"My father...he goes by All for one.."

I swallow what little disbelief I have in the Indica's confession, One for all hums too vibrantly to confirm it. When I first encountered the small girl after she had taken down the villain that Toshinori, Grand Torino and I were chasing after I knew she who I've been looking for. One for all reached out her yearning to comfort her. The First user was making his presence known.

It was a good thing I followed my gut feeling when the villain had interrupted a private conversation that I was in with Sorahiko regarding our main reason for visiting the States in the city of L.A.

It is better if I explained from the beginning.

The International Hero Intel Department, better known as 'TIHID', had been receiving anonymous tips for over a year containing information on 'Tiger level' villain threats. It isn't out of the norm for TIHID to receive tips from either their employed Informants or discreet Anonymous civilians, that's what TIHID was built for to trade information regarding underground villain attacks. Allowing civilians to inform the authorities while still being out of harm's way.

Now what was very concerning was the consistent information regarding huge infamous organizations that were 'Tiger level' threats which on a scale was 8\10 of how severely dangerous they were on a global scale. So you could see how a few eyebrows were raised and a few suspicions were growing regarding this anonymous civilian. How much highly sensitive information came into their hands, the letters named off locations and villains that were purposely closed off from civilian eyes for public sanity, but like clockwork the letters came at the end of each week with new or a continuation of information pertaining to a Villain.

Our searches for the informant was fruitless, we have always led astray with subtle hints and clues left behind in the letters, it took a while to realize in actuality the small hints were just another false ruse to cover the Anonymous informant tracks. The United States government had this case for the few months but as expected failed to find any leads, so they've reached to the Chinese government for collaborations to obtain the Information, this particularly caught my eye when I was first introduced to the search, whomever this civilian was, was tangled deep into the Villain underground meaning there was a traitor from within the enemy side not an outsider as the Americans originally thought.

I do have my own personal reasons for finding this informant, I have questions regarding the oldest villain since the first manifestations of quirks. Currently my arch-nemesis, All for One, I had reason to believe that the civilian has information on him, there were too many coincidences that the villains there were arrested had some shape or form been connected to the 'Dark void of Villainy' All for one's so call self-made a dynasty.

The warnings in each letter suggested that it was an Informant that went dark and failed to report back for a couple of years, but I and Sorahiko decided that any self input referenced in the letters were to be misinterpreted and reanalyzed which took awhile.

Sorahiko and I had dubbed the informant 'Icarus' for how close this person dwelled in Dangerous territory of villains as did Icarus is when he flew too close to the sun.

How ironic.

Later down the road, the two governments had officially named the case 'Icarus' much to our amusement.

We really haven't had any come ups in the case until recently, the informant had slipped up on their last letter.

There was a tiny smudge of blood that was left of the bottom of the two-page letter. It was very small, unnoticeable to the human naked eye, but thankfully when the letter ran through in the diagnostics labs the blood sample was collected and sent off to authorities, one of our blood specialist hero's, Blood Track was contacted,their quirk that was registered allow the quirk user to track, and know bit of everything that was going on inside a person body just by touching blood. So with their help, we're able to pinpoint the civilian's location.

The hero was also able to give us some Intel towards the suspect's physical health which in the long run would help us profile them.

- suspect's blood sugar was low

- suspect's blood pressure was also high, induced by high levels of stress.

- the high levels of stress have stunted the suspect's growth and are showing signs of body malnourishment despite the high intake of protein.

-The suspect is mildly lactose intolerant

- The suspect has sensitive plasma in their blood?

-The suspect must be subjected to intensive training or abuse or both, Blood is clotting too much to heal bruising, cuts and internal fractures.

-The suspect is no older than the age of 20 and no younger than 5

Hero's were instructed to use caution in case they were to run into the civilian with the possibility that the civilian was a minor with health issues and to call the nearest healing hero or hospital.

So a few hero's were selected to travel to L.A. in hopes of capturing the suspect, which is also just happened the same following field trip week for UA, one of the top ten hero schools in Japan, had planned a field trip for their first years to also visit the same city for a couple of weeks. The schools principal assured that all of their first-year student's would be under a watchful eye of a teacher within safe areas that school deemed appropriate distance from their hotel.

I was kinda on the fence about the school allowing their students to travel so close to our sensitive case but also thrilled that I would get to see Toshinori in the same city, he brings nothing but joy and pride to my heart when I think of finally passing the torch to my protege. When I wasn't on patrol I was talking to Sorahiko keeping him updated.

Not gonna lie, I became slightly distracted when I came over to visit Sorahiko as he is one of the homeroom teachers of U.A., Toshinori's homeroom teacher in fact.

