Sometime later Albert and Lori returned home, Albert made a beeline for his grandson's bedroom to check on him, but found the white haired boy fast asleep. Meanwhile Lori stepped into her bedroom to give Bobby a call. At this moment Bobby was packing the living room lamp into one of the cardboard boxes he'd gotten from the supermarket after asking his former boss if he could take four boxes.

'Hey babe what's up," he answered.

"Bobby when can I come over, Lincoln was supposed to come along but he has a sore throat," Lori said.

"That's a shame I hope the little guy gets better soon," Bobby replied.

A few moments of silence passed before he continued, "I'm busy at the moment and my Uncle and Grandpa will be here soon so how about four this afternoon. Oh wear a nice dress, we're having dinner at Jean Juans."

Lori smiled with happiness before she answered, "Okay boo boo bear see you later," then hung up.

Suddenly Bobby heard the familiar car horn of his grandfather's van and peered outside the window. Ronnie Anne was busy right now throwing out expired food from the refrigerator and Maria was doing the same with the kitchen cupboards.

Lori spent some time afterwards discarding old cosmetics from her dresser drawer. Even though Lori was working she made a great attempt to cut down on her phone usage to keep the bill low even though Lincoln and the younger girl's phones still remained in Albert's possession. She mainly stuck to reading fashion magazine and borrowing teen oriented novels from the library occasionally and called a friend only twice a week and rarely visited the social media sites.

Lincoln awoke sometime later and felt a bit disoriented because of Lisa's medicine working gradually into his system, there remained a bit of scratchiness in his throat however. Lori stepped inside the room at that moment to check on her little brother.

"Oh you're awake, how are you feeling," she said cheerily.

"My throat isn't that scratchy or hot anymore, I think I'll be feeling well by tomorrow," he responded with a hopeful tone.

"Well I called Bobby earlier and told him about your sore throat, he hopes you get better soon," Lori said.

"I'll give Ronnie Anne a call now," Lincoln told her then Lori gave a little smile before leaving.

After logging quickly onto his laptop and into his Face Time account, it took three seconds for Ronnie Anne to appear on screen.

"Hi RA," Lincoln greeted as cheerfully as possible.

"Hey Lincoln, Bobby told me you're not feeling well, I'm sorry," Ronnie Anne began.

"Well the pain in my throat and my fever is going down, I'll be up and about by tomorrow morning," Lincoln reassured his friend.

A moment of quiet passed before Ronnie Anne spoke again, "Linc, mom said we're leaving tomorrow at ten am since it's a long journey. That might be too early for you and Lori to come over and say goodbye." "You're right Ronnie, but we shouldn't say goodbye since we can communicate through Face Time and phone calls. I wish you, Bobby and your mom a safe trip," he continued.

"Thanks Lincoln, I hope you get better soon," she said smiling a little.

"Thanks RA, probably me and Lori can visit you and Bobby every once in a while," he continued.

"That would be a good idea," Ronnie said in agreement, "Well I have other stuff to do, smell you later."

"See ya too RA," Lincoln responded, then gave her a smile in return before logging off.

Lincoln took another capful of medicine before switching onto the Our tube station on his laptop to watch some reruns of AARGH, then Albert peeked inside the bedroom.

"How you're doing kiddo," he asked.

"Somewhat better, my throat isn't scratchy anymore, I took more of the medicine," he reported.

'That's good to hear, Ill return with more chicken soup for dinner," Albert told him before leaving.

Lori reached the Santiago residence to see a moving van parked near Bobby's minivan. Maria's last day at Royal Woods General was yesterday and given permission to leave two hours earlier. She contacted a storage facility in Great Lakes City to store their furniture until she saved enough money to buy an apartment in the same building as her parents or near them. Hector and Rosa already departed with some of the packed boxes quite a while ago and now Maria was at her hair stylist for the last time getting her hair done.

Lori only waited for thirty seconds before Bobby arrived to answer the doorbell.

"Hi babe," he greeted before planting a kiss on her left cheek.

When Lori stepped inside the house, downstairs was almost bare including the walls. Only the chairs from the kitchen table remained and the sofa. Maria donated the sofa they possessed for years to a charity organization that tomorrow morning would come for it before the Santiago's departure. Lori eyes darted around the room swiftly in observation.

'So everything's almost packed," Lori asked.

'Yes babe, my grandparents just left thirty minutes ago, Bobby began, but suddenly his sister came rushing down the stairs with her skateboard clutched under her right arm.

