26 years later...

"Um...can I get two hot dogs..one with all the works except onions and the other with just mustard and cheese an-"

"Oh don't forget the pickles Mirai." said a soft voice.

Mirai nodded turning back to the food stand," and please add pickles."

The woman at the food stand nodded as she wrote down the details of the order, "Okay...is there anything else you would like to add to your order?"

Mirai tug slightly on her bottom lip as she stared down at the cash in her hand, she had a few dollars she could spare," I'll like to add two drinks a large rootbeer for me and a small for the little guy." Mirai could hear her brother gasp in excitement from down beside her, the cashier giggled at her younger sibling before giving Miari her total.

" Alright, that would be 10.25..."
Mirai paid for their lunch with cash and walked over to a table to wait for the food to be brought to them.
Mirai chuckled as she looked over at her brother's smiling face, she ruffled his pale white hair. "Sooo are you excited for this awesome drink and hotdogs we about eat?"
She helped the five-year-old into a booth by picking up the backpack that held his heart monitor, gently moving the bag that had wires coming out the bag that was slipping under his shirt hiding the other end of the wires that had a small patch that stuck to his chest.

Mirai smiled when his big brown eyes lit up like they always did for the past five years of his life, Toshi was always a big ball of innocence and optimism.

"Yup! Its been forever since I had root beer, let along a hotdog." He said excitedly as he swung his feet, he pulls out a small hero coloring book from his backpack along with a few crayons and begins to color as he talks," you think we can call dad later on?"
Mirai watch's Toshi as he colors in an image of Endeavor, "Yeah we can call him, I'm not sure if he'll answer right away knowing pops, probably busy with hero work..." Toshi smile falters a bit around the corner of his lips, "buttt If he isn't I know he'll be freakin ecstatic at the good news we got from the doctor's office, finally getting rid of the heart monitor!" Mirai cheered poking the side of his cheek In hopes of raising his smile again, which was effective. Toshi giggled, reaching over the table to return the favor to his sister's nose.
Mirai grinned that he remained cheerful, she was adamant to keep this day as great as possible for her brother. Earlier today at his doctor's appointment they received the news that his severe heart murmur was slowly fixing its self, and by the end of the year, the little guy wouldn't have to have the heart monitor and get off his medication.
Mirai honestly felt dreaded at an upcoming appointment, her brother had been suffering from heart problems ever since he was born. Usually, her father would accompany Toshi to all of his appointments instead of her, but with her father's busy work schedule and for the fact their father had moved back to Japan for personal/health reasons, she was in charge of taking her brother to his doctor appointments.
So one could imagine how stressful it was for the 15-year-old.
" We should call the girls too! They'll be so excited to hear about it too." Toshi gushed as he finished his Endeavor drawing, he gave the said hero green flames instead of his iconic red flames. Mirai giggled at the green that clashed with Endenvor's custom purple hero suite that her brother also added.
Gosh, Tj your fashion sense.
"Yeah, we might have to call them later on in the day though, the girls now have a school schedule and are probably still adjusting to the new house and all that good jazz."
Toshi hummed, " Oh yeah I forgot about that...well maybe when we call we can do a family video-face chat so everybody can know at the same time." He raised his coloring book at face his sister, "How does it look? Any suggestions? Opinions?" He asked wiggling his white brows.
Mirai gave her brother a knowing look, "It could use some...work." Her brother dramatically slumped into his side of the both groaning in despair, Mirai rolled her eyes laughing, " You knew exactly what I was going to say anyway, Toshi you know how I feel about that Damn color palette."
Her brother dramatically clinched his chest as if his heart was broken," And to believe I trusted you Mi-chan."
Mirai shook her head and smiled when the food was making its way over to their booth, she opened her mouth to thank the waiter but her brother's mouth was faster.
"Um, ma'am...what do you think of this picture I drew?"
Mirai bit down a grin as the waitress looked over at the coloring book, both watched the internal grimace that flashed in her face before forcing a tight-lipped smile.
Toshi being the adorable little shit that he was, looked up at her with those innocent brown puppy dog eyes, "You think mister Endeavor would like it? I'm thinking about fan mailing it to him."
He wiggled in his seat moving the crazy bangs that he had inherited from his father, adding to his cuteness factor.
"I'm thinking of becoming a Hero suit designer when I grow up, you think I'll be any good?" He flashed her the most enduring smile that he could muster.
The waitress was going through some serious guilt trip as she answered the boy, " Of course, E-Endeavor would be honored to have such a...urm colorful suit." She forced out. Her brother knew his drawing was a bit of a sight for sore eyes, he knew how to actually draw quite decently, he just clashed the color schemes to get reactions out of people. It was kind of her and her sister's fault for him knowingly be aware of how dangerously adorable he was. No one likes to crush cute kid's dreams.
Toshi gushed and thanked the woman as she returned back to her job.
God bless her and anyone who fell for her brother's ploy.
Mirai outwardly sighed, "Toshi being a manipulative little shit isn't very becoming of you..."
With a cheeky grin he picked up a fry before eating it, " I have no idea what you mean..."
The brown skin teenager just picked up her drink and took a sip from the straw watching her brother grin to himself.
"Besides we live in Florida she probably thought it looks fabulous anyway."
Mirai was about to comment on her brother's statement but her Phone started to ring. Mirai raised her phone up to look at the caller I.D. it read 'practically my twin' on the screen. Mirai pursed her lips as she looked at it ring, " who is it?" Toshi asked as he looked over the table, he raised a brow, " I thought she had school around this time?"
Mirai shrugged her shoulders as she answered the phone, "Hello darling sister of mine." Instead of getting an expect playful hello from her sister she got a shaky voice on the other end.
"Um, Mirai have y-you seen the news?!" Immediately Mirai was alarmed at the sound of her voice, " No, what's wrong? Did something happen to dad?"
The teenager on the other end was beginning to cry, " Yes, no sorta? Dad got into a really bad fight today, he had already run his limit earlier t-today...I told him not push himself, but you know how dad is he won't Fucking listen because he stubborn as HEll AND HIS HEART IS TOO FUCKING BIG TO LET SOMEONE GO WITHOUT HELP! ..." Mirai grimaced as her sister started crying and ranting about their father, she pulled the phone away from the ear to look at Toshi who looked worried. Mirai forced a small smile a she got up from the table, " H-Hey I'm gonna take this call real quick outside you um..stay right here until I get back...k."
The five-year-old starred at her with a sad look," Is it about daddy?" He asked her solemnly.

