It was a normal day just like any other, High Schooler Marco Diaz was fast asleep in his room, waiting for the alarm to go off so he could get ready for school. Another long and boring day of school to be exact, as it had been for 17 years of the human child's life. On a better day he would've preferred to have stayed in his bed for hours and just rest, but that would only get him nowhere in life and with Karate later this week and of course his chores, sleeping in was going to have to wait for the weekend.

It was just another boring, normal day.

What do you expect when you live in a town called Echo Creek though?

And what would you expect from someone as normal and average as Marco Diaz?

As the alarm beeped he hit the button and sighed, his eyed opened and closing in sleep before getting up. He stretched his legs and found the nerve to get up and get dressed in his usual jeans, hoodie, and sneakers. Out the window he could see very little action, as everyone was possible still getting ready for the day, the only activity he could spot was some large trucks outside of a rather nice looking house practically across the street from him, there seemed to be movers taking some boxes outside of the trucks and making their way inside.

He didn't pay it much mind though, he needed to hurry up and get ready, he had to make it to the bus on time and get a seat next to his best friend. He didn't have all day to gawk across the street to see what was happening when he had other matters to take care of, he needed to finish school for today, get his homework done and hopefully work on his plan on asking his crush out like he usually tended to do every night. Not to mention he always had babysitting duties for his younger sister in the evenings these days.

If he didn't make it on time for class, it'd ruin his daily schedule, not to mention probably worry the heck out of his friend, and that usually never resulted in anything good.

He hummed to himself as he finished getting dressed and went downstairs to see his family, who were already wide awake of course, they were usually more at home then they were at work, and that had it's benefits and it's downfalls.

"Good morning Marco!", his dad shouted from the kitchen, "Breakfast is on the table for today! Better eat up so you don't miss the bus!"., Marco thanked him with a small wave, his family seemed to have been infected by "The happy virus", as his family seemed almost overally positive all the time. Marco sometimes loved it, but also sometimes he hated it, especially now, in his moody teenage years where positivety didn't always seem to click with him and his generation.

Well, maybe it was more him.

"Yeah i got it...don't worry, i'm gonna catch it in time...promise...".

"See the new neighbors moving in marco?".

Angie Diaz could be spotting feeding Marco's younger sister some breakfast as he stopped to eat the fresh plate of omelets and bacon left out for him, he grabbed a fork full and made quick work of it, "Yeah, from my window...when did they move in?". He wasn't entirely paying much attention, more focused on the rest of his day then on some strangers moving in nearby, "Oh, just today i think, we haven't made an introduction yet but i think i spotted a boy about your age over there, maybe you should go say hi later today?".

"Uhhh...I don't know about that...".

"Well, that's how you met Star right? When she moved in last year? Sounds like a good opportunity to make a new friend.", the human sighed, "Mom, Star kinda approached ME, it was never really the other way around. And besides...i'm sure the guy's probably not too crazy about making friends so soon. He might need more time to...settle in and all that.". He finished his food and stood up, "Maybe some other time mom, just uh...i'll catch up with you later..".

His mom didn't have much time to say goodbye before he headed out but he didn't like to waste time.

Especially to see his long time crush Jackie again.

There was no time to waste.

As he waited for the bus he could get a better view of the family moving in, and if marco didn't know better he'd think they were probably really into goth and horror judging by their rather spooky looking furniture and decor being carried into their equally spooky house. He could spot an older man which he presumed was the father speaking to a younger figure marco had only to assume was the son his mother had been talking about. Wearing a leather jacket and reddish hair with a streak of pink in it, they seemed to be a little at odds but they didn't pay marco any mind.

No sign of the mother though she was probably inside, then again, maybe he was assuming too much about this family to say if they even had a mother. They had only just moved in and he was already judging and making too many assumptions about them, not a good way to start with his new neighbors. The first time he met Star he assumed she'd be another Brittney Wong, another unlikable popular girl who threw her money around willy nilly and made everyone feel bad about themselves.

And that turned out to be far from the truth.

He probably shouldn't judge so heavily here, though the house and the furniture being moved in had him curious.

