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Chapter 16 Paging Doctor Belikov, July, Patient Unknown


Moment of peace, some operations should not be done in a basic operation room. Unless your name is Dimitri Belikov apparently. Some of the staff look at him like he is some kind of God. Especially those petite nurses ogling him. They want me to "accidentally" spill food on them. Or throw up on their shoes while they bat their eyelashes at him. Using a high pitchy voice 'Oh doctor what a delight to have you here with us' ugh who says that. 'Just here to change the iv fluids. Not that I have to tell you' followed by an obnoxious giggle. Sashaying their hips like they are on a freaking catwalk. Ugh, please someone give me a bucket, can they be more obvious. Seriously, can't they come up with a better line jeez. One had the nerve to call me his sister! Spotting the blond-haired bimbo coming this way I signal to Christian who standing in the hallway. 'Not really trusting me he keeps his distances. Like I can knee him in the balls like this. Also, I would never! Smiling at my own thoughts he covers his nether regions. Narrowing his eyes at me I am tempted to pretend I am about to do something. Unfortunately, this won't get me what I want. 'Quick give me a lighter Sparky!' he just stares at me like I am crazy. 'Oh for god's sake, damn no time to find something else. 'Thanks, great help!' snorting I fold my arms under my breast resorting to glaring at the bitch instead.

Not seeing the person she is looking for her smile drops. I KNEW IT! Sighing a few times she plops down on a chair beside my bed. Her name badge says PANDORA. Shouldn't she be shoved into a box? Or is she one of the evil entities that came out of it? 'Listen you little frump I want to impress your brother. In return, I will make sure you have a nice happy meal tonight for dinner.' Petting my leg I am about to sucker punch that bitch.

'Well, nurse Kingston first of all she is certainly not my sister. MY Roza also doesn't need to impress me. Her beauty has captured me from the moment I met her.' I actually bumped into him then insulted him calling him all kinds of things. He just stared at me pointing at the sign where I parked my car. Embarrassed I saw it was a parking spot for disabled people so I pretended to limp. Not my proudest moment, I do apologize. Later on that night I saw him again in the gym. To make matters worse, he was on the treadmill right next to me. Arching one eyebrow was all it took to prove his point. Furious at him I yelled some more babbling how I just needed to pick up a package. In the end, he was right of course I shouldn't have done it. The fact he caught me made me want to defend myself. My stubborn ass, however, got in the way not wanting to admit defeat.

Turning up the music in my ears I did my best to tune him out. A 6 foot 7 giant whose footsteps were lighter than mine. That really added more to the list of why I thought he was some Russian Warlord. Heck, I am pretty sure I even called him that. So each time he was there I tried to run faster than him. Panting like a woman that was about to have a baby I pushed myself harder than ever. Eventually, I had a weird impulse wanting to scare the shit out of him. The thought came to me sounding brilliant inside my head. At that moment at least. No doubt in my mind it would mess with him so much he wouldn't outrun me that day. His heart would pound so hard he needed a very long time for it to go back to normal. Also, large dogs are usually more frightened of small dogs. Using this silly theory I formed my evil plan. Waiting for him outside of the locker room feeling giddy I waited for my prey. The second I heard him I jumped with a loud battle cry hoping to confuse him. Clinging on to him like a monkey I yelped. Throwing me on my back the rolls were now reversed. Pupils dilated neither of us made an effort to move. Our first kiss was primal, two animals ravishing each other.

Fanning my face the memory still makes me blush. Grinning like a fool I miss the rest of the conversation happing beside me. I am pleased when nurse bimbo's face is bright red. Leaving with so much haste I doubt she be back the next rounds of check-ups. 'Good riddance' huffing in victory I stick out my tongue for good measure. 'Tisk tisk Milaya have you learned nothing.' Turning to him I pout fluttering with my lashes the same way she did. 'To be the better person Comrade? Or that it feels good to gloat that I have the eye candy they want. Your big pencil will never be theirs, all mine! Muahahaha!' As much as he tries to keep a neutral expression on his face he fails. Almost missed it but the corners of his mouth are twitching. Gotcha! No one is immune to Rose Hathaway's humor not even mister Stoic 2020. Every year he will surely win this award. Sponge bath by yours truly.. Yeah, that sounds good to me!

Would love to have a calendar with every month a different picture. For my eyes only of course, duh! Licking my lips I imagine him wearing a fireman outfit. Just the pants though with the suspenders. Helmet on or off doesn't really matter. Mama like! Next month cowboy Dimitri wearing tight jeans. His ass would look AmaZing in those. One foot standing on a hay bail. Again shirtless, this time with a cowboy hat on. Chest glistening with sweat from the sun. 'Is she drooling?' ignoring the voices I see him throw a bottle of water over his face. Shaking his head making his hair come out of his ponytail holder one lock at the time. Drops of water are slowly making their way down his chest. 'Are you dreaming of me Little Rebel?'