"Y-Yeah, but I'm sure everything is alright, here just go buy your self a milkshake while I talk on the phone okay." Mirai took out her credit card and handed it to her brother, "Don't go too overboard, sweetie." She whispered before slipping out to the side of the restaurant, she stood in front of the restaurant window to have a good look at her brother while she talked.
She unmuted her sister, she was still quite upset about her father almost getting himself killed. She knew had to be very bad her sister never called this distraught about her father's selfless actions, they've ranted before to him for playing with the boundaries of his health but never broke down crying. Mirai couldn't understand a single word coming out of her mouth as she angrily muttered on the phone, Mirai cut her off on the phone and let her sister calm herself before she started to explain what had happened.
She wished she could be there to calm her sister down, but she was all the way across the world in Japan with her father and her other sister. Her sisters had just moved just a month ago, leaving Mirai and Toshi in America, the girls had all come to agreement that their father could use some help regarding his own health to make sure he didn't overwork himself and so he wouldn't be all alone, while Mirai would stay in America to take care of their brother alone. Being the oldest of the four children she was used to taking care of her siblings, she had enough funds and all the bills were paid, and she was the main person in charge of taking Toshi to and from his appointments so it wasn't anything she couldn't handle already by herself.
Both of the males in their family needed to be taken care of because of their problematic health issues, the girl's mother always praised how important family is, so it ingrained into her brain to always support and protect.
The three of them knew their father, in spite of his good heart and intentions he was begrudgingly not following doctors' orders, so her younger sisters by two hours and fifteen minutes where enrolled in public school In Japan staying over at the new apartment.
Mirai ran her hand through her hair as she paced around in front of the restaurant listening to what little details her sister knew about the incident if her hair wasn't already naturally white she was sure it would have started to turn white because of stress.
Her father could stress a person out jeez.
Suddenly Mirai paused in mid-step listening to her sister mention her other sister," W-Wait wait hold up, repeat what you just said." she asked cutting off her sister, her repeated what she had just said.
" I said that Indinori was a little shaken up but she only had a few minor cuts and bruises..." her voice grows quieter though out the sentence as if realizing she slipped up on her wording.
Mirai's blue eyes narrowed at the phone, something wasn't adding up. Indinori went to the same school as her sister, so supposedly they were both in school when the attack happened. "Wasn't she at school with you?"

