Rias had no idea what to think as she watched Draco Malfoy open the door to what he called Harry Potter's Armory. There was, of course, the knowledge she was still absorbing that said Slytherin had just shared about his-and now her-friend's nature. She had known, of course, that Potter was no normal child, even before she met him. The-Boy-Who-Lived, destroyer of Lord Voldemort at one year of age and heralded to be the next Albus Dumbledore when he grew up… it would be a lie to say Rias hadn't hoped she might recruit him for her peerage. That was, after all, a large part of her reason for coming to Hogwarts, aside from politics and an effort by her big brother to widen her worldview. Not just Potter, of course, she had two Bishops after all and with Hogwarts' reputation worldwide as a place where even the most eexotic manner of magic users and races might come to learn, there was no small chance her other Evil Pieces might find new homes as well. But Potter… from the moment she met the boy, he had defied even her wide expectations.

The first moment Rias had noticed Potter's strangeness was the Sorting Feast. Oh, there was that short moment in the Compartment where he seemed immune to Rias's devilish charms-which had already earned more than a few unwanted admirers-but she had been more concerned about escape to notice. No, it was not-quite-first words that tipped her off, the immediate recognition of just who and what Rias was. That knowledge should have been impossible to come by,even for someone as famed as Harry Potter. Devil society was largely separated from Wizards in all but a few scattered interactions, and yet Potter understood the weight of her Sirzech's position intimately. And it only grew worse from there. His taunting, almost playful nature, immediate discernment of not only Akeno's inherent nature but also her deepest secrets to a degree even Rias had trouble reaching, and all of it wielded as a veneer to cover the ever-calculating mind beneath, already churning as his entire world-view shifted without flinching. He baffled Rias. And now there was all this...

"Here we are." Malfoy said suddenly, drawing Rias from her tumultuous thoughts to follow inside the opened chamber. It was not what she had expected, as ever seemed the case when it came to Potter. The word 'Armory' had evoked images similar to that of House Gremory's own armory, some sort of closed room with rows of weapon and armor stands perhaps. What she got instead was an area so massive and filled with bright light that she wondered if they had perhaps stepped outside, before looking up to see the ceiling was, in fact, still stone, simply so high as to be nearly invisible. The walls, as well, were nearly a kilometer to either side, and the floor itself had shifted from cool wood to a solid stone covered in thin dirt and a facsimile of grass, upon which was what appeared to be an outdoor-styled archery pitch.

"What is this?" The Einzbern girl, who had entered behind Rias, asked, eyes wide in awe as she stared around. As ever, she sounded like nothing more than a child in an amusement park, disbelieving and ecstatic at the slightest from of interesting thing. Briefly, Rias wondered if it was a result of her new-born hero-worship for Potter, before shaking the thought away sharply. The boy had saved Einzbern's life, there was no need to judge so harshly. Besides, she was too adorable to hold anything against her for long.

"Harry's Armory, or a part of it at least." Malfoy replied, pausing for a moment as he glanced over his shoulder at the three girls following him towards one of the apparent firing positions. "To put it simply, there are several different levels that Harry keeps organized based on the power, complexity, or danger of whatever items he crafts. These levels are then further divided by what category of item they fall into, or era, really. Each level and category has their own separate room, Like the six here in his Workshop."

"And which one are we in now?" Akeno asked, speaking up from her position at Rias's side. "I don't see anything except those targets around."

"Level three of the traditional weapons category." Malfoy answered easily enough, lips twitching as he glanced towards Akeno. "And if you don't see anything, that's because you're not looking hard enough." Smiling, the Slytherin nodded down at the ground beside him. Their group had managed to reach the firing position by now, coming to a halt almost half-way up the range. And there, beside Malfoy's feet, was a chest-an old, medieval looking thing that practically screamed hidden treasure hiding within-that Rias could have sworn was not there a second ago. As she blinked in surprise, joined by her two female companions, Malfoy smirked at them. With an almost casual motion, he kicked the thing open and knelt down to reach in.

"Now, first things first," Draco said as he rummaged around a bit before emerging with what looked to be a simple wooden bow and quiver of arrows. Only Rias's supernatural eyesight allowed her to spot the tiny and intricate carvings all up and down its length. "While we're in this room, you will follow my orders to the letter. Harry made these items, yeah, but the Armory is my space, for reasons I will explain in a little bit. You do what I say, when I say and how I say it, and hopefully none of us will get blown up today."

"Are you serious?" Rias asked, raising a single crimson eyebrow. "We are not truly in danger, are we?" Malfoy looked at her, his own eyebrow raising, before he smiled.

"Not if you listen." He replied, only the slightest hint of humor in his voice. A moment later the silver-haired boy paused, glancing around to all three girls standing around him. "Look," He said with a sigh, slowly strapping the quiver on his back for a moment as he met their gazes evenly. "You have to understand that the things I am about to show you are not toys or trinkets. I wasn't exaggerating just how paranoid Harry thought things would get while he's here at Hogwarts, and the things he makes are generally designed to fight a bloody war if needed. They can and will end lives if wielded inappropriately, not least your own. If you pay attention, however, everything should be fine. Understood?" Quietly, all three girls nodded. For once, there was not a single one of them who had not become solemn, as the weight of Draco's warnings settled. All of them were here to see just what sort of person Harry Potter was, and the best way to learn a craftsman was to observe his work. They would respect that. Seeing their agreement, Draco smiled. "Good." Then suddenly he twisted where he stood before nocking, drawing, and firing an arrow faster than any of them could blink. What came next only cemented their respect.

Rias had noticed the runes carved the bow, it was true. While she was no renu expert herself, she could only imagine they were meant to enhance the weapon and its ammunition in some way. Perhaps it would make arrows sharper, or direct them with supernatural accuracy. What she had not expected was for the arrow in Draco's hands to be completely transformed as he pulled the bowstring back, simple wood turning into a crackling, blindingly bright thunderbolt. For the split second Malfoy held it, there was only power, arcs of electricity reaching out to scorch the ground around them even as the main body writhed like a serpent in his grip. Then he released, and the air shattered as it disappeared down the range faster than even a devil's eyes could follow. A moment later, the cracking of air was followed by a sharp booom as Malfoy's arrow struck the target nearly half a kilometer down range. Once the accompanying flash had died down, all that was left was a smoking ruin of wood and steel. Slowly, Malfoy turned back to the three girls, who had become completely frozen in shock.

"Now then," He said, smiling pleasantly. "Shall we begin?"

No, Rias Gremory decided as she stared at the spot where an archery target had once stood. She had no idea what to think at all.


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