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Chapter 2: What's Hidden the Dark Comes to the Light

The day at school finally ended and everyone is finally going their separate ways. Honey and Mori are leaving together while walking to their limo where it always shows up in the driveway of the school. "You saw it didn't you?" Mori asks." I did. I need to talk to my grandmother about it"

The dark blue limo pulls in front of the two of them. Mori opens the door first and lets honey go in first. Before he is following in right after him.

Closing the door, they pay no attention to the tinted windows. When Mori asks. "What do you think it means?"

"Honestly... It might mean I am related to her. But I don't know in what way, to be honest." In the limo on a table, there was already a cake. He takes the cake and eats it, humming softly of the taste of strawberry in his mouth.

"What if she is your sister?" Mori asked. Thinking aloud as he watches a strawberry being swallowed by Honey. "You think that could be a possibility?" He asks looking to his best friend. And cousin. "Don't you? I mean she looks like your brother and he is wearing glasses."

"I won't know until I can ask my grandma Takashi." He eats more of the cake as they all go silent in the limo. The quiet is easy for them to stay in it. When they are deep in thought. As finishing the cake, the limo stops at the Haninozuka's land. The two teenagers step out of the limo to find their way to honey's grandma. Before they enter the old modern mansion Honey calls to see where she is at. As she picks the phone call up on the second ring.

"Mitsukuni what's wrong?"

"Can I come in and talk to you right now?" He slides the door letting Takashi through first.

"You need not ask to come to the living room. You both stay there." The call ends before they sit in the living room on the first floor, waiting for his grandmother to arrive. Honey's parents are away on business leaving his grandparents to watch him.

She comes out of her bedroom and walks to where they are. "What do you need, Mitsukuni? Takashi?"

"Grandmother, today at school, I met a girl who looks like me and my brother. But another characteristic she holds is that she has a bunny behind the ear and into the hairline. Is there any possibility it relates us to her in any way?" Honey asks in his cute way.

Takashi then interrupts, "Please tell him the whole story." Already knowing very well what needs to be told to Mitsukuni.

"Your younger brother has a long-lost twin sister. Her mother took her. Because our family holds high regard for the females to go to Lobelia Academy. Because her mother wanted to keep her from high life. She got married to someone else. Her mother's last wish was for me in a letter was to raise her daughter after she has died. But when she was seven I went to find her but her stepfather kidnapped her. He changes her name leaving me at lost to find them. The only way to know if she is really related to us is by getting a DNA test with your brother. BUT I have my suspension that she really is related to us because of the birthmark you say you saw on her. You both need to train and do your homework. There are no slackers in my family." She waves them off. When they reply "Yes ma'am."

Because they feel a sense of peace in the dojo they go there to talk. "Not knowing I had a long lost baby sister makes me really sad Takashi. "How can anyone kidnap someone else. Because of this, I didn't get to know her. We could have been close. I always wanted a baby sister. Because my baby brother and I always fight. I always thought if I had baby sister their reason for me to protect her." Mitsukuni looks at Takashi when he replies. "You can still always do that. protect her from the shadows. It can put your skills to work."

They finish the night by training and doing their homework. Dinner past and Takashi went to sleep after finishing his homework. Honey is still in his room with the light. when he replies silently to himself. "A sister... what do you think USA-chan?" He falls asleep holding USA-chan thinking about Haruhi.

Tamaki went around the school to find the rest of the host club to tell them the new theme of the day. "Shakes-spear is author of romance, need to put his full skills so we can show Haruhi what being host is really about. We cant help she's is commoner and doesn't know what it is like. we need to make sure she stays in the club are you with me?"

Haruhi hearing the entire one side conversation interrupts Tamaki "I'm not a commoner. I'm a middle-class citizen. and also who wouldn't know about shakes-spear. She then looks to Tamaki and replies dramatically, "Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?"

Tamaki places his hand over his mouth before walking away from being embarrassed. Everyone follows after Tamaki when they reply making fun of Tamaki "Did my heart love till now? foreswear it sight! For I never saw true beauty till this night."

The day goes by when everyone is in their respective outfit for this theme except Haruhi. The big music room filled young girls in fancy dressed and masks. Showing sign that the host club is holding a masquerade ball. In the middle of the room is an old fashioned water fountain where everyone is standing next to it.

Standing off by herself Haruhi watches everyone having a good time when suddenly two-hand grabs her from behind and silence her to a spot in the school change her outfit. The twins persuade her to wear a mask and a fancy dress hiding her from pure sight from anyone.

