Chapter 1

"Elle est debout juste derrière moi

Elle me sourit, détourne les yeux

Je crois comprendre son drôle de jeu"

"What do you mean you lost a miraculous?!" Marinette asked as Master Fu was going through his stuff for the third time in a row.

"It appears so, Marinette. It must have fallen when I relocated after Feast's attack," Master Fu was in great distress, and it showed.

"But that was months ago, Master! There's no way we're going to find it now! How come you didn't notice before?!"

"It's not like I go through them every day, Marinette. I was just going to take a look at them before my trip to the temple of the guardians, but now... There's no way I can go there having lost yet another Miraculous!" Master Fu sat on a small couch covering his face with his hands. Marinette felt bad for him, he had been through a lot these past few months, and now, when he thought everything was falling into place, this happens.

"Chat Noir and I will be on the lookout, but you have to tell me how it looks like so we recognize it if we see it. I don't suppose you have a picture of it?" Marinette said trying to comfort him, she knew it wasn't his fault, and she couldn't be mad at him.

Master Fu sighed, "It's the fish miraculous, it looks like a white anklet with five pearls attached to it, but when it's charged it turns completely silver. Mishell, is a silver Kwami with a green fin on her head."

"Don't worry Master, we'll find it!" After giving him an assuring smile, Marinette left the cinema were Master Fu was now working. "I guess we'll have to meet Chat tonight to tell him the news, Tikki..." She moaned, "This is terrible! I can't imagine how Master Fu is feeling!"

"The fish miraculous is a very powerful one, Marinette, it can be terrible in the wrong hands," Tikki answered from Marinette's purse

"What kind of powers does it give you?" Marinette asked, she was very curious but didn't ask Master Fu about it since he seemed deeply troubled.

"It's also known as the miraculous of the mind. It gives its owner the ability to read and control minds!" Tikki said half excited half terrified.

"I guess you're right, a thing like that can be really dangerous,"

"Or very useful if you think about it, it all depends on who uses it." Tikki corrected. "But now you got to run, Marinette, you don't want to be late for your first day at the lycée!" Marinette gasped looked at the time and started running.

"You're right... I'm so sad this new school is not as close to my house as the old one used to be." Tikki giggled, hiding in Marinette's purse as she ran. After about ten minutes running, Marinette reached her destination. "Alya!" She yelled as she saw her best friend talking to Nino and... Adrien. Alya turned around as Marinette reached her at the top of the stairs.

"Hey girl!" Alya said to Marinette as she was trying to catch up her breath. "I was just telling the guys that you and I have the same classes together, turns out they have some classes with us as well!" Alya added with a wink. Marinette only managed to smile a little.

"You're ten minutes early, Marinette. Why were you running?" Adrien asked, looking at the clock on his phone, genuinely concerned about Marinette's state. Marinette looked confused, according to her phone she was 5 minutes late!

"I might or might not have fiddled with her phone's clock so that she would stop being late everywhere," Alya giggled while hugging her with one arm. Marinette looked at Alya in disbelief, but she ignored it and winked at her, "You're welcome, now let's get to class before we're all late for real."


Once in their classroom, they sat together noticing that almost all of their old classmates were there. All of the faces were familiar, except for one. The girl with a pearl anklet on her left foot, but of course, Marinette didn't notice this because she was too busy looking at how handsome Adrien had gotten during the summer.

From the back of the classroom, the girl with the pearl anklet thought, "I found them!" The Kwami in her pocket acknowledged this thought by tapping her twice. From where she was seating, she was able to see the names and alter-egos of almost everyone in this class, man, this people had crazy lifestyles! There was Volpina, Rena Rouge, Carapace, Monkey King, and many others! But she... or should Isay, I was only interested in two, Marinette Dupang-Cheng/Ladybug and Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir.

"Good morning class!" The teacher, a rather nice-looking young man with dark hair and black glasses said as he entered the class. He seemed young to be a teacher, which was good, since older teachers are usually stricter. This teacher was rather nervous about his first day as a teacher, he didn't seem to have a lot planned for today... God, I love the powers my Kwami gave me, thanks to them I knew his name was Gérald LeBeau before he said it.