The evident silence on the other end made Mirai suspicious, "Nana, she was at school with you right? Right?" Mirai pressed.
"...Y-Yeah, but we have different classes. Um... her c-class was at the U.S.J. t-they were on a field trip..." Mirai could practical see her sister tugging at her lip as she talked, Nana could fool lots of people with her cool attitude but not Mirai, she was stuttering and with her being emotionally upset her sister could hear past the bullshit.
"Classes just started, you guys are already taking field trips?...To a place that is specifically owned by another school, a hero school. Nana what exactly are you leaving out cause if I recall Dad said U.A. owns U.S.J... You guys don't go to a hero school..."
Again Mirai was met with silence, she was utterly confused and worried her, because not only did her father overexert his body possibly shortening his time he could work as a hero but her sister was also caught up in the mix in the attack. And from how Nana was freaking out over the phone the situation must have been really bad, Nana wasn't the type be overdramatic, sure she was kind of a crybaby lately since dad's health had been declining but that was to be kind of expected, overall Nana was the girl who knew morbid shit she probably shouldn't know and inform you about it and keep smile on her face while at it. Nothing too quickly bothered her.
"...Mirai I gotta tell you something...but you have to promise not to get mad at me...maybe at Indinori cause it was her Idea in first place but please don't get too mad." admitting that there was something she didn't know about while throwing Indinori under the bus, Mirai was incredibly suspicious now.
Her eye's narrowed at the phone in her hand as if she could stare at her sister,"...What did you guys do?" She groaned.
"Me and Indinori got enrolled and are attending U.A. and we don't currently live in dad's new apartment...cause we never talked to dad about even moving in the first place...we kind of lied about that so you wouldn't try to stop us from going to U.A...please don't be mad Mira-"
"Say sike right now." Mirai's voice turned into a low but calm threat.

"I-I... Mirai please don't be mad, we knew how you felt about hero's so we just didn't tell you. If yo- "
"No! Whatever dumb ass excuse your going to come up with I don't want to hear it! Fuck Nana! You both promised that we wouldn't become down that route."

"It is not fair Mirai and you know it! We have dreams too, the whole thing with not being heroes is selfish." Nana raised her voice as she yelled back, "...look I'm sorry that we lied to you and Toshi, but we're going to be hero's, so we can protect people how mom did."
Mirai clenched her fist around the phone, "You can't use mom as an excuse to lie, you should have at least talked to me..."She hissed.

There was a soft sigh from Nana, " You don't exactly make it easy Mirai...you were just going to say no anyway. You always think you know what's good for us...if anything you use mom as an excuse to guilt-trip us, she probably wanted at least one of us to take on her mantle..." Nana tried to argue.

"You don't know that," Mirai said tightly.
Didn't they know how dangerous it was, just look at what had happened to Indinori or their father for that matter? People get fucked up, royally.

They both go back and forth on the phone, Mirai's mood turning sour by the minute. The sisters hadn't had an argument like this in while.

"Look Mirai I don't have it in me to argue with you on the topic, it's already happening. I and Indinori can't always coddle you because you can't move on..."

Mirai huffed an angry laugh, "Can't move on?!" She says sarcastically, Mirai couldn't count how many times she tried to do Family activities or little get-togethers to help move on as a family only to be brushed aside or blatantly ignored. Mirai excused it as the cause of grieving so much until she figured out to just to stop.

