Title: Petunia Evans and the Foundation of the Wizarding World

Rating: T

Summary: No one knows how wizards and witches got their magic and most have given up trying to figure it out. This is the story of Petunia Evans suddenly falling into magic and how one moment unlocks the foundation of the Wizarding world.

Disclaimer: I don't own any of Rowling's characters and I'm making nothing from this.

Chapter 5: More Victims

Petunia knew that her sister cared more about magic then she did her. The weather was starting to get cold and Petunia knew that Christmas was coming. Her magic had slowly started to calm down and she had been given a small 'teaching' wand to see if her newly formed core could handle the use of a wand.

"You have a visitor," the nurse told her and Petunia wondered who it was.

It turned out to be her sister.

"What do you want?" Petunia demanded and the vase next to her shattered.

"Don't think that I want to be here," Lily said. "So got yourself some disease caused by us freak people?"

"Miss Evans, that's enough," the nurse said.

"Get her out of here before I blow her up," Petunia demanded and then the alarms went off.

"What in the-."

"Nurse, we have three children coming in," another nurse told her. "Magical bites."

"Blood status?"

"Their muggles," she said and they were led in.

"What, in the world, is going on here?" Petunia's nurse asked.

Lily was forced out while the healers and nurses worked on the new cases. Petunia knew that Lily would use this as an excuse to claim that she had visited her sister and then leave. Fields came up as children were causing things to float or smash. Even though she had a small amount of control over what she could do it was still scary to see others doing the same thing.

The next day Petunia was told that she had another visitor. This time it wasn't Lily, but a much older man. He looked at the children that had come in and then at Petunia.

"My name is Octavius Prince," the man said. "I'm Eileen's father."

Petunia said nothing.

"I've been doing research for the last twenties years on the Wizarding world and how we came to be. Of course I haven't had anyone to help me with it as most have given up trying to understand how we gained magic and how it's been passed down to our children. When Eileen told me that you, as a muggle, was given magic through a bite then I had to come."

"So I'm a subject for your research," Petunia said.

"Correct," he answered. "And then I find out that there are possibly more."

"They didn't deserve to be bitten," Petunia told him.

"Which I will agree," he said, "But, we can't change things that can't be changed."


"So this thing is the so called 'source' of all magic," Tiberius Nott said. "Do you think that we, as Pureblood's, believe this nonsense."

"You might not believe it, but we have four children with magical bites that suddenly have magic."

"And don't you think that they might have stolen it."

"Their cells are saturated with magic," Mary told him, "The bite is magical in nature and gives off a magical signature. There's no way that they could of 'stolen' it, like your claiming."

"Well then modify their memories and put a clamp on it."

"We can't get near the three children as their magic is still integrating into their bodies."

Nott gave Mary a look and said, "And do I look like I care."


Petunia got three more visits from her parents after the other children were admitted. Petunia was glad that her mum could touch her and they spent time telling each other what they had seen. Petunia wasn't surprised that she no longer had a place in school.

"They said that you've missed way too many days," she said.

"I wonder if they treat cancer patients like this."

"Probably does," her father said. "Did Lily visit?"

"She wants nothing to do with me," Petunia told him.

Her father went red and said, "I'll have a long talk with that sister of yours."

Word of the four attacks was reported in a paper called the Daily Prophet. Petunia started to read it so that she could better understand her sister's world. She had just put it down when something started to not feel right. She couldn't understand how she could sense it, but she could. And then she heard the screams and Petunia got up, grabbing her 'training' wand as she did.

Opening the door, she walked out, knowing that she wasn't supposed to leave the room. There was dead silence and that scared her. Fear flooded her body and her magic threatened to explode out of her. Remembering what she had been taught she breathed in and out, calming her body down. And then stumbled over a body, her wand a couple of inches from her body. It was her nurse, her eyes not moving.

"Annie," Petunia cried out, tears welling up. "What-?"

"WE CAN'T FIND THE WARD," a voice yelled.


"YOU STUPID FOOLS, I WILL FIND THEM MYSELF," came a cold voice and Petunia grabbed Annie's wand and ran for it.

Petunia didn't see anyone, but she heard moaning. There were a couple masked wizards that were doing the moaning, but no one else. She figured that the people that had done it were probably hiding. She had just passed a ward for insane people when a figure came from the other side of the corridor. The figure wore black robes, a white wand in his hand.

His face made Petunia's blood run cold. It looked like a deformed human, it's red eyes shining in the dark. Everything in Petunia's body demanded her to bolt, but she stayed there.

"Name," he demanded.

"I'm not giving it to you," she snarled, pointing the wand at him.

He grinned at her and said, "Well then, my name is Lord Voldemort. And I can tell that you don't work here. In-fact I believe that you're a patient here. And don't lie to me, Lord Voldemort always knows."

Petunia laughed at him and said, "Lord? You don't look much like a Lord and I've met one."

Her laugher made Voldemort's face screw up in anger and he shot something green at her, which she dodged and caused a chair to melt.


He shot the green stuff at her again and she dived into the next corridor.

"God, what's going on here?"

"Use your wand, unless you can't."

Petunia didn't know any spells, didn't know how to defend herself. The wand was warm in her hand but nothing came to her…nothing. She was only learning to control her new powers. She was going to die in this corridor and her parents would lose their daughter. Something deep inside her welled up. No, she wasn't going to die by this freak's hand. She was going to fight, even if she couldn't with magic.

And then he appeared and Petunia got to her feet, the wand pointed at him. The moment that she did something strange happened, as though something deep inside of her was telling her that she wasn't alone. Behind this monster she saw the animal that bit her. The thing nodded to her and then she unleashed hell.

The thing, who called himself Lord Voldemort, wasn't ready for the rush of fire that came at him. Petunia saw him do something but he was blasted off his feet and against the wall. Rage, rage at the fact that Annie was killed, went through her. Tables went through the fire and hit him and Petunia heard him screaming in pain and she could sense the fear going through him.

"YOU KILLED ANNIE," Petunia bellowed. "SHE WAS MY FRIEND!"

Lightning came through as well and all around her things shattered, sending waves of glass through the air. Petunia had no clue how she was doing this, but she was. It was as though her instincts knew exactly what to do. The monster tried to raise his wand but then a large chunk of glass went through it and cut it off, the wand falling to the floor. And then something else happened and he was gone.

Petunia passed out.

When she came to she was back in her bed her body feeling as though she had been hit by a truck. She looked around and found that she wasn't exactly in her room, but in a different room. Though, it still had her bed in it.

"Glad to see that your still with us," the man told her.

"Is Annie-?"

He sighed and said, "I'm sorry, Miss Evans, but she's gone."

Petunia burst into tears.


A/N: I hope that you enjoyed the chapter. Petunia is wicked powerful, which will be explained in the next chapter.