It's 8 pm and I'm exactly 15 minutes late for my last lecture of the day. I sprint through the campus, dodging bikes, dogs and the occasional jaded ex-girlfriend. It's the last day of class before spring break and I've been so absorbed in my midterms I've kind of been a mess. Sometimes I get so lost in my thoughts I just forg— thud. Suddenly I find myself on the ground in pain. In front of me falls a slender framed olive-toned girl, with perfect brown curls falling directly over her face, she moves her hair away from her face and I see her stunning green albeit furious eyes, and notice she's covered in pieces of what appear to be someone's red velvet birthday cake, a cup of coffee and a ruined piece of paper filled front to back with what look like important handwritten notes. Still a bit dazed I try to apologize and instead somehow manage to squeak out, "Happy Birthday?"

She storms off enraged and I just kinda sit there, the taste of guilt and icing filling my mouth. I decide to forget class and just go back to my dorm to sleep.

I wake up in the middle of the night feeling… different. I feel lighter, and the room surrounding me looks off, everything seems to be moving slower and slower the more I notice it, the lights hung up around my room flicker and pulsate as if being watched from a slow-motion camera and I can see an aura of heat coming off of me. I somehow instinctively know I'm seeing infrared waves flowing out from my body. I feel like I'm going to vomit and desperately want it to just stop. So it does, everything begins moving at a normal pace again and I blackout. I open my eyes and see myself and the girl from earlier floating in a golden pool of light. We turn our heads to each other confused, until she sneers and blinks out from my view, I am still floating, soaking in the golden light until I hear a familiar, yet completely foreign female voice warn me, "Beware young one, you and your twin have discovered one another, and now things will only become more dangerous,"

I want to yell, to exclaim that none of that makes any sense and that I have no idea what she is talking about, but my mouth does not obey me. Instead, she speaks again, "All your questions will be answered in time, but for now do not use your gifts to enhance yourself any further, your twin only grows stronger as well,"

What the hell does any of that mean!? Again, nothing escapes my lips. "Goodbye my child, we will meet again." She whispers as everything around me fades to black.

I jolt awake, completely on edge and bewildered from that inexplicable fever dream. I try to remember if what happened before was also a dream but I'm not truly sure of anything. I so desperately want to understand what's going on, to process the million thoughts and possibilities flying through my head too fast for me to make sense of them, until they're not. Just like before, everything around me becomes slow again and all my thoughts become clear. At first I begin to freak out and feel scared, but something tells me to remain calm, so I take a deep breath. Unlike the last time, everything's speed has finally evened out and isn't continuously growing slower. I start to allow myself to think, truthfully almost all of this makes no sense, but I've read enough comic books to hypothesize what might be going on. I saw the girl in my dream, until she disappeared. The voice referred to us as twins, and warned me against using my abilities to further enhance myself, which I guess is why I didn't get any faster than the last time. It still didn't make any sense to me though, until she burst through my door at a normal speed…