"An embassy?" Lady Boros questioned, surprised yet impressed by this revelation.

It's not easy finding a place that'll seat an eight-foot-tall cycloptic amazon from outer space, but thankfully Saitama knew the ins and outs of City Z. You see, City Z as a whole was probably the quietest city when compared to the others, even if you removed the completely abandoned district he lived in. As a result, monsters weren't the only ones attracted to the location; those looking to start a business who were...unique, to say the least, also flocked here. And luckily, there was a quaint little restaurant where EVERYONE was welcome.

Civilian, hero, monster, cyborg, robot, or alien, the only thing the owner cared about here was the universal understanding, money. So, as long as neither Saitama nor Lady Boros caused any trouble, they could eat here like anyone else, and there'd be no issues. Which, given his recent company of royalty, was something Saitama would need to keep in mind should any of the queens ever want to go out for food.

"Mhm." He sounded in reply, unable to speak due to his mouth being full of food at the moment.

"Huh, that...is sensible." Lady Boros said as she put a hand to her chin, "Even though the Subterraneans have been here long before humankind, creating an embassy would go a long way to convince your people that they aren't a threat." She reasoned.

"Yeah..." He breathed out in content, enjoying his meal, "I just wished she didn't make it right in front of where I live." He admitted.

"Yes, the Subterranean Queen's choice of location wasn't the best..." She agreed, "But still, I do applaud her for her creativity and willingness to establish diplomatic relations with your species. It shows a great deal of maturity in her character." She complimented.

"Heh, it's funny you say that." He noted, which confused her.

"Why?" She asked.

"Boros, you're the ruler of the entire universe. You, your ship, and your crew have been here for a WHILE now. And yet the only people who know you exist are me, the Association, Genos, the old dude you train with, and that one doctor guy who sent a giant talking lion to throw a car through my apartment." He answered.

Huh, he was right. Despite her position and progressing relationship with Saitama, Lady Boros hadn't made any attempt to make herself or her crew known to the general public. Oh sure, she'd been out shopping in City J before, went to the movies with Saitama, and was now eating in a public restaurant; but in all three of these instances, there had been next to NO people around. And even if there were, how would anyone tell the difference between an alien and a regular monster on this planet when you had entities like the Deep-Sea and Subterranean Queens walking about?

"I...suppose you're right..." She realized, "Should...I do something about that then?..." She asked, not sure if it was a good idea or not.

"It's up to you." He answered, taking a brief break from eating to lean back in his seat and talk about this with her, "I mean, let's look at the pros and cons. On the one hand, revealing that aliens DO exist and that you and your crew have been here for a while in secret would keep any unpleasant situations from happening in the future. But on the other, if you reveal yourself, many people and organizations will start coming after you. Some will be looking for a fight, others because they're curious, and a select few will be weirdos wanting to gawk at all the cool aliens." He told her.

"Eh, I'm used to that." She replied with a shrug, "I'm asking you because we're so close. And I wouldn't want to make a decision that could potentially make your life harder or more annoying." She explained.

"I don't think that would happen." He said, "Because, and I hope you're not offended by this, but when it comes to my well being Boros, you can be terrifyingly considerate. So if anyone tried to annoy me, hang around my apartment, or in general be a jerk, I'm pretty sure you'd pick them up like a ball and throw them into the sun." He mentioned.

"Oh no, that's entirely accurate." She responded first, to assure him that he didn't insult her, "If ANYONE dared to worsen your day-to-day life in ANY capacity, I'd destroy them." She promised.

"Thought so." He said with a small smile, still flattered she'd be willing to do something so extreme for his sake, "So, regardless of what you choose to do, Boros. It's not like my life will be affected in any severe way. Not as long as you keep coming by my apartment to hang out." He reasoned.

"Hmph, very well. I will talk with my elites about potentially revealing ourselves to Earth's population when I go back to the ship." She decided, "But before then, we must finish our lunch. And YOU still need to tell me what a cellphone is." She reminded as he leaned forward to resume eating.

"Oh right, nearly forgot about that." He replied.

Meanwhile, In City J...

"MMMMM! IT'S SO GOOD!" Deep-Sea Queen joyfully exclaimed with a mouthful of cooked fish.

