The Hidden Secrets of the Shadow

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Chapter One: The Rose's Shadow

The old smell of books permeated the air of the overwhelmingly large study that's secluded in the mansion. Natural light fills the room from the skylight above. It echoes the soft swishing sound of her pussyfooting down the long winding staircase down the stairs. Potted house plants are on either side of the staircase. The floor to the entire room is espresso Brazilian walnut smooth engineered hardwood. The bookshelves that line the walls of the study are of cherry wood with gold lining.

Silently she reaches in her pocket for her smartphone. Her small stature makes her look like she's a teenager in the large room. Scared that her grandson Honey will enter the room she is in she makes the important phone call as brief as possible. She taps the name on her phone. Kyoya Ootori. On the first ring he picks up, "Mrs. Haninozuka, what can I help you with?" He asks in-kind tone because he cherishes her and sees her as his own grandma because he lost his own a long time ago.

"Kyoya, I really need your help with a personal problem I've always been dealing with. Sixteen years ago the girl who would be my future daughter-in-law became pregnant with twins. Before she got married, she had twins. A boy and a girl, to be exact. Right after she gave birth she took the twin girl, because our family has high regard for the girls to go to the Lobelia Girls Academy. She wanted her daughter to grow up as normal as possible and not live in the high life. When the twins turned seven, I got a letter from her she is dying and wanted me to take the girl and raise her. When she passed her stepfather took her before I could even follow through with her final wishes. I have two photos of this beautiful girl. Her name is Haruhi Fujioka. Can you look into her and find out as much as you can about her? What you find out on anything can you send it to me? I want pictures and everything you get if you can."

"I mean no disrespect! But how am I going to do this? When this girl doesn't even go to Ouran Academy?" He asks respectfully.

"She's already on a scholarship given to her by me. I want her to meet her brothers. So I convinced Tamaki's father to allow for her to be the first scholarship winner."

"That sounds like a great plan Mrs. Haninozuka. I will do my best to follow through with your wish to find your long lost granddaughter. I'm fairly certain no one will know my reasons for what I Am doing. I am the Shadow King." He replies, determined to help a good friend.

"I expect nothing but the best Kyoya. I gave you that nickname." The notification of the call ending sounds on either end. She already sent each photo of what her granddaughter looks like. One being of when she was seven, the only photo she had up till now. Finally, the other photo as well that she just recently I gained, the I.D. photo of what Haruhi looks like today, at sixteen. She even sent that to him.

"Please let this plan not go wrong." Mrs. Haninozuka whispers to herself in a large study.

He stared at both photos of the girl Haruhi Fujioka. Intrigued by what type of person she really is. A month is in the wings before school starts and he already has a plan. 'How well this plan will work has the probability of working to one hundred percent.' Already being away from Tamaki because he is on vacation before school begins. He knows what he needs to do for Honey to get to know his long lost baby sister.

"Most girls are in love with their hair so maybe getting her to cut hers will get her to join the Ouran Host Club." He thinks aloud darkly.

A day following the phone call he goes to her neighborhood. Looking around at the area of condos and apartments. Looking to the one place he knows where Haruhi is living at he thinks to himself, 'This is unsuitable living habits. How am I going to follow her quickly when I need to remain unnoticed?' He looks around and finds many people walking back and forth where they need to go.

Already spotting Haruhi leaving her home she's wearing a pink dress over a white t-shirt and jeans with white sneakers. 'Commoner clothing but at the same time girly looking?' A dark aura surrounds him as he knows his plan will definitely work. 'She will find a way to get the gum out of her hair.'

Following her, she goes to a nearby park as she seems lost in thought. She sits on a bench as children are rowdy around her. In the shade with the trees away from Haruhi, a small boy chewing gum walks up to Kyoya asking softly, "Mister? Why are you in the shade?" The high pitch of the boy instantly grabs his attention from staring at Haruhi's back. He notices the boy chewing his gum. As if fate preordained his plan to work out flawlessly.

