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(The King of Omashu)

Day 14

"Natsuo," I smile at the young servant bowing deeply before me, "sit. I have a task I would like you to consider undertaking."

He straightens, brushing back a long strand of brown hair, "Of course my lord."

He's very loyal, partly why I trained him for this; the other part being that while he may have come from the Fire Nation Colonies no-one would dispute he is of Earth's blood. Not with his looks and certainly not with his Earthbending. Skiddo is useful for reliable transport too.

"The Avatar seems to be heading deeper into the Earth Kingdom. While rumours travel quickly through ports there is still only so much tracking we can from the ship. I am hoping he will stay relatively close to the coast, as I believe he is heading towards the North Pole but I wouldn't be surprised if he diverts further into the Earth Kingdom. If you are willing, I would like you to head in the general direction of Omashu, given its status as one of the largest Earth Kingdom cities still unconquered, the fact it was a famous Earth Kingdom city before the War and its relative nearness I would not be surprised if the Avatar decides to visit. You job would be to keep your ears open, follow the Avatar if you find him and report back any interesting discoveries."

Natsuo makes the flame and bows his head from where he is sitting opposite me, "I would be honoured to undertake this mission my Lord." brown eyes rise to look at me, "Will I be going alone or with a partner?"

"I decided to talk to you first but now you have agreed I intent to ask Itsuki if he would willing to accompany you." shifting my tone to questioning and open to contradiction as I continue,"That is assuming you find him an acceptable partner?"

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You might have noticed this chapter has dramatically shrunk. That's because the larger part of it has been relocated to Zuko of the Pokémon-Discarded Scenes. The first version of chapter four I posted doesn't fit Zuko's characterization now I've figured out where the plot of story will be going.

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