The mask is pink with clear glitter. Matching her skin tone perfectly. The dress is made of satin fabric that is long that has flower gems placed around erratically around the bodice of the dress making it seem like it cached some snow. Her shoes are rounded toe pumps that have a slight lift to them. To set it off the look the twins put her in a wig and curl it in soft beach waves. Placing a soft beaded headband to set the look they were going for. they gave her lips a soft shimmer and giving her cheekbones and her eyes silver highlight.

Leading the way back to the party the twin laugh leaving her alone. Tamaki is off an entertaining group of girls closer to the dance floor while Kyoya is on his clipboard financing the party and refreshment. Seeing her his eyes do a double-take press his glass to the bridge of his nose he pressed his clipboard to his and walks to her. He asks. "so tell me why you off alone Haruhi"

"I was sort of was left alone by Hikaru and Kaoru. Why aren't you having fun like everyone else?" she asked him.

"I am more focused on my priorities. For everyone else, it's easier for them to have fun?" He answers honestly.

"Really, a shadow king like yourself is more focused than to have fun?" she asks lightly.

His facial expression changes from emotionless to shock. 'Did she really just call me that?' He asks silently to himself. When he asks her, "What made you come up with that saying?"

"You are always off by yourself. Writing on your clipboard. When you set down one time, I looked at what you are doing all the time. I saw it was financing. The list of how many girls the guys hosted or the amount you guys owned for that day somehow you always pay back what you've owned. So I figured being a king makes up who you really are."

Quickly she grabs his hand and smiles up at him before asking, "How about this, you take a break from the shadow king persona and come dance with me?" She pulls on his hand. Deciding quickly to lay down his clipboard he lets her pull him to the dance floor with everyone else. He begins to dance with her to a song called 'I Choose to Love You by Hyorin.' With the song, they do an updated waltz by Kyoya taking the lead. Even though Haruhi is a commoner she knows how to dance fairly well with him. Being really close to him she keeps him in the quick, quick, slow movement. For the next four and half minutes of the song played he talked to her silently trying to get her to relax and forget the other guests at the party.

When the song ended Tamaki is standing behind Haruhi when he asks Kyoya, "Who are you dancing with Kyoya. Do you think maybe she wants to dance with the lovely prince."

Kyoya getting jealous replies, "I don't think so-" he groans out.

"A beauty like her should dance with someone as attractive as me." He replies obnoxiously.

Haruhi getting annoyed replies, "You should never judge a book by its cover you should know that. Plus you already have so many girls vying for your attention. Shouldn't you keep them company before they get bored and find another host?"

'She took the words out of my mouth before I had a chance to say it.' Kyoya stands there shocked. Tamaki looks to the girls and runs back to them. Haruhi then looks to Kyoya, "Want to continue dancing with me? If not I will go back and change. These clothes feel heavy and my face feels like it's going to fall off."

Chuckling Kyoya presses his glasses back to the bridge of his nose, "Sure let's continue dancing." A new song begins to play called 'Eternal Love by Michael Learns to Rock.'

Kyoya takes the lead to dance in a sexy way enticing other girls to watch the two of them dance. Haruhi follows Kyoya's lead when he dips her and brings his hand to her neck and slides it down her body. This action makes the girls surrounding them swoon. Wishing they were in the unknown girl's position. Bringing her back he spins her around and does a slow dip of his hips making him look like he's grinding up against her when he wasn't. He took this move from Jaleel White, who was the actor for the persona of Urkel. When he stops dancing in the song he then lets Haruhi shine. She ends up dancing in a cute way getting the guys in the room to want to dance with her. Not caring about the other people in the room the two dance gets lost in dancing when they are finally the last two on the dance floor.

Walking back to where she needs to change. Haruhi is deep in thought. 'I've never danced like that with anyone mom. Are you not angry with me are you? ... How are you doing in heaven mom?' Finally, with her uniform back in the place where it should be, she walks back home with thoughts of recipes she needs to make for tonight's dinner.

The echo of foot's steps ascends the elegant stair chase as one single boy starts talking to himself aloud in the large hallway, "School is always so boring, I already learned everything in middle school. Maybe some time by doing club activities will help entertain me better." Haruhi replies to herself. Before entering the music room. Closing the door behind her, just as quickly as entering the room, there is a sudden knock at the door.

Opening the door again. She finds standing in the doorway a boy in middle school uniform with glasses, doe eyes, and light brown hair. "Is there a boy named Honey, here? I need to talk to him." Before she can reply Mori appears with Honey on his shoulders by giving him a piggyback ride.

"Chika, what are you doing here?" Honey asks in his cute way that can never get old.

"You know him, Honey?" Haruhi asks confused by how someone older than her knows someone clearly from a lower grade, all you have to do is check his uniform.