"If I paid you would you put your gum in that girl's hair?" Kyoya points to Haruhi making the little boy look to the back of her. Seeing how long her hair is, "Are you sure you want me to do that mister? Her hair is really pretty." He asks nervously.

"I'm sure. I will give you one thousand yen." The little boy's eyes sparkle the same way Honey does when Kyoya mentions cake. The little boy runs and sticks the gum in her hair as high as he can and in a good spot, Kyoya determines, before turning away as fast as he can to get the money from the mister. Kyoya waits for Haruhi's reaction. Expecting a loud scream. But that reaction never came.

Thinking to himself, 'Doesn't every girl care about their hair?' Time seems to slip by before she gets up and walks back home. On her street to where she lives her landlord is the first person out of everyone, she passes to point out the gum in her hair. "Miss Fujioka someone put gum in your hair. In a spot that is actually even hard to get out too." She looks sad for Haruhi as if she too is feeling the pain of losing such beautiful hair.

"Long hair is too much of a hassle to manage anyways. I was thinking about cutting it before school actually. It just makes my thought into reality. Thanks for being kind enough to tell me about the gum though. I must have past so many people and no one decided to point it out to me other than you."

Not knowing that anyone is close by listening in, she departs from her landlord and goes inside her home. Kyoya is standing on the first floor underneath the stairs hearing everything that Haruhi has said. It leaves him confused and wondering just what type of person Haruhi is even more. If she didn't really care about her hair that means she doesn't care about looks. He's always been around girls that always cares about how they look. If a speck of dust or dirt disfigured them they would change instantly. But this girl wore that gum like it was a prize and still didn't even care about the gum in her hair let alone, the thought of cutting her hair didn't even phase her.

The loud sound of the beeping of her alarm clock awoke Haruhi up. Looking at the time of the clock she realizes that it didn't go off at the time she set it for. It went off later than planned. Throwing her duvet off her warm body she runs to the family bathroom to brush her teeth. After opening the mirror above the sink to the get to her toothbrush she accidentally bumps her contacts while reaching for her toothbrush. She watches them go down the drain in the sink. Sighing, she doesn't care about going to school with her prescription glasses. When she finishes brushing her teeth the bathroom door slams open with her father screaming a loud apology about breaking her glasses.

"It's fine dad. I still have grandpa's glasses. It will be fine." She puts on what she thinks will do for a uniform, seeing she doesn't have enough money for an actual uniform. Finally putting on the glasses and her required school bag before leaving the condo to get to the special bus stop to get to Ouran Academy. Skipping breakfast along the way. Her bus ride is an early ride from where she is and has to go.

When she makes it to Ouran she sees how classy the school really is. She would never be able to go to a school like this on her own without her scholarship. Following the other students up the stairs to the building she ignores their whispers of her being a boy. She doesn't really care what they think of her. She just wants to follow in her mother's dreams of being a lawyer.

"Well mom, I finally made it to Ouran Academy. How are you doing in heaven mom?" She thinks aloud to her self as she takes in the new school and faculty. She pays attention in class taking notes on everything she needs to study for.

When class finally ends she looks for a quiet place to study in. Every library is too noisy, "You would think such a big school as this would have one place that is quiet." Hoping the music room would be the best option she finds instead the host club.

"Welcome to the Host Club!" The bright light of the room almost blinds her after she opens the big door to the room, and the scent of flowers fills her senses as if the massive room was a garden.

An echo of the same voice replies in unison, "Oh it's a boy!" She looks to the two that spoke. Realizing that they are in her class. She wonders why they are even a host. They don't seem to be welcoming of new people in their bond as twins. As if to be in their own little world. Even playing off the taboo of twins. But to Haruhi, it seems like they don't even believe in that taboo for each other they just don't want anyone to get close to them.

"Hikaru and Kaoru, I believe this commoner is in your class." She looks to the boy with glasses as she thinks silently to her self, 'Shadow king personality?' But the word itself still gets her to flinch as she wonders to herself why this school cares to throw that word around a lot here when describing her.