" I've done nothing but tried to protect and be there for both you while taking care of Toshi BY myself. I do everything by myself now just so you can have fun somewhere else."
"No all you do is hold me back, Indinori back and especially dad back when you try and act like Mom all the time. Why do you think no one asked if you wanted to come back to Japan with us huh? Or why dad doesn't call like he used to? ..."
Mirai felt her chest throb as if she were being stabbed. Is that why he doesn't call?
She couldn't find the strength to muster the right words to argue back. Deep down she knew it was all because her father got busy sometimes, yet a part of her believed it. Mirai, out of the four children favored their mother the most in looks. Same white coily hair, sharing most of the facial features besides the lack of freckles, same big doe round eyes, and small petite body frame. All she needed was a pair of brown eyes and some freckles and Mirai would be the perfect carbon copy. She came to realize it made it hard to cope with some looking almost exact in the same household, eventually, they came back around but still hurts to know you were a constant reminder. So the possibility of her father avoiding her wasn't too far fetched.

Mirai quickly wiped the moisture from her eyes as the throbbing in her chest grew.
Nana could really cut into you if riled her up enough.
There was a small pause before Nana spoke again,"...Look i gotta go check on Indinori and Dad. I'll tell them you said hello." Before Mirai could say anything Nana had hung up the phone.

Mirai snared at her phone, "There goes my Fucking day." She stuffed her phone into her pocket before she used her quirk to crush the electronic into pieces.
She was really trying to have a nice day, more so for Toshi but a girl needs a day that doesn't end with depressing sad memories. Her dad could have almost died along with her sister today, a swell of emotions scratched at her chest, the possibility that another member of their family could have been taken away. It would have been worse than what happened all those years ago when their mother passed away.
A flash of her mothers face laying still with no emotion, dead with bl-
Don't think about it.
She shook her head from those bad thoughts, repressing those memories back to the deepest part of her consciousness before she made herself sick.

Mirai breathed in and out for a while, collecting her thoughts that weren't angry she walked back into the restaurant and slid back into the booth her and her brother were sharing.
Her brother was sitting at the table coloring another hero in his hero book, using the actual color scheme for Crimson riots outfit. A chocolate milkshake with whip cream topping stood next to His plate, it must have just gotten there cause it had not been touched.
His brown eyes flicker up from the page to acknowledge her return before going back to his creative art, a mutual frown appears on his lips. Toshi could probably sense that Mirai was not in the best of moods, "...so is everything alright...?"
No, she wanted to say, cause our sisters left us behind cause they want to accomplish a dream that will most likely get them killed. It's not fair to me nor especially you.

Her blue orbs look at his face with a soft sigh, he looked so much like their father when he looked up at her with his brows slightly raised and big gentle concerned eyes, so swarmed with sincerity, and his dads signature wild bed hair with ridiculous long bangs that only she and Toshi got from the gene pool. While he had their fathers' physical appearance he had all of mom's features, big brown eyes, cute little freckles, and snow-white hair.
Her last gift before she passed away. Mirai was glad that his presence didn't pull them apart like her's did if anything it gave their family something to build off of.

"Its nothing squirt, dad just got too busy and almost hurt himself. Nana was kind of overwhelmed was all..." She lied forcing her positive attitude back, it was Toshi's day.
She could see Toshi shake his head, " Well that's good then...Mi-chan ...can I ask you a question?" He asked softly.
Mirai nodded as she actually starts to take notice of the food in front of her, it was still warm. She wasn't sure if she was still hungry after the distasteful conversation but she needed to eat something.
"Do you...hate hero's?"
The sudden question make's Mirai choke on her hotdog, she coughs and hits her chest a couple of times so she can swallow.
"Are you okay!? I'm sorry Mirai!" Toshi panics grabbing a couple of napkins to wipe his sister's face.
Mirai coughs as she waves her hand," N-No it's okay squirt I just forgot to chew is all." She coughed red-faced, I hope Toshi was the only person to see that lord have mercy. I'm so embarrassed!
Toshi takes his seat hesitantly, "... you sure?"
Mirai took a sip of her drink and nodded, she clears her throat before answering her dear sweet brother," Toshi what made you ask that question?"
The brown skin boy twirls one of his bangs, a habit he does when he's afraid to answer a question, "You always have that certain look on your face when girls talk about being heros...that sad face you kind of making now..." he mutters.