The day was playing out wonderfully, though I get distracted from hero duties at the moment I indulge in time I'm spending with my protege. He's having the time of his life correcting me and Sorahiko on our English speaking skills and directing us to his favorite type of American meals. I sometimes forget that Toshi is part American, so it caught me by surprise when I heard him curse in English when a woman ran up to him crying about their son being taken. So there went our relaxation that was short-lived.

The whole fiasco in the park got really out of hand, I didn't notice the dispatched skin on the Villians' arms for his spores in enough time before I got hit head first with the gas, if I had avoided inhaling it I would have dispersed the fog from the park with ease but unfortunately the villains quirk took me by surprise leaving me out of commission for a couple of hours.

When I woke up I was relieved that the child was back safely in the arms of their parent's and the kidnapper had been caught and apprehended by a little girl? And to show us up, even more, the kid didn't even use her quirk! Just whooped some villain ass in hand to hand combat.

I starred at Sorahiko and Toshi when they told me, waiting for the punchline that never came.

A little girl took down a bad guy all by herself, damn I need to meet the girl.

Sorahiko already knew I was going to be impressed, something about my weakness being 'problem children with potential' which I have to say isn't untrue. Seeing a young impressionable child with so much potential just breaks me.

So Thankfully, on behalf of Sorahiko, saved me by doing all the paperwork of the overall basic villain takedowns with additional internationals hero sheets, though I know it was because he was the only adult that was conscious enough that could so that I could introduce myself to the young girl.

When I get my barons settled and send Toshinori back off to his hotel joining back with his classroom chaperone by a police officer, I get the room number to the hero that saved the day, really excited to see what she was about and all in all to interrogate her, I was forewarned that the authorities had failed to contact her parent's, any other tied of family or legal guardians.

Sorahiko cited how odd it was for a girl her age was out bout at that time of the day, I had to agree that it was quite early for a child to be wandering the park at six in the morning without someone watching over her. If anything the child should have been getting ready for school.

When I entered the room my eyes land on a small form cuddled up in some white hospitals sheets. From the slow rise and fall of the body and musicality of soft snores, I could tell that she was asleep. Walking carefully not to wake her I reach the side of the bed to get a closer look at her features.

Upon closer look the little girl had rich brown skin with light freckles on her cheeks, and was considered really tiny for her age, she still had that baby fat that made it seemed she had some weight. From the first look, she looked like she was healthy but her body just looked like it should be bigger.

Signs of being malnourished

I realize that now.

Her long coilly hair surrounded her baby face spiraling out on the pillows, her hair was snow-white that had it's own glow when hit by the sunlight.

Her brows were slightly narrowed with her lips formed into a frown as if she were in deep thought in her dreams. I smiled, she looked very adorable with that little pout on her lips certainly made her cheeks puff out more.

Everything about her appearance made me question how she could take down a full-grown man.

'Protect her'

I heard the First user speak to me clear as day, the first in many years. His voice was soft, evanesce within the quirk, his presence was still the strongest beacon within all of the pass holders of One for all.

Before I was able to comprehend what the first user was referring to the little girls face scrunched up and her brows furrow.

Somehow the First was able to wake her, there's no good explanation how it was possible but I felt my quirk reach out to her essence.

It kept reaching out to her while I interacted with the girl, we'll try to anyway, the small girl was standoffish and aloof, to say the least, her face remained emotionless her frown prompt on her lips as she tried to get her barons.

She had pretty amber eyes though the pair was missing the glow of life, she was distant to the world around her, refusing to look up at me for long periods of time, only shyly glancing at my hero costume.

I realize now she's being cautious as my appearance, well the appearance of a hero made her uncomfortable.

She was afraid of being seen with a hero, afraid of someone assuming she was a traitor. Though realizing now further in time that she was indeed a traitor just barely avoiding the flames of the fire she danced around.

I was oblivious to realize that at that moment why heavy tension of dread and danger radiated off of her.

When she did speak she asked about the child, her reaction concerned me when I told her. Her body froze and her breathing became erratic before relaxing at the good news, it was brief but I'm sure she almost had a mild panic attack, the white-haired girl regained her posture.

Her deadpan stare faulted throughout our interaction, her mannerisms become less stiff as Her internal struggle with herself cracks though the fading emotionless facade.

One for all forcefully rushed throughout my body to reach out to her again, the sensations made my skin crawl, the First presence felt as if he was trying to use my quirk to latch onto her and comfort her when she cried.

Something was amidst about her, volumes of danger practically screamed from her eyes no matter how poorly she tried to hide it. Thankfully I'm able to stop the tears from leaving her pretty brown orbs and get her to actually smile.

I stopped asking her questions when it seemed she was not going to answer truthfully with her state mind, I doubt she would have given me her real name if I asked.

I throw in a question about her parents when she asked to leave, the look that surfaced reminded me of past children I had saved before when there was an abusive domestic situation. I press my lips together from asking any further about it, deciding to look into when I get back to Sorahiko.