Watching her eat the well-prepared meal with the same giddiness that a child would have when eating candy, Mumen Rider and the Subterranean Queen couldn't believe what they were seeing. However, it was for two different reasons. First, Mumen Rider was amazed because, yet again, this powerhouse of a fish woman was acting the exact opposite from how you'd expect, which he now realized was something he'd have to get used to. Second, the Subterranean Queen was beyond baffled because from how her royal counterpart was behaving...it seemed like she had never eaten cooked fish before...but...how the hell was that possible?

"...Deep-Sea Queen..." The true earthling spoke, snapping her out of her food-induced daze, "Is...this the first time you've eaten cooked fish?..." She asked.

"MHM!" Deep-Sea Queen responded with a nod, needing a moment to swallow the food in her mouth before she talked, "So far, I've tasted something called burgers, which were DELICIOUS. Then, they had me try some vegetation that grows on land, fruits I believe were their name, ALSO delicious. Next came ice cream, and most recently is this fish!" She listed.

"Okay, but I'm curious. Have you never thought to cook the meals you catch in the ocean before? Perhaps, using the vents at the very bottom?" The Subterranean Queen inquired.

"We never found a need." She replied with a shrug, "We assumed you couldn't beat how they tasted, so we never tried to improve it." She explained before letting out a pleased sigh, "But NOW I can NEVER go back! This is the best fish I've EVER eaten!" She cheered as she held up her plate, "More please!" She requested from their hosts, which made them all laugh.

"You heard her, fellas! Keep'em coming!" The head fisherman, who was the father of the boy she called shrimp, commanded, "I tell ya, it means the world to us that the queen of the oceans finds our cooking so good!" He told her.

"It should! No one has a better tongue for taste than I!" She proudly exclaimed.

"Deep-Sea Queen!" The Subterranean Queen scolded, "These surface dwellers have invited us to their dwelling, are giving us a free meal, and are laughing at your lack of manners. Could you TRY to act like the royal you are?" She requested.

Speaking of, the locale that the boy had brought them to was a sizeable property near the beach. One part restaurant, another dock/pier where their boats rested, and one final part shack; this was the ideal place for those whose career was a life on the sea catching the various creatures who swam or scuttled through the waters. Unfortunately, both queens had to remain outside due to their size, but it wasn't an issue since the building was designed to be one of those open-space-type establishments where you could eat in or out.

"Aw, you don't have to worry!" One of the other men assured as he brought more cooked fish to Deep-Sea Queen, "We love the way she acts! She fits right in with us!" He said.

"See? They love me." She stated with an ear-to-ear smile as her food was put on her plate.

"Hmph, you're lucky the surface dwellers are so accepting." The Subterranean Queen countered, still finding her demeanor disrespectful to their hosts' hospitality.

"How do you like the food, Mumen Rider?" The boy asked as he'd been quiet for a while.

"Hm? Oh, it's good." He answered, "Again, thank you for having us for lunch." He said, wanting to show his gratitude.

"If anyone should be thanked, it's her." The head fisherman said while pointing at Deep-Sea Queen, "Thanks to her, we've got no worries for the foreseeable future! Our business is going to be booming!" He exclaimed.

"Does that mean I can have more free lunches?" She asked.

"NO." The Subterranean Queen interjected as she folded her arms, "There is a difference between accepting a kind offer and being a parasite. One free lunch is enough." She asserted.

"Hey! If they want to give me more food, who are YOU to tell them they can't?" Deep-Sea Queen asked, "Like, seriously. You are SO worried about me upsetting them, and yet here I am! Sitting here! Having a nice pleasant meal with-"

She stopped, as did everyone else, for out of seemingly nowhere, something appeared from behind her and wrapped itself around her torso. Looking down at the foreign object, it was a tongue, but not a regular pink fleshy tongue. Instead, it was gray, almost looked to be made of stone, and it glowed with a light simial to magma. And when these details were noticed, the Subterranean Queen realized what it was, but before she could say or do anything, the Deep-Sea Queen was pulled from her place on the ground.

From there, she was lifted into the air in arc-like motion, only to be brought down on another part of the beach at a high force. When she hit the ground, a large explosion of sand occurred, and a decent crater was made from her impact. However, that wasn't the most shocking thing to be seen on the beach. In between the hole and where the Deep-Sea Queen had been standing...was...a lizard.

To be fair, it was a gigantic lizard, made out of rocks, that seemed to have lava inside of it or...something like that. And whereas everyone on the beach was either shocked or stunned into silence, the Subterranean Queen was mortified because SHE knew what was happening and what this creature was.

"Oh...no..." She muttered, her eyes as wide as they'd ever been.