They stopped talking quickly and the boy turned around to see Marco was looking at him, the human felt a twinge of embarrassment as he turned his head away, just as the bus came rolling up to get him. Thank god for the bus because that would've looked odd, him staring at the new kid. Stepping aboard he found Star and took a seat next to his best friend, watching the boy and his house roll out of view quickly and allowing marco to calm down and get back on track for today.

"Ooooo, new neighbors?", Star, Marco's bubbly blonde friend asked. Star was an unusual girl since the day they first met, with long blonde hair, hearts on her cheeks that she simply told them were just makeup, and bright blue eyes, not to mention her horned headband and sense of crazy fashion. She looked back through the window as Marco shrugged, "Yeah i guess so, we haven't had any new neighbors around since, so looks like we're gonna have a new student soon too...".

"OOOOO!", she jumped up and down in her seat, "Who are they? Are we gonna see them in homeroom today?!".

"What? no star, that's not how it works, they gotta move in first...and besides, I don't really know anything about them...they kinda just...showed's kinda weird.", Marco shook it off though, "Don't worry about it Star, i'm sure you can talk to them later on...for now, let's just focus on today. Did you even finish up all your homework this time or do I need to help you out again?". Star, gave him a pout and grabbed onto her backpack strap in a meek manner.


"I'm not good with math know that...".

"What even are your private lessons about, I thought they were to help you catch up in class?!".

Star sweated but brushed it off fast, "Well, yeah! But i still prefer you helping me marco...pretty please?

This was so typical of Star, her parents seemed so rich, hiring her private tutors for lessons and keeping her up all the time with them, but Star herself didn't seem to be getting anywhere with her earth studies. She claimed that her old school in whatever state she lived in had taught her very differently but marco was sure she just had paid no attention whatsoever to her lessons and that could be easily told by her normal grade score in her classes.

Did the girl ever get goods grades on her own?

Most likely no considering what Marco has seen.

"Fine, i'll help you out, before class starts...but you really outta try harder in these classes star, these are kinda supposed to help you in the future, getting a job and all that?", Star pouted at what he was telling her, and he knew how much she hated being lectured, but she still complied. "Fine fine fine, from this point on, i'll stop asking you for help with my homework...IF, we go over and meet the new neighbors later today! I wanna see if they're any cool...".


There she was again, making excuses to avoid talking about her study habits.

"What? Last time someone moved in, you made a best friend...maybe they'll be cool enough that we'll have someone to hang out with us for movie nights and stuff! Being a new kid is tough, that's why we outta be his friends before anyone else does!", marco laughed to himself, "Says the girl who made friends with everyone instantly when she got here, Star, i'm sure the new kid will be fine without us...besides, i like just the two of us hanging out just fine...".

She rolled her eyes as the bus rode on, making it's way to the school and finally dropping the kids off for the day. Marco of course, was perfectly ready to sit in his perfect spot to greet jackie that day, the two nodding and star groaning at marco yet again, not even saying a single word to the girl. But Marco ignored her, making a snide nod to all their instances of having her deal with crushes and how THOSE normally turned out and Star quieted on the matter.

Marco quickly went over some of the algebra they just learned before they could separate into different classes that morning, he didn't know how much star was paying attention but she was scribbling down some notes, so he could only hope that meant she would be fine on her own for now. The girl was definitely a strange one alright, but at the same time she was his best friend.

The first class when on fine, business as per usual, and marco glanced every once in awhile at a blonde girl sitting in the front row with short hair and a blue streak in her hair. He blushed as he kept taking notes, Jackie Lynn Thomas, the girl he'd been crushing on since forever, was sitting in his first class in the front row, and he still had made no effort to ask her out. Star teased him about this since the first day they met and he couldn't blame her, he looked like a fool crushing on a girl like this.

As though jackie would just turn around and embrace him.

When he knew she never would if his life depended on it.

He had been crushing on her since they were kids, and he couldn't recall ever even speaking a full sentence to her, it shouldn't have been so hard and yet, it was. He had to make a move eventually, he had practically dreamt about asking her to the next school dance and with his luck someone else would ask her out before then and he'd miss his chance. Jackie was rather desirable after all, there was no way he was the only guy...or girl, who'd ask her to go with them.