I leave shortly a smile still on my face to reassure her everything was fine, but I could feel that it wasn't.

Clearly something was wrong.

Walking down the hall as fast as I could to confide with Sorahiko about the little girl.

Halfway on my way to the elevator, I see him with the hero Blood Track dashing in my direction.

Apparently the little girl's blood caught the attention of hero, it matched the blood we're tracking in L.A.

Blood track designated Patrol area was an hour away from the Park, Blood track took a while to confirm it was her cause her scents was traveling between the ambulance and the hospital.

What a coincidence.

One for all then suddenly activated electrical sparks appearing on my arms before disappearing.

"The girl." The First whispered.

This time I listened to the pass holder and ran back to the girl's room with Sorahiko, and Blood track.

It was a good thing I listened to One for all when we made it back said the little girl was jumping out the window. Much to my relief, her quirk allowed her to run around the surface of the building without falling.

Without hesitation, I and Sorahiko followed after her when she took off into the air. We ended up back at the same park after Grand Torino accidentally made her crash into a tree snapping it in half, to my disbelieve she was standing, just barely. She had a gash on her right temple blood trickling on the side of her face, pieces of wood dug into her sides.

The smell of burning wood and smoke started coming the bottom half of the tree likely from how fast she crashed into it, her endurance was phenomenal for a girl her size.

I dashed over to her when I saw the blood, but when my eyes locked with here I was suddenly pulled back into the ground with Grand Torino, some invisible force held us down to the ground, none our limbs were able to move just stuck to the stiff.

When we're finally released from the hold we're greeted to the sicking sound of someone gagging, cautiously we walked towards the sound that was coming from the little girl.

It wasn't a pretty sight, she stood by some bushes emptying her stomach out, bright neon purplish-blue color vomit everywhere on the ground and some on her overalls dress and her shoes. Reminded me of the American classic horror movie The Exorcist, it was a lot. Her hair had fallen limp losing the body of curls while her snow-white hair turned black, her freckles also began to glow, Illuminating her cheeks.

From the looks of it, she had overuse her quirk the drawback made her physically change and extremely nauseous.

I reached around to be behind the girl and took off her bright orange backpack that she now had on as my maternal instinct kicked in when began to cry again, being as gentle I could I rub small circles against her back as I held her hair away from her face which only made her sob even more, I hear a few words she mutters between her hiccups that alarm me, "..h-he's g-gonna take my quirk ...away as punishment.." She repeated over and over again.

I frown from the sad perturbed muttering, the only person that could do that was All for one.

I pass the bag over to Grand Torino and motion for him to call Blood Track and notify that we had secured the girl and to send some the paramedics.

I over talk her muttering with gentle whispering. I do this until it's only my voice, she becomes quite leaning against my shoulder. Her face is blank, pupils are blown up and clouded, she had blacked out.

I put a set of Quirk compressor cuffs on her before I gently carry her out of the mess of vomit that surrounded her.

A half an hour goes by before backup arrives, I let Sorahiko deal talk to the TIHID agents as I ride in the ambulance with two other heroes and the girl. Usually, in these type of situations, I let the higher up to deal with this and wait for my agency to contact me back. I couldn't do that to her, I barely know the squirts name but I can feel All for one somehow lurking in her shadows or maybe it was One for All telling me to never leave her or just maybe how the sight of Her pulled out the mother in me that I had to lock away years ago. It had to be either one of those reasons why I had a hard time letting go of her hand when they took her away to a more secluded hospital to get treated.

Maybe it was all the reasons why I worried and silently prayed that she be okay when she stared at me with her big amber doe eyes before the door closed to the separate vehicle.

One for all forewarns me of my arch-nemesis as I head back to meet back up with Sorahiko, his text tells me that they found evidence that possibly proves that the little girl was our anonymous Icarus along with Blood tracks confirmations on the matching blood type.

Sorahiko and a couple of other detectives that are on the Icarus case inform on some of the new founding evidence was confiscated from the orange backpack that she attempted to retrieve from the park.

I was allowed to first hand read over letters had been meant to be received by TIHID, which was suspicious in its own way.

It was highly known that the authorities would hold on the evidence analyzing the information before releasing it the hero's to look over.

Why were I and a select few allowed to look at the said very sensitive evidence that TIHID had been looking for over a year, which had two almost three country's join in because of how desperate they were becoming on the case.

Why us? I questioned.

Sorahiko and a few other shares a look before a red composition notebook is slid across the table.

I stare at the red notebook hesitantly, " What is this?"

So far all of the letters had been in loose-leaf sheet papers stapled together and folded into white envelopes, none where written inside composition notebook.

This was something different.

Sorahiko broke the silence, he said," Before you read it I just have to tell you...that...well Nana you were right..." smirk tugs at Sorahiko's lips while he ran his glove hands through his white hair, from his mannerisms I can tell he feels unease at what they found. He struggles to tell me what he wants to stay as if he doesn't trust he'll say them right.

