First contact with an alien race, mankind for most of it's known history has looked out into the great beyond and wondered what the first interaction between our species and another would be like. Most of the time it's not depicted in a pretty way, often times being simply described as inevitable war and conflict, but what if just maybe the race from another world didn't seek to immediately kill or destroy us? That was at the very least what the employee assigned to deal with such a situation hoped for, as he and a select few of his colleagues stood before a massive interstellar craft, that much like a mirage had just miraculously appeared within their world. As for who this individual and his fellow coworkers were employed to, that would be none other than the single greatest organization to ever be formed, The Heroes Association.

Ever since they were founded but two years ago countless lives have been saved by their efforts to protect the world and keep the peace, but a great deal of the gratitude that is to be given deserves to go to the very heroes who are enlisted within it's ranks. From those with abilities once believed only feasible in comic books, to masters of martial arts and swordsmanship, every hero in the association possessed some kind of remarkable ability or skill set. Yet surprisingly enough the employee and his associates had not brought with them any heroes to meet with the aliens, as they did not want to come across as hostile in any way, shape, or form as admittedly some of the more well known heroes were rather...difficult to put it politely. So as they all waited for whatever creature or creatures lied in wait within the ship's walls to step out and meet them, there was a very obvious mixed atmosphere of excitement and uncertainty as they were still of course dealing with REAL extraterrestrials.

Unknown to them however is that the leader of the ship was actually staring out at them at this very moment, sizing up their appearance and numbers as well as any potential weapons they might have on their person.

"What do you think Geryuganshoop?" Lady Boros asked her second in command, as he was currently examining their minds and thoughts.

"They're nervous, though eager to meet us." He answered with his eyes closed, as it helped him to better focus.

"What about weapons? did they truly come without any or are they concealing them?" She asked.

"No, they are truly unarmed, it seems they wish for a peaceful contact as we do." He answered.

"Very well, then let us introduce ourselves and get this underway." She said as she turned around to face him and her other elites "I know I don't need to say it, but I do not want any of you to speak or act less I give an order to do so, they appear to be a frail and timid race for the most part so anything can easily set them off and give them the wrong idea." She explained.

"Don't you worry m'lady, we shall be on our best behavior in their presence, and I have seen to it personally that the crew knows what should happen if any of them get an idea or two." Groribas replied, as with but a quick snap of his mouth like hands he caused a smile to come to her face.

"Good, thank you Groribas." She praised as she then focused on Melzalgald, "I know for anyone in my crew that this peaceful approach is not well suited for you Melzalgald, I want you to know how greatly I appreciate the effort however." She told him.

"We serve you, no matter the order." "Even though they would be better dead, we shall not disobey." "You are our master, our lord, we follow your will to the letter." "We will remain docile, less they prove to be a threat, then we will protect." "That is good." The five heads that made the sentience of Melzalgald all responded.

Feeling a great deal of comfort from how loyal her elites were to her, Lady Boros after taking one final breath to steel herself gave the order for the door to open, allowing them to exit the ship. Slowly but surely they all stepped out from the cool air of their vessel to the warmth of the planet and it's star, the surprise and shock of it's natives as they came out and approached them being fully noticed. From the perspective of the natives there were in total four entities that came forth consisting of Lady Boros, Geryuganshoop a mostly blue octopus like creature whose body almost seemed celestial, Melzalgald a purely brown entity that possessed five heads in total all of which had red eyes, and finally Groribas a plant like humanoid whose hands and head greatly resembled that of a venus flytrap.

"Hello." The employee who seemed to be in charge greeted, as they came to a stop just a few feet in front of him, "I am a representative of this world's most powerful and influential power, The Heroes Association." He introduced, having to look up at them as they all towered above him and the others.

"I am Lady Boros, Dominator of The Universe and leader of the Black Matter Thieves, though do not let our title concern you, it has been a great deal of time since we last sought a life of thievery." She introduced in reply.

"Does that mean you have come to earth seeking something else then? if it isn't something that would be considered valuable to you?" He asked.