Ugh, he was such an idiot.

His focus was so much on Jackie he had barely noticed the teacher attempting to get everyone's attention, being signaled by someone at the door. Marco looked up to see a very familiar and handsome boy walk in, he seemed rather mixed race though marco couldn't identify exactly what, with a long nose and beautiful green eyes, he had fiery red hair and a pink streak alongside it, his ears were pierced and he seemed to be wearing eyeliner. With a leather jacket, a ripped shirt, boots, and jeans, he looked like a true badboy.

And Marco recognized him immediately.

His new neighbor, the kid he was staring at earlier.

"Class, I'd like to introduce you to our newest student, Thomas Lucitor!".

It didn't take long for Marco to form an opinion on Tom, he seemed to be quiet, bad at making friends, and seemed to like to keep to himself. Marco couldn't entirely blame him though, he was new to this place and he seemed like he was still getting used to the move, though marco had to wonder how he got here and signed in to the school when he only moved in so shortly ago. Then again, Star did the same thing so maybe Tom's parents planned ahead like hers seemed to.

Either way, the boy seemed distant, mad even.

He frequently looked mad, sometimes like he would cry at times, not like when star arrived. She came in super bubbly and happy and excited and people were drawn to her instantly, and she adapted within a few hours of her arrival like it was a walk in the park.

Tom was not that.

He didn't really raise his hand, or talk, and he seemed to keep to himself. Marco noticed he kept looking out the classroom window more then anything, not really paying much attention to the teachers and trying to occupy his mind with anything else. He was a strange boy, that was for sure, but then marco felt himself sink with some shame for making fun of the new kid. He considered speaking to him, but kept to himself, just glancing at him every once in awhile as the class continued.

And Marco found himself watching him till class ended more then Jackie as the bell rung and everyone started to pack up, Tom grabbing his stuff and walking out into the hallway. Marco bit his lip and grabbed his own stuff, heading out to his next class to find that the Lucitor boy was standing in the middle of the hallway, everyone in a rush to get to their next class but clearly he was not, and Marco for a split second almost left him before gaining the courage to go up and talk to him, if only to ask why he was doing absolutely nothing when the bell rang in 5 minutes.

He had planned to move on, to stop worrying so much about this kid and continue the say as normal but...found he couldn't, at the very least he could try, if this tom guy turned out to be unpleasent then he wouldn't have to bother him ever again. New kids usually tended to have a hard time in this school, but maybe that was because Brittney was popular and judgemental and used to making those kids feel like outcasts off the bat, and if he was going to see this kid on his block more often, the least he could do was say hi.

He tapped on the boy's shoulder, hoping tom wouldn't hurt him for this, and Tom almost jumped, scared out of his mind..

"Uh...hi? need help?".

Tom blinked at him, blushing and adverting his eyes in embarrassment of his situation, "I uh...yeah, i don't really know where i'm going or what i'm doing...i'm don't know where to go.". He was way more awkward then he looked upon first glance, his eyes avoiding contact with marco's and his body tensing. Marco held his hand out, "Hand me your schedule, i'll help you out..", Tom thought for a moment and pulled out a paper from his back and red backpack and handed it over.

Marco felt tom looking at him for a bit as he rapidly scanned the paper over, "You're my new neighbor aren't you? I saw you earlier today...". Marco, embarrassed, let out an awkward laugh to ease his embarrassment for gawking at his neighbors, "Yeah that was me...but don't worry, I don't plan to uh...stare at you like that again wait, I mean... you'll fit in around here eventually...".

"Thanks...I uh..sorry, i guess i'm wasting your time...".

Marco smiled at him gently and handed back the paper, still rather embarrassed, "Oh no, it's ok, trust me...I had to help a lot of new kids around here out before...c'mon, we have the next class together, let's make it before the bell starts ok?". He grabbed Tom's wrist and the two hurried their way to the next room, only making it seconds before the door shut. Tom seemed incredibly thankful and smiled the first time he had since Marco saw him that day, guess Star wasn't entirely wrong with that suggestion to make friends with the new kid, he might've jumped the gun dismissing it earlier.