My eyes had flicked down at the bright red book that laid in front of me, Sorahiko quite a behavior had me apprehensive to find out whatever lied in those pages proved that I was right, but what about?

As if reading my mind he spoke "... About the aspect that suspects 'Icarus' having information pertaining towards All for one...if may say too right... just go ahead and read it for yourself..."

Sorahiko says and edges the notebook closer to me.

I just nodded at would seem he wasn't going to explain any further, I finally look down at the cover of the notebook and see a name written on it.

Report to back to Indica Shigaraki; nosy hands away (/•~•/)

I remembered tracing the childish handwriting with an applaud expression, I heard Sorahiko chuckling at my reaction in the background.

"...the surname...its the same as All for one's. Am I reading this right?"

The knowledge of All for One's actual surname was pretty confidential, only a select few in the world were aware of All for One's family name, it had yet to be known what his first name was but Surname was still useful information, it had been a few years back when I had confined the fact to Sorahiko as we grew closer as associates, partner's and eventually close friends. I trust him with my life as well of the secrets that would never come to light of the sanity of the world.

The surname Shigaraki had not been used in over a century, seeing it then I couldn't really believe that it was standing in front of me in a child's handing writing no less.

Sorahiko's nodded, "Yes, and we're also assuming that 'Indica' might be the name of the little girl."

I picked up the book holding it with new curiosity, "If that's correct that means All for one has a family...Which shouldn't be possible that surname hasn't popped up in our databases..." I added as my voice reached a higher tone. I admit that was I in denial, the thought of All for One having any living relatives frightened me for worlds wellbeing and for the girls.

My fingers now itched to turn the page, I look at Sorahiko who was sitting parallel from across the table, "How far have you read?"

The white-haired hero gestured his hand sideways, "I've only read about a quarter through, I had to stop when I came across something. I...I didn't feel comfortable to read through without you...you'll see Nana the further you get into the book. It gets really..." he sighed slightly frustrated with the inability to vocally explain. " I cant thoroughly explain with words what i had started to read ...just go ahead and read for yourself."

What could've made Sorahiko apprehensive to wait for me?

I turn the page when the few attempts for him to explain his vague as warnings fail. The first page is an introduction to whoever would be opening the book and reading for the first time.

This will pertain everything regarding me and my father. This is really dangerous so please be cautious and think about the pros and cons of your life before you read this, I hope to One day save a life and many more with the sensitive information that will be recorded.

Down under the warning, there was the same name that was on the cover of the notebook written neatly in cursive.


Down below were built points of facts and synopsis describing Shigaraki Indica.


DOB- April, 20, 20XX

Race- Japanese/ African American descendant, mixed.

Quirk- Gravity Manipulation?

Age- Currently nine years of age.

Height -

Name Name-Indica

Last Name -Shigaraki

Mother- deceased at 27

Father-Alive over 200 years old

My name is Indica Shigaraki and

My father is known for his infamous title All for one, and for is role and involvement for horrendous crimes throughout history against Humankind. I'm only known my father's surname, Shigaraki, I've never heard my father's first name and despite being his daughter i doubt me or anyone for that matter will ever know.

Because I resemble most of my mother's looks, such as my chocolate-colored skin many people don't realize I'm biologically his daughter.

I have my father's eyes while having my mother amber-brown eye color.

I have the same freckles as him and I have the same white hair like his.

My father possesses the quirk that allows him to take and give quirks. Which I'll explain later on in the next chapter, it is important that whoever reads this is aware and with enough evidence your credence is earned.

In case there's some disbelief I will leave some hair samples of my father's hair and mine. They'll be taped on the back of this page

My eyes flicker from the bottom of the page and frantically turn to the next page looking for the proclaimed hair strains.

There was nothing there. Except for some small writing that marked where the evidence would be.

Sorahiko must have read the aghast expression that was on my face and must have guess what part of the book i was at and explained that there was indeed a couple of Hair strains between to separate two separate plastic zip lock bags, "There was also some small disk with saliva samples but those were also taken a while ago so they could be tested along the other DNA samples we already have on All for one."

I exhale a heavy felt breath that I didn't know I was holding in my chest, the tension that was building in my gut ever since I laid eyes on her amber doe eyes I knew something was wrong whether it was first calling from my quirk or my mothers intuition that I've ignored for a long time. I could feel a sudden rise of anger when I thought about my children. I could always keep my emotions in check, never let it decide how I behaved or my beliefs but somehow All for one broke and destroyed my barriers to keep them at bay. I was a so angry that I forced those motherly instincts into deep place. Scolded myself at my own doubt and disbelief that I did the right thing.

I ignored it when I gave up children as the burden of having One for all made me realize how much danger I've placed them into, I did it to protect my children from All for one after I failed to protect my husband from that fate. Fearing that he would more or less lack the morals to spare them, yet he had his own child, a daughter.

