It's a different feeling looking out the screen of the T.V. watching the morning news channel, knowing a bit of everything the news anchors were going to mention live regarding villain incidents, she hated watching news knowing the gritty details on Villan attacks. Knowing the slip-ups and misconstrued information that was being fed to the public, either being the dealings of a dirty cop or just plain confusion. She could pinpoint familiar villain attacks from their style and meticulous look or lack thereof in a crime scene.

It was a bit of annoyance that her brain would automatically name the villain in question before police had even thought of suspect to put in question.

Indica pulled a strained sigh from her full pouty lips as she tied her yellow converses shoes. All of this just to listen to what the weather was going to be for today.

Through the little girl lived in California where the weather is almost constantly warm and sunny there was no need to look at weather report of her morning routine. So essentially she didn't need to turn on the news, forcing herself to watch the news on Villians of L.A. It would stop the heartache and ever-growing guilt that had been inside of her, knowing that somehow she could have prevented such events from ever happening, allowing people to live normally and safely, right?


Indica mentally answers, she could hear the whispers of her father telling her otherwise. He insists that is good training, being aware of media outlets of any kind and learning how audiences react and adapt.

The lesson overall teaching the ten-year-old how to manipulate and control how information is perceived to her advantage.

So far she understands how media could build a person's character, overall public influence, and also how it could easily destroy them in a single article. Her father often appraises her moral outlook, on how mature of a villain she'll turn out to be.

Daddy's pride and Joy right?

Indica rolled her eyes, a simple disgruntled,'tch' leaving her lips.

She wished her father wasn't so determined to make her his successor, he talked about her surpassing him so much it was almost hard to differentiate love for his daughter over the love of his precious 'title'.

She shrunk into a small shell of herself when she thought of what that meant, what her father was forcing and preparing for her to be.

Despite how much her father conveniently tried to twist his own sick morals into her own, shoveling down her throat until she breathed the way he did, she wasn't going to budge. Begrundly she was going to play the act of a douting daughter so she could survive the madness her father called normalcy.

She wasn't stupid, her father thought of her of a tool, a tool to manipulate to fit his overall goals and wants.

Was that how fathers felt about their daughter's?

Indica turned the T.V. off once the weather report was over, her bright amber eyes switch over to the clock.

It was still too early before her first class to start, there was still time to kill.

This spare time will be as good as ever to finish the note.

The young girl walked over to the fridge to grab a quick protein shake her new chaperone/guard had recently bought for her. Her neutral expression turns into small fond one when she sees that the brand had been changed upon requesting that recent drink was making her sick.

A soft hum leaves her lips, her guards from the past were usually standoffish and cold, which she didn't mind Indica wasn't the talkative type and preferred to keep to herself but it was often difficult to voice her discomfort regarding anything, they would only acknowledging her father. Indica was just a small speck with needs in the eyes of the others, her father was respected highly among the underworld of evil. Not many were all to keen on the idea of him handing it down to his daughter, one with little experience. Once her father caught on to their more than despicable behavior towards Indica he was quick to 'nip it in the bud'.

Rude Basterds

Her new guard was alike the others slightly standoffish but kind enough to acknowledge her presence and fall into conversation. Even though it was small talk, Indica found it welcoming and warm.

Almost how a father should feel like Indica's frown returns at the thought, she honestly didn't know what she felt for the man, she knew what she wanted to feel. In a logical front her hope of what an ideal parent was far from realistic in the type of lifestyle she was currently in.

Indica saw a pair, a father and Daughter, once at the park smiling down at each other with genuine fondness and love. The little girls hand grasping onto her fathers larger fingers cause she blindly trusted her father to protect her and love her.

She tried doing that with her father, god was that the nail in the coffin. Indica had been holding his hand while the two them were walking, it was something she never did unless she was asked directly by her father. That particular morning he decided to walk his daughter to her first class of 'training', he was surprised but none the less ecstatic that his baby girl wanted to hold daddy's hand, she gave her father a shy smile and sent the man into happy overdrive a really nice big smile breaking out to his usual stoic mask. It's a really utter shame because her father's smile is really beautiful, like whenever he did smile happiness just belonged to him. His aura made the world around him calm as nothing could utterly go wrong, it completely misread his character. There were no real words spoken between them just soft smile and warm touches of the heart, she felt loved and safe enough to forget the world around her, the grip on his hand tightened.

Her father caught her gaze upon the ice parlor that she always passed on her way to class, he bought her ice cream cone and one for himself. They were making good time so they could splurge without worry. He told her to find a seat for the two of them while he paid for cold treats.

The whole ordeal was one of the most peaceful moments that they've had in a long time between father and Daughter, that was until it went to shit.

That so sweet of a moment was broken when an older couple called the girl out when she took a seat close to the store next to the ice cream parlor.

Another thing that commonly misread about her father was, on the first look you wouldn't think that Indica was his child.

Indica had rich hazelnut brown skin, she was black, well technically mixed, her father was Japanese. A first glance seeing a fair skin Japanese man holding hands with Indica's darker complexed hand would confuse people, if strangers wouldn't be so quick to judge they would see that she shared her fathers traits such as his freckles, she had light freckles that peppered her cheeks, her beautiful long coils were snow-white just like her fathers white curly hair and their smiles were almost carbon copy of each other.

All it took was one racist comment, a powerful wind quirk that wasted her ice cream and had knocked Indica to ground with tears in her eyes for hell to commence.

Her father, despite his wicked way of raising Indica, did love her, and a part of her loved him back.

That day she got to learn the extent of his love, how sickening and terrified she felt at that moment as she watched her father tear apart limbs, never once did his smile faulted from his face.

There were past incidents that she vaguely remembers but she knew SOMETHING bad happened, that told her that what her father was doing was wrong. Her papa was wrong.

Indica knew morally she and her father were on separate sides of the coin.

Indica felt responsible for their terribly met deaths, there was too much blood that an eight-year-old was supposed to see.

Indica knew from the day on that image of a happy family was nonsense.

It was a threadless dream.

Indica hummed to herself getting to her usual path to her ballet 'training' class, her father thought ballet would be beneficial for Indica learn, which she could actually agree that it did help her fluidity while sparing.