"Oh no?" Mumen Rider questioned since he was right next to her, "Wait, do you know that lizard?" He asked.

Before she could answer or try to avoid the question, the lizard lept into the crater after the Deep-Sea Queen. In the seconds that followed, thrashing, biting, punching, and screaming could be heard, not only coming from the lizard but its prey as well. It was then that the Subterranean Queen decided to intervene; she didn't want the ruler of the deep nor any of the humans to be injured in this skirmish.

"Alright! That's enough!" She shouted as she sprinted towards the crater, "Down, boy! Cease! Cease!" She commanded.

Suddenly, the lizard was sent flying out of the crater. Landing with a loud THUD on its side, a foot or so in front of her.

"MY BABY!" She exclaimed in a panic before she knelt beside it.

"YOUR BABY?!" The voice of the Deep-Sea Queen shouted before she popped her head out of the crater, "SO THIS WILD ANIMAL IS YOURS THEN?!" She asked, which elicited a gasp from the other.

"Don't you DARE call him a wild animal!" The Subterranean Queen spat back as she hugged him, "HE is my best friend! I've had him ever since he was a hatchling! He is the apex of his species, a hunter without rival, and most importantly, HE IS A GOOD BOY!" She told her.

"GOOD BOY?! HE BIT ME!" Deep-Sea Queen responded as she held up her arm.

In all honesty, it was barely a flesh wound. Due to her incredible durability and remarkable healing factor, the lizard's bite, which would've absolutely DESTROYED an average person's arm, barely broke her scaley skin.

"Yes...well...that is what I trained him to do..." The Subterranean Queen admitted while averting her gaze.

"You...did...WHAT?!" Deep-Sea Queen questioned.

"Hey! We haven't seen each other in CENTURIES. And only yesterday and today have we acted friendly towards one another. You can't be mad that I would've trained my precious baby boy to attack you and the rest of the Sea Folk in case there was a war!" She argued in her defense.

"Precious baby boy, my ass...that thing needs a damn muzzle..." Deep-Sea Queen said.

Suddenly, the air became tense, and the Deep-Sea Queen felt a chilling cold come from her fellow royal. The Subterranean Queen's face was emotionless, and her eyes looked at the fish woman with a cold gaze.

"...Sub..." Deep-Sea Queen slowly spoke, raising her hands as a show of surrender, "I take it back. We're cool." She apologized.

"So, you're sorry then?" The Subterranean Queen asked.

"Mhm. I didn't mean to upset you." She answered.

"Okay. Then tell him you're sorry." The Subterranean Queen requested as she pointed at her lizard.

"...You can't be serious." She said.

"Tell him." The Subterranean Queen insisted, her cold attitude changing to severe and growing anger.

"He bit me!" She reminded as she held up her arm, even though the "wound" was gone by this point, "I mean, seriously. I'm only apologizing to be the bigger person here. It's YOU who should be saying sorry since your mutt of a lizard went wild!" She exclaimed.

Whelp that did it. The last bit of care the Subterranean Queen had for her aquatic counterpart disappeared.

"Seeker." She addressed her lizard, revealing its name, which caused him to raise his head and look at her, "Time for yum yums." She told him.

"Yum yums? OH SHIT WAI-"

Too late. Seeker lept back into the crater to resume his attack on the Deep-Sea Queen. Only this time, he turned a majority of his rocky scales into spikes, as he did back in City Z with Genos. This not only made it harder for the Deep-Sea Queen to defend herself but made it easier for him to injure her.

"Um...Sub?" Mumen Rider awkwardly said as he approached her, unsure if it was okay for him to call her that.

"It's alright. I don't mind if you use that as a nickname." She told him with a smile, greeting him with an attitude that was a complete 180 to the one she just displayed.

"Okay, thanks." He replied in relief, coming to a stop once he was beside her, "Anyway, don't you think that you should...ya know...stop your lizard from attacking her?" He asked while pointing to the crater, from which the sounds of screams and fighting were as loud as they were before.

"Hmm...nope." She playfully answered, "That woman needs to learn respect whether it's towards your species, me, or my baby boy. This lesson is LONG overdue." She asserted.

"But will she be okay?" He asked, worried about the Deep-Sea Queen's well-being.

"If we're lucky, no." She answered.

However, their conversation would be interrupted, yet it wasn't caused by a sudden change in the pit fight happening a few feet away. Instead, a black car, one that you'd associate with a government agency, came speeding down the road that ran alongside the upper part of the beach before coming to a screeching stop when it reached where they were.

