The vast emptiness of space, ever infinite and constantly expanding, even if you were immortal the likelihood of you reaching any sort of end, or perhaps looping to where you once began as you trekked across the stars, would still be near impossible. But then again it is a consistent pattern throughout history that whenever something is deemed impossible, that only means eventually someone shall be born to prove it can in fact be done. For once we believed man could never fly across the sky like an avian majesty, or that the far untouched reaches of the ocean's depths would never be seen by any living person, and yet here we are present day with such things merely being a part of our every day lives. However, what if the person who were to step forward to break the preconceptions of our limitations within the scope of the universe was not one of our own, what if the person destined to take command of our very reality itself was not even of this world?

Perhaps if mankind had the means to see so far into the vast unknown, or a previously launched scouting device had ventured far enough without losing contact, then maybe just maybe we could have caught a glimpse of a terrifying sight approaching from the horizon. A massive warship though unlike anything we could have ever imagined, from the material that made it's design to the countless varieties of advanced technology that could be seen on it's surface alone, the vessel that ever hauntingly drew closer and closer to the planet known as Earth was nearly upon us. And aboard this massive ship are of course the creatures that maintain it and see to it's everyday upkeep, species that we might've once believed only possible in works of fiction working alongside each other as if it was nothing special. But what could possibly bring together so many different people, from so many different worlds, spanning across countless galaxies and systems within our universe?

That honor would go to the one who commanded the ship with a strict and powerful hand, a being so feared and respected that the mere mention of their name was enough to send any world outside our own into a global scale panic. A being who hails from a world ravaged by unrelenting weather, consumed by vast empty plains vacant of even the smallest greenery, and populated by both person and beast alike that wielded such unfathomable power, it is a true miracle that anything was able to live at all. Their name was Lady Boros, though her title befitting her far surpassed her own name in infamy, due to the countless conquests she had waged, the untold destruction she had wrought, the immeasurable body count she had accumulated, she had become known to all as the Dominator of The Universe. For what seemed like an endless age she and her assorted crew, which were known as "The Black Matter Thieves", scoured the stars taking what they wanted and reducing whatever was left to a fine mist of debris and dust.

Standing at an intimidating seven feet ten inches with a finely toned warrior's physique, even without her renown as the strongest in the universe she certainly from appearance alone was not one to be trifled with. Combine this with her light blue skin, bright spiky pink hair, sharpened fanged teeth, and her one cyclops like eye, even if she gazed at you with a disinterested look you'd still feel the cold chill of death run over you. Which was something that had been going on for quite some time as it were, once when she and her ship first touched down on a new world, she would feel her blood rush throughout her veins in excitement at the carnage that was to come. But now as so much time had passed by and so many had fallen with little effort by her hand alone, what once gave her life a sense of purpose and joy now was nothing more than a bleak and depressing ordeal.

For so long after these feelings began to cement themselves in her heart she yearned for something that would rekindle her will to live, as now she secluded herself to her innermost chamber within the ship rarely ever moving even to eat. Which is why she and her crew were now approaching a world that at first glance was not very impressive, below average size, lacking in any technology that wasn't far outclassed by their own, and what riches they could offer didn't even make a small fraction of what they had. So why then, why would the conqueror of all known inhabited space spend such a great deal of time and resources traveling to such a seemingly pointless planet, empty of anything that would make it worth her time? Only she and her personal elites knew the answer to that question, for it had been centuries since they set out on this journey, but now as they were but moments from breaking through the planet's atmosphere and appearing before the native species, a conversation held long ago came to her mind and with it brought the first smile she had in what seemed like an eternity.

"Finally, I have come for you, my champion~" She spoke is a hushed tone, her fangs on full display as her smile spread from ear to ear.

Yet instead of leaving her throne as to oversee their arrival as she knew well her crew could handle things on their own, she took a moment to think back to that fateful day when they sought the aid of an ancient seer.