"Yes that is in fact the case, from the word of a great seer whose age precedes near all life in the known cosmos, I have come here seeking to fight with your greatest champion, but I only wish to fight him and nothing more I assure you." She answered.

"Our greatest warrior, do you mean Blast?" He questioned, not entirely sure as to who she was referring to.

"No, the name of the champion who lives within this world who I was told I would find is Saitama." She corrected.

A temporary silence appeared in their conversation as the employees behind him began to whisper to one another, all the while he tried to think of a hero who possessed such a name.

"Is something wrong?" She asked, after a few more moments passed by with no response.

"Forgive me Lady Boros, but to my knowledge there is no hero with the name of Saitama." He admitted.

"So it was a lie!" Groribas exclaimed angrily catching them off guard, "I knew what the seer had told us was nothing more than a ruse to distract us and waste time!" He insisted.

However, before things could escalate any further Lady Boros held up her hand to silence Groribas and keep the other two from speaking, to which they obeyed.

"Tell me, is there a chance that he is not with your association?" She asked as she lowered her hand back to her side.

"Well...I suppose that is possible, but if you've come seeking our greatest champion than he more than likely would be-" The employee began to answer, only to be cut off as something unexpected happened.

Without warning all of the natives' phones began to ring at once, causing them to take them out and see what was so urgent they all had to be contacted.

"What is it?" She inquired, curious as to what could cause such a thing to happen.

"Forgive us Lady Boros, a dragon level threat was just issued to all association personnel." He replied as he looked back to her.

"Dragon level threat?" She inquired further, as his reply hadn't really answered her question.

"Our association has a threat assessment system in order to judge the severity of a disaster, there are in total five threat levels which are wolf, tiger, demon, dragon, and god." He explained.

"So a dragon level threat is fairly dangerous then?" She asked, receiving a nod in response.

"Indeed, but two high ranked heroes are already at the scene and are promptly dealing with it, so there is no need for us to postpone this discussion." He assured her.

"Tell me, if dragon is the second highest level then wouldn't your strongest be sent to deal with it to ensure success?" She asked.

"Well...yes." He answered simply, not sure at what she was getting at.

Upon hearing that Lady Boros without warning was suddenly cascaded in a bright purple energy, before then taking off into the sky and flying off into the distance. And while the natives of course were bewildered and astonished by what they had just seen, as for her elites they simply looked at them with a quizzical gaze.

"Are they REALLY unaware as to why she took off?" The trio unknowingly thought in unison followed by a collective sigh, as dealing with these creatures was clearly going to be tiresome.

You would think given the fact she was in an alien world that Lady Boros would have no idea where to go in order to find the dragon level threat, and thus would just fly around aimlessly searching for a good long while. But one of the many abilities her race possessed is to sense the power within others, so if the seer had indeed told her the truth then she knew she'd be able to sense her champion. Which thankfully proved to be the case, for after flying several hundred miles in a single direction she began detecting an abundant source of power, causing a grin to come to her face.

"Found you~" She mused as she increased her speed as to get there faster.

Following it back to the source Lady Boros soon found herself on the outskirts of what was once a city, as nearly every building within it's domain had been laid to waste in some fashion. This sadly would tell her that whatever was the holder of the power she sensed was not her champion, as one of the qualities described by the seer was that he had a pure heart, and no pure hearted person would do something like this. But this wasn't necessarily a complete waste of time mind you, for if the power did belong to the so called "Dragon" level threat, then that meant it was still alive and there was still the chance that her champion would appear to deal with it. So after spending a few seconds to scan the horizon and see what might be the source, she found not too far away a rather large purple humanoid creature who clearly was different from the natives.

"So he is the being I sensed." She thought as she kept her distance, simply to avoid being seen "His power is considerable, but nothing to my own." She determined.

Watching as this being walked across the ruins of the former city, both she and it began to hear the cries of a child that was nearby. However, where as she did not have any interest in it the humanoid did, as ever slowly they walked up to the child without them realizing. Then, as they were just mere inches from them the being held out it's hand seemingly to touch her, but as it got closer it began to swell and spikes sprung forth from it's purple flesh, and this Lady Boros realized meant that it intended to kill the child. But just as it brought forth it's clawed fingers to crush it in it's palm, the child suddenly disappeared in a flash of yellow and white, which caught the both of them off guard as neither of them had even seen what it was.

