I never thought that this moment would come, but it finally has. I was about to get promoted from a Colonel to a Brigadier General in the Continental Army! This is probably the biggest moment of my life so far.

I'm sorry let me start over, my name is Anthony Wayne. General Washington told me that for my first command as a general was to attack Stony Point on July 15, 1779. Daniel Morgan came to visit me in my tent after getting promoted.

"Congratulations General! How's it feel to be a general?" He said happily. Daniel Morgan was my friend and he was going with me as long as Lt. Colonel DeFlurey.

"I sure am glad to see that you're happy about my promotion. I'm not so sure that Arnold feels the same." I started to move to my desk to look at my maps of Stony Point. "I know I shouldn't worry about Arnold, but my real concern is how am I going to handle the Light Core Infantry? They are the most elite infantry group in this part of the colonies!" I was starting to get frustrated. Less than a day ago I was only a Colonel.

"I might be able to help you." came a friendly and familiar voice.

"DeFluery! What a relief!" DeFlury had experience leading the Light Corpe Infantry. "You must help me learn how to lead the LCI!" I said practically shaking him. DeFluery, who was very fond of me, had already told me that he would help out. I guess that I was just "over-worried."

"Don't worry, I can talk to them for you first if you'd like. Now you need to get some rest, we leave tonight." Morgan and DeFluery left but I still couldn't get any rest. I just have a feeling that this was not going to be easy.