"How was your summer vacation?" Monsieur LeBeau asked to no one in particular, but then he proceeded to ask each student to present themselves to the class. Just as I had predicted, most of the students came from the same collège so they already knew each other very well, there were even some couples among them. I seemed to be the only outsider. I knew it was going to be like that, I just didn't think it was going to be this bad...

Since this was the French literature class, the professor made us write some essays on how we had spent the summer. After that, he said we could leave early, which was exactly what I was hoping for. I finished way before everyone else.

"Finished already Mademoiselle Thomas?" Monsieur LeBeau asked as I handed in my paper. I shrugged.

"Not my most exciting summer ever." Well, at least the part I could talk about wasn't all that exciting. "Can I go now?"

"It is very early still, but since you finished already, I don't see why not." He motioned to the door but I was already walking away.

"It wasn't all that bad, was it shelly?" I thought, "I finished my homework early, and found who I was looking for, I would say my mission is going pretty well." I entered the girls' bathroom and found that all the stalls were empty. That's the good part about being the first one to leave the classroom.

"Don't get ahead of yourself," Mishell flashed out of my dress' pocket for the first time in the day. "Your mission has only begun, and we still have a lot of work to do,"

"Then let's get going! Mishell," I tiptoed on my left foot to show my miraculous, "Let's dive!" The familiar magic shone around me, tying my curly brown hair into a braid, and transforming my blue sundress into a spandex suit.

With a full transformation, I jumped out from the window up to the roof, I walked a little and managed to get back into the building from an open window in a corridor, I walked with my back on the wall to my new classroom being careful not to be seen or filmed by a camera (although I'm pretty sure this school had seen weirder things lurking through its corridors.) When I reached the door, I jumped to hide in the shadow of a corner in the ceiling. Then, it was just a matter of waiting a few moments until the bell rang and everybody started to leave the classroom, one of the first ones to leave was Adrien who was talking to Nino.

When I accessed his mind, I could see that he was thinking about being Chat Noir, he was eager to leave school and parkour around the city. He seemed to love it. Talking about love, I could also see a lot of love declarations and letters in the back of his mind, one-sided love, of course, but there was one big "file" about his love for Ladybug. It was such a sweet love! He was so devoted to her that even though he had many female friends the thought of ever being something more with either one of them had never even crossed his mind.

"Focus on what's important!" I told myself and I kept searching in Adrien's mind, there was some information on Master Fu, but it was rather outdated, I knew for a fact that Master Fu was no longer in his massage shop. Adrien knew this as well, but he was yet to know where he had transferred to. However, he did know that Ladybug knew. So, she was going to be my next target.

I found her talking to Alya, and as soon as I accessed her mind, I saw a million of thoughts about... Adrien? Well, what are the odds! But these were different to Adrien's thoughts about Ladybug, it seemed like Marinette had already planned her whole future with Adrien, a bit too obsessive for my liking, but that's none of my business... wait, is that an Adrien's themed wallpaper in her bedroom? And don't tell me that's Adrien's schedule... Boy, this girl has issues...

"Focus!" I urged myself to find what I was looking for. I entered to a more organized side of her brain! I saw that she had been with Master Fu a few hours ago! and he was looking for me! Well, for my miraculous! I memorized the place and waited until everyone left the corridor. When there was nobody else in sight, I came out of my hiding spot rushing out through a window and detransformed hidden among some bushes.

"I can't believe this, Shelly! They're in love with each other! Just they don't know it! What is it, some sort of love square?" I was almost laughing as I came out of the bushes into the sunlight.

"Remember the M.R.C!" Although shelly seemed mad, she knew I wouldn't do anything with that information. "Love square, circle, pentagon, it doesn't matter, it's none of our business, what we need to do now is get to Master Fu."

"I'm still not sure it's a good idea to leave school before classes are over, what if my parents find out?"