"Where is it?!" Bearded Worker shouted as he exited the vehicle, which put the pieces together for Mumen Rider and the Subterranean Queen, "Where is-"

He stopped. Mainly because in his frantic search for the lizard he'd been chasing, he only recognized Mumen Rider, who was a hero, on the beach before he got out. But now that Bearded Worker was out of his car, he not only saw the Subterranean Queen sitting next to him but also noticed the large crater in which the lizard was fighting the Deep-Sea Queen.

"...Alright. Someone, please fill me in." He requested, far too overwhelmed to be able to figure this situation out on his own.

Back In City Z...

"Oh, so it's a tablet." Lady Boros commented as she studied the device humans called a cellphone.

After their lunch, Saitama took the interstellar warrior to a small shopping district, one that he knew wouldn't have that many people. And much like with the restaurant owner, the proprietor of this business didn't care that Lady Boros was an eight-foot cyclops with blue skin; so long as she didn't break anything, she was no different than a typical customer.

"Huh...you know what...they pretty much are tiny tablets now..." He realized, "Or, at least this type of phone is." He added.

"There are more?" She inquired.

"Over here." He beckoned as he walked one aisle over, "These are flip phones. They're focused a lot more on practicality and function rather than being high-tech and fancy." He described.

"Then that's the one I want." She quickly decided while following behind him.

"Really?" He questioned, surprised by her choice.

"I prioritize both function AND practicality over anything else. Therefore, I do not care for decadence nor what is popular among the masses." She explained.

"Huh, you're very sensible, Boros." He complimented.

"Thank you." She replied with a proud smile.

"Even so, you're probably better off telling your elites about this design and having them make one. Since, ya know, you have advanced alien technology." He advised.

"But of course. No offense to your species, Saitama. They've made many wonderful things, given their limited intelligence and current stage of invention. As you know, I've become VERY invested in the RPG we're playing through together." She told him before clearing her throat to get back on topic, "Ahem, as I was saying. Although your people have created many amazing things, it'd be foolish of me to trust the durability of any of humankind's inventions over what my crew can produce." She stated.

"Actually, there IS one brand that's known for being...basically indestructible." He remembered.

"Oh? Do tell." She requested.

"It's called the Konia." He began as he put a hand to his chin, "People have tried everything to make their phones stop working. One guy even lost his at a beach when he was a kid, went back to that same beach twenty years later, charged the phone, and discovered it still worked." He said.

"Hmm...that does sound impressive..." She hummed while crossing her arms, "Perhaps I should purchase one of those and take it back to the ship?" She suggested.

"Do you have any money?" He asked as he patted his pockets, "Because I don't have enough to buy anything here. Not even the fake toy phones in the bin over there for little kids." He told her.

"Oh. That's fine. I have this." She responded before pulling out something from her pants' pocket.

Between her fingers, Lady Boros held what looked to be...a credit card?

"...Okay. How do you have that?" He asked.

"Geryuganshoop made it for me." She answered with a grin, "In his studies of your world's workings. Such as the structure of power and how both your societies and civilizations function. He discovered your species had reached the point where most transactions are handled digitally. So, he created this card which allows me to purchase things should the need ever arise!" She explained.

"And...how exactly do you pay for things?..." He inquired, both concerned and curious of WHERE the "money" was coming from.

Upon being asked that question, Lady Boros's expression changed as it apparently caught her by surprise.

"...Huh...you know what? I didn't ask him." She realized, "All he told me was that it'd work. And he's never lied or failed me even once in the past, so I didn't say anything else." She confessed.

Yup, red flags were popping up in his head. In no good conscience could Saitama allow her to buy ANYTHING with this suspicious as all hell card.

"Nope." He said as he yoinked it out of her hand.

"Wait, what?" She questioned, completely lost on why he took it from her, "Saitama? What's wrong? Do you not purchase things with cards?" She asked.

"We do. But I'm not comfortable with the how and why of YOUR card." He answered, "Until I get an explanation on how EXACTLY it works. I can't let you buy anything with it." He told her.

"But what about the indestructible cellphone?!" She asked in a panic as she'd become genuinely invested in it after his story about the man and the ocean.

"That can wait." He answered as he looked back at her, "Right now, I'd feel a lot better if you took me to your ship so Gary can explain it to me." He requested.

"Geryuganshoop." She corrected.