Halfway through her trek to her first class Indica took a sudden turn into a park, the light-haired girl looked over surroundings with her amber-brown eyes scanning for any suspicious characters lurking around. Supposedly her father had trusted her enough to walk to her first class alone but her precarious mind was always wary of her father's proficiency of having eyes in the shadows.

The park was practically empty due to the hour of the day, only a few early bird joggers were present though she doubted that her presence was known, many being occupied by the music blasting in their ears phones and getting that extra mile in.

Doing a quick check of the premises Indica slipped into a hurdle of bushes, her tiny body fit perfectly and discreetly in the center of the bushes, her body completely hidden in the thick greenery.

There were times like these that she took her father's advice using her small size to her advantage, her father always joked how small she was, comparing her to her late uncle whom also was a small-framed child until he hit puberty.

Then he proceeded to give me a lesson on how to use my size as an advantage for stealth missions. Indica rubbed the last bit of sleep out of her eyes thinking to back to any of the little moments she had with her father and how he took it as an opportunity to teach her about advancing in training. Sharping her like a weapon, a destructive tool.

Indica let out a small yawn into her hand as she took her orange backpack off placing it in front of her. She unzipped the bag pulling out a red composition notebook along with a couple of mechanical pencils. She narrowed her eyes inspecting which pencil had enough lead to write with, shaking them against her ear she found the odd one out, empty "Guess I'll yeet this sucker..."

She chucked the pencils ultimately littering, the young girl shrugged, I've seen,..and done worst things...

Indica opened the notebook to a new page and begun writing down a new addition to her book.

Indica a year ago found a way to atone for the lack of response to criminal attacks she knew of that were happening, not only in L.A. but across the states and some in Japan. Her father had a strong hand in the inner web of villainy, and as her father somewhere in the future planned on handing that down to Indica when she was older, started to teach her of the ins and outs of the 'family business'. Like a sponge her mind retained the information much to her disliking, there was so much good her brain could retain besides that cesspool of evil.

And after days of evaluation and reflecting over her life and what she wanted for herself Indica decided that she would use such information and connections that she that access to and use it for good.

Indica wrote EVERYTHING down, for the intention of giving information that the Authorities lacked and very much needed. There was a lot to unpack she realized when she first started recording incidents, she didn't want the heroes to be overwhelmed with all that she knew, heroes could get over-excited and could leak out that there was an informant vigilante to the media. Like freaking idiots, did they not know that villains watch the news too? Some things didn't need public opinion.

Indica could see her father now tearing and gutting out the city looking for the whistleblower, the last thing Indica wanted was to an apart or indulge in any witch hunt.

Indica shivered, hunts for potential traitors were never rational and organized as they needed to be especially in a villains territory. Can you say one-sided civil war?

So Indica broke down the information into two-page letters, with forewarning to the hero's to keep the information tight-lipped as her life were to be in danger if it got leaked out there was an informant with this grade A of info.

Indica wrote neat cursive in each letter, as her normal handwriting was a bit childish looking. She needed to send the hero mix signals, like male pronouns whenever she referred to herself and throw in a random age and race about who the informant could possibly be in case they were to go looking for her.

No one would expect a ten-year-old black girl being involved with villain empire that's somewhat of a cult...its been doing wonders for a year.

Father still oblivious to it as well.

Now the red composition notebook was composed of information only retaining her Father, it was personal. It had everything and anything her father had shared privately, all personal routines he followed in the morning including her own, a mental evaluation of his overall personality. The red composition notebook was a diary and census for Indica, she carried it everywhere she went.

Nothing from the book had been released to the authorities and it probably wouldn't anything soon, she had to wait.

Indica wrote calmly in the heart of the bushes she hid in, she was meticulous with detail, the hero's paid attention to everything when it came to this stuff, and with this information, she was putting out she'd be fucked if she slipped on her wording.

Indica's was in the middle of her entering the date of the entry log when she heard a high pitched scream along with some commotion.

The white-haired girl instinctively peeked out from behind her bushes to see what all the sudden noise was coming from. The park Indica went to was relatively quiet so when her eyes caught for it looked like a high-speed chase going on the girl got interested forgetting all about writing.

Indica could see from the other side of the park where the chase was commencing from, there was a man around mid-thirties running around the park carrying, no doubt something he probably stole with three pro hero's following after him.

The villain was running somewhat anxiously, zigzagging between the variety of trees and other tall greenery that served as a scapegoat from the hero's, it was clear that the man was desperately trying to refrain from getting captured with his less but invasive skills.

Just when one of the heroes about out captured the villain the man's forearms created open spores releasing a gas into the hero's face, the hero faltered from the sudden substance. The hero's finger just barely grasping the man's shirt before he got a full facial of the villain's quirk.

The other two heroes seemed to catch on quickly that the villain had released gas from his body and backed away to refrain from being hit.

The thick white gas that came from the villain's forearms began to spread over the park, making it difficult for Indica to see.

Indica scrunched her nose at the smell of the gas, shit there's something in the gas isn't there, typical gas emitter quirk!

Quickly she dug into her bag to grab a piece of clothing, she ripped the first thing that met her fingertips and tied the piece of cloth around her neck before covering her nose and mouth.

Indica peeked her snow colored hair out from her hiding spot again, her eyes landing directly of the back of villain. He was at least a yard away from where Indica was crouching behind a bush and a tree, thick white gas covering everything. Not a single hero was insight, hmph, she grunted inwardly. He managed to lure the hero's away.

Indica began to analyze the villain before her, her brain failed to recognize him from any previous crimes she could think of. His face was nothing of a notable difference note were his clothes, he wasn't wearing any suit or anything like that, just a simple pair of black joggers with a dark blue hoodie that had the sleeves rolled up to meet his elbows.

His forearms now were not covered in open hole spores, they were closed but Indica could still see discolored patches of skin on his arms.

Must be were the spores appear for his quirk.

She noted before squinting her eyes towards the object that he had secured in his arms.

Suspicion started to rise when she spotted red curly hair, hair? Hair?! T-That's not a it ...a child..!

Indica's breath hitch when she processed what the villain had committed, there was an innocent child wrapped in the arms of the man, a kid a few years younger than her.