One that was possibly mentally scared and under severe stress, malnourished, and behind her appropriate growth milestones.

The last thought made me grimace, the metal table began to bend under my grip as my quirk activated.

The room was still from my eerie silence, my anger was evident on my features.

"God Sorahiko do you know what this means!? If anything in this notebook is true if any of the DNA that was collected matched what we have at H.H.S." My voice cracks as I flickered through the pages, "That this little girl is related to All for One...that he has a daughter."

Sorahiko takes a deep breath before he speaks, rubbing his palm against his temple. He's had a long time to ponder over the revelation longer than I had, "I know Nana..." he says softly, he understands why I'm so angry, how unfair it felt that All for one had his own daughter that he kept hidden. "... the possibility that All for One is the girls father is unsettling...but this also means the girl is even much more than a target and in danger than anyone in this world considering that she is 'Icarus' and with how sensitive the information was it makes sense that the daughter of mastermind behind all of it would have such information. Nana, we both know that All for One is flippant with his morals when it comes to young innocents...and I'm confident to say he won't be so generous to spare his own daughter the same fate."

Considering the milestone growths spurts that Indica body was lacking and how downright terrified she became when I mention her parents back in the hospital in L.A. there was no doubt that she was already being subjected to some sort of abuse or some form of neglect.

It was no wondered she cried when I said she could be a hero. The thought of being a hero was a death sentence in her household.

I and Sorahiko discussed a bit more after I calmed down, I continued to read more through the little red notebook becoming completely absorbed in the entries that had grave details about Indica's home life, how strained her relationship is with her father. Between her 'Quirkless' training and her various punishments that she called chores it clear that All for one was harsh with his daughter and it's also clear that she's confused about how she feels towards him.

She quotes in one of the entries

' Daddy said he was proud of me today for scaling the high wall without my hands. I don't know why i smiled at the praise, daddy just wants me to be bad anyway. I won't be like him but I guess it's okay if I smile sometimes when he does something considerate. I like it when daddy really smiles rather than when he won't smile when I do something he doesn't like, i hope he doesn't hate me when i leave one day. I still kinda love him.

Side note: he said he would buy me a Barbie doll for my birthday. A weapon maybe? Dolls are usually meant for sparing against...I don't know what it is but I hope it's nice. Father said I would like to cause girls my age play with them? I'm not allowed out the house unless needed, so if whoever reads this thinks I'm sheltered that's because I'm closed off from outside interaction.

"Explains her behavior..." I mutter to Sorahiko as I read further.

"She seemed rather distraught and reserved when I tried to first attempted to talk to her, now that I know that she grew up closed off from the world around her it explains why she kept looking at the hospital room with that look in her eye that strongly suggests something was wrong...and see how the only time she mentions outside is only pertaining to walking to and from her training classes."

Sorahiko agrees with my statement as he turns to a few pages further than explaining how she is only allowed to glance through media through weather channels to examen how to manipulate how information is portrayed, never to go outside unless for classes, or with a bodyguard. Not allowed to watch cartoons or TV shows except for the few that her father found fondly.

Which apparently All for one like's American cartoons. Lilo and Stitch was the one they both favored together.

It does peg my brain what type of inside joke All for one was thinking about when he named his daughter.

There were a constant pattern of little fond almost normal father-daughter moments that Indica wrote down. Small doddles of her father smiling or walking around the house.

It was sad.

Finally, we had reached the point of the notes where Sorahiko refused to read any further without me.

Instantly I noticed the vast comparison between her handwriting, the words on the title of the page were vigorous and deeply embedded into the page, you could see where she wrote each word multiple times with a red pen.


What we read together made us agreed to never let the possible daughter of All for one, Indica, to ever read or be revealed to her. What I read was alarming and disturbing, it was uncomfortable to read knowing that it came from the little girl.

Me and Sorahiko, as well as the few selected in the room, were in attendance for the private meeting swore to keep it under wraps. I know for without a doubt the notebook would be marked down into the category dragon level of mass destruction hidden away from society. The red notebook held information that was so sensitive and life-threatening that if someone were to reveal anything from those pages could face getting arrested or possibly be targeted and eliminated.

Though I prefer not to choose between the two ultimatums, I know I would have no say when the evidence hits the officials, knowing that made it struggle to smile to push past the inevitable. Knowing the hidden horrors of what this world truly is about.

Solemnly we come to a close, truly i felt unsatisfied at what we've found but I'd be Damn if I didn't say I was grateful that I could save an innocent from corruption from the clutches of All for one.

Present time

Nana and Indica were locked into each other's gazes, Nana refused to look anywhere but her amber-brown eyes. Her face was etched with terror, staring at Nana as if she realized the black plague, her words were chocked back as they failed to reach her lips.