"Right now, it's more important to go to Master Fu, you saw it yourself! If Ladybug and Chat Noir find you before you talk to him, they're going to think you're evil, and we could get into serious trouble! We'll deal with your parents later."

"But Shelly... I don't want to enchant my parents, isn't it against the M.R.C?"

"I'm not talking about enchanting them! I meant to make up an excuse or something! We're not enchanting your parents or teachers!" She exclaimed exasperatedly.

"Hehe, selfish" I laughed at my own pun but. Shelly looked at me irritated. Apparently, she didn't appreciate my joke "Fine, let's go to Master Fu."


After a while, I found the cinema I was looking for. There was nobody in sight, except a small old man going through some boxes.

"Master!" I called him. He was startled when he heard me address him that way and turned around abruptly. "There's no need to work yourself up looking for it, I have it with me." He seemed confused at first, but then he looked to my ankle, "Hey! My eyes are up here!" I joked.

"I apologize," he said turning a bit red, "but who are you?"

"oh right, well... My name is Alba Thomas, I just move into the city from Canada, but a few months ago I came here to kind of check out the city and stuff, and one day when I was walking around, I found this anklet on the floor, I asked everyone that was there, and I swear I asked everyone, if it was theirs but none of them recognized it. So, I tucked it in my pocket, it wasn't until I was already on the plane back to Canada when Shelly appeared and explained everything to me. She told me that I had to find you but I told her to wait a few months until me and my family were ready to move back to France. Since then, we've been training really hard, and I'm already able to see names and current trains of thoughts without transforming, but anyways, When we came back to Paris, Shelly told me that you would probably be on that old massage shop of yours but you weren't so I decided to just go to school since Shelly kind of knew that Ladybug and Chat Noir would be there, so I kind of searched into their memories and came up with this location, and please don't take away my miraculous." I blurted out. I didn't want to lose Shelly; she became my best friend in the few months we've shared together.

"You met with Ladybug and Chat Noir you said," he seemed deep in thought.

"Sort of, they're my classmates, it was just a matter of transforming without getting seen and going through her recent memories"

"Can you tell me what their names are?" He said nonchalantly, taunting me, as if Shelly hadn't taught me better.

"You should know them, you basically created them, I'm sorry but I can't tell you what their names are."

"What about Marinette's crush on Adrien?"

"Marinette's what?" I didn't dare give him any information, Mishell had taught me not to reveal anything I saw on people's minds. But there was something odd, I couldn't tell clearly what Master Fu was thinking.

"The love square,"

"If you're asking for it then you already know, you don't need me giving you more information," I said firmly. Master Fu seemed more relaxed now than he was when I had first entered.

"You taught her well, Mishell." He said as if he meant me, but of course, he wasn't talking to me. At that moment Mishell came out of my pocket before I could do anything about it.

"Of course I did Master, I trust her," she said happily.

"It seems so, given that you told her things that should be better left unsaid," He didn't seem mad, he was just deep in thought.

"Master, I've seen her heart a thousand times; she is not selfish and has followed the rules I've given her to a T."

"It's still too dangerous, one more miraculous going around, what if Hawk Moth finds out?" This was odd, for the first time in months I didn't know what was happening, I couldn't read his train of thoughts.

"I'm sorry but what exactly are we discussing? And how come I can't understand anything you're saying?" I interrupted.

"Child, avoiding the effects of the fish miraculous is the first thing you teach a guardian, is basic knowledge for us." He grinned. "But it's too dangerous to let you keep your miraculous. It is very powerful and if Hawk Moth, the villain that has been terrorizing Paris finds it... You'll be in danger."

"Oh, well, he doesn't need to know I have it or that I exist, for that matter."

"Then what's the point of keeping a miraculous if not for fighting a villain?"

"I can help from the shadows, without anybody knowing I'm there, not even Ladybug or Chat Noir have to know."

"Oh, but they must know, they're charged with defeating Hawk Moth and I'm assuming you are not much of a fighter yourself." I had to admit that was true, no matter how hard I tried I was never able to fight with my weapon, I mean, I could maneuver the trident, I just couldn't strike with it.

