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This chapter contains lesbian sex. Don't like don't read. As always characters are OOC as it's fanfiction.

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If this had happened to anyone but herself Hermione would of found it entertaining. Not even a month into the new school year and she had received her second detention courtesy of professor Black. Apparently the school frowns upon punching the boy who lived to serve as a royal pain in her arse in front of witnesses.

She had no intention of going not while she had a glass of very expensive champagne in hand and her head lightly buzzing under the influence. The girls in her dorm had stripped to skimpy pyjamas or in Millicent's case a tank top and extremely short shorts and Hermione was very much enjoying the pale flesh of Millie's round ass cheeks on show, wobbling slightly under every movement.

Damn she was one horny bitch.

While the girls continued chatting around her she used the last few minutes of peace to complete her transfiguration assignment.

Note to self don't lose temper in front of people wait until your victim is alone. Hermione smirked jotting it down in her spare notebook. She had detention in an hour and the girls have decided to throw an impromptu slumber party including illegally obtained firewhiskey and two bottles of champagne that Daphne had stolen from her mother's secret stash on her last home visit.

"Why don't we play truth or dare?" Tracey Davis chirped up from her position in the middle of their dormitory. Pillows and throws been haphazardly thrown on the ground where the girls had set up.

Daphne's grey eyes glinted with mischief, drinks in hand as she flopped unceremoniously on the blankets. She grinned lining up dozens of shot glasses and carelessly pouring the strong liquor across the unstable line. Most of it splashing to a waste on the pillows.

"Trying to get us pissed Greengrass? Whatever will the professors say." Pansy mocked gasp in horror pulling a reluctant Hermione onto the floor, creating a circle with their dorm mates.

Millicent snorted throwing back her shot and passing Hermione two. The half-blooded witch smirked in challenge, her round cheeks flushing under the alcohol.

"Fine let's get pissed'" Hermione cried out as she threw back both shots in quick succession. Revelling in the liquid burning down her throat and warming her stomach. Pansy followed her friends example to the cheers and claps of the slightly tipsy girls.

"Before we jump straight into trouble let's play Shag Marry Kill." Hermione spoke up, frowning as the room tilted slightly.

"How do we play? I'm all for shagging but not so much marrying or the killing part. I would hate to go to Azkaban with my looks." Daphne pouted, pouring champagne from the bottle straight into her mouth.

Millie rolled her eyes, an exasperated sigh falling from her lips. "No you daft bint. You.. never mind I'll explain. For example who would you Shag, marry or kill out of," an evil smile blossomed on her face. "Potter, Weasley and Dumbledore?"

Hermione grimaced, faking a gag. "Can I just kill them all off. The world would hardly miss them." Shaking away the horrifying images of the three bastards naked, a shudder ran down her spine. "If you don't answer you have to either kiss one of us of your choosing or take a shot of.." Hermione crawled across the floor, hooting from Millie and Daphne followed in her wake as she rummaged in her beaded bag. Falling back into her spot she revealed the green liquid sloshing in the glass bottle.

"Fuck Malfoy are you trying to kill us off?" Daphne snatched the bottle with a grin. She set out more shot glasses pouring over absinthe with a gleeful whistle.

"Alright Davis, let's see. McGonagall, Andromeda and old Sprout?"

Tracy swallowed. "Shag professor McGonagall, marry professor Black and Kill off professor Sprout."

Greengrass chose to shag Draco, Marry Blaise and kill off Snape. Millicent refused to answer between Dumbledore, Lucius and the dark lord. Hermione had grinned knowing Millie was a lesbian like herself which resulted in Millie grabbing her by her bra strap and snogging her. Pansy chose to marry Hermione, shag Potter and kill off Weasley.

Then came Hermione's turn, each girl sharing an amused smile. "Alright Malfoy. Narcissa Malfoy, Andromeda Black and Lucinda Malfoy." Daphne cackled.

Unable to completely process the fact that they included her own mother, she crawled across the circle and placed her hand at the back of Daphne's neck and pulled her into a very heated kiss, tongues warring for dominance, hands roaming barely clothed bodies.

Greengrass flopped on her back struggling to catch her breath. Hermione giggled unintelligibly leaning her weight on a drunk Pansy.

"Is it me or has it suddenly gotten hot in here?" Millie fanned herself.

"Alright now I believe Davis as you picked the game you get to go first. Truth or dare or strip?" Pansy smiled widely at her more timid friend once the girls had resettled.

Tracey shifted under the attention. "Truth."

The butch witch snickered, downing another shot.

"Are you a virgin?"

The red blush on her cheeks made her rather cute in Hermione's opinion.

"Yes but only because mother and father would be terribly disappointed if I lost.. er if I did that before I was married." Tracey admitted.

