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We see a hovel that is badly disarranged and isolated from society and from the refugee camp. There are two soldiers injured and trauma two of those who spend days in Dubai. they did something inhuman that does not have the forgiveness of god and neither of the societies nor the marines. They violated the human rules and military laws. Lugo and Adams are waiting for their captain to finish the mission. Lugo is lying on the stretcher and gems with pain all over his body. adams was sitting on the ground with his eyes lost and was taking a flask.

"What am I going to tell you my mother?" Lugo said sadly and painfully. "My mother will not see me with this tender face, I do not want to look her in the eye"

"Young ..." Adams said in an angry tone "We have been loyal to our captainour hands are stained so we will wait for the Captain and he will take us out "He said with eyes of madness." Walker said the true culprits were those of the 33rd. and we have fulfilled the mission we will be the ... "Adams was going to say Heroes but Walker enters the hovel.

"We're the villains," Walker said sourly and horribly. Adams and Lugo look at his captain who had a pale face and his skin is that of a dead man. "All this was a trick of my damn delirium."

"Delusions?" Adams raises his eyebrow and growls angrily "WHAT IT'S DELIRIUM? !"He shouts angrily and grabs Walker's shoulder. "What the fuck are you talking about ?!" Lugo tries to lift the bed and growls in pain and frowns angrily.

"Martin, what happened up !" Walker asks him who is confused and shocked. Walker listens to echoes of the voices of Adams and Lugo arguing with him and begins to remember once in which Konrad told the truth that he was killing the soldiers of the 33rd who was saving the refugees.

"Konrad was dead since we started the mission." Walker tells his two companions the hard truth. "It was all my fault.33rd Soldiers of the Damned did not torture or kill refugees from Dubai everything has been my delusions, my radio was broken and I listened to the voices of Konrad in my head. We guys have killed the heroes and refugees and we've become villains. "Adams laughs hysterically and slaps Walker on the shoulder but his face becomes furious and he raises his fist.


Walker falls on his back and Adams rushes by grabbing him in the neck. "WHAT WE DID DO ALL THIS TIME, WE ALL FOLLOWED YOUR ORDERS THAT WE DID NOT WAS A MISSION OF GOOD BUT A MISSION OF EVIL, FUCKING MURDERER !" Adams Screams angry and Walker had an expression of regret and guilt.

"That's it, unleash your rage, I'm the villain and I deserve that." Adams raises his fist and trembles. Adams growls angry and lets go of Walke's neck. He covers his face and groans in agony and devastated what the whole mission is about. Lugo lowers his head and shakes his head.

"No no no no no..."

"I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry" Walker babbled and grabbed the radio. Adams looks at Walker.

"What are you gonna do about it?"

"What we did from the beginning before we got into my world" Walker said and turned on the radio "Somebody copy me?"

《Speaking Falcon-one. Who am I talking to?》

"Martin Walker, Delta Unit Leader" He said in a downcast tone.


"I and my unit will give ourselves to you, I request an extraction from Dubai, survivors only the three of us are left" Walker turns down the radio and looks at his two men "So far it's over, I've decided to confront reality and confess my crimes that I've committed and you do not have to saynothing. just say that you were the victims of my exaggerated orders with madness. "walker raises his hand and makes a greeting "Thank you for joining me and serving me"

Lugo and Adams go walking by and look at him with dead eyes and contempt for Walker. "It's that I deserve, a punishment."

4 days later.

We see a drone flying over a highway that had many abandoned vehicles but when the part of the Dubai entrance arrives, he notices that three people are seated and gives a warning to the other squadrons. a young man warns a soldier of Zulu that they found the three Deltas and the soldier of Zulugrab the radio to warn the four squads.

《Here Zulu. We have already found them.》

《Here Alpha. they already reached the destination》

《Here Beta. If we already arrive they are here. we are with the Falcon-one together with the Alpha and Charlie squad》

《Here Echo. I see that the two are not armed but except one》

《Lieutenant White and if he starts shooting at us》

《All units do not fire when Walker shoots. We will annihilate them》

The five Hummve approaches where Martin, Lugo and Adams are sitting.

Soldiers begin to get out of vehicles. a soldier who is the leader of the Falcon-one raises the radio.

"Here Falcon One. We have found them. Captain Walker" The soldier slowly approaches when a soldier alerts the others to see that Walker is equipped with AA12.

"He armed!" Walker walks slowly to the soldiers.

"Okay, don't shoot.!"

"Look at his eyes"

"Listen to me all!" Soldier Falcon One yells at all the soldiers "Lieutenant White said that if he makes a suspicious move they already know what they should do" Look at Walker and walk slowly. Captain Walker, Lieutenant Adams and Sergeant Lugo can help you but first Walker needs you to put down the gun. "He said calmly.

"He doesn't obey," said soldier Zulu.

"Shut up !. He is traumatized. Give them a second." Walker is slowly approaching a meter away. "Now hand me the gun, we are going to take them home." Walker approaches the soldier and extends his arm, passing the weapon.

"I give up ..." Walker said in a defeated tone. Lugo and Adams gets up and goes to the separate humvee. Walker looks at the other soldiers who had a serious and angry look. Walker climbs the Humvee from the rear. Zulu Soldier raises the radio.

"Squadrons already have what they are looking for. What are they going to do to those three murderers?" A Soldier of the Damned 33 said in an angry tone.

《The general wants him alive and we don't know if he is going to condemn to death for what they did in Dubai. but we will send the equipment of supplies and extractions to help the refugees of Dubai and also the survivors of 33. We are sorry for the losses. White out》


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