Indica's big amber eyes widened at the unconscious child laying limp, trapped in the jaws of their capture, her stomach dropped instantly making her queasy.

Blood...Glass...Screams...Mother ...Dead...Gone

Without thinking Indica jumped from her spot and ran towards the villain, her body moving entirety on its own. Indica's face hardened with fear and courage battling against her body while coursing through her veins.

Indica landed a clean hard punch on the suspecting villains face from the side knocking him from his crouched position.

Indica wretched the unconscious child from the villain as he cried out in pain.

"What the fuck!?"

While he was distracted Indica grappled the child into her arms and took off running as fast as she could in the white fog. As much as Indica wanted to kick that guys ass, the kid in her arms was more of priority. Indica ears could her sound of the villain getting up on his feet recovering from his initial shock from being punch square in his jaw, Indica cursed inwardly when he started to search the child that was once in his hands, Indica looked around her surroundings for a place to hide quickly.

I should go up high!

Indica thought as she ran up on some trees ahead of her, the ten-year-old braced her legs and feet as she leaped onto the side of a tree, she then launched herself to the tree adjacent from the one she was on. Indica grunted as she dug her heal into the tree to climb to a secured branch. All the while holding the child in her arms only using her body weight and the strength in her feet, she did it with ease as her training sometimes consisted of rigorous movement without it certain limbs. Indica held the child close to her chest as she settled in the crook of the branches.

Speaking of which she finally looked down at the child in her hand and heart clenched, the child in her hands was practically a baby. Indica's eyes softened looking at their innocent features the child's skin was dangerously pale with deep rose flushed cheeks. The toddler had to be a least two years old, the red ruff of hair that she had first spotted was matted with something.

Indica had hesitantly run her fingers through the child's hair until the thick scent of copper hit her nose before she realized the dark red residue on her palms. The kids head had an open cut on their head the wetness of their warm blood coated Indica's small fingers.

Her hand shook as fear rose from the pit of her stomach, her breath hitched as memories flashed through her mind.

Fuck!FUCK! FUCK! ...

Indica closed her eyes momentary trying her best not to have a panic attack while holding the kid, her hand went back to the child at her side and clutched onto the toddler's clothes, pulling their fragile body closer.

It's okay, I'm gonna save the kid...I have to the I need to save the child.

"...your not gonna end up like the others I promise, I'm gonna save you." She whispered. Indica made up her mind that she was going to physically save someone for the first time, every will in her body be damn if see watched another life be taken from this world when she was fully able body to stop it.

Indica ears suddenly twitched at the sudden sound of movement, she kept her rapid breathing slow and concentrated like she practiced in training and try to pinpoint where and who was below her.

Indica narrowed her amber eyes at the thick white fog that surrounded her vision it was impossible to see, seeing through the guys' quirk was almost fruitless from up high than she originally thought. Sad enough his quirk worked almost too good for the type of crimes he was committing.

Fucking sick ass hole.

It makes me sick that I have encountered this shit like it a normal thing because of father, a family business my ass. She scoffed, her resentment for her dear old dad was at its boiling point. Her dad just had to have some shitty morals.

Indica looked down at the sleeping child's face and grimaced, how many times were there incidents that endangered kids that she had to help organize or stood by and observers to take notes? Her eyes blinked rapidly to keep from misting, something had to happen sooner or later cause she didn't know how much she could bear.

I should get something to cover the little guy's mouth, he's breathing in all this stink ass gas. Wait? Where is my bag?!

Indica grounded her teeth together, Damn it Indica that's what you get for rushing without a plan.

Well new plan, since her bag was in the bushes, still safe from prying eyes, she was going to give her current makeshift gas mask that was in her face to the toddler. India propped up the unconscious kid against the tree as she quickly got to work.

She slipped the cloth from her neck and carefully placed it over the kids head being mindful of the injury. Once she did that Indica held her breath as she tried to rip off on it her long sleeves, in the midst of ripping the cloth Indica was yanked from her spot in the tree.

She yelped when she was slugged to the ground, "There you are you little shit!"

Indica grunted as she picked herself up to face the owner of that voice and of course it belonged to villain she was hiding from.

Taking a deep breath the light-haired girl rolled out the way when he swung his foot at her, Indica got to her feet before the villain could react and swiped his own legs from under him.

Indica grabbed both of his forearms while he was down and flipped him over on his stomach, the man cried out as Indica restrained his arms behind him with an abnormal amount of strength. The man didn't have much muscle or strength that was hard to combat with, she had taken down stronger in the past.

Indica dug her knee into the ridge of his spine as she held him down. It was a simple takedown as it should have been for hero's, but no matter how easy it was someone had to it. Now all she had to do was wait for the hero's come in this direction. The villain shook with rage and growing anxious about being caught, Indica held him still with his face intimately kissing the ground.

"You Fucking brat? Let me go or I'll-GAH!" Indica pulled his arms back just enough for him to feel like his arms were being dislocated.

"Your not gonna do shit you piece of garbage! Your ass is gonna rot in Fucking jail with all the other sick mother fuckers like yourself!" Indica sneered, despite his face being smudged into the ground he chuckled.

Indica kept a stoic face as the man let out a frantic laugh that kept getting louder," You keep talking and see how long you'll be awake Hahaha!"

Indica shook her head as she looked around, "Where are the hero's when you need them..." she muttered to herself in annoyance. The guys laughing was starting to get on her nerves, the sound of his deep gritty voice was making her head hurt, like a lot.

"'ll make a fine substitute with that pretty ass hair..." Indica heard the villain mutter his voice The Fucking gas! I can't let him go or he'll get away. Ugh, I can't concentrate She growled as she tried to get a grip of reality, there was little training on these types of quirks. She only knew to act precariously. I spent too long inhaling this shit. Where are the heroes! I wasn't trying to knock him out...Damn it.

The younger girl didn't know at all what she had planned on doing when she rushed to save the kid, her heart just moved her body her in the heat of the moment. Indica blinked as she felt her vision become blurry as his laugh surround her, Indica grunted as she tightened her grip on the villain, "Jokes on y-you ass hole my d-d-daddy's been making me immune to all types of gas..." Indica threat came slurred out. If it weren't for lack of protection covering her mouth Indica would've finished the guy by now, she took down others twice her size constantly that it almost seemed natural.