"Yeah, he's my younger brother." Honey replies before Chika instigate a fight. Haruhi then asks, "Mori, are you going to do something?" While being worried about the two.

Mori, not worried at all shrugs and hums, "Hmm."

"What do you mean, 'Hmm.'"

Right before the boys begin fighting and blocking and dodging each other's attacks Haruhi steps in and flips both boys by doing judo. "Martial arts should NEVER be used in sibling rivalry."Haruhi then walks to Mori again and flips the tall guy by using Hapkido and flips him. "You had the ability to stop it. You shouldn't let a fight pursue while we are at school." She shakes her head and walks out of the room clearly angry with everyone who didn't want to stop it.

The guys in the room are shocked to find out and to see that Haruhi knows how to do martial arts. "She knows martial arts?" They ask each other. But off by himself, Chika saw her birthmark when he was flipped by her.

"Martial arts isn't for a lady like you, You could have gotten hurt," Tamaki replies to her. Getting angrier, Haruhi then replies, "I have gone to a dojo ever since I was seven secretly by myself. I learned martial arts from there. I even teach it. I know for a fact that martial arts should never be abused the way Chika and Honey just did. Because all it causes is rifts, psychological break downs, and insecurities." She looks to them all and shakes her head with great disappointment to all of them more than ever. Leaving the club and going home. Kyoya then calls around to see if her story pans out. As well as, getting references at how well she does for her grandmother.

But for Chika, hearing her words feels like she was talking to him the most. It causes him to want to learn from her whenever the chance may arise. He feels a connection with her, a sense of home. Something he has never felt with anyone. He doesn't know why he feels that with someone he never met before until now.

Hanging up his phone Kyoya looks to the group, "She's a master at the most popular dojo. She even does really well there." He looks to all the guys in the room.

"A master in what?" Hikaru asks.

"A master in all martial arts." He replies extremely impressed because it shows just how much of a genius she really is.

The club activities become posted pond for the day, everyone ends up leaving except Kyoya when he calls honey's grandma, "Kyoya, what can I do for you?"

"Mrs. Haninozuka, I found something about Haruhi that you may want to know." He replies sheepishly.

"Well, what is it, sweety?" She asks kindly to him.

"I found out that Haruhi is a master in all martial arts. She even teaches it as well. I just wanted to fill you in." He tells her kindly.

"The girls in our family have always been masters in martial arts. There has to be a reason why she had to learn martial arts at a young age. Do you know how old she was when she learned it?" She asks him wanting to know.

"When she was seven." He answers.

"Then we need to know why she wanted to learn at a young age."

Kyoya said, "Maybe Chika can grab the courage to ask her to train him and to know the right way to do martial arts, and he can get the answer to what we are missing. Why she was angry so much."

As Chika was heading home he went to talk to his father about something really important that he wanted to know. He enters the dojo and finds his father watching one of his old matches from the past to show what he messed up and to teach others how to fix their mistakes.

"Dad, I need to talk to you about something serious." Hearing his son speak to him he puts the video on pause when Chika sat next to him. He then starts again in a serious manner.

"Dad today, I met this girl who has a birthmark like me and honey behind the ear and everything. She is better at martial arts then both of us. she stopped our fight really quick and got angry with Mori for not stopping it and flipped him easily." He tells him honestly.

"Okay Chika, I need to tell you about your real mom. She was a real beauty. I fell in love with her for her sense of justice and fairness that every lawyer needs but before we were engaged she was pregnant with twins. You were one of them, and the girl you are talking about sounds like your older twin sister. She is older by two minutes. Your mother took her to protect her from entering the Lobelia Academy."

"Dad, I am angry with you. You should have told me I had a twin sister. Where is my mom now?" He asks bringing his hands into fists.

His father then replies, "I don't know, we lost touch when you turned seven." As he said that Chika storms out of the dojo and run to his room. Feeling lonelier than ever, not understanding why he couldn't know his mom or his sister. Then Chika thought to himself, 'Maybe I can know both by having her train me and tutoring me in martial arts. I will go to the Ouran Host Club and ask her to train me.' As he went to sleep thinking what it would be like to know his twin and his mom. As the next morning had risen he can't wait until he can ask her to train him when the club is in session.

As Haruhi is getting for school she was still very angry with the host club for not stopping the fight in the club. At school, there was a really hard test taking place and she didn't care about it. She was more ticked off at the host club. as the teacher reads out the test, Haruhi is sitting in the back by Hikaru and Kaoru not caring if she got a failing grade or not. The teacher then tells her that she didn't fail that she got all the answers right. Stopping everyone from getting a grade curve. The teacher shocked replies, "This can't be." Everyone looking up at the teacher's response.