She begins to turn around when she replies, "I think I found the wrong room. I'm leaving." Instantaneously she is grabbed by a tall boy with blond hair. Not really paying attention to anything he is saying. She gets annoyed by the boy who is talking abundantly. She doesn't even want to keep up with what he's saying either. She thinks of the best word to call him instead of caring about what he is saying. When she finally comes up with the best word. She replies without thinking, "Oh, I get it now. You're obnoxious."

Stopping everyone from their train of thought. Tamaki being really depressed doesn't pay attention and accidentally bumps into the main vase in the room. Kyoya shocked presses his glasses to his forehead doing his best to hiding how shocked of how fast she rendered Tamaki to erode away in a corner. Hikaru and Kaoru reply, "He's not moving. What do we do Kyoya?"

"Just let him sulk. He will get over it." He smiles darkly.

"Way to go Haru-Chan." Honey jumps up and hugs Haruhi for a split second and stands before her, "Do you want to hold Usa-Chan" He asks with poppy dog brown eyes. Showing the stuffed bunny to Haruhi.

Nervously she replies, "I don't really like bunnies."

"You don't like USA-chan?" He gives pouting brown eyes and sticks out his bottom lip. Making her feel bad instantaneously for lying.

"Okay," she replies, "I like USA-chan." She blushes slightly seeing the stuffed animal's face.

Kyoya paying attention to everything closely he thinks silently to himself, 'Well that didn't go as planned but,' looking to Tamaki who still eroding away, 'I always have back up.' Getting everyone's attention again "Seeing the host king is down and your words caused him to break the vase and he's eroding away. You have no option but to become a Host in training. Or you can pay for that vase." His evil aura surrounds him.

"How much is the vase?" She asks triumphantly thinking she can pay for it.

"eight million yen." He smiles darkly knowing very well she has no other choice but to join.

"How many yen is in eight million yen?" She asks scared. Trying to figure out the best way to get the money for the host club so she doesn't have to join such a weird club.

Tamaki hearing the conversation he instantly seems to be better. "That's it!" He points to her declaring, "Haruhi you're a host in training."

He turns and looks to the twins, Hikaru and Kaoru, reply in unison, "It's not always about the clothes maybe if we take off the glasses." Upon taking off the glasses everyone is stunned yet again.

In no time at all Tamaki shouts, "Mori-Senpai call my hairstylist, Kyoya call the doctor for contacts, and Hikaru and Kaoru find a correct uniform for Haruhi."

Honey standing in front of Tamaki waits in anticipation of what he can do to help Haruhi, as an afterthought Tamaki replies quietly, "Honey eat some cake." Everyone does what is asked/demanded of them while Honey sits by himself sulking with USA-chan. "Well, it's just us USA-Chan. Everyone is too busy." He mumbles depressingly between the cake.

While Haruhi's hair is being styled Mori-senpai notices a familiar birthmark behind Haruhi's ear that reaches into her hairline. Making him wonder to himself if she is related to Honey. Keeping it to himself he doesn't want to draw attention to her. Feeling like he already knows she's a she from hearing Honey's grandmother's phone conversation the other day. About a long lost sister that was kidnapped. Knowing very well this information will come to the forefront when it needs to. He continues watching her hair being cut.

The test of being a host begins for Haruhi, everyone is off doing their own thing. Tamaki is with his regular guests. While Kyoya is on his clipboard and is scheming. Mori-senpai and Honey are just being themselves which brings in a few guests for them. Haruhi is standing Hikaru and Kaoru.

"Let's Play the Hikaru and Kaoru game!" Watching closely Haruhi and the girls notice them take out a hat to hide their hairlines so no one can tell which way their hair is parted. The girls complain except for Haruhi, 'this is going to be interesting' she thinks silently to her self. The twins dance, shuffle, and spin making it hard to know who is who. But for Haruhi, she instantly knows who is who. Hikaru changes up his voice to sound like Kaoru before he asks, "Who is Kaoru?"