"I could go out at night. I just need to see a person and I'll know what they're up to, I could discover who Hawk Moth is easily."

"Then if you are going to do that you cannot be on your own... meet with Ladybug and Chat Noir in the Eiffel tower tonight at 6pm."

"So... you're letting me keep it?" I asked fearfully.

"I will, under the condition that you won't fight Akumas along with Ladybug or Chat Noir, Hawk Moth could think that I gave you the miraculous and track me down again."

"I promise Master," I bowed, I don't know why it just seemed like the right thing to do, but to be honest, I was so excited that I could have hugged him.

"If Mishell believes in you, so can everyone else, it is very difficult to conquer her trust."

"Thank you so, so much!" I took him by surprise and this time I did hug him.

"There, there now, I have one other condition," He said with a grave expression which then shifted into a smile. "Come by often, we have a lot to discuss."


Classes that first day of school had been long for Marinette, she was used to waking up late, and now she had to wake up at 6am to get ready for school! She was devastated, no Akuma had worn her out the way this day had. So as soon as she got home, she laid on her bed and closed her eyes for "five minutes"


"I thought she'd be here by now," Chat said to himself. He had been waiting at the Eiffel tower for hours now. Ladybug had stood him up several times before, but this time she sounded serious on the message she sent him, she seemed genuinely troubled by something. He was looking forward to seeing her tonight and maybe even tell her how his day had been, though he knew she probably wouldn't let him, she was all about work and safety. Chat was more... carefree.

"Screw it." He was done waiting, if it was ten minutes, he would wait, half an hour, gladly, an hour, still, but three hours?! They had planned to meet at 6, but it was already a quarter past 9. "I don't know what kept her, but I don't think she's going to come now." He wasn't mad, he knew Ladybug already, sometimes she just doesn't make it to their appointments, but Adrien was supposed to be at home now. Luckily, he left some music playing on the piano and some pillows on his bed in case somebody entered, which he highly doubted since he didn't have any events planned for that evening. But, since he had gone through so much trouble to get out of his house, he might as well enjoy his time out. Ladybug or no Ladybug he was going to do the thing he loved the most. Parkour! Or some variation of it, with a baton...

He jumped from the Eiffel tower onto the nearest roof and started running. How he loved this feeling, it almost felt like he was flying, he was free, no schedules, no practices, no photoshoots! He could be himself now, there was nobody to tell him what to do, he was contempt like this. Ladybug could take her time, he'd wait for her a thousand years without complaining, but that didn't mean he couldn't do other things to kill time.

He stopped on a rooftop from where he saw a familiar face. Marinette! Who seemed to have just woken up because she was stretching and didn't seem aware of her surroundings

"Evening Mari," He said as he approached her. She was startled and suddenly realized that she should have been somewhere else, "Just woke up?"

"I slept the whole evening," she said sheepishly, turning as red as a beetroot. "It was just supposed to be a power nap!"

"No worries Mari, your secret's safe with me," he laughed, "I hope you managed to get enough rest."

"I did... but I was supposed to meet with a friend tonight, ugh. I'm such a klutz"

"Worry not princess, I'm sure they'll understand," Chat sat on the railing of Marinette's balcony taking a look at their surroundings. Marinette seemed a bit more at ease now

"What are you doing here, though? Aren't you supposed to be chasing mice or something?" she grinned.

"As tempting as that sounds," he joked, "your friend wasn't the only one who got stood up tonight, it seems another Lady likes to take long power naps as well." Marinette giggled uncomfortably knowing that it wasn't another Lady it was just her sluggish self. "Doesn't matter, it's not like it's the first time that it happens, I know M'lady is a busy girl."

"Still, she probably should have called or something,"

"I know M'lady like I know my own mind, she's going to be late sometimes, and what can I say? Gotta love her." He shrugged. "Maybe what she had to say wasn't that important, she never misses something important," Marinette was mortified now, how could she have stood him up? What she had to say WAS important! "Are you alright Mari, you seem stressed out," he put his hand on his chin as if thinking of something.