Nana could see that Indica was about to breakdown again as she watched her lip tremble along with her small body.

Nana walked over to the girls her side and crouched with a gentle approach, ignoring the others in the room Nana took hold of Indica small trembling hands and held them, Indica weakly tried to pull away but Nana's stronger grasp held them close. The heroine was warned to keep a certain distance from the girl as they were unsure how the girl would react to physical contact after being nonresponsive for was a couple of days in shock, but she couldn't stand there and watch someone cry because of that monster. Nana enveloped her into her arms when the girl's soft sobs began to fill the room, she rubbed her back in soft circles.

"I-I can't stay here, d-daddy he'll...he'll hurt you...they, you have to send me back..." she cried into Nana's chest, her big brown doe eyes were flooded with more tears. Her father was probably somewhere being terrifyingly distraught with someone suffering the consequences of his anger.

Nana tightens her grip on the little girl at the thought of Indica being in All for one's hands. The raven-haired hero responded with a softer version of her trademark grin, "What type of hero would I be if did that young Lavender-san, I don't think I could call myself a hero if failed to protect you because of my own selfish concern of my own well being. I take my duty to protect to heart little lady, hero or not I'd never leave someone astray if they're calling for help-"

" I don't need help...and I certainly don't deserve it...I'm not g-good, my father will punish me b-but at least you'll be safe. You have to be safe so you can save more people, GOOD people! I-" Nana grasps her face making the little girl look up at the heroine, her smile had turned into a firm one, her eyes burning with compassion and determination.

"Sweetie you are far from bad, especially with how many lives that you've have saved with those letters that you've sent out of hero's."

Her eyes blink at the heroine at the sudden mention of the letters. The others in the room beside Toshinori all stared carefully at the girl waiting to see her reaction to confirm that Indica Shigiraki was true 'Icarus", although the evidence that they've recovered from her backpack including the blood samples was enough to say she was the anonymous Informant, officially there needed to be audible confession.

Sorahiko felt relief as his hunch was correct when Indica has out her own confession.

The trembling in her voice lessened while her white brows furrowed in confusion before raising in shock realizing what Nana had just said, "You've read my letters...I...I...didn't think anyone was taking them seriously..." an emotion of relief passed over in her eyes. She pressed her lips together to force a small smile but her lips still formed a weak grin," I know what i wrote was classified information...but i still hoped to hear something, j-just anything to know that I prevented something bad from happening...I still keep writing even if just hoping someone would believe at least one of them..." Indica hiccups.

Nana's lips curled up into a smirk, "We've been looking for you for over a year sweetie, your letters caught the attention of two almost three countries, there are so many lives and catastrophes that you've saved and prevented from happening. You are not evil because of your father Indica, far from it, your hero in my book."

"Y-You...think so?" Nana brought her thumb up to her face wiping a fallen tear from Indica's cheek.

Nana smiled warmly looking into her amber-brown eyes, "Of course, what you did was very brave and I'm happy and admire how you thought of saving other's while you were stuck in a dark and bad place...so would you please for once let us save you...please."

Indica took a look around the room to look at all of the heroes around her, it felt surreal that she was sitting around them, actual positive adults, people who wanted to save her instead of watching her suffer under the imprisonment and abuse from her father. Every adult she knew that was in association with her father just sneered and ignored her presence because she was born and bred successor that All for one wanted. Turning a blind eye when she weeps when her father hit her in one of his meetings when she spoke out of turn. For the longest she believed she would have to save herself, she couldn't trust anyone but herself to be free.

But Nana...she rescued her. She was free, she didn't need to daydream ways to escape, she was rescued...

When she finally spoke it did something to everyone in the room hearing her soft voice, it was solemn and innocent like. "Okay." Nana looked concerned when Indica eyes began to fill with tears but were reassured when she broke out a smile, "I let you rescue me."

After coming to complacency for help from the hero's she was interviewed and questioned, which went over quite smoothly, for the most part, she answered with as much detail she could give to her best ability.

After a while recovery girl informed the hero and investigators that the questioning had to come to a sudden stop as her patient needed to eat and rest.

Nana and the other hero's began to exit the room bidding their soft farewells to the little girl as a nurse brought a tray full of food for the girl to eat.

Turn to leave as well after saying goodbye to Indica before Chiyo rushed her off, but Nana felt a tug at her cape that made her turn back to met big brown pleading eyes, "C-Can you stay? I don't want to be alone..."Indica begged softly.

The One for all quirk user sighed internally, she couldn't object to the small child especially with the big baby pouty eyed look she was giving her. A warm smile met her face, "Chiyo, you don't mind if I stay a little longer, just at least until young Lavender-san falls asleep?"