"Yeah, him." He replied before he headed for the exit. Lady Boros, as expected, following behind.

Back In City J...

Bearded Worker joined the association to make a difference. It wasn't just a job that had good benefits and pay for him; he wanted to do his part to make the world safer. However, because he wasn't a hero who could fight monsters and villains, that meant he needed to work behind the scenes in a more logistical position. Now, Bearded Worker was happy with his career, a few frustrations here and there, but ultimately he felt he was accomplishing his desire of making the world a better place for everyone.

So, how? How did he find himself standing on a beach, his arms folded over his chest, with two monster women sitting on their knees in front of them as if he were their father and they were his disobedient children? Oh, and as for what Mumen Rider was doing during all of this, he was off to the side with Seeker, who'd taken a quick liking to the bicycle hero.

"..." Bearded Worker remained silent. His eyes were closed. And the only thing besides his steady heavy breathing that could be heard was the sound of the ocean waves.

"...Sir?..." The Subterranean Queen spoke, hoping he'd respond.

"..." He didn't.

"...You're...not going to tell Saitama about this...right?..." Deep-Sea Queen asked.

"..." Still, no response.

"...I feel so ashamed..." The Subterranean Queen whispered to her fellow royal.

"Right? I mean, we're queens, for crying out loud! And yet...I can't help but be frightened by what's going to happen when he starts talking..." Deep-Sea Queen whispered back.

"...Alright." Bearded Worker suddenly spoke, making both of them jump slightly, "So, I've figured out what we're going to do." He began as he opened his eyes, a stern gaze piercing through both women, "And when I say we. I mean, WE. You two are going to do PRECISELY what I say. Is that understood?" He asked.

For a second, both women simply stared at him, too stunned and intimidated by his commanding presence.

"AHEM." He sounded, expecting an answer.

"Y-YES, SIR!" They quickly exclaimed in unison, a shiver of fear being sent up their spines when he did that.

"Good." He said before continuing, "First, the Subterranean Queen is going to return to City Z, WITH her lizard, and fix the sinkhole she created." He started.

"Um, sir?" She hesitantly spoke up again while raising her hand, "What about the building that was there? I'm afraid it was destroyed during the creation of...well...the hole." She asked.

"Don't worry about it. Nearly every building in that district's been forgotten by the people or person that owned them." He answered, "Getting back on track. Deep-Sea Queen." He addressed as he moved his focus to her.

"Yes?" She responded in the meekest tone she'd ever used in her life.

"On a scale of one to ten, how much of a problem is the Sky Queen going to be?" He asked, "I believe everything you told me. And even with your rather passionate description of her character, I don't doubt what you said about her personality isn't true. But how likely is it that she may confront Lady Boros, which very well could incite an intergalactic war?" He inquired.

"Hmm...I'd say...a three. Possibly a four." She said, "Keep in mind, I say that because the horny hen is SUPER confident. Like, WAY more than me, and THAT is saying something. You could tell just from the flap of her feathers that she believes that she and Saitama will end up together with all her heart. However, IF his and Boros's relationship progresses beyond hanging out and light stuff such as holding hands or something. Then that number will start to rise. But, we probably have until the likelihood reaches a seven or eight before Sky Queen tries some shit." She explained.

"Good. We have time then." He replied, breathing another sigh, only this time out of relief.

"Does...that mean we're not in trouble?" She asked hopefully.

"Hm? Oh. Oh no. You two are BEYOND in trouble." He answered, much to her and the Subterranean Queen's dismay, "Like, you are INCREDIBLY lucky that Saitama's district is abandoned. And that the people of City J have grown so accustomed to having friendly monsters around so quickly. If neither of those things were the way they are, we'd be completely screwed. As in, everything would be on fire, and I'd be on the verge of a nervous breakdown right about now." He told them.

"I...am so sorry..." The Subterranean Queen apologized as she bowed her head, "I truly didn't mean to be a burden on anyone. I only wanted to establish a healthy relationship between our two species. I am deeply regretful that my actions have inconvenienced you." She said.

"Uh, yeah. Me too!" Deep-Sea Queen joined in, not wanting her to receive all the forgiveness.

Looking at both the queen of the seas and the queen of the underground, Bearded Worker...smiled? It was a small smile, but it was as clear as the blue waters that gently pushed against the sands behind them.