Anything quirk that was poison emitter, such as the pedo right now, was difficult for Indica counter in a fight. She could see her father now mocking and belittling her for her weakness and botched attempt of rescue.

The villain smirked from with the grass, his laughing making Indica dizzy. She yelped when the villain thrashed again with more gas spilling from his open spores, Indica coughed when she was hit with the sudden gas release breaking her slipping hold on him, the villain pushed her back as he got to his feet.

Indica stumbled as she wheezed for oxygen, tears trickled down her eyes from the overwhelming ingestion, the villain took the opportunity to kick the girl on her side while she was down.

Fucking gas emitter Quirks! Ugh! Indica cursed when another kick hit her side, she winced at the tinge of pain.

The brown hazelnut skin girl had enough as she pushed herself off the ground stumbling as she dodges another attack.

Indica caught herself as she raised her arms into a defensive pose though she was discombobulated she stood unperturbed by her increasing disadvantage.

I need to take him down fast, I only have five minutes at the least before pass out, which I really really don't want to happen.

Indica narrows her eyes as held her breath, the villain charged in for a poor attempt to punch the girl. Indica dodged the incoming fist by weaving her body the momentum of the punch, she grabbed his arm and jostled her body upwards, her small but well define legs wrapped around the villain's neck and locked them. The villain stumbled backward at the sudden move made by Indica which she used to her full advantage by lurching back to make the villain fall over.

The man let out a muffled choking sound he fell back, Indica tightens her legs around his exposed neck, applying more pressure to his neck, his face turned a dark shade of red while gasping for air. Which served him right after what he did to the whole park with his quirk.

Indica gritted her teeth together as her vision was getting fuzzy and fuzzier, she needed to knock the villain out before she blacked out from lack of oxygen. Usually, she could hold her breath for a good four and a half minutes but under her unfortunate circumstance, she didn't have the durability in her lungs to do so.

Indica raised her fist in the last attempt to stop the villain and punched the villain directly in the temple, the villain fell unconscious between her restraints.

The ten-year-old let out a desperate gasp for air, her lungs burning at the suffocation. Indica laid limp against the ground while the adrenaline ran its course through her body, she could feel tears run down her own cheeks as the sound of her pounding heart flooded her ears.

Indica cursed as the welcoming darkness of passing out greeted her.

But before she could pass out a flash of black and yellow dashed over in her peripheral vision.

"Finally some damn hero's." She muttered.

When Indica wakes up her vision is still disoriented, when she tries to stand she is instantly stumbling back into a bed? She closed her eyes from becoming dizzy. Indica runs a hand through her snow-white hair out of frustration, she feels around her surrounding, she's not outside. Her hand clenched on what she believed to be bed sheets. "hmmm where am I?" She said softly.

"Ahh, I see that you're awake!" A sudden voice spoke, Indica jumped from where she was sitting her eyes opening to see who had snuck up on her.

Her eyes squinted at the figure that was standing beside her she could hold her eyes open from almost closing, Indica blinked several times before her vision adjusted.

"Ah the paramedics said that your vision would be slightly impaired, it took me around five minutes myself before I could see straight. I know that headache must be killer though, but at last, it should last no longer than the blurry eyesight..."

Whoever it was had a soft Japanese accent that met Indica's ears, clearly not from the states but still quite fluent in the language almost like her father. The person, no, the lady in question continued to speak,"... So how are you feeling sport I know you were hit by that quirk pretty badly?"

The brown-skinned girl wished whoever it was would give her a moment to adjust before unloading her questions.

Indica pursed her mouth into a thin line as she wipes her eyes, the little girl blinked up at their woman as her vision returned to her. Indica looked up at the woman when tinged of recognition struck in head unconsciously, the hero looked familiar, probably seen her in a magazine.

Her amber-brown eyes furrowed together as she was correct about the speaking being of Japanese descent, the first feature that stood out was the woman's bright warm smile. The woman was peering down back at Indica while her hands rested at the side of her hips she made the child feel more childish when she spoke in a softer tone. Her raven dark hair met her shoulders, swaying weightlessly while the back was pent up, the woman asked again when Indica fell silent. Indica took notice of the uniform the woman wore, hero. Briefly, a look of confusion overtook her face before faulted to her neutral aloof state.

Why was there a hero here?

She had been in the bush minding her business in the park...

Then there was the guy...villain running around in the park he almost caught but used his quirk to escapee last minute. The memory of a child covered in blood flashed her mind, her body seized up at the reminder.

But I stopped him.

Her body relaxed in relief, I stopped him...

Her eyes fell from the hero's staring into her own lap.

Indica remained quiet to the woman's question.

"Did you get the baby?" Indica spoke softly, it was the first time she directly said anything to the woman though she was facing away from her.

The hero smile even more brightly if that was even possible, "Yes, he's currently back in safe loving arms of his parents, he had a slight concussion but nothing too bad we couldn't heal. If we were to be any second late we would be having a different conversation. Is it correct to assume it was you who placed him in the tree?"

Indica waited before nodding to the hero, it was the only option she could think at the moment.

Despite the woman's kind words Indica mentally questioned herself of that was the best choice and if she chose correctly, she could have hidden the bushes or run towards a hero.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the woman speaking up," Your takedown on the Villain was bit reckless, you've could have been easily changed into the next target," not really," or been accidentally attacked by one the other pros on the scene or possibly gotten the child killed..." Indica brows furrowed as the Hero scolded her the young girl wasn't exactly disagreeing with the pro, there were valid and better executions styles she should have chosen. She was trained to perform with a level head under drastic pressure unknown to the hero beside her. I'm not exactly trained to rescue anyone ...more like leave someone for dead.

Indica solemnly held her head down, refusing to look up at the hero. Her cheeks burned of embarrassment and shame, the first time she does anything remotely heroic she gets scolded for it. God knows what would happen when father would hear about it. He's gonna be really mad...

Fear coiled around the girl's heart and body, her father was a terrifying being in his natural state alone but Indica was at a loss of words to describe how scary he was when he was upset.

The woman beside her noticed her distraught behavior making her eyes soften. She placed her yellow gloved hand over her shoulders while using the other to gently make Indica look at her, their amber and raven-colored eyes met and made woman slightly concerned and guilty.