He was so used to it being only him in Star for awhile, that he hadn't been one for making many new friends, but-

Tom seemed like a decent guy.

Maybe on the outside he looked a little scary but overall he seemed rather friendly and easygoing, if not also a little shy, he really didn't look how he acted at all. It probably was too soon to have a real heavy opinion of him as a person, but considering how he looked, marco was pleasantly surprised already. Throughout class tom sat next to marco, asking him for help and support, he had already seemed to grow a liking to marco right off the bat, his experience in this class was a contrast to the last alright.

So much so, he tagged along with Marco after class on instinct and Marco didn't seem to mind all that much. He was getting a few looks from his classmates, but it probably had more to do with Tom's appearance then anything, he kinda stood out.

Marco was more then used to it though, after all, Star was usually the center of attention no matter where she went.

It was lunch time, and marco usually sat with star at a lonely table all to themselves, though before he entered to the room, he stopped to acknowledge tom. Tom was like a baby duck, following marco everywhere, clueless and persistent. For a moment he felt embarrassed though, backing off, "Oh? Do you want to part ways? I-I'm sorry if i sorta am bothering you, i tend to do that a lot...I just wasn't sure what to do and if you don't wanna be around me i'll just-".

"You wanna join me for lunch?", he said quickly before tom could finish.


"Yeah, we can eat together, wild guess but, i'm sure you aren't interested in eating alone right?".

The boy blinked before he chuckled to himself, relieved marco wasn't creeped out by him, "Yeah, i'd like that uh...sorry, i guess i don't know your name yet. I'm Tom, Tom Lucitor?". He held out his hand for Marco to shake it and Marco almost released his hand, noting that tom was STRONG. "Marco Diaz...i'm kinda the safe kid around here, at least that's what everyone calls me...c'mon, let's get going so we can get a good table...". Marco himself wasn't usually fond of being tasked with a tour guide for new students, but at the same time he hated to leave Tom alone on his first day of school.

Dude seemed pretty upset as is.

When he first met Star he had clearly gotten on the wrong foot with her before they became friends and he supposed he didn't want to make the same mistake again. Tom still seemed anxious, not nearly as cheery as Star was, he probably left a lot of friends back home. Star arrived being excited to move in and make friends and get to know everyone and everything, but Tom seemed to be the opposite of that, not eager to really do much of anything.

Until now.


"Oh , it's not a big deal, since we're kinda neighbors now i suppose we should well...get to know each other a little? I uh...where are you from anyway?", Tom's eyes widened and he tried to come up with an answer, "Oh i uh...i...forget...don't worry about it, i don't think you've heard of the place anyway...". Marco raised an eyebrow at the bow, who was starting to sweat a little, "Uh, is everything ok Tom? You look like you're kinda stressed ?".

"Oh, me? No, it's just...thinking about home is...kinda tough right now..."., the boy nodded along, "I understand, well, i think you're gonna like this place. It's not exactly great and i'm sure it'll take some adjusting, but it's cool, don't worry..". Tom seemed to feel more reassured as they made it to the cafeteria, Marco leading Tom over to the lunch line and Tom following Marco's lead as he ordered food, as marco got to the cashier, much to his surprise, Tom butted in and paid for both of their meals.

Geez, was this guy rich? If he was he was sure Brittney or the rest of the school would've said something, itching to be tom's friend. Though marco found his thoughts swimming at why tom would have this much money on him just to go to school.

"My treat...for helping me...".

Marco was still flabbergasted as Tom lead him away so they could go find a place to sit, Star didn't seem to be here already so she'd have to meet up with them later. Marco found one empty table and took a seat, Tom taking a seat next to him. Marco could see Jackie sitting with her friends at a different table, smiling and laughing, and he could tell he was staring at her. Even Tom seemed to notice who he was looking at directly, but he didn't say anything, eating his slice of pizza and staying quiet.

"My best friend should be here to eat with us soon, you'll know her when you see her, trust me. But maybe you two will get along, she was kinda excited about you showing up, she kinda likes making a lot of new friends.". Tom snorted, taking another bite, "Well, lucky her i guess...i was kinda expecting to come in today and not make any friends. I'm kinda not really all that good at it, i sorta am told i get on people's nerves or have these...issues..".