"I guess the 5 hours power nap only made me feel more anxious," She shied away.

"Well we have to do something about it, how about I take you on a run around the city?"

"What? Now?" She exclaimed.

"Sure! it's not like it's the first time you and I go on a stroll, come on it'll be fun!" Chat extended his hand and Marinette took it hesitantly, "This time it'll be different, this time I'll give you a piggyback. Hold on tight and keep your eyes opened, I don't want you to miss out." Marinette obeyed and held onto Chat's neck. "Ready?" Marinette nodded and off they were, jumping around the houses of Paris.

Marinette had never felt something like that, not even when she was Ladybug, it felt as if she was flying. She hadn't noticed that Chat was way faster than her. But there was also something else that was different. Usually, when she was jumping around the houses of Paris of Paris, she only did it with a sense of duty, only caring about her destination, but now... she didn't even know where they were going, so she had time to appreciate the landscape before her. When had Paris become so beautiful? She could see the houses but also some of the monuments and landmarks. She didn't know how to describe it, but she felt like a tourist, awestruck by the beauty of the city as if for the first time.

After what felt like a few minutes Chat stopped on a rooftop by the Champ de Mars, from there they could see the Eiffel Tower, the Seine, everything.

"What do you think?" He asked without letting go of her.

"The view or the ride?"


"I've never seen Paris this way, never had time to enjoy the view... And the ride... it made me feel..."

"Free." He finished for her, and she nodded. "This is why I love parkouring. Do you know that feeling of having done your homework, done your chores and having n other responsibilities left and then being able to do whatever you want?" He asked putting her down.

"Not really, I never have that much time in my hands." She shrugged amusedly.

"Well, this is what it feels like. Nobody is stopping you from doing what you want, no masks, no responsibilities, no nothing to hold you down."

"It's funny how you say that with a mask on." Marinette sat on the roof taking on the view one more time.

"You'd be surprised princess, but it's when I wear the mask that I feel more like myself..." He said taking a seat beside her. She smiled but turned her gaze quickly.

"Must be fun, to live a life like that." She said letting out a sigh. "I don't get much free time, that's why whenever I do have it, I try to catch some hours of sleep." Chat giggled.

"Don't think I'm this lucky all the time, I just try to finish everything early just to try and leave my house, which feels more like a cage than a home, sometimes."

Suddenly Marinette felt like laying her head on Chat's shoulder but just as she was about to do so, Chat stood up abruptly. He was staring at something but Marinette couldn't tell what.

"Chaton?" She said cautiously.

"I saw something, a person lurking in the shadows." Chat said reaching for his baton.

"Do you think it might be an Akuma?"

"Maybe, but I have to follow it anyhow, I'm going to have to leave you here, we're not far from your house, do you think you can make it on your own?"

"I'll be fine, you go after it." Chat nodded and expanded his baton to help Marinette get down on the floor and as soon as she reached the bottom he started running away.

"I don't think it was an Akuma, Marinette..." Tikki said, coming out of Marinette's purse.

"Whatever it was, he's gonna need help."

Meanwhile, the person that Chat was chasing seemed like a woman, oddly enough she had a trident in her hand that she used for impulse, similar to Chat's baton, just this one didn't expand. She was wearing spandex, similar to his, but hers was silver and sparkly but didn't cover her shoulders or fingers. Her hair was tied back in a French braid that came down to her waist.

He ran after her, and since he was faster, he caught up with her quickly, but as he was about to take hold of her, the rooftops came to an end and she gave one last big leap, diving right into the Seine river. Chat hated water. He wasn't about to follow her inside.

"Great!" He mumbled to himself.

"Chat Noir!" Came a voice from behind him.

"Well, well, look who decided to show up." Chat said jokingly while turning around to greet her. "A bit late aren't we, M'Lady?" He winked at her this time. He wasn't mad at her, but he was also not going to let it go that easily.

