Title: Petunia Evans and the Foundation of the Wizarding World

Rating: T

Summary: No one knows how wizards and witches got their magic and most have given up trying to figure it out. This is the story of Petunia Evans suddenly falling into magic and how one moment unlocks the foundation of the Wizarding world.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Rowling's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 1: The Dog

No one knows how magic came into being. Some say that it was the gods that gave mortals magic, some say it was fate, some say it was chance. No one knew, but by time Lord Voldemort came around most pureblood's believed that those that came from non-magical families didn't deserve the magic that they had. In-fact some believed that muggleborns stole magic from Purebloods and claimed it as their own.

The answer would come from the least likely person. A muggle that had a muggleborn witch for a sister. A muggle that hated everything to do with magic due to not being allowed to attend Hogwarts. And that answer would shake everything to its core, challenge Voldemort's words that Purebloods were above all, and unlock untold knowledge. The muggle in question was name Petunia Evans.

Petunia Evans had been born two years ahead of her sister. Unlike her sister she had no abilities other than her jealousy and her hate for anything that wasn't normal. When Petunia was thirteen her sister left for Hogwarts and she headed for a regular school in Cokesworth. She was determined to make something of herself and prove to her parents, who just loved Lily so much, that she was worth them noticing. She would go to the library and study there and then head home.

A month after her sister left she was walking home when she heard something that made her stomach drop and her heart stop. She turned around to find herself staring at a creature the glowed in the moonlight. It was pure silver, with glowing eyes of blue, and teeth that was dripping with saliva. Petunia dropped her books and ran for it, hoping to get somewhere before she was mauled to death. This would later cause her to be scared of dogs.

She was mowed down and her screams filled the silent night, but no one came to her aid. And then the thing bit her and she felt a blinding pain and then she passed out. Petunia had no idea how long she had been out but when she came to she was in the hospital. A woman came in to check on her and smiled when she saw that Petunia was awake.

"Miss Doe."

"Petunia Evans," she managed to say.

"Well glad we know your name," she said. "You came in with a horrible dog bite and thankfully it didn't bite anything major. Is there someone that we can call?"

She gave her parents number to the nurse, who left.

An hour later her parents came running into the room, her mother looking horrified that Petunia was in the hospital. Soon the doctor came in, telling her about what had happened.

"A dog bite," her father said.

"I'm afraid so," he told him, "thankfully we didn't detect any rabies in her bloodstream, to that we can be thankful for, but she's going to have to rest and I'm having her stay away from school for two weeks. She needs to fully recover from what happened."

"We'll make sure of it," her father promised.

The doctor nodded and then left.

A couple of days later Petunia was allowed out. The nurses treated her well and she enjoyed the food that was delivered. When she got home her mother led her up the stairs to her own room. Helping her get ready for bed she told Petunia that she would let Lily know what happened when Lily wrote home. A tiny bit of glass cracked.

Staying at home proved to drive Petunia crazy. Yes, she liked the break but she wanted to be back among her friends. They visited her, to make sure that she was alright, and her mother came up to give her food. Other than that she had to stay in her bed unless she needed to go to the bathroom. Her mother came in a week after Petunia got back, holding a letter.

"Lily is coming home this Christmas," she told Petunia.

"Great," she snarled and a figurine fell on the floor.

"How did that happen?"

"Probably from Lily's letter," Petunia said. "I don't want her home."

"She's your sister."

"She's a damn freak," Petunia snarled and another figurine fell on the floor and then a third flew off the table and crash against the wall.

"Petunia, what-."

Petunia stared at the figurine that had hit the wall and broke. It had been the one that Lily had given her when they were still sisters. Petunia started to cry and then the figurine pieces fused together and were whole.

"What the devil is going on here?" her mother asked.

"I don't know," Petunia said.

Over the next couple of day's strange things would happen when Petunia was upset or angry. They were worst when she was confused. Thankfully school was coming back around and Petunia could focus on that. She kept on telling herself that it must be from Lily's school, since the paper had been around all that magic, but even after her mother had burned the letter the strange things continued to happen. Of course she had to keep it to herself. When Lily had been introduced to the Wizarding world they had all made vows to never tell anyone, unless they were marrying someone, about the Wizarding world.

She had to hold it all inside of her. During History the teacher, Mr. Spring, screamed as all his hair fell out. The other students thought it was funny but Petunia had a feeling that she had done it. Her friends were still talking about it.

"Did you see his face?" Violet Beam said, snickering. "I mean; all his hair was just gone."

"Maybe he had an allergic reaction or something."

"Or something," Violet said, making Petunia's blood go cold.

When she got home she told her mother about it. Her mother gave her a worried look and Petunia sat down to keep her mother from seeing an even more worried look on her face. The next day, instead of going to school, she decided to go and visit the Snape's. She found Mrs. Snape doing some work and looking as though she had been beaten by someone.

"Yes," she said.

"I know that you have a son name Severus," Petunia told her. "I'm Petunia Evans, Lily's sister."

"My son has mentioned you," she said.

"I'm here because something happened to me," she said. "I'm making things happen. I know it's me. I thought was the letter from Lily but even with it burned things are happening. I need help, please help me."

The windows in a car blew out, making Petunia scream in shock and pain.

"Let's get you inside," Mrs. Snape said and she dragged Petunia into the house.


A/N: This idea came to me as I was setting around, thinking. What if there was a true beginning to the Wizarding world and what if Petunia was the answer to it's foundation.