Whole-time she has been trying to communicate with a little girl who seemed aloof and emotionless, her bright amber eyes were... empty looking but her big round eyes were suddenly pools of mixed emotions, her eyes were full of dread and fear.

Something is wrong the heroine thought before a very overwhelming feeling hit the hero that screamed, HELP HER!

The heroine also heaved at the sensation of her quirk suddenly coursing through her body.

The hero pushed back the treads of quirk as it tried to speak to her so she could comfort the child, the hero hid back her concern as she pushed a grin on her face. Thankfully the small child did not seem to catch on to her quirk acting on its own.

" my opinion you did an amazing job, sure it was reckless but heroes can be that way sometimes when a situation is dire. I have myself been reckless, and anyone in those shoes especially someone your age would have the rush to do the right thing without thinking clearly, so don't beat yourself up kiddo. From what my colleague told me you also single-handedly brought the villain down with one on one combat without using your quirk. Now that's kudos! I'm sure you'll make a great hero one day once you're older! The young child's parents are grateful for your courageous actions today."

Indica starred at the woman stunned at her praise, she could be a hero? All of her life she was raised on the beliefs that she was nothing but a villain in the making, her father's successor, his tool to overthrow the society he hated too much. Since the day she learned how to walk she was taught nothing but how to kill.

Indica yearns for a change, her freedom from the well of death that she was falling into. The small girl didn't know what she wanted to be she was desperate for future that didn't incline her to be passed the torch of evil.

"I ...could be a hero," she said as her voice cracked.

She could save people instead of letting them died...just like she did this morning. She saved someone.

The snow haired girl clinched the soft fabric of the hospital blanket she was in, a soft smile pulling at the girl's lips as her body trembled, the hero started to panic when large tears started to form in her eyes.

"...Thank you." Indica said with a watery smile.

The hero smiled unsure of what she said changed the girl, which it most certainly did.

The heroine whipped tears off Indica while she sniffed and broke down more. It broke the hero's heart watching her cry, she couldn't help but think of her own daughter watching Indica sniffle out a quiet sob.

"I'm s-sorry...I shouldn't be-"

"No no its okay young one, it's been quite a traumatizing day. It's ok to cry a little, everyone has rough days." The hero cooed gently rubbing her back as her maternal instincts kicked in.

Indica could only chuckle empty, she had no idea how much trauma she'd been throughout the years, there was no amount of therapy that could denounce the guilt and mentally let alone physical scarring. The woman soft words lessen more tears from surfacing. Indica craved how gentle the hero was being with her, she was attention starved for more maternal care or anything that made her feel safe, it reminded her of her late mother when she would comfort her. She refrained from leaning into the touch too much as it brought more cans of worms that she was not willing to deal with.

"I have to go.." Indica soft voice said suddenly, she whipped her tears as quickly as she could.

The hero blinked at girls sudden statement," Uh, ok, but will have to contact your Parents. We tried to see of your guardian was around the park but we couldn't find anyone, is there a number you can remember so we can get you home? It is a little over one o'clock so maybe at least someone's off right?"

Indica bit her lip, shit

Oh she really needed to get out of here, her father is probably, no is was reckoning havoc somewhere in L.A. She had yet to feel his emphatic quirk call out to her so maybe she had a little leeway. No dad still got notified that I miss class.

He's gonna be so mad.

"...are you alright sport?" The heroine said for the fourth time, her smile had faltered a little as she stared down at Indica. The girl grimaced as she recognized that look of concern that hero was wearing, Indica probably was sending her all type of alarms and red flags while she was thinking about her father, her emotions betrayed on her face she knew it.

"Y-Yes...i-am okay...I'm just trying to remember my mama's phone number..." The hero had a dash of disbelief but smiled so Indica didn't catch it. She did, Indica didn't even sound convinced in her own lie.

There was a pregnant pause as they both stared at each other waiting for someone to acknowledge the lie, thankfully the heroine seemed to ignore it her smile returned back to her face, Indica secretly felt refreshed that she was smiling again.

The hero brought her hand up with a gesture of booping Indica's nose, "Ok little hero, you try to remember that phone number. I'm gonna grab one of my friends so that we can use his phone to call your mama and ask some questions so you can go home, how does that sound huh?" The heroine said with a twinkle in her eye, Indica knew she was trying to bait her into interrogating her for her odd behavior but she smiled anyway, the woman was overall comforting.

"O-Okay." She said softly, her curls bouncing as she nodded. The hero smiled softly, reassuring that she would return before slipping off to get her colleague.

Indica waited for the soft sounds of her footsteps lightly clicking away, she hopped up from the hospital bed flinging the sheets away from her body.

She still had on her pastel baby blue long sleeve shirt that had smudges of blood on it, her dark denim overall dress that reached her mid-thigh also had hints of blood from her struggle this morning. "I need to get a change of clothes from my bag..." Indica looked around for shoes, she spotted them on the floor next to the bed, quickly she slipped on her bright yellow shoes, tying them tightly as she was about to be running for a good while depending on how far away she was from the park.

Indica was making her way over to the door when the doorknob started to turn, Indica cursed at her timing. She looked around for a possible escape and her amber orbs landed in the only window in the room.

Ah, fuck it She ran over to the window and opened it, Indica picked herself up as she began to climb out the window a soft gasp almost made her pause. The woman that was previously with her had come back with her colleague like she said she would, Indica jumped out the window before she could get a glimpse.

The floor she was on was pretty High and considering she lived Cali, it was at least 30 stories high, so yeah she was kinda not expecting the height but it would work well to her advantage.

Indica fell a few stories before she activated her quirk, instantly her fall had stopped, her feet found themselves feet planted safely on the side of the building. She stood confidently with her side of view of things, her hair nor was her body being pulled by the gravity to go tumbling down. Her hair stood still as if she were walking on the ground itself, Indica steadied herself before she took off running again alongside the building.

Indica scanned from her high to point of view to scale how far away she was from the park. Looks like to be ten blocks away, I can high jump from here this building is pretty tall so if I angle it just right and lower my gravity just a bit ...I'll land directly in the park.