Daphne laughed, nudging the blushing witch with her elbow. "You do realise you could still have sex without losing your virginity my dear friend.." at the confused look Tracey sent her, Daphne grinned wickedly turning to Hermione. "Hey Malfoy why don't you explain how you and Pansy shag."

"Not my turn yet Greengrass but nice try." Grabbing two more shot glasses Hermione passed one to Pansy while she emptied the other. Their fingers brushing sending a bolt of lightning through their joined hands. The dirty blonde Slytherin looked away first thus breaking their contact.

"Daphne truth or dare or err strip?"

"Dare me Tracey we need some action ladies," she replied stretching her arms above her head causing the lacy top ride up revealing the creamy skin of her toned stomach.

Millicent leant towards Tracey whispering in the girl's ear. From whatever the bigger girl was suggesting sent Davis into a tailspin, her jaw hanging open. Tracey shook her head frantically all while Millie snickered yet again.

Clearing her throat, her eyes on the ground. "I dare you to run naked down into the common room and do two laps."

Hermione stumbled up in a drunken haze, she giggled grabbing her friend by the waist. Damn she wanted to strip her naked and fuck her senseless. She pressed her lips to heated skin in the crook of Pansy's neck. Her witch moaned out loud.

Millicent coughed loudly. "Ladies as pleasing as this is we're going to miss Daphne in all her splendour."

Down in the common room the drunk brunette spied her blonde haired nephew chatting with Blaise and Theo by the fireplace. All three looked up just in time to see Daphne slowly strip her racy pyjamas off. A loud round of wolf whistling followed.

"Fuck me Greengrass.." yes that was what Hermione was thinking too.

A first year stammered, blushing furiously as he ducked his head behind his book. Laughter rang out from the embarrassed boy's reaction while the older boys watched in a state of arousal and envy. Hermione was certainly aroused the tall girl's breasts bounced with each step.

The group giggled landing on the blankets in a heap of limbs. Daphne still naked as the day she was born crooked at finger at the brunette. "Truth or dare or strip Hermione?" the way she said her way should be made illegal. Her panties were now soaked and very uncomfortable.

Not backing down from a challenge Hermione forced her drunken body to stand. She swayed moving with the spinning room, her eyes locked on Daphne's she slowly and teasingly stripped off. The moment she bared her body to the room Greengrass pounced knocking them back to the ground with a loud thud.

Millicent and Pansy shared a quick look both nodding and smiling. Both witches stripped down earning a sharp moan from Tracey who sat nervously watching the scene play out before her.

"I've been wanting to fuck you since the day I found out you were really a Malfoy," she purred her overheated body pressed down on Hermione's. Before she could get her drunken brain to come up with a retort, soft lips crashed on hers. She groaned, her fingers pinching hard pointed nipples.

Daphne kissed her way down her body, her tongue chasing the droplets of alcohol that spilled off the shot glasses and landed on their bodies. Kneeling between the open legs she bit the thighs quivering beneath her, kissing her way up.

"Fuck me Greengrass, stop teasing me witch," she growled out, panting for release.

Hermione threw back her head at the first touch of tongue on her swollen clit. Two fingers dipped into her aching centre, teasingly pushing in and out with shallow thrusts. Grey eyes caught her purple ones, a wolfish grin playing on Daphne's lips just as her fingers buried deep inside where she needed her the most.

"What on Morgana's name is happening in here?" Hermione snapped her eyes towards the doorway. In their drunken hurry the girls had forgotten to shut and ward their door now two of their professors stood frozen in the opening. Professors Black and McGonagall. Their eyes wandering over the naked students, two who were still engaging in explicit activities.

"Ladies I believe a trip to the headmasters office is very much in the book tonight, don't you think Minerva? Underage sex and illegally obtained alcohol is against the rules." Andromeda barked out causing Daphne to jerk back away from Hermione, her fingers brushing the brunette's sore clit, Hermione moaned in pleasure making eye contact with the older woman who had come to haunt her dreams and leaving her a creamy mess when she woke up.

"Get dressed immediately girls," McGonagall scowled, striding across the dormitory and picking up the discarded bottles. "I'll be taking these. A more thorough search will take place tomorrow."

Once the students were suitable dressed, the five Slytherins were marched through the common room where their fellow house mates looked on in parts sympathy and annoyance knowing the girls will cost Slytherin house a lot of House points.

Hermione bit back a smirk waving at her nephew. "You may find this funny right now Miss Malfoy but I promise you, you won't like what's going to happen next and let us not forget you still owe me one missed detention and another weeks worth to make up for it pet," Andromeda huskily whispered in her ear, her soft breaths ghosting the bare flesh of her neck.

Fuck she was in deep shit now.