Mortified I groan, damn my libido is seriously getting me in trouble. 'I so need to get laid!' slapping my hand on my mouth I curse my verbal diarrhea. 'Very flattered beautiful although the Russian Warlord won't approve.' Punching him hard he looks in shock I actually managed to hit him. 'Restrain your woman doctor Belikov.' Rolling my eyes at his comment I do my best to look innocent. Dimitri just shakes his head 'That's what you get for opening your mouth Ivashkov.' Everyone burst into laughter as Adrian dramatically puts a hand on his chest. Then pretends to be hurt by Dimitri's reaction.

After a few minutes, things get more serious again much to my dismay. I can sense it as everyone takes a step back when my Comrade sits next to me. Holding my hand he is caressing it with his thumb. Not looking me in the eye I know instantly I won't like this conversation. 'We just spoke to the doctor .. results show that even though you could technically live with one kidney. The one still functioning is too weak to remove all the waste from your body.' Wincing I realize it partly my fault. All the neglect has caused this to happen. While I promised myself not to dwell on the past it still stings. 'So I have to wait for a donor?' my voice sounds more vulnerable. Afraid of the answer dreading that I won't like it one bit. All of it takes time, a week or even could be months if not years. Shaking his head no I gulp 'I said we cause some of us have volunteered to be tested if we are compatible.' Tears are threatening to spill seeing them stand there, for me... A girl who had given up.. 'What?' Surely not… 'All of us don't want to lose you, Rose.' Mase, Mia, Lissa, Victoria, Sydney all nod in agreement. Except mister Ozera 'I was forced though!' he is right away punished by his fiancée 'HUSH!' take that Christian, hah! Sticking out my tongue he flips me off.

'Would gladly offer you mine little Rebel although I think they are too attached to me.' Oh, poor Adrian he looks actually devastated he can't help me. Overwhelmed I start to babble how others might deserve it more. Soon followed by how much I love them. Screw it, if I am going to embarrass myself I rather do it now. At the moment my brain is like an internet browser. 19 pages are opened while 3 are stuck and I have no idea where the music is coming from. One of those sad songs that make you emotional every time you hear them. To overwhelmed I just blurt out random things. 'When I was 6 years old I ate some grass from our garden. That night we watched Charlie and Chocolate factory. Convinced it looked the same as in the movie I got excited. Only to be really disappointed when it didn't taste anything like candy. Instead of accepting it, I demanded that Alberta planted the seeds they used. After telling me it didn't exist I wrote a letter to Santa Claus.' Smiling I am thinking back at how a younger version of me was stubborn as hell. Ok, ok not much has changed, see not denying it. I will never admit it or say it out loud, you can't make me! Sighing all my problems from back then seem so small compared to once I have to deal with now. 'She wouldn't talk to me for weeks. Eventually, she forgot about it when we watched Toy Story. Naming all her toys she hoped one night they would come to life. ' Laughter's fills the room as Alberta shares more childhood stories.

Ones that didn't include my parents. Swallowing a few times I realize that visiting their graves should have been my priority. Large hand brushes a lock of hair behind my ear. Others are still eagerly listing to all my adventures. Not him, his attention is on me like he senses what is on my mind. 'Soon Roza, they are here even if you can't see them. Protecting you in a way only a parent can. First, something that is even more important. We all noticed it so together we will make sure that you will never feel unwanted again. Partly it is my fault which I regret more than ever. It is time to rectify that Roza. To do that all of us have written something down for you to remind you how you changed our lives.' Biting on my lip the need to escape is strong. Words, I suck with them, no other way of saying it. Beat somebody up cause they hurt your friend, sure. Kick Jesse in the nuts for touching my boob. Gladly do it all over again without hesitation. Hearing your friends tell you how they feel? There was a reason I tried to find a way to say goodbye. Put distance between us so they wouldn't miss me. 'Believe it or not your friends have tracked me down writing me letters. Telling me what an idiot I was.' Several snorts make him wince. No doubt in my Lissa or Mia said far more threatening things. Chopping off balls or another important body part. Nervous chuckle escapes my lips. Is it too late to have fake explosive diarrhea? No one wants to be in the same room if that happens, right?

Shutting my eyes I tremble. Walls I build up these past months to justify my decision are about to crumble. Those emotional words won't lightly tap at it, no. They will punch holes in it reminding me what I leave behind. Well, if I won't wake up from the surgery. It will haunt me in the afterlife like an echo from the past. Knowing they will be grieving for me so much more than I let myself believe. That happening scares me the most believe it or not. Now I will see the emotions on their faces. Eyes penetrating me while seeing the sadness in them. Words now will be three times more effective. Losing my parents still affects me after all these years. Imagining them all having to deal with that. A hollow inside you can't seem to fill up.. Gulping I swallow back a sob. Well, that makes me want to fight that much harder..

Another doctor enters the room interrupting 'Doctor Belikov, You asked me to keep you updated on the patient' licking his fingers he lift up a page of the chart he is holding. Tapping it he found what he was looking for 'Celeste Volkova. For now, she is stable, the swelling in her brains is still a concern.' My mouth becomes dry, Wait? What?... Just when things are starting to calm down it all goes to shit again. FML!

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