"Really? You seem like an alright guy.".

"Trust me, i've...had problems...socially, i thought this day would kinda kinda sucks a little less...", tom smiled to himself, "You're pretty nice to a guy you don't know that well y'know? I could be a total jerk for all you know...". That got a laugh out of marco, "I guess i just didn't want you alone on your first day, i mean, for awhile i was kinda alone myself...i didn't really talk to many people and just kinda focused on myself, till star came in that is, i think i'd feel like a jerk if i didn'".



Star, finally here, rushed through the door and to the table, paying no mind to Tom.

"Sorry i was late, apparently my teacher caught on to helping me with my homework and well...apparently I have detention...", Marco almost chocked on his food as Star took a seat, "Don't worry though! She doesn't REALLY know it was you, I told her it was mom, so...that means you don't have detention this time!". Marco sighed and pulled on his hair, "Star, you know that means they're gonna call your mom right? To confirm it?".



"You think i'm grounded?".

"Oh yeah you are...".

Star huffed and that's when she finally, FINALLY, took note of the other boy. Tom had been staring at her this entire time, mid-bite of his food, he looked like he almost might drop it. Star looked equally stunned at the boy, for a moment being confused, but then right back to stunned. Marco coughed into his hand and got the attention of the two teens, "Star, this is...Tom Lucitor, apparently he's my new neighbor who you saw moving in earlier, i guess he really was coming to school today, like you said...guess i was wrong this time.".

Star said nothing, her face still in total shock.

Tom's mirrored her own.


Star turned her attention back to Marco, "Uh...great to meet you tom...". Tom followed in her footsteps, turning away from her to focus on his lunch, "Yeah uh...great to meet you...Star..". Marco looked between the pair, taking note of their strange expression and voices, something was definitely up about those two and he made a mental note to ask Star later. Then again, knowing Star, this was probably another "Oskar" situation, and boy did they not need another one of those.

Marco bit at his lips and turned to Tom, "Well Tom, If you can maybe come over after school...if you want to that parents want to well, meet your family as they always do with new neighbors.". Tom snickered, his eyes still lingering to Star though, "That's nice but I kinda need to help my parents when I get back, we still gotta finish unpacking and setting everything". He scribbled something down on a nearby napkin and handed it to Marco.

"You can me, i guess...i might need more help getting, I don't know much about this place yet".

Marco took it, pocketing it, "Of course...and you can have mine too...", he scribbled on a napkin himself and handed the scrawl over to Tom, who seemed appreciative. Tom had made his first real friend and it had only been one day, and with someone he could visit and hang out with easily no less. Marco smiled and the three finished their lunch, Star surprisingly quiet during lunch for once in her lifetime. As though Tom's presence suddenly didn't make her want to speak.

Though Marco didn't really think much of it, she may just not be used to having someone new at their table, plus he had his suspicions, and he could swear Star was looking over at Tom a few times during their meal.

And Tom in return.

The bell rang and Marco helped Tom find his next class as he headed to his own, the rest of the day going by easier then before. Star joining him quickly as they got ready to go home and Marco spotted Tom heading over to him, looking at the school bus, Marco ushering him to get on board. Had Tom never been on a school bus before? Tom followed them, watching Star and Marco take a seat next to each other, he seemed to be looking for space for himself at first, but then turned around and took a seat by himself nearby, looking out the window.

and Marco felt a little bad, but he also couldn't bring himself to tell Star he wanted to sit with the new guy just to make him a little less lonely on his first day, she was still his best friend after all and he didn't know Tom all too well yet. Just that, he seemed like a guy Marco was welcome to hang out with, if Tom wanted to.

When the three got off the bus Star waved and headed up the street to go home, saying she better get going for her "Private lessons", Marco waving at her and turning to wave to Tom...only to see he was already on his front lawn, heading inside without so much as a word to Marco. Did not sitting with him on the bus make him that upset? Marco sighed and headed into his own home, maybe Tom just wasn't used to being so social, it was ok, he could talk to him later.

He was his new neighbor after all.

And hopefully, he might make a new friend out of this.