Her cheeks turn a dark shade, she hadn't realized she was still moping. She fixed her lips into a small grin, ruffling his hair. "I'm Sorry squirt didn't know I had been looking so gloomy." She sincerely apologized, she had to work on masking her emotions more, Toshi didn't deserve to see how bad she felt.
"To answer your question I don't hate hero's...what they do is quite brave and noble... though heroes can be sometimes idiotic, mean and fame-hungry ... nobody is perfect..." Mirai shrugged her shoulders," its simply human nature to have some flaws...I just don't exactly care for the risk that comes with the job."
She didn't hate hero's at all, once upon a time she was adamite to becoming a hero following her parent's footsteps but as she got older she realized how hard the hero life was a person, what people don't see behind closed doors.
Mirai always hid and pretended not to see how stressful things get for their parents, as a child, she stayed optimistic along with her sisters, for the sake of her sisters as the oldest out of the triplets she made sure that they didn't see how tense their mother was and smiled just like her father taught her.
Somewhere along lines, Mirai thought they understood on the same level as her after the accident with their mother. They all made a promise to take care of the boys in their family having them both so close to death's door with Toshi's heart problem and Dad's injury.
They probably didn't get what I meant when I made the promise...we're doing a lot of grieving. They probably didn't understand the gravity of what I meant. We're just only ten years old when everything went to shit...
After the accident that happens right after Toshi was born she couldn't bear to see her sisters go down the same route that her mother went through and the one her father was currently getting dragged through. She topped her hat off to the hero's who stand strong and endure through the stressful endeavors of the hero business, her dad especially.

Toshi tilted his head to the side, "Risk? What type of risk do hero's go through? All they do is fight the bad guy and save the day."
Mirai couldn't help but chuckle at her brother's naiveness, he was too young to know the consequences of living that lifestyle, she remembered when she thought that too at his age. I wish it was that simple.
"People get hurt a lot Toshi...you've seen how dad looks tired all the time...when he is around. It's scary..." she ended quietly, she could see that he recognize what she meant when she references their father. He tugged on his lip while starring down at his lap as he went on it deep thought, "...I guess that's a good reason not wanting to be hero...is that why you don't want to be one?"
Mirai bit the inside of her cheek on that one, that question was complicated, " No...not entirely...I'm not afraid of getting hurt for the most part...I kind of made a promise to someone special..." one that I want to break, but I'll be a hypocrite if I did...
"Do you want to be one?"
Mirai pursed her lips a bit, "maybe...but I have to take care of you little bro.."
Toshi frowned,"but you'd be perfect Mirai, you could kick butt better than Indinori or Nana could at U.A." as soon as he realized what he said his hands cover his mouth.

Mirai could only stare at her brother before she could find her voice to speak again"T-Toshi how do you know that the girls go to U.A.?!" She planted her hands on the table and leaned over the table hovering in her brother's face slightly glaring with an older sibling expression.
Her brother scratched the side of his cheek turning his direction towards the ground, "I might have heard Indinori discussing it with Nana when I was supposed to be in bed...a couple of months ago...Uncle Nighteye wanted them to go to U.A. to make sure dad was okay...he said daddy was having trouble picking the rights-succicsor?" He answered nervously twiddling his fingers.
Though the five-year-old was jacking up the word 'Successor' Mirai could recognize the familiar word and squinted her eyes, dad's successor? Since when was dad looking for one...and why did Uncle Night go to the girls about it and not include me?
Her father had explained his quirk 'one for all's to his daughters some years back and how important it was to keep a secret as he was the piler of peace. Her father had explained that in a few years he would have to pass it down. Having only mentioned it a couple of times before getting caught up with work she sorta forgot that her father had to do that.
" Uncle said dad had about two years left to pick a susseor ... before his... light? Yeah, something about a light going out and he had to pick that long s word before it was too late..." The brown-eyed boy looked up from his lap to see his sisters face very pale, right away he started to apologize, "I-I know I was eavesdropping but i couldn't hel-" Toshi's rambling apology fell silent to Mirai's ears a she was mentally just realized how dire of conversation Toshi had listened in on.
Her Uncle Night and her father had fallen out some years ago over something she didn't have a clue about but it created some broken bridges and bad blood between them. Uncle Night still managed to be 'Uncle Night' despite whatever disagreement he had with their father, he still sent letters and presents to them every year to keep in contact but that was about it.
Mirai knew about Uncle night's quirk, Foresight, to foresee things in future, so for Uncle to say that Dad needed to get a successor in two years before his light goes out that meant his Fucking quirk would be out in two Damn years! So for Uncle night to reach out to his kids meant that it was something serious. Her father must have been too stubborn to refuse Night eyes help.
Now I can see why Nana and Indinori went on ahead and went to U.A. Uncle Night told them...those fuckers could have at least told me that was the reason they wanted to go! I can understand that being a Very logical reason to go to U.A.! Could have just said 'hey by the way Dad needs a successor cause he's having trouble picking one and Uncle night said we should help by going to U.A. and pick a person out' I'm sure as help would have said yes no questions further. If Uncle night had to ask Indinori and Nana to help then it must be serious, anytime he gets involved it serious.
Mirai sighed inwardly, today was very clusterfucked with surprises! Well at least now she wasn't as upset as with girls anymore, they were trying to help their dad pick his successor. So they were still taking care of dad...

