs a series of sealing arrays on his blade with a specific purpose; to create a space-time dislocation that causes multiple attacks that come from many directions, even if he is many meters away from his target.

First seal selects an area of his choosing for lock on, creating a warp in space around it, while the second seal redirects the sword slashes to be transported inside the area of effect.

(basically it's Vergil's attack from DMC)


Calm and collected, Saito is a man who keeps a level head even in the most dangerous situations. He is insightful and wise, the struggles of his life having shaped him to endure and look after the people around him.

A survivor of the Fall of Uzu, Saito alongside Samenosuke, Lyn and Maya traveled the lands since an early age, keeping their heads down and doing what they could to survive. Fearful of their enemies finding them, they even passed on the chance of taking residence in Konoha, until it was too late and they heard about Kushina's supposed death.

Saito sees Samenosuke and Lyn as his treasured siblings, while he and Maya fell in love and even conceived a son, Soujiro.

But even though they had endured the loss of their clan, life never stops testing you, and lost Maya during complications at childbirth. So he raised his son alongside Lyn and Samenosuke, always doing everything he could to make sure he was safe, even if he never stopped to consider what was healthiest for Soujiro. His love for his son is matched by his concerns for keeping him and his family safe.

Kushina's notes:

Always looked up to Saito-ni as a kid, I wonder what would have become of him had Uzu not fallen, though he isn't exactly part of the succesion line, I think he would have made a great clan head.