"I'm sorry Chaton I had... something to..." Ladybug tried to explain.

"No time for that M'Lady, right now we have to find out who she was."


"It looked like a she to me. It could be an Akuma, but if it was, why did it run away from me? Usually Akumas want to get as close as possible."

"Maybe a sentimonster?"

"Neither an Akuma nor a sentimonster." A third voice came from the darkness.

"You," Chat reached for his baton, "But how? I saw you jump into the river," Chat asked but Ladybug still couldn't see her.

"I came out and leaped up here while you were not looking, of course," she said matter-of-factly.

"Come out to the light." Ladybug demanded.

"I get it Ladybug, not all of us have night vision." The girl came out of the darkness as ladybug prepared to catch her with her Yo-yo. "There's no need for that Ladybug, dear, I'm on your side!" I said before Ladybug could react.

"How do we know that?" Chat asked.

"Well, let me introduce myself. My name is Sirena, and I'm the holder of the fish Miraculous"

"Yeah right, as if we would fall for that..." Chat was still pointing his baton menacingly at me, but Ladybug interrupted him.

"It is possible Chat." she whispered so that only Chat could hear.

"That's right," I interrupted her, "Actually Chaton, that's what she was coming to tell you this afternoon, before she had to attend to... other business." I said looking suggestively at Ladybug. "She was coming to tell you that Master Fu told her that the fish miraculous was lost and that you should keep an eye for anybody wearing an anklet that looked like this," I motioned to my ankle where my miraculous was placed.

"How did you know?" Ladybug asked.

"The fish miraculous is the miraculous of the mind, that means that just like Chat has his night vision and you have your healing power, I can read your mind." They seemed rather shocked, but I was just starting, I wanted to take a little revenge on Ladybug for making me wait so long. "You're naked upon my gaze, I know all that you've been up to," I said walking near ladybug, "All that you've been thinking," I walked to Chat, "And all that you are." I finished, standing proudly before them.

"How do we know that you're not just an Akuma though?" Ladybug demanded, "You wouldn't be the first, how do we know that you are who you say you are?"

"Are you sure that's what you want to ask Ma-" Marinette froze thinking that I was about to reveal her identity "-Lady?" I finished. She was relieved but understood the message, I knew who she was. "And you A-" Now Adrien froze, he was easier to convince but he was second-guessing himself "-ngel?" I started. He understood the message as well. "You know that I'm telling the truth, but you're worried because you remember what happened with Volpina."

"If you are who you say you are," He straightened himself, finally letting go of the defensive pose, "Then why did you run from me?"

"Well, allow me to tell you my side of today's events." I sat on the floor with my legs crossed, "Get comfy, this is going to take a while." they reluctantly obeyed and sat in front of me.

"To make the story short, I found my miraculous when I was strolling around Paris, but I didn't know it was a miraculous. That day I left the country and when I was too far to come back my miraculous activated and then I met Mishell, my kwami. This was ages ago, but I knew I had to come and talk to Master Fu about it or he would think that I had stolen the miraculous. Anyways, by means I will not share I found Master Fu just today. Master Fu told me that I could keep my miraculous under two conditions. That I help you guys find out who Hawk Moth is and that he never finds out about my existence, so yeah, that means that I can't fight Akumas with you, but with my powers, if you help me, we can find a way to find Hawk Moth and Mayura and defeat them once and for all. Which brings me to how I ended up here.

"Master Fu told me that I should come so that we could make a plan to discover Hawk Moth's identity. He told me that you would meet at the Eiffel Tower at 6 pm sharp, so at 5:58 I was here waiting for both of you to arrive and then make my grand. But... I mean, Chat did arrive at 6 on the dot, but Ladybug... I mean, get a grip girl, making us wait 3 hours? No calls, no nothing? I mean, I know what you were doing and all but still" Ladybug turned red, hehe, well, redder so I added, "by the way, don't worry, I won't tell the kitty, let it be our little secret.