Mirai loved loved loved her sisters but she sure as hell did not trust their judgment of Character for picking the new holder of one for all. Her father's quirk was in the hands of derpy twiddle dee and corrupted twiddle dum. She sunk her face into her hands releasing a groan.
"How am I going to fix this?" She muttered under her breath.
Toshi who had been watching his sister mutter herself into a mindfuck tapped her shoulder, "Am I in trouble?"
Mirai shook her head silently, a pause grew between them as the white-haired teen began to brainstorm, "Nah...but we're gonna have to start cleaning out the house though." She groaned even louder.
Toshi pursed his lips into a pout, "What? All be because I was eavesdropping." Mirai only shook her head no again, slumping into the side of her booth," No its grown-up stuff...if anything it is a good thing you did what you did, stuff could haves went really south in the future if you hadn't had just told me that."
Toshi dipped a French fry into his shake he had ordered a while ago, " ...um okay ..but why do we have to clean the house up for again?"
Mirai sat up leaning against the table, she swooped a fry into his shake before telling Toshi the only answer she could think of to solve the fuck conundrum that was almost too late to realize.

Nana was utterly ecstatic as she walked down the hospital hallway next to Sorahiko, she flashed him a small grin that only met Sorahiko's passive smile. It had been almost been five months since the rescue of Indica and the capture of Icarus, and well things have been going quite smoothly, to say the least. More interrogations were followed after the first one as the government was quite curious as to how much did the little girl knew regarding her father's business, which Indica provided the information to her best description.
While this was going on Indica was placed in therapy, and quirk therapy. She was also placed on her special diet to help her body start to grow into the milestones. Indica was eating more solid foods with bigger portions which she overly enjoyed, apparently her father was only letting the child eat very small portioned shakes twice a day with nothing in between the meals. Nana nearly cried when Indica explained how her father was 'teaching' her how to endeared with having small meals in case of a food shortage. All he was doing was starving her and being evil to her by saying it was training.
The was a lot for the little girl to work on, but she took it with a smile on her face trying her best to become a better person. Though Nana reminded her, she was already a good-hearted person, Indica told her she wanted to go beyond that by going plus ultra! Nana had to thank Sorahiko for teaching her the U.A. catchphrase. Her overall social interaction around others was slightly improving as she got more comfortable around the presence of heroes and doctors.
She had taken a special liking to Sorahiko of all people, their relationship dynamic was cute to watch. Sorahiko apparently was also a sucker for those big amber brown doe eyes, like he fell hard. Around the second time around, for Sorahiko, meeting her made it awkward as he was trying his best to not seem too intimidating, having not been around kids around her age that much, only around hormonal teenagers that he taught at U.A. He made a gentle approach by bringing her some coloring pencils and notebook so she wouldn't be bored when she was alone in the hospital. Sorahiko manages to make her breakdown into a fit of giggles when he poorly attempted to draw a picture of himself. Which was quite the sight for sore eyes, either way, his reaction towards her bright-eyed laugh was so cute, Nana wished she had taken a picture at the pro hero's face flushed in bright red with the most bashful look she had ever seen on the man. Now ever since then Indica always drew Sorahiko pictures so he could take them home from whenever he visited, and of course, he kept every single one of them.

