"Doesn't take

much to make me


And make me

smile with glee,

Never, never will I

feel discouraged,

Cause our love's

no mystery..."

On the Rebel Base, a grand party was thrown. Rebels, droids, and Ewoks and other creatures alike

were dancing, having fun and partying.

Leia and Bob were gettin' down on the dance floor, R2 and Arch were playing with a few Ewoks, and Chewie had met a female Wookiee.

"Demonstrating, love and


That you give so

openly, yeah,

I like the way ya

make me feel

about ya baby,

Want the whole

wide world to


Archie-p0 took a break from dancing and walked around.

There, a few feet in front of him, was a beautiful, silver protocol droid. He could tell it was female, and looked exactly like an asparagus!

"She's so beautiful..." Sighed Archie-p0.

R2-Pea2 walked behind him, poked his side, and remarked, "Well,

go talk to her!"

"No, no, no, no, no...R2!" Exclaimed Archie-p0 as R2-Pea2 pushed him to her. "DO STOP THIS "MATCHMAKING" BUISNESS THI-"

She was right in front of him. His metal face started to heat up from over-excessive thinking about how amazing she was. The lights from the party illuminated her beautiful silver body, making it seem more like diamonds than metal.

"I am Archie-p0, vegetable-c-cy-b-b-borg relations..." Archie-p0 stuttered, awkwardly.

"I am TC-14." Said the female droid.

"W-would y-you l-l-like an o-oil martini?" Asked Archie-p0. "Yes." Replied TC-14. "...Is he always like this?"

She said to R2. R2-Pea2 chuckled and beeped a 'no, not usually.'

"Woah woah,

you've got the

best of my love,

Woah woah,

you've got the

best of my love,

Woah woah,

you've got the

best of my love,

Woah woah,

you've got the

best of my


Meanwhile, Cuke was sadly reminiscing his father's last moments. He looked up at the stars, and felt as though Ne'zzakin

was right there.

"Hey, son!" Came a voice.

Cuke turned. There was a blue Lite Vinaigrette ghost that looked just like Ne'zzakin, only much younger and better-looking.

"Father!" Exclaimed Cuke.

Ne'zzakin gave him a ghostly embrace. Then, ghosts of Obi-Wan and Yoga appeared.

"Ya done good, kid!" Exclaimed

Obi-Wan. "We really missed ya!"

"Wise in the Lite Vinaigrette, you truly are." Said Yoga.

"Thank you, my masters." Said Cuke. "You have helped me greatly."

Just then, a loud *pop!* was heard. The ghost of a gourd Jedi Master

and the ghost of a female, Sith Zabrak asparagus materialized. The strangest thing is, they were


"Uh..." Said Cuke. "Who are you?"

"That's for you to know in the

prequel series." Said the Zabrak


"The what?" Said


"Arvi-Gon Jin!" Yelled Yoga.

"Awaited long, have I, this to do."

Yoga immediately slapped Arvi-Gon upside the head.

"WHAT WAS ZAT FOR?!" Arvi "rubbed" the mark Yoga had made on his left cheek.

"Being incompetent and in love with a Sith falling, that is for!"

"Flowing in and

out of changes,

The kind that

come around each


My life has a

better meaning,

Love has kissed

me in a beautiful


Oh yeah...

(My love my love)

Oh yeah...

(My love my


Wedge Ant-hills was gettin' down with Lando, Chewie, Bob and Nein Nunb. Somebody threw R2 into the air, then they threw an Ewok into the air.

A Jawa working for the Rebels was conversing with an Ewok, and pretty much everyone got a chance to dominate the dance floor!


sweet love and


That you give so

openly, yeah

The way I feel

about ya, baby

can't explain it

Want the whole

wide world to see

Oh, but in my

heart, you're all I


You for me, me for


Oh, it's growin'

every day, ooh

Oh, oh oh oh oh oh

You've got the

best of my love,

Oh, oh oh oh oh


You've got the

best of my love

Oh, givin' you the

best of my love,

Oh, givin' you the

best of my love,

Oh, oh oh oh oh


You've got the

best of my


Cuke looked back up at the sky, where constellations of Yoga, Obi-Wan, Ne'zzakin and other Jedi heroes were shining brighter than any other of the stars.

He sighed.

"It's about Verdura, isn't it?" Asked Bob."

"I just..." Cuke started. "Despite

him being a bad guy and all, he said

he was going to the Light Side. I wish he could've lived long enough to experience the Light, Bob." Cuke

looked up at the sky, longingly.

"Cuke, buddy," said Bob, "People come, but they don't last forever. I remember my pops; died right after I turned three."

"He's right you know." Said Leia.

"I agree." Said Archie-P0.

R2 and Chewie beeped and growled in agreement. The Ewoks, droids and other Rebel soldiers agreed as well.

"Thanks guys." Said Cuke. He smiled and shed a few tears looking at his extended family.

"...Oh, I just love a happy ending." Said Archie-p0. He leaned in and "kissed" TC-14. She flinched back slightly.

"My! Sorry! This apparently, is how humans show affection." TC-14 simply returned the kiss in a rather passionate way.

Just then, Leia emerged from an Ewok medicine man's hut, a wide-

eyed look on her face.

"BOB!" She called. "IM PREGNANT!"

Bob took one glance at Leia, and fainted.

End...until the Prequel that is.