"You know what? It's okay." He said as he finally let his arms fall to his sides, "Honestly, I'm just a bit exhausted from how exciting things have been getting lately. But...when I think about it...nothing bad has happened. We've come close to some potential disasters during all of this craziness. But no civilians have been killed; property damage has been isolated to an abandoned city district and a large hole in a beach, and so far, no other heroes have caught wind of you two." He went on, now moving his hands to his pockets, "However, we DO need to be careful from now on. No fighting, hole digging, crater creating, nothing. You two need to keep as low of a profile as possible." He instructed.

"Does...that mean we can't see Saitama for a while?" The Subterranean Queen asked, a noticeable tone of concern present in her voice.

"No. That wouldn't be fair to either of you." He answered, which made her smile, "But seriously, please mind your surroundings and your actions. I promise it won't be long until we have everything ready, and then you'll be able to move freely without any worries. So, can you please be patient?" He requested.

"Ha! Don't worry!" Deep-Sea Queen proudly exclaimed as she hit her chest with her right hand, "The people of this city adore me! And I adore them! And sub can discreetly make her way up from below to see Saitama without drawing a crowd! We've got this!" She assured.

"Heh, good." He replied, "Well, I think that about covers it. I need to get back to my partner and see how our solution to ONE of our problems is coming along." He informed.

"Then I shall head for my home." The Subterranean Queen decided as she stood up from the sand, "And I promise no one will see me. Nor Seeker." She added.

"Thank you." He responded before looking at her partner in crime, "What about you?" He asked.

"I will fill in the hole." Deep-Sea Queen answered, "And then I will return to the ocean for now. But I do intend to keep in contact with Boros. We ARE gal pals, after all." She told him.

"That's fine. You can easily visit her while avoiding detection due to where her ship is." He said.

And with that, the unexpected introductions between Bearded Worker and the Subterranean Queen, as well as their meeting, was now over. The aforementioned queen beckoned for her reptile companion to follow her, which he did after giving Mumen Rider an affectionate nuzzle to say goodbye. After also getting to her feet, Deep-Sea Queen walked away and into the ocean, deciding that it'd be easier to get a bunch of sand from there to fill the crater rather than moving around what was on the beach. That left Mumen Rider to be the last one in Bearded Worker's company, and once the queens were gone, he too felt as though he needed to apologize.

"Sir, I'm sorry." He began as he got to his feet and dusted himself off, "It all happened so fast. I didn't know what to do before things got out of hand." He explained.

"It's fine. Honestly, I don't think anyone, including Saitama, would've known what to do in that situation." Bearded Worker responded, "But before I go, there's something I'd like you to do. But only if you're okay with it." He said.

"Oh? What is it?" Mumen Rider asked.

"Could you keep an eye on the queens for me? And I don't mean spy on them or follow their every move. But if you happen to come across them on patrol or you've got nothing better to do, just make sure something like this doesn't go unnoticed by anyone who IS in the know." He requested.

"Is...it wrong to admit that I was sort of doing that already?" Mumen Rider replied.

"Didn't trust the Deep-Sea Queen?" He inquired.

"No...well...kinda..." Mumen Rider said as he rubbed the back of his head, "It's more like...the idea of a good monster always seemed...impossible. I didn't want to be naive and trust that it was real and not some kind of act." He explained.

"Hey. There's nothing wrong with that. Anyone would've had the same doubts." Bearded Worker assured, "But after spending some time with her and the Subterranean Queen, what're your thoughts now?" He asked.

"That...they're honest." Mumen Rider answered, "The way they talk to each other, to me, and to everyone else we ran into today. If it weren't for their height and that they're not human, you wouldn't be able to tell them apart from any other person." He said.

"Yeah. That's the conclusion I've been coming to as well." Bearded Worker confessed, "But that's why I'd like you to stay vigilant. I trust both of them and their promises to stay out of trouble. However, that doesn't mean some hotshot looking to climb the Hero Rankings won't try and start a fight. So, can I count on you to diffuse any situations that may occur before we can make things easier for them and the other queens?" He asked again, still needing an answer.

"Yes, sir. You can count on me." Mumen Rider answered with a nod.

"Great. Thank you." He said, now finally heading back to his car, "Take the day off; you've earned it." He added with a wave of his hand as he left.

"Sure thing!" Mumen Rider responded, "And you take care as well!" He exclaimed.

Waiting until Bearded Worker was inside his vehicle and drove away before he did anything himself. Once he was out of sight, Mumen Rider began walking up the beach to where he and the queens first arrived since that's where he parked his bike.