"That speed, could it be?" She thought as both her gaze as well as the creature's now fixated on a person who was a few feet away.

Standing there with the child in his arms was a man who had not been there before, a man clad head to toe in a yellow outfit of some kind that also possessed a white cape, completed by a set of matching red gloves and boots.

"You're a fast one aren't you?" The being spoke, seeming to be male due to the deepness of it's voice "Who are you?" It asked.

Watching the man as intently as she could, she noticed for a brief moment a smirk appeared on his face, before he then set the child down and turned around to reveal himself to them.

"I'm just a hero for fun." He answered, with as blank and empty of an expression as any living creature could ever make.

Upon seeing his face and hearing his seemingly disinterested voice, both the being and Lady Boros had their own reactions, and they could not have been more different.

"You're kidding? what kind of half assed backstory is that?" The being questioned, a look of irritation and anger present on it's face.

"That look!" Lady Boros thought as she stared at him "It's so void of expression, so lacking in any signs of life, it's almost as if he were dead, just like mine." She realized.

"My backstory is far superior to that." The entity taunted as he put a hand to his chest "I am the embodiment of mother earth herself, human kind has done nothing but ruin and ravage her bringing her ever closer to death, so in order to survive she gave birth to me to protect her and cleanse the world of your filth, I AM VACCINE MAN!" He shouted.

"Wait, did he just say Vaccine Man?" Lady Boros questioned, finding it hard to believe he would think a name that absurd could ever be taken seriously.

"Cool, can we hurry this up so I can go? I was in the middle of something." The man replied, apparently so disinterested with this whole thing he was cleaning out his ear with his finger, which again caused two completely separate reactions to take place.

"How dare you stand before me and show me such disrespect! I am the chosen apostle for the very earth you stand upon! I am her true child given life to purge your kind from her lands! you are nothing more than a pitiful little worm who should feel even lucky I have given him the time of day! you will DIE for your insolence!" Vaccine Man threatened, as with each passing word his body grew larger and larger, with more spikes and other assorted appendages sprouting from him.

But all of that was completely ignored by Lady Boros, who continued to be fixated solely on the man to the point where the very world around her no longer existed.

"No fear, no anger, no excitement, he truly lacks any emotion as if he were made of stone or steel...could it be?" She wondered, hoping that he was who she believed him to be.

Finally noticing Vaccine Man and his newly transformed state as he had thrust himself upon the other, instead of running, screaming, or even really acknowledging the fact that his life was about to end, all the man did was throw his first forward to punch him. And what followed after caused Lady Boros's eye to widen more than it ever had in her entire life, as that one punch resulted in Vaccine Man exploding violently into millions of different pieces of viscera, which began raining all around them. Yet that was not the only thing the happened as a result of his punch, the shock wave produced by it was so immense it managed to clear every single cloud in the sky leaving it open and clear. But where as most people would be celebrating in such a victory, the man slowly looked down at his still smoking fist with a newfound expression of frustration, before he fell to his knees on the ground.

"No...not happened again..." He began to speak as he gripped the dirt with his hands, "All it took was a single punch...just one punch!" He exclaimed, before he threw back his head and screamed "GOD DAMN IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT!"

Feeling her heart begin to beat faster and faster, Lady Boros unable to break away from looking at him clutched her chest as she had not experienced this feeling in so very long.

"A pure hearted warrior who uses his power for the protection of others, a warrior so strong he ends every single fight in one blow, a warrior so jaded by countless effortless victories that they are numb in every sense, he is such a warrior." She thought as she clutched her chest tighter, "He is everything that the seer promised and more, for he is as I have been for so many years, no joy or sadness only frustration and anger to alleviate the never ending purgatory that has become our lives." She went on as a smile came to her face "Saitama, I have found you." She whispered to herself, relieved beyond belief that he was real.