Ronnie Anne stopped in her tracks upon seeing Lori. "Hi Lori," she uttered in a hasty manner before addressing her brother, "Bobby, I'll be out skateboarding for a while."

"Please come back by seven for dinner with Mami, oh do you have your house key," Bobby reminded her.

"Don't worry I have it," Ronnie Anne replied then showed him the key hanging to a chain around her neck.

Once Ronnie Anne made her exit, Bobby and Lori made their way over to the sofa and sat down close to each other.

They locked eyes with each other somewhat awkwardly for a couple seconds before Lori decide to break the silence.

Lori suddenly chuckled, remembering one time she acted irrationally, 'I can't believe I got jealous of the Mona Lisa when I thought she was a woman who was smiling at you."

Bobby waited until she chuckled some more before speaking.

"Lori how about I return once a month and take you anywhere for dinner, then go to Ketcham Park," Bobby suggested.

Lori nodded her head slightly in happiness, "It's a deal."

'Well its almost four thirty,' Bobby announced rising from his seat.

Back at the Louds, Albert made more chicken soup for dinner and took a bowl to Lincoln who at this time was catching up on some old cartoons on his laptop. Lincoln would have called Clyde but his friend left early to spend time with a cousin in Hazeltucky.

Later at Jean Juans

A few minutes' into their meal, Lori decided to start a conversation.

"Bobby I want to apologize for being a little bossy, irrational and wanting things my way all the time, I just wish the best for you, your mom and Ronnie Anne," Lori began.

"No need to apologize Lori, I'm sure you became that way because your parents gave you the responsibility of taking care of ten siblings," Bobby reassured.

"It was a real challenge, so are you still looking at going to business school," Lori asked.

"Yes I am," Bobby responded and they continued eating silently.

When Bobby drove Lori home after taking a silent stroll in Ketcham Park, she wished him a safe trip to Great Lakes.

"Thanks Lori, I'll try calling you as early as possible," Bobby said.

"Bye Bobby," she said calmly, then watched his van drive off in the distance before walking up the pathway to the house.

Inside Albert sat fast asleep in the armchair, having dozed off while reading the newspaper while her siblings were quietly relaxing in their bedroom. Upstairs Lori peeped into Lincoln's bedroom but found him sleeping peacefully

Lori returned to work the following day, despite waking up feeling a little gloomy, with Lincoln he felt completely fine when he awoke and was able to join everyone at breakfast. He spent two hours at Gus with the twins while Albert shopped for some personal items for himself and toilet paper. Sunday the next day everyone relaxed at home. Clyde returned later in the evening at 8: 30 pm but he didn't want to disturb Lincoln so late by calling him.

July 3

While Lori was at work, after breakfast Luna, Luan and Leni decorated the front porch with the Fourth of July decorations. The yard remained devoid of toys and bicycles since Albert came to stay so Lincoln mowed the lawn since it hadn't been tackled for a while. Thoroughly exhausted and sweaty afterwards, Lincoln showered since he never took one this morning because he had to mow the lawn. After donning another pair of jeans and one of his many orange polos, Lincoln glanced at the list he wrote yesterday detailing what he should start packing.

"Take down all posters" was the first item on the list so Lincoln knelt on his bed and began stripping down the posters starting with the Ace poster first. As he placed the last poster flat in the bottom of his suitcase Luna peered inside the bedroom to see how he was faring.

'Hey bro I see you've started packing up, need any help," she asked with a friendly tone.

Lincoln smiled at the rocker girl, the next item on the list was take down the model airplanes so he decided she could assist with that.

"Sure Luna, since you're taller you could grab those model airplanes from the ceiling," he suggested.

Giving her little brother a thumbs up, Luna stretched her right arm upwards and was able to take the airplanes down with ease and place them gently on his bed.

"Thanks a lot Luna," Lincoln told her.

"Not a problem bro, gotta go in a while to help Pop-Pop buy the grub for tomorrow," Luna replied.

Lincoln continued working by placing the airplanes into one of three plastic container his grandfather purchased for him to pack everything that wasn't clothing. Because of the limited space in his bedroom Lincoln moved the container to stand near the wall outside his bedroom. He packed the remainder of his toys into one container and books into another and packed those on top of the other container.

Meanwhile Antonio Ventura sat in the break room at work eating lunch when he recalled an announcement his boss made in a business meeting that ended ten minutes ago regarding some changes to the company.

"We're closing operations in Royal Woods by the end of July and are relocating to Great Lakes."

'I don't really want to take Lily so far away from her siblings, I'll have to discuss it with Melody tonight, probably that Aunt they mentioned could take her instead," he thought.