Title: Awkward Silence

Author: Desi

Rating: T

Summary: The one where Letty gets the giggles.

A/N: Y'all can thank Vin for posting the newest video of him and Michelle on the couch.

"Jesus, Dom!" Letty stopped in her tracks after opening the bathroom door. She placed a hand on her heart and put her hand over the little lens he pointed at her. He'd scared the crap out of her. "Enough with the camera!"

Mia had bought him a new phone for his birthday and ever since, he'd been obsessed with capturing every single moment. Letty was beginning to think it had more to do with him coming to terms with his mortality than anything. He was getting older, something he'd never considered when they were migrating from country to country and living their lives a quarter mile at a time.

Now, they were settled in an industrial loft in Brooklyn that was complete with brick as aged as they were. He followed her to the living room, zooming in on her butt before turning the camera on himself and chuckling quietly.

"Come on, let's do an awkward silence like on that talk show." He urged.

"Go away, Toretto."

Letty flopped down onto the couch, stretching out and resting her head on her hand. Dom sat on the floor in front of her and flipped the camera around to utilize its 'selfie-mode'.

He stared at his wife on the screen, completely silent forcing her to look at it as well. Dom said absolutely nothing. Letty looked back and forth between him on the screen and him in person, trying to figure out what the hell he was doing. She could tell he was trying not to laugh before he steeled his expression, which made her smile. Letty frowned so as to keep herself from laughing.

They continued their little game until Dom tilted his head and contemplated the actual beauty that was Letty Toretto. And she was all his. She was the whole package. Brilliant, clever, stunning.

A smile tugged at his unshaven face and it was contagious. Letty's earthy giggles turned into a full-blown laugh before she gave him a shy look, shoulders hunching and nose wrinkling, and lay her head on the couch.

He loved hearing that laugh. He loved these silly, intimate moments that only he got to see.

"I won." Dom chuckled, and then turned the camera off.

"You cheated." She protested, softly and reached forward, her fingers stroking his five o'clock shadow. Dom took ahold of her hand and kissed each of her fingers and then her palm.

"I love you." He leaned his head back, poked out his lips.

"I love you too." Letty replied, kissing him. "But you still cheated."

"Best two out of three?"

"I've got a better idea of how to spend our time."

Dom's interest was officially peaked. He turned around and climbed up onto the couch, resting his weight on top of her. "Now that's what I'm talking about." He joked. And he was rewarded with that perfect laugh once again.