Chiyo, seeing the small interaction with the hero and the little girl gave Nana a small nod, the little girl seemed to latch herself to the hero, Nana being the only hero she looks comfortable being with. Indica tried to mask her uneasiness while talking to investigators by looking down at her hands never looking anyone directly in the face. She did fidget when recovery girl herself went to check on her head wound. Nana's presence was comforting Indica which was a good thing considering how much of change she was going through. Chiyo could see her shoulder relax a bit when Nana pulled a chair next to Indica's hospital bed.

Recovery girl smiled lightly upon seeing the roots of Indica's hair turning back to the bright snow-white color. Nana had told her that one of the side effects beside her severe stomach aches was the color change in her hair, forcing her hair to turn into an inky black.

" Ah, it looks like your hair is finally turning back to its natural color... that means the effects of your drawback is starting wear off," Chiyo muttered to quiet girl as she was checking on the bandage on Indica's temple, her brown eyes shifted towards recovery girl before looking down at her lap. "...Last time it took a month before it returned to normal... "

That was odd, drawbacks for a quirk usually aren't so long-lasting to quirk user's body unless it causes physical damage. "Your drawbacks are usually last that long? Do you usually overuse your quirk?"

Indica fiddles with her fingers, " Um, I don't use my quirk that often so whenever I do I always have trouble using it for very long..."

"Do you have quirk counseling? You know someone the helps you with your quirk?" Nana asked before thinking.

Indica's somewhat small smile turns into a solemn frown, "...my father was ..he forbid me from working on my quirk ...he didn't appreciate that I pretended to be quirkless. If he had found out..t-that I used it...I would have gotten a punishment..." She revealed to the two hero's, her voice cracking as she finished speaking, her body shivers a bit thinking how her father would have reacted if she did escape the park, her quirk would have still caused her a drawback about the time she made it home.

He would have calmly reassured her while threatening to force her body into exhausting punishment for not being able to escape without the usage of her quirk with his sickly sweet voice.

That's the thing with her father he never had to raise his voice to scare Indica, despite the soft enduring tone that he used when he talks she could tell whether or not he was displeased. Now if he raised his voice, which was almost never but when he did it was because he was pissed.

A hand on Indica's shoulder pulled Indica out her thoughts, she had spaced out after answering Nana's question. Nana stared down at the girl with a weary expression," Are you okay Lavender-San...we don't have to talk about it anymore if you are uncomfortable."

Indica quickly wiped her face nodding," A-Alright..." she said sniffing. Gosh was she emotionally drained, Indica couldn't count how many times she had broken down in tears, she didn't realize how much of a crybaby she was, all the built-up tears and tension that she had held over the last few years? Though it did feel amazing to let it out for once instead of ignoring it. Now that she was free.

She was free.

Free from him.

Indica managed a tiny smile to form on her lips," Thank you for saving me, even if I didn't want it at first...I really appreciate it..." she released a shaky breath.

Nana's raven-colored eyes softened at the brown-skinned girl's words, the poor tiny thing still had tears forming in her amber-brown eyes as a watery smile broke out.

It was the first smile that she had formed since Indica had been moved to this hospital, even her eyes crinkled a bit as her cheeks rose with the smile. Her freckles, which were still glowing, were right on top of her cheeks were rose, Nana recognized the emotion and sensation her face was making, she was thinking of hope. The twinkle in her big brown eyes made it more adorable and heartbreaking.

Just as Nana was about to say something the nurse had placed a food tray on top of Indica's table that was attached to the bed.

Indica turned away from Nana to face the nurse who gave Indica her food, a look of pure curiosity mixed in with confusion overcame her face. The nurse smiled and politely explained the foods that were brought for her to eat assuming that Indica wasn't accustomed to Japanese style type of culinary foods. She had a concentrated look as the listened to every detail the nurse tried to explain what was in the food and explaining how it would fit into her new diet regiment.

When the nurse asked if she had any questions Nana watched her slowly turning white brows furrowed, her finger tapping her lips before she asked," Does this mean I have to chew it up?"

That caught everyone in the room off guard, the nurse chuckled, " Of course sweetie how else would you eat it?"

Indica scratched her cheek, "Well I never had to eat anything solid before." She deadpanned.

The nurse blinks a bit at Indica before Nana buds in," S-Sweetie what do you mean you've never had solid food before, how have you've been eating all this time?" I swear to god if All for One's been mother bird feeding this adorable child the next time I see him he's dead for sure. Nana thought as her mind raced.

Indica went on to thankfully explain that she occasionally ate selective fruits and nuts when they were blended up into a smoothie and drunk mostly protein shakes for the vast majority of her life. So most of her food intake was always liquefied or blended, the only things she had to crunch on was almonds in her smoothies at the least. So not quite as bizarre as Nana originally thought but still sad that Indica never earning anything solid to eat.

Her curiosity only peaked as she was told that she was gonna be able to eat more foods that weren't always liquidated, she hummed in excitement at the tray bestowed to her.