"Anyways, Chat got tired of waiting and left. And I mean, Chaton you deserve a statue for your patience, I mean, 3 hours! I would have left after half an hour." I added and Chat looked smug, much to Ladybug's despair, "Ok so back to the story, Chat Noir left and I just had to follow him, but I couldn't reveal myself to him alone, because then I would have to tell my story an extra time and honestly I don't want to.

"So, I followed Chat until he randomly met with Marinette. I kept following them until Chat Noir saw me-" Actually I left myself be seen because I knew that Marinette would transform and follow me, but I left that part out for the sake of Ladybug's identity "-and I started running again, because I didn't want to give double explanations and I jumped into the water because I'm faster and more agile underwater than on dry land. But when I saw from the distance that Ladybug had arrived I realized that finally, my time had come to reveal myself to you, and you better stop thinking I still could be an Akuma, because for real, no Akuma would give you this many explanations." I could see that Ladybug still didn't like me, but I could see that Chat was still second-guessing himself "Chat, you believe me." Chat Shrugged.

"I don't know, this isn't the first time something like this has happened, you know? and I've been wrong." He was ashamed of himself for having been fooled several times, but this time was different and I would make him see.

"Ladybug once told you to use your brain in a situation like this, didn't she?" He nodded recalling the battle with the Ladybug sentimonster, "Well, I'm going to tell you something different, use your brain, but also your heart, rarely those two agree on something, but when they do, they're hardly ever wrong." Ladybug agreed silently. "As for you, Ladybug," I said, looking straight at her with a serious face. "First, I think you should get an alarm clock. And second, if you don't want to believe me you can go and ask Master Fu to confirm my story, but I just ask you to give me a vow of confidence. I can assure you; I'll never make you regret it." I knew this was the time to stop acting all high and mighty if I wanted to gain their trust.

"I'll talk to Master Fu, but until then, I just want you to know that I don't trust you." She stated the obvious, at least it was for me.

"Alright, then I'll see you tomorrow, at the Eiffel tower, please try to be there on time, will ya?" I winked at her and jumped into the river before they could say anything else.

"I'm still not sure if letting her go was the best idea..." Ladybug said to Chat Noir, still staring at the rapidly flowing water.

"What else could we have done? Tied her up until we could find Master Fu? Take her miraculous? I don't know about you M'Lady, but I actually trust her," Chat replied with a smirk.

"You're too trusting Chat Noir, that's your problem." She snapped.

"Well, your problem is that you never trust anyone." He snapped back. "Besides, what's the worst that could happen? Her, telling everybody our identities? What's the big deal about that?"

"It is a big deal Chat Noir! It would put us all in danger! Hawk Moth could find out and..."

"Not if we find him first!" He answered quickly, "I've had enough of him! All we do is fight the Akumas that he creates, which I remind you are just baits for him try to get our miraculouses. After a whole year of the same we have done nothing to stop him, this might be our chance to finally defeat Hawk Moth."

"I don't know Chat, but this whole situation is really fishy."

"Hey, I thought I was the one with the puns." Ladybug giggled and just like that, the tension dissipated.

"I'll talk to Master Fu tomorrow; I won't be at ease until then." Chat Noir nodded satisfied with her reply and prepared to leave, but before he could expand his baton Ladybug caught his tail, "Wait!" She said as he turned to see her with a somber expression, "I owe you an apology Chat." She said and Chat Noir gasped, he wasn't expecting her to apologize this quickly "I was going to tell you about the lost miraculous but... I..." She stared at her feet uneasily not daring to look at him in the eye.

He stopped her from saying anything else putting his hand on her shoulder. "There's no need to apologize, M'Lady. I already forgave you," he said with a smile "But try to be there next time, because, as you said, I can be too trusting, and I always trust you'll come. I'll always wait for you." Finally Ladybug was able to look at him in the eye, he winked at her, and this time he left, leaving a very flushed ladybug behind.

She didn't know it yet, but her heart was starting to shift

Translation of the lyrics:

She's standing right behind me

She's smiling and turning her eyes

I think I understand her funny game