Indica prepared herself to jump when she heard the heroine from before calling out to her, her amber eyes widen as looked to see the Raven haired hero preparing to jump at the window.

The small girl took off in the air leaving a backlash of wind behind her she soared, "I'm. so. Fucked!" Indica held her knees close to her chest as she changed the flow of her gravity. She tore through clouds like cannon, it made wind rustle against her face and ears much to her displeasure and much discomfort. The intensity of the wind made it hard to see, breathe, and hear, Indica regained from jumping high places but in desperate cases, she had to deal with it, and it this case she definitely could bypass the discomfort. The small girl felt her curls tickle her cheeks and ears as they flutter ruthlessly in the wind, Indica felt out a soft breath of relief feeling somewhat good that she had gotten away, the tension lessens from her shoulders as long as she was far away from the hero's.

If only her luck wasn't so thin.

"Now that's quite the quirk you have, but I'm afraid that's a huge no-no to use in public." A chipper voice suddenly said.

Indica's eyes widen as they shifted to her right to see the heroine from the hospital floating right beside the runaway, her lips still wore a bright grin as she faced Indica. Fucking shit!? What type of quirk does she have?!

" Sweetie if you are in an-"

The woman was cut off when Indica redirected her gravity towards the ground, making herself three times as heavier than her normal weight. Her body dived down towards the ground head first, ripping away from tranquil of the clouds.

Her heart had to be pounding at least a thousand times faster now, the hero had scared the shit out of her, whatever the woman's quirk was it must be very versatile.

And now she's following me, Damn it! I need to lose her quickly so I can get my bag. I don't know the extent of her quirk but I'm sure I can outrun her if lower my own gravity I can outrun her.

Indica prayed that she could lose her before she came anywhere close to her home, Indica feared for the hero's who were blindly following her lord knows her father would wreck their shit.

Indica looked around at the ground that she was steadily coming head first to meet and panicked.

Oh Damn it, I'm off the course! I'm just gonna wing it then.

Indica braced herself for an abrupt landing before her feet met the ground she used her quirk to make herself zero gravity.

Indica took off running once she landed, using her quirk to advantage she was almost weightless on her feet, her form only seen as a white blur passing through traffic and jumped over buildings.

Indica presser her lips into a thin line as she managed the usage of her quirk, Indica had a limit that she to be aware for and not just because of her worry of drawbacks on her quirk. Indica's quirk is called Gravity Manipulation or how Indica calls it Personal Gravity. Personal Gravity allows Indica to manipulate Gravity as other it is her own personal gravity, someone else's or an object's, she can change the density as well manipulate how gravity flows. Indica had refrained from using her quirk when it manifested just many to spite her father, she stubbornly refused to train her quirk in fear of being used as a tool to hurt others as her quirk was powerful and a versatile one. Her father had to contact a quirk specialist a few years back just to know what it was because of how against she was of her own quirk. Even after finding out she still refused to use her quirk, enduring the various amount of punishments only to still stand stubborn as a bull refusing to use her quirk to her defense. So her father like the contestant perfectionist Man he was up the ante in Indica's training he called 'Intensive Quirkless training'.

To sum things up Indica had little training with quirk so it was quite easy to overwork herself if she wasn't careful, her drawback was quite the noticeable physical change on her body. So depending on whoever she ran into first her father or the guards would definitely know that she had used her quirk. Her dear old dad knew Indica never used her quirk unless she felt threatened to, if he found out Indica wasn't sure what he would do, that really unsettled her.

Just keep it a 5 percent. She reminded herself.

Indica took random turns into alleys in hopes of confusing the hero that was hot on her tail, when she took her next left that led to the park she caught a glimpse of a familiar yellow from the corner of her eye, it wasn't just a flash of color that she had passed by it was moving at high speeds like Indica herself maybe even faster. Indica yelped when she felt something swipe at her shoulder, oh no!

The chocolate skinned girl jerked away as she saw another yellow gloved hand try to grab her from her waist, the sudden movement made her stumble on her own feet.

"Shit!" She cursed as she fell and tumbled not too gently into park, it was a good thing the park had been cleared out from earlier this morning because Indica's form would sure have crushed a person if they were nearby, Indica was running at speeds that could kill a person, her tumble was broken when she smacked into a tree. A loud audible snap cracked through the usually quiet park when the tree Indica crashed into snapped in half.

Indica let out a weak groan, her body laid across the ground still almost numb until her nerves awoke from shock, her body wreath in pain and to add to the bucket list her ears were ringing very badly.

Indica felt her heart beating against her chest which worried her that it would burst from the chest. Her half-lidded eyes opened scouting the park with her dizzy eyesight. Made it to the park ...She thought sarcastically.

She blinked in confusion as she felt something warm trickle down her temples and down the bridge of her nose. She brought her hand up to wipe the substance but frozen when she heard additional voices.

" What the hell Torino! I told you to catch her what happened?!" Indica groaned as she heard the heroine's voice again, Indica sighed as their footsteps started coming closer, she looked around frantically to see what direction they were coming from.

She caught sight of the two suited hero's running over to her, out of instinct she pulled the at the strings of her quirk and pushed them away.

Indica's hissed in pain as she forced her limbs to work, swallowing the ache in her legs she sprinted off towards the other side of the park where her backpack was.

The light-haired girl crawled into the set of bushes that she had once before thought of it being a safe place to hide.

Her small form disappeared in the bushes, she crawled around for a while until she came across her bright orange backpack still laying where she left it. Indica put the bag on and fumbled as she tried to exit the brushes without being caught.

The area seemed clear, neither of the heroes were close by, as she deemed her escape to be possible she turned on her quirk her gravity just a little over zero, less than before so she should be faster than the yellow blur that made her trip.

When she launched her self in mid-step a wave of nausea hit the girl, massive bile rose from her throat and she threw up violently. Indica clutched her stomach as she heavies a bright purplish-blue substance onto the ground. Her eyes water as the substance burns her throat, her vision becomes blurry all over again as tears mark her cheeks, she openly chokes and gags again trying to hold back another wave of nausea but fails as she throws up again.

She doesn't need to look to knows that it looks like a disgusting mess around her.

She had overused her quirk.