"My lady, are you sure this is wise?" Her direct second in command Geryuganshoop asked her, as they along with her two other elites stood before a supposed seer.

Very few entities, even in the farthest reaches of space, actually possessed abilities that went beyond conventional science and understanding, and even fewer were able to achieve feats such as speak with the deceased or see through time. But in her desperation to find even a SINGLE creature that could match her in strength, Lady Boros and her elites sought out a seer that was only ever mentioned in legends and myths, a creature said to have come into being not long after the first star brought light to the darkened universe. Yet while she was willing to take the chance that what was known about the seer was true, her elites who swore their lives to her and held her safety and well being above all else were reasonably skeptical, as they knew that their master was desperate to find someone who could satiate her lust for battle.

"Geryuganshoop, I hold your opinion in high regard, as do I for you Melzalgald and Groribas, but this is one of the few times where I urge you to keep silent, for the sake of your own health." She responded, in a fairly cold and emotionless manner.

Knowing well especially when she was like this that pressing the matter further would only annoy her, he simply chose to do as he was told and keep silent with his fellow elites.

"So?" She spoke once more, this time addressing the seer "Do you see anything? or have you wasted my time with the rumors of your power?" She asked.

"Patience Lady Boros, it is not an easy thing to peer through the veil of time." The Seer replied, though due to the tendrils that covered his mouth it was difficult to hear him fully, "In order to tell you what it is you wish to know, I must look through all possible futures that can be and find the one you seek." He explained.

Watching for a another minute as he continued to stare into a fairly large crystal like sphere that seemed to be filled with some form of gas, after that minute passed he looked up to meet her eye with his own and tell her what he saw.

"If you truly wish to follow this path, I advise you to take heed of my words, as there are two ways this will end." He warned.

"What are they? tell me." She insisted, admittedly eager to hear what he had to say.

"The first outcome that I foresaw you do battle with a great warrior, one whose strength is not only equal to your own but is also greater." He said.

"Lies! no one surpasses Lady Boros! Geryuganshoop was right this is a farce!" Groribas interjected.

Instead of silencing him with her words Lady Boros merely turned her head quickly to look at her elites, and upon seeing the subtle but clear message of death present in her glare, they all fell silent once again.

"Please, continue." She told him as she turned back around to face him.

"If you do battle with this warrior with honor and integrity, then you shall find all that you seek and even more." The Seer resumed "However, if you approach his world and him in the way you have thus far with all of your conquests, then all that you shall find is death." He revealed.

"Wait, are you saying that this warrior could kill me?" She asked, admittedly surprised to hear something like that.

"Yes, for he is the strongest not only of his race but all else in the universe, a warrior whose heart is pure and his desire for power is merely for the protection of those around him, against all foes he has faced he has ended them with but one. single. blow." The Seer answered as he briefly looked back into his sphere, "And his name is-"

"Saitama." She spoke having reached the memory's end.

Opening her eye as she had closed it while reminiscing, Lady Boros still had a smile present on her lips, which only worsened her excitement.

"Lady Boros." The voice of Geryuganshoop spoke to her, via telepathic communication "Per your instruction we have landed in a non populated region of the world, however as we speak several different entities presumably the native species are approaching us from the south, they will be here within ten minutes or so." He explained.

"Very good, make sure that the men understand that not a single shot or attack is to be made, and that ANYONE who dares defy me will be given to the locals as an offering of apology for their defiance, in the form of a meal." She replied audibly as she rose from her throne.

And with that taken care of all that was left for her to do was to leave her ship and make contact with the arriving natives, hoping for the sake of her convenience that her champion was among them.

"But even if he isn't." She said aloud speaking to herself as she walked, "I will scour this world searching until I find him, and if it turns out that this was nothing more than a deception from that seer, I shall lay waste to all life in the cosmos, starting with his." She decided as for but a single moment her smile turned into a twisted toothy grin.