The speed hero had unintentionally over time taken a fatherly role for India, which originally they were all hesitant and afraid how Indica would respond to that type of role coming back into her life so soon after years being with her abusive father. Her therapist reassured that the little girl loved the attention that Sorahiko, or 'doodle-chan' as Indica teased, that she got from him. Even mentioned that he was her favorite much to Nana's surprise, left the hero somewhat jealous but overall the positive progress was great.
In fact, because of the progress, Indica was given the okay to slowly being integrating into society.
Since the Icarus case was closed just a little over a week agothe government finally started the progress of getting Indica reintegrated into society by getting her legal citizenship, a birth certificate, her social and, etc.
They had also approached Sorahiko to see if he could have custody of Indica and become her legal guardian, as the idea of placing her into foster care was less ideal and more problematic for the girl's progress. For the obvious fact she was targeted by her father, it would only be smart to have her in the care of hero's that could protect her from a possible attack.
Of course, Sorahiko came to the conclusion that taking Indica in would be the safest and the best option for her. The speed hero was still a little concerned about his own ability to be a parent that Indica needed knowing that there would be bumps along the way. Nana would be there along the ride to help her recover so the load would hopefully be lessened.

Nana gave Sorahiko a wide grin when they made it to Indica's room. The speed hero's usually stoic face was slightly disheveled, not in a bad way per se. He just had a nervous energy that was coming off of him, his fist clenched the pink Hello kitty bag containing the outfit that the taller hero had bought for the girl. Nana found the sight it amusing, "You wanna do the honors?"

"Sure, just take this bag." Sorahiko gives the one for all user thebags in his other hand before tapping on the door. Sorahiko and Nana hear the soft chime of Indica's voice telling them to come in.
The two off duty heroes were greeted with the sight of Indica sitting by her window looking out as they walked into the room. The ten-year-old had somber and longing expression on her face but it faded once she realized who had walked in. Her whole posture changed into a positive attitude, her eyes lit up and her frown stretched into a toothy grin. Indica rested her palms against her cheeks as she turned in her seat to face the duo" Hi Nana and Sorahiko!" She said excitedly.
Since Indica's rescue, she had slowly begun to change physically with her diet she had been following forthe past few months. Her body had started to slowly gain more weight and fill in more into her actual age group growth marks. She still was kind of petite for her height but the doctor's reassured that over time she would start to grow in regards of her height, puberty was only a couple of years away so at least if shedidn't get any taller surely hitting puberty would give her that extra boost she needed.
After greeting the hero's with hugs, Indica suddenly took notice of their appearance, they weren't wearing costumes, they both were in civilian clothing. The snow haired beauty eyed their appearances more thoroughly noticing the hello kitty backpack in Nana's hand and more hello kitty themed shopping bags clutched in Sorahiko's hands.
Indica felt her cheeks flush realizing that the bags were probably gifts.
Receiving gifts was a new thing she was trying to get used to, well-receiving gifts with good nature were, not that she hated it at all, she appreciated the gifts she didn't have to decipher if it was a metaphor for training or a tool to get some self-righteous ideal shoved down her throat.
They were just simply gifts, no underlying motives just a gift.
"Are those for me?" Indica could tell from the way Nana glanced towards Sorahiko before answering her that there was something she had under her sleeve.
The speed hero told her grinned holding the bag slightly in Indica's direction, "Oh yes, we had bought you some clothes, it would be a nice change to wear something other than this hospital gown."
Indica peaked inside the bag curiously," T-These are really nice..." She cooed. Inside was a long pastel yellow blouse with a white flower growing along with the trim of the shirt, the material was thin and soft against her fingers, along with under the shirt was a pair pastel pink jeans. Indica felt her smile broaden as she lookeddown at the outfits, she appreciated that Sorahiko had gotten pastel-like colors, pastel colors were her favorite. "Thank you, Idon't know when I'll be able towear this since I'm always in the hospital 24/7."