"I don't know..." The girls reply around them sad that they can't tell which is which. Haruhi shakes her head at them and replies, "I don't know why you're so popular."

The twins look to her and ask at the same time, "Then who is Kaoru Haruhi? You can go off and get your own guests if you guess correctly."

She takes no time at all to point out who is Kaoru correctly, and she knows she is right, to her right is Is Kaoru when she looks to them.

"Uh-oh, you guessed wrong." They hold each other as they reply nervously scared that someone finally has gotten through their wall completely.

"No. I guessed right. Kaoru is to your left Hikaru. You may look alike. But you guys are very different." She declares confidently.

"Wow, Haruhi-Kun. How did you guess correctly?" the girls ask as they see their shocked faces. Proof she was right all along.

She answers honestly but vaguely, "Intuition. I've always been able to guess who is who in identical twins."

Hikaru and Kaoru whisper to each other, "That sounds like..." they don't continue.

Everyone in the room was listening in with the conversation. Intrigued that someone was finally able to guess correctly with the Hikaru and Kaoru game impressed everyone. Seeing Tamaki's expression alone girl sitting away from the other girls surrounding him is off by herself who is green with envy that everyone is fascinated by a lowlife commoner.

The beginning of the second day of school for Haruhi began better than the previous day before. Everyone commented positively on her new outfit. Until class was about to begin. She was about to take the stairs but she was tripped down the flight of stairs instead. She looks around to see who tripped her but found no one in sight she believes it was an accident. Though the pain in her foot is severed, which causes her to believe she sprained her ankle. She stands back up a bit wobbly on her feet she begins walking again. She limps slightly before pushing on with the pain. Walking as best as she can to class not realizing someone is saw the whole ordeal. Her regular classes went by without a hitch until she makes it to the host club.

She is instantly requested to have a guest. Which impresses Tamaki. But Kyoya doesn't like who the guest is that requested Haruhi. He stands off to the side watching as best as he can like everyone else. But he does his best to make it seem like he is more interested in his clipboard most of the time.

Aimi sitting with Haruhi is talking down to her. Haruhi not really caring about what she is saying. Haruhi is just trying to figure out why there is just so much venom behind Aimi's words towards her. Haruhi then comes up with the best answer she can. When Aimi finishes her Monologue Haruhi finally speaks aloud her epiphany, "I get it now you're jealous."

Causing Aimi to be stunned, Haruhi continues, "What I don't get is why to choose me as your host still when you can't stand to be around me. I don't want to cause any problems so I will go and let you do what you want."

When Haruhi stands after sitting for so long she stumbles not being used to the pain in her foot after being off of it so long.

Aimi laughs rudely as well as connivingly, "How's your foot?"

"It's fine it's not a big deal. Thank you for caring enough to ask." She nods to Aimi.

Angry Aimi throws her water in Haruhi's face screaming, "You know nothing. You're just a commoner!"

Hikaru and Kaoru throw water on the two of them preventing a fight from happening. The entire room becomes silent. When Aimi asks for anyone's help. "Help me, Haruhi is trying to take advantage of me!"

"Aimi, you're beautiful, but your personality is terrible. Haruhi isn't like that. Maybe one day you will find someone to fill in the too much time on your hands." Tamaki replies disappointingly to her.

"I did nothing wrong." She replies stubbornly and much venom.

Kyoya getting irritated explains the situation from start to finish. "I have photo evidence that you tripped Haruhi down the stairs causing him to sprain his ankle. I also have video evidence that you were badgering him while being with him when you requested for his company."

Hearing this Hikaru and Kaoru feel bad for pouring water on Haruhi because they thought Haruhi was instigating the whole ordeal. Honey and Mori-senpai help Haruhi find a new uniform when Honey notices the bunny-shaped birther mark behind her ear into her hairline. Making the decision to ask his grandmother about that later that night.

Changing into her new uniform in the changing room. Everyone is able to find out that Haruhi is actually a girl by looking at her I.D on the floor cause she dropped it.

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