In Russia.





We see where the snow falls on the white van where it is in front of a large abandoned building.

We see four men in black suits and have a gas mask. The first man is a young man of 19 years and has a black and almost wrinkled suit and was armed with an assault rifle.

"Remember all the gold in your bag ..." The man said in a calm voice. He is wearing a light blue suit and puts on the mask. He is armed with the machine gun. "Let's go..."

The four men walk toward the building and one kicks up to open the door.

"What the hell?!"


"go Go!"

[Hurry up guys. The Vipers will be here any minute]

The four men are separated in different places. The young man climbs the ladder and knocks on the door where he finds a room where there are three naked women who were chained. The young man was a little surprised. "Myte I found the women. What do you want me to do?" He asks on the radio.

[Delete them. We don't want witnesses ...]

The young man hesitated and looked into the eyes of the women showing the request. "пожалуйста, освободите нас."

The man did not understand the Russian language but what he did understand is that he is begging for their release. "Ahhhhh!" The young man raises the rifle.


The young man was panting heavily. [Did you remove them?]

"If I removed them ..." The young man replied and look where the chains were broken. The three women get up and put on a cheerful expression.

[Work returns ...]

"Okay ..." The man turns off the radio and looks at the three women. "You guys go find ... the road is five hundred meters from there ..." The man explains to the three Russian women.

"Yes. Understood ... thanks for freeing us ..." Said a blonde woman who spoke in English and hugged him where the young man was just stupefied.

"You're welcome..."

After the three women ran away. The young man resumes the operation. The man goes to another room and finds an office where there is an old computer.

"I found the computer ..." The young man said and placed the USB at the entrance.

[Okay ... just go into the folder ...]

The young man moves the mouse going to the folder. "Wow, there are many names of Vipers ..."

[Put copy to USB and then delete the original ...]

"Hey boy I found the vault!" A cheerful voice screams. The young man looks at the cameras where the two men dance cheerfully in front of a large safe.

"Enough dancing. Bomb put that box to work!" The man shouts in a mature voice.

The young man resumes on the computer until I hear a footstep where he looked back and felt a rope pull back.

"I've got you damn thief!" Shouts a man in a black suit with brown hair and takes off his mask. "I already saw your face. I know who you are!" He shouts revealing the face that is dark and has rasta hair. "Ah you're a damn brat!"


The man was shot in the head. The brunette screams scared.

"Raymundo put on the mask!" Shouts the man in the mask.

"Yes ... Mol ..." He said putting on the gas mask.

[The copy is already complete ...]

"Good ..." Raymundo said, taking out the USB. "Now delete the file ..."



El Mol destroys the computer with his UZI towards the computer "well the original is already destroyed ... we have the copy ..." He said speaking into the earphone.

[Three minutes ... they will come in three minutes ...]

"Shit ..." Mol growls and looks at Raymundo. "Bring the cargo truck ..."

Raymundo runs down the stairs. "Where's the cargo truck !?" he yells into the microphone.

[Through the warehouse. The informant left the keys to the truck ...]

Raymundo enters the large warehouse and finds the cargo truck. "Okay time to get going!" He yells getting into the truck.

The truck pulls up in front "The truck is ready!"

"Bomb goes!"


The loud bang exploded inside the building. "Hahahaah we have it. Our Gold!" Bomb shouts laughing.

"Raymundo prepares the transport!" The man shouts. Raymundo runs to the truck and enters the driver's seat and drives parked in which the two men carry the gold bars that came from the vault. Raymundo opens the hatch of the cargo. He looks in the rearview mirror where there is movement in the cargo. Ray gets up and walks into the shipment and realizes there is one the same blonde woman.

"What are you doing here ?!" Raymundo yells

"Here he comes!" Shouts his ally when he realizes that there are two black van that recently left 6 men with Ak-47 weapons.

"Don't let us interrupt the blow!" El Mol yells raising his weapon and shoots the Vipers



Raymundo looks at the blonde woman and sighs defeated and looks where there is a wooden box. "Get inside" Raymundo gestures to the blonde so that she enters the box "I warn you when we get to a safe place ..." He said before to close the box.

Joel looks where there is a nearby town "There is a similar town and that there are people ... "

"Let's just avoid not finding the Vipers ..." said the Sergeant looking around.

"Everyone agrees on the plan to eliminate the Offensive Army ..." Walker said speaking to the allies.

"Will let us know there is a traitor ..." Ray said speaking on the radio.

"Where's the damn traitor at?" Said Wesley who was looking in the crowd. "Does Riley have it in sight? '

"It's at twelve ... near the wall ..." Riley said pointing to where Beasley is entering the wooden door that is the wall of the wall.

"We're all cursed ..." Walker said speaking to Olga who is with Chloe "You shouldn't judge the humans for the things they did ... the only slags were the black dogs ..."

"Have you ever saved them?"

"I don't know ..." said Martin looking at the ground. "But if anyone intervenes our way ... I will kill whoever intervenes ..."

"Everyone get off the walls!" Wesley yells, raising the machine gun into the sky to scare off Feoh's civilians.


"Drop that already!" Riley yells, pointing the M9 at Beasley who had the torch on and was ready to set off the explosion.

"For the new empire ..." Beasley said, releasing the torch.

"You son of a bitch!"

Kabooom !

William watches from afar using the binocular when the kingdom wall was destroyed. "It's time for Plan B ..." He said before raising the flare to alert the deltas and alpha.

Team Falcon arrives at the village where the villagers are all dead. "What happened here?" Said the Arab girl milling around.

"Territory attack?" Said the Soldier looking at the bodies.

"But where are the women?" Joel said that something was wrong.

When the wall collapsed leaving a large opening

"Everyone attack!" Shouts the mercenaries pounce towards the kingdom.

"SHOOT!" Shouts a voice.


"DON'T LET ANY SINGLE MAN STAND IN THIS KINGDOM!" Shouts Echo's Sergeant, ordering Wesley to use the fixed heavy machine gun on Humvee.

The SAS Team notices the rumbling noises. "Did you hear that?" Said the Russian.

"They look like footsteps ..." Kane said.

Walker's eyes snap open "Chloe!" He yells in alarm looking around where he wasn't in Eostia, he was in Dubai but he was looking at something different.

"What the hell is this?" Walker said looking at Dubai.

"What a beautiful city ..." said a voice. Walker looks over to where there is a white elf.

"Who are you?" Walker said looking at the white elf.

"You can see me ... it is impossible for a human to see me ..." The blonde said.

"I don't get it. If you're real ... get me off my mind ..."

"Your friends need you ... you need to go back to battle ..." The blonde said and approached Walker. "Eostia is in danger ... only a hero can save ..."

"I am not a damn Hero ..."

"Walker ... guide the soldiers and you get forgiveness ..."

"How do you know my name? You are not real ..."

"You are in my vision of the future ..." said the blonde.

Celestine opens her eyes and looks at the ceiling "Who was this man?" He said where she dreamed of an unknown kingdom and a man who spoke. "Because the..."

See you in the full chapter.