Sorahiko silently bent down her to her level so that Indica could look at him, his brown eyes were sparkling with excitement that Indica hinted that he was planning something along with Nana. "Well, actually you'll get to wear them today since you've been discharged. "
Indica blinked, "Since when?"
"Just a little over a week ago, we would have gotten you've sooner but I had to clean up my Apartment so you could move into your new room." Sorahiko grinned when Indica's eyes grew wide finally realizing what was happening.
"They are finally letting me come home with you?! I get to go with you!" She yelled excitedly when he nodded he was enveloped in an embracing tackle, he had to steady himselffrom tipping over.
Nana openly chuckled as Indica practically chocked her partner with her arms tightly wrapped around his neck while she jumped excitedly. Indica pulled away with the biggest tear-jerking smile she had ever made in her life, she had never been this happy before ever, she didn't think it was possible.
"T-Thank you...i promiseIwon't be a b-burden." She said through wobbly tears, her voice cracking as she talked.
The One for all user felt her heart melt a little, " Indica you were never a burden my dear, we would have helped no matter how dangerous the situation was. I assure you that we see you as apart of our little family now..." she bent down to wipe the big crocodile tears from her brown cheeks," Indica don't ever believe that you're being a burden, your everything but that." She pushed a
The snow haired girl nodded, "O-Okay." She responded softly, "That's my girl, now let's go ahead and get dressed we have some activities to attend to."
"Activities?" Both of the white-haired individuals echoed, Indica traded glances between the two it seemed that it was only Nana that had something up their sleeve. Sorahiko's white-haired brow was furrowed up at Nana whos grin only broaden by the second. " I wasn't aware that we were doing anything besides heading home, was there something you forgot to inform me about?"

Nana let out a sheepish chuckle while lightly scratching her neck, " Ahh well I just wanted to make a little detour and walk around downtown Musutafu. I saw a flyer that there would a store opening for an Ice cream Parlor, and they serve other Frozen treats like frozen yogurt. I know how much you love it cause frozen yogurt doesn't upset your stomach."
Sorahiko wanted to tell Nana no, he had spentthe last four months reading and attendingparenting classes that specially told him that he needs to have Indica in a daily routine. Children her age with her type of family background need some order to help them progress. He knew how to make a schedule, that was on his skills he already did on a daily basis in his classes teaching at U.A.
Nana said he was overthinking it, he liked being organized and prepared. That being said taking the girl out to eat frozen sweets was not only not a part of schedule it would also ruin her appetite.
Nana knew that with that damn nervous grin she was making she also knew what Sorahiko wasgonna say.
Sorahiko opened his mouth to say what he had on his mind. "Na-"
" Really! " Indica had cheered, interrupting the adult. One look at brown skin little girl and Sorahiko immediately swallowed what he had to say. She was smiling with those big brown doe eyes, he could have melted for how weak he felt.
There was no way he could say no to that, he would be the bad guy if he denied her with the face she was making. She had even mushed her hands on either side of her face making her already round cheeks puff out more.
He mentally wanted to strangle Nana while he smiled back ever so sweetly back at Indica. "Well I guess we can make a detour before heading home, we should celebrate that you're being discharged today. You can even get two-scoop since Nana is being awfully generous by paying for anything and everything you want on your treat today." Nana's posture faltered a bit but it was overlooked by Indica adorableness, "Really?! I can get anything?"
Sorahiko grinned as he bopped her nose, "Anything for you." Despite the fact that he was doing this to tease Nana, a part of him was going to spoil the white-haired girl. He ignored the half heated glare for Nana. It's not like she minds paying for the girls treat she just knew how easy the numbers racked up and how expensive Ice Cream shops could be.
Indica pulled the hero back into another tight hug. "Thank you both," Sorahiko cheeks were flushed slightly as he smiled sincerely, he returned the gesture by hugging her back. Nana brought her phone from her pocket and snapped a picture real quick.
One for All warmly wentthrough her body, also pleased with the sight of Indica.