A sad night out in the jungle sets the stage for our story of a deserving duo's happily ever after.

Timon sighed a big sigh. Laying himself out for a nice lounge in his usual place on the crown of his best friend's head. Giving the tuft of hair a pat to make sure Pumbaa was paying attention before he spoke.
"I used to think three was a crowd, but now days? Ever since Simba left the nest it's been feeling like two's not company enough." He slid on down Pumbaa's forehead far enough that two giant eyes came into sight before going on. "Do you feel the loneliness like me, Pumbaa? When it's late at night and there isn't a third set of snores to fend off the deafening chirp of those delicious, annoying, impossible to catch in the dark, jungle crickets?"

The enormous set of eyes blinked once before looking down and to the side.
"I thought it was just me."

"Really? But we sing about Simba being gone and how he left us all alone out here at least twice a day." Timon pointed out. Voice just a little incredulous.

"Yeah. Guess I should have thought about that, huh?" Said Pumbaa, giving the back of his neck a sheepish scratch.

"Yeah, probably. But at least we're talkin' about it now. I mean, what're we gonna do, Pumbaa?" Asked Timon, flinging himself flat out as he half wailed the question. "Ever since the kid went off to take his 'rightful place as king' our harmonies've really been sufferin'!" The meerkat lamented. Letting himself slide the rest of the way down his friend's face and coming to rest on the bridge of his snout.

"Probably has something to do with us treating them like we're still a trio." Pumbaa pointed out.

"Can't let go of the past, can you, Pumbaa? How many times I gotta tell ya we're a duo again? We gotta sing like one!" Timon all but caterwauled as he flipped himself onto his back. Where he flung an arm over his eyes in dramatic fashion. "Can't leave room for our little cub's dulcet tenor anymore, 'cause he's off playing with a kingdom's future!"

"I wonder if the whole pride of lions sing? Maybe they do choral arrangements on their off days?" Mused the warthog. Prompting the meerkat to sit up and give the up close face an unimpressed look.



"We're having a pity party here. Maybe let's tone down the admiration for the thing that took our son from us?"

"We had a son?" Pumbaa asked. Shock evident.

"Really? What have we been talking about for the past two minutes?" Timon asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Uh... Simba having moved on with his life and the crushing loneliness we feel at not having him around anymore?" Pumbaa asked.

"Good. We're on the same page then," Timon said, resting his head once again on the snout beneath him. Staring up at the stars the three of them used to gaze at. Together.
"You think he's lookin' up at the same sky, thinkin' 'bout his dear old dads like we're thinkin' about him?"

"Uh, I'm pretty sure there's only one sky to look at."

"Pumbaa, work with me here," Timon beseeched, sitting back up to look the befuddled warthog in the eye.

"Uh... yes then?"

Timon fell into a deep slouch at the response. "You're no fun tonight. I'm gonna go find a midnight snack." And with that, the little meerkat hopped off his warthog's snout and disappeared into the tall grass to one side.

"Timon?" Came Pumbaa's perplexed call. A call that went unanswered except by the sound of rustling plants as one half of the dynamic duo moved farther and farther away from their little clearing.

No, Timon, come back! Or at least don't go too far! Pumbaa's lonely!
Hope anybody who stumbled across this and read it also enjoyed it! And if'n you did, no worries, I should have part 2 up in a few days! :D