More tears fall from her eyes at the realization that she got caught, she was going to be sick for the next few hours just throwing up with little to no energy. She wasn't gonna make it home.

She sobs more when she feels someone rubbing soft circles on her back while holding her hair back, she wants to tell them to move, to get away from her and stop touching her.

Her ears start to ring even more as another wave of nausea hits, someone coos soft reassuring words into her ears, she helplessly nods to the person trying to care for her. She feels so stupid for overwhelming her body with her quirk, she wouldn't doubt it if her father took away her quirk as a punishment.

She faintly hears someone ask her what's wrong but not directly to her, the hero's were speaking in Japanese. Indica opens her mouth to answer but quickly closes her lips together afraid of nausea creeping back up.

Her knee felt weak as she tried to hold back from puking all over again. If she threw up too much there was the likelihood that she would pass out, there was barely anything in her stomach, to begin with.

Indica trimmers as it takes everything in her to fight her body's instinct to vomit, she ignores the world around her feeling the depths of her body. Everything ached, from shit from this morning, hitting a tree and overusing her quirk she mentally had said fuck today.

She scrunched her amber eyes closed as her mind goes blank.

... for every breath taken is a death given. Blurry hearts lead to confusing morals...act what you seek and maybe redemption is possible ..."

The brown skin child is jolted awake at the sound of soft peeping machines going off.

She peaks her eyes open to see there are more people surrounding her, heroes. An extreme amount of heroes were around her it screamed danger to the young girl, others would have felt safe with this level of security but in Indica's case, she could only curse.

Her ears though they still ring terribly she can catch a few phrases of English and some Japanese being passed along. She also noticed that she had been moved, she wasn't inside of the park,... she was sitting inside of white room...on top of a hospital bed, her left hand was cuffed to bed railing. Sheets covering her legs as she sat up in the bed, fully re-dressed into a hospital gown.

She was back at the Damn hospital. Her eyes widen in panic when in the hell did she move?

I just closed my eyes for a second...god Damn it ...

I Fucking blacked!

She groaned as her rising fear made her stomach twist and turn uncomfortably. It didn't help that her mouth still had the after taste of bile coating her burnt tongue and throat. Water

Her tongue craved for the liquid.

Her eyes flicker away as she feels something warm trickling down the side of her jaw and her temple, her fingers gently touched the warm liquid, when she brought her hands to her face realized it was blood.

I'm bleeding she deadpanned.

I'm so stupid. I've trained for these type of situations...and yet I've failed... it's already dark outside...

Father is not going to be pleased.

Her chest shudders, she can feel already feel her father's melodic voice digging into her head scolding her, his eyes turning dark with his sadistic punishments.

Indica weakly sniffles into her sleeve, everything felt so fuzzy and wrong. She was in so much trouble, the time had slipped passed her, she was always on time for everything and anything, the thought of being a second late was a nightmare. Her father did not like an error at all, error caused problems for further problems, the only person what was lightly allowed to was Indica, as she was a child and still learning in her father's eyes. Another reason why plenty didn't like the idea behind it, an inexperienced child ordering who around?

Her father had always instilled it in her head that time was precious. Her day had been swamped from under her another bag of fuckery.

"Are you okay?" A voice broke Indica out her thoughts, it was almost too low to hear but Indica hears the small whisper in Japanese.

Indica turned to see a boy with messy blonde hair standing beside her bed, he was much older than her, he had to be at least 15 or 16 years old judging by the gray school uniform he had to be in high school. The boy had deep electric blue eyes that were now softened as he gave Indica a concerned glance.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she hadn't realized that the hero's had left the room, Indica was becoming irritated with how finicky her sense of time was becoming. Indica blinked blankly to his question slowly realizing that he was referencing to her head. She stares back to her lap again becoming detached to the world around her. Silence grows between them as she refrains from answering him, he lets out an awkward sigh. Probably assuming that she didn't understand the language, she's always amused by this, even now despite her situation. She doesn't know how long she'll play the role of the oblivious American, maybe just for a little while until she knows her options.

Indica flinched away from the messy-haired teen touch, he had tilted her head examining the blood dripping down her face.

Her scowl made the teen blush as he back-peddled away from the girl, the glare that she gave the boy came off less threatening as she intended, more like a cute pout on the little girl.

He sighed silently as he edged himself back over to press a red button that fell to the side of her bed along with other cords and wires.

"Your bleeding through your bandag-"

"Don't touch me." She spat out interrupting the teen, he more in shock at her soft-spoken warning. She had spoken fluently in Japanese as clear as day, though her voice was scratchy probably from the excessive vomiting.

"I won't, I uh was just calling for the doctor so she can fix that okay? I promise nothing bad will happen, I'm here to help, a hero ...well training to be one." He reassured the little girl, the chocolate skinned girl furrowed her brows together before answering, "...ok..." was all she said. Her brown amber eyes stared into his electric blue ones searching for any other motive to decipher. Her amber spectrums holding such intensity, he was sure she was picking apart every visual aspect of him that seemed threatening, he kept their stare locked curious to how such a young child could be so intense. Finally, it was Indica that broke the stare when multiple footsteps could be heard heading towards the room.

Indica gripped the pale sheets down at her waist, she starred towards the wall opposite of the doorway.

There's no windows... she mused mentally, she wouldn't be able to escape if she wanted to anyway.

"Y-Yagi? Young Yagi what are you doing here, you're supposed to be down in the waiting room." Indica recognized that voice, it was that hero from before, the one she broke down in front of. She could feel her cheeks burn from embarrassment.

From the corner of her eye, she could see the teenager, Yagi? Shuffling sheepishly as people began to enter the room, " I-I know, sorry Nana-Sensei, I just came to see if the suspect was awake, and w-well she was." Yagi stuttered, there was a deep sigh this time from a man.

Nana?... That name seems familiar... she feels tempted to look over to the hero's but hesitation makes her wait.

"You know it's dangerous Yagi, she has yet to be interrogated or deemed mentally stable for right now " man let out an aggravated sigh," she might look like a little girl but we have no idea what the girl is capable of."

"As Grand Torino is right I must add that the suspect's mental health is of my major concern, I hope I wasn't called all the way down here for nothing has she woken up finally after three days?" That voice sounds old...