Indica turned to Nana with the look that meant, what should I eat first ' trusting Nana would help her decide what was good for her to eat.

Nana pursed her lips as she scanned over the food, this would the first time that the little girl would eat solid foods that haven't been broken down for her to eat, culinary foods from a different culture but she never learn any American customs either when she thought about it. Nana decided to go with the easiest choice that is best for a child her age would like.

"Well let's start off with the Jell-O first Lavender-san, it's really soft for your teeth and it taste's pretty good." She said as she pointed to red gelatin substance.

Indica starred at the red Jell-O inspecting it, slowly she took hold of a spoon and took a piece, Nana, the nurse and as well as Chiyo watched as she hesitantly slipped the spoon into her mouth with eyes closed.

"..." Her lips curled upwards as her eyes popped back open sparkling with Awe, a little please squeak was all she could muster with the food in her mouth. Indica brought her tiny hands to her cheeks as she chewed, moaning at sweet flavor and texture on in her mouth.

The women in the room chuckled, "So I guess that means th-W-Wait! Lavender-San doesn't put the whole piece in your mouth you have to chew it first!"

Indica ignored Nana's panicking voice as she ate stuffed the piece of jello into her small mouth, the flavor was new and she loved, she never got to have sweeties with father unless it was a special occasion, which was always ice-cream.

Again tears trickled at the corners of her eyes as she turned to Nana with a mouth full of jello smiling, her smile is bright and very adorable.

" Oh mcp gOwsh NaMa! It's so FcwKing DeLiciwihs!" She exclaimed through the mouth full to Nana. The raven-haired hero giggled at her gargled words no doubt she probably cursed but at least she was expressing good emotions.

I guess food helps her out her shell a bit.

Nana grins back at her wiping a piece of jello from around her mouth with a napkin, "Don't eat too fast Lavender-San, your stomach might be still sensitive so try to eat a little slowly alright."

The little girl smiles some more and nodded quietly as she swallows the jello, " O-Oh yeah, alright. I would be sad if I threw jello up...it tastes really good...I like chewy food..." she shyly says a blush forming at her cheeks.

" Well for now on you'll be able to enjoy more... chewy foods." Indica gives Nana a content sigh and continues to eat, her mood ultimately uplifted.

After her dinner, Nana looks at the time and see that time had flown by she was sure night had fallen. The light's had been off for quite some time, the only lighting in the room is a lamp in the corner, along with the T.V. that Indica had been watching. Nana rubs her eyes while she peers over to the text messages from Toshinori.


-I hope u and Sorahiko get everything settled with ur case, I'll see u tomorrow Nana.


Nana smile's at her screen, Toshinori had been ushered out the room when Indica started breaking down, an officer accompanied him back to his hotel room with his class. Her successor had been slowly revealing the story of One for all and All for one for the past year, Toshinori shows great promise as future hero for the generation of hero's, she admires his goal to be a symbolic piler of peace, though it disheartened her that the burden of this quirk will be passed on to Toshinori.

If she failed, he would have to someday fight him.

Hopefully, if that day does come he won't be alone,

Toshinori didn't have anyone until two years ago, even now the boy was shy and kept to himself. He needs more friends to lean on and socialize with...I wonder how lavender-san would get along with Toshi

Nana looked up over her shoulder to look at Indica, who was off and on again dozing, she was clearly fighting the urge to fall asleep. Nana sighed a little, " Lavender-San are you sleepy?" She asked already knowing the answer whether or not the child responded correctly.

Indica's slowly turned her head in Nana's direction, her head slightly bobbing as she looked up, her brown amber eyes are half-lidded in a sleepy haze, " Um...yes...but urn I can't sleep...what if ...s-something happens." She says before letting out a cute yawn.

Nana's eyes soften," You don't have to worry squirt you can sleep peacefully now...I promise nothing will happen...as long as I'm here." She whispered to Indica gently pushing Indica's head to sit back on the pillow. Indica resisted against the pillow her eyes slowly fluttering open and close, Nana pulled the blanket up some more up the little girl's body. "..mmmk..."

Nana could still see the whites in Indica's eye still starring back at her, she brought a gloved finger to push back her slow whitening curly hair behind her ear.

Nana calmly looked down at Indica who had a slightly pensive expression laced with her tried body, having used most of her energy so recovery girl could heal her made Indica quite tired.

"...Will you be back tomorrow ?" Indica whispered, breaking the silence in the room. Her voice was soft and slightly broke realizing that Nana was preparing to leave.

" Of course Lavender-San I'll come to see you." She reassured her.

Indica nodded before closing her brown eyes, "... you promise." She whispered back. Nana's eye's softened at the quite plea before Indica drifted to sleep to her Nana's response. Watching the steady rise and fall of her chest Nana sighed.

"Yeah ... I promise"