Indica could see the boy nod before he further explained what happened while they were away, "...and so...I clicked on the call button. She hasn't spoken much..."

A set of small footsteps travel over to her side, Indica blinked down at the sudden appearance of a small elderly woman that barely made it to the railing of the bed.

The woman gave the quiet girl a gentle smile while taking a look at the bandage that was wrapped around the girls head, a pensive and hesitant look crossed the woman's face, she turned to a young teen named Yagi.

"Could you tell her in English that I nee-"

"Actually I can understand you quite well..." Indica muttered in Japanese.

The small old woman's eyes opened in shock, she passes the hero's a small glance. " Oh well if that's the case deary could you please allow me to fix your bandages, my quirk allows me to heal people but it takes a lot of energy so will become a little sleepy." Indica presser her lips into a weak pensive glare, all this offering for help was odd to Indica, where she came from you had to learn to be dependent on yourself or die in a dog eat the world. Her father instilled that deeply into her brain at an early age, well more like warned her.

The small woman smiled gently, " You don't have to be scared little one, your in a room full of hero's we're not here to hurt only to help you. You've been placed in a super safe place now, no one bad will get to you."

They must know something about me or father...they're tiptoeing around the subject until I'm willing to confirm some of their suspicions..but she said that I'm in a safe place now. Probably safer that father wouldn't be able to find me, I haven't felt his empathic quirk try to reach out for me...

Indica had planned to betray her father for so long in various ways, so many opportunities to run away that had fails due to her father's manipulative manner. She doubted herself of freedom for a long time, fearing what her father would do to her if he found out how she felt. Yet here was a chance for her to let all go, to betray her father and save lives.

Either dive or die.

The little girl neural look faltered as her lips nervously quirk up, the old lady could heal people with her quirk. She had a code green quirk in her father's eyes, quirks that are rare but much needed. "Can you make my tummy stop hurting?" Her weak voice could be compared to small kittens meows.

"Your stomach is still giving you problems?"

She nodded, "Once I've cleaned and healed your head, I'll get to fix your upset stomach right away. Oh and you can call me Recovery girl. I can only do so much to fix it since its an aftereffect of overworking your quirk correct?"

"...Yes, I don't use my quirk a lot ...I don't want it to hurt people like he wants me to..."

Recovery girl sent another questioning glance to the hero's Indica refused to look at, "Sweetie will you mind if we ask you a few questions while I fix you up?"

Indica nervously glanced over to the two hero's that stood over near the closed door.

As she suspected the heroine that chased after her was here, standing in her dark blue suit that had two capes; one on her shoulders that fell all the way to the ground a gold chain tassled between two ends to stay at her shoulders and one tied around her waist, and her bright yellow gloves that seats caught the girls attention. Indica received the same motherly smile that sent chills down through her heart, she couldn't help but smile shyly. Next to her was a white-haired man that stood about the same height as the woman, his costume was all white bodysuit accompanied with bright yellow accessories such as his cape, his big gloves and boots and his utility belt that wrapped around his waist.

Unlike his companion his face was very neutral, Indica couldn't confirm or not if he was glaring under his black mask that covered his eyes and most of his face.

"It's nice to see you again, hope we didn't get off the right foot squirt. I'll try my best to make you as relaxed and safe as you need to be I don't want you jumping out any Windows if I make you uncomfortable again."

Indica nodded as they began to ask her questions.

"Could you give me your name, I don't think to keep calling ya squirt will be formal as friends. Well, share our names with you too just be fair if that's alright..."

Indica twirled the sheets between her fingers nervously there was so much unpacking that she needs to unload from her shoulders but her name was one thing she feared the most to reveal, that is if she went by her given last name. "...M-My name is Indica Lavender...Lavender is not my given Lastname but I would like to be referred to as such...if this is a safe place like you all say it is I would like it to stay that way. I don't him to find this place...if that's okay...just a small demand.."

The hero's shared a look as to both be agreeing on the simple request, "We can allow that Lavender-san anything that makes you feel comfortable, whatever precautions that can be taken to make you safer we'll take and enforce it." She reassured the girl, Indica felt at ease at the excuse, she would go by her mothers maiden name instead of her father's which obviously was the smarter option. Indica knew later down the road that she would have to prove her real name for document sakes. I'm gonna have to get used to how people in Japan referred to people by their last names and honorifics. Thankfully father taught me..something good for once in my life..."What are your names?" The chocolate skinned girl asked them, heroine, she was quite curious to whom the hero one was there was something about her face that was too familiar like she had been mentioned previously.

Yagi had called her Nana...Nana?

The raven-haired hero gestured towards her companion that stood next to her who was quite through the whole interaction besides scolding the young teenager. Who was still here? Thought he would have been called to exit the room?

" This man right here goes by the name 'Grand Torino', he's been working along with by my side as long as my hero career, he's been assigned to this case for a long time." She explained to the girl, Grand Torino sent the hero a slight glare. He looked to be slightly annoyed that she introduced him, "...and My name is Shimura Nana.."

Whatever heroine said after saying her name never made it to the young girl's ears, she simply froze her body's and mind completely stopped. Her stomach clenched nearly making the girl gag, she brought her hands to her mouth to regain from becoming nauseous again. Oh god, she remembers her Fucking name.

"Lavender-san." Indica opened her eyes she forgot ever closing, Recovery girl had a concerned look over face while the other three-starred at Indica with worried glances. "Are you ok Lavender-san, is it your stomach?"

Looking at the hero with new eyes, this realization that she knew who exactly Nana was, Nana Shimura. Indica helplessly stared at the hero.

"He hates you," Indica stated quietly ignoring Recovery girls first question. She pressed onto that world 'hate' with a different tone in her voice, she didn't miss how terrified the girl looked she had said her own name. Or now her eyes began to water but refused to fall form her eyes. Though her voice was soft and sore, the convection and bitterness made Nana leery. The comment was directed towards her, again she referenced 'him', who was him? It made her quirk fussed under her control, Nana had a hunch whom she was talking about, after the evidence they found in her little red composition notebook and when her and Torino captured her, she broke down into muttering about her 'quirk getting taken away' before she promptly blackout for the next three days.

"Who does?" Yagi asked breaking the silence that was growing.

"My father... All for one..."