She looks to Haruhi and asks, "Was it possible that you were put in the wrong class Haruhi?" Going silent the class glares at Haruhi. The rest of the day went by like that. The teachers asking if she was placed in the wrong class for doing so well on a really hard test. She was dreading going to the host club. But decided to go anyways. Giving glares to the host club members. "She has a guest today."

Chika walks up to her and asks, "Haruhi, can you train me in your kind of martial arts? After the summer break?" He asks nervously wondering maybe she will say no.

"I have one condition, well two actually. One it's never used for sibling rivalry and the other I can help you with your studies. If you say no then forget me teaching you." She replies sternly.

As the host club takes Haruhi to the beach to help her relax and not be so angry with the rest of them they get her out of her shell. The final week of summer vacation they were all brought to Kyoya's beach house to relax and to have fun while entertaining guests. But Kyoya has an ulterior motive. He wants Haruhi for himself. How he can go about that he doesn't know. But he's pretty sure it will happen sometime during vacation. Kyoya already knows that Haruhi has a phobia of thunderstorms from her father. When he met him on the street and asked him about her. Seeing a group of girls go to a cliff. Haruhi without thinking she runs after them and pushes them out of the way from falling into the ocean. She falls in herself and hits her head off one of the rocks near the cliff and causes her to go unconscious in the ocean causing her to drown. Even though she was trying to protect the girls. she did what she was afraid most of them do.

Diving in after her Kyoya saves her from the current of the ocean to protect her from being continuously hit against the cliff bringing her to the beach and he lays her down and tilts her head back and clearing her breathing passage as the other boys are screaming at him to do something. Blood is coating her head. But it doesn't look too severe for her. Giving her CPR he presses down following the beat of the song "Staying Alive." By the Bee Gees, and breathing her mouth every 10 compressions he gives her. On the third repetition, she coughs up the water that went through her lungs.

Waking up Haruhi finds and an unknown man placing gauze on her wound on the back of her head as she replies, "Are the girls okay?"

"You have a strong sense of protection. Not many people have your ability to want to protect." The doctor replies. "You also need to keep your eyes open there is going to be a storm tonight." He leaves after giving her some pain medication for her wound.

Entering the room again Kyoya asks, "How are you feeling? You scared everyone." Wanting to keep her awake and plays a board game with her. By the time it ends. the storm begins and Haruhi runs to the cupboard and hides.

He finds the best way to get her of there, "You're not alone Haruhi. You won't be alone right now. please get off there." She jumps out of the cupboard and hugs him tightly as she cries. From remembering why she was always afraid of storms. Getting her to put on some music makes sure it's louder than the storm around her. Falling asleep in his arms, Kyoya watches her sleep.

As school started, she goes to the club to tell Kyoya that she needs to spend less time at the club. Picking up the courage she talks to Kyoya alone.

"Kyoya I need to quit the club to help tutor someone and train them. I don't want to have time to do the host club anymore." She rubs the back of her neck nervously fearing his words the most.

"I'm sorry Haruhi. But you can't quit. Your quota for the club was never met. I never told you but your dress for the masquerade ball was bought by me. Which means I own you now. I tell you when you can and cannot leave." He looks to her, his glasses glinting by the light.

"Then how about this, thirty minutes a day for club time?" She asks.

Negotiating the ups the time, "How about an hour and then you can go."

She sighs, "Fine." For the next hour, she serves the other guests with drinks and snacks. The time she needed to go to Chika's house to teach him what he needs to know at the dojo. changing into her dojo fit she teaches him the basics of meditation and relaxing. before going through the basics of every martial arts with him. Finally sitting down and taking a breather Chika Asks, "Haruhi, What made you want to learn Martial arts?"

"Mostly to protect me. My dad is always away and I've always been alone. Everywhere we moved to had the possibility of not being a safe place." she answers honestly.

"But what about your mom? Everyone has a mom." Looking out the window of the dojo Haruhi replies, "She's no longer of this world, She died when I turned seven."

He asks again, "How did she pass away?"

She looks to him this time and replies, "She got sick and pass away from that illness."

"what was she like if you don't mind me asking."

"She was a lawyer, Kind fair, and had a sense of right and wrong. She always fought for the truth" she replies sadly. In another room of the dojo is Chika's dad hearing the complete conversation. Hearing of her again he feels like he should have known she past away. He still held out hope that he would see her again. But now? Now all seems to be dark and hopeless for him.

Then Chika ask " why don't you like martial art used in a sibling rivalry fights?"

Then Haruhi said. " when I was little I saw other siblings at the dojo fighting each other. I sawed how much negative impacts rivalry could hurt each one of them! I will say this Chika I am envious you have a brother. I always want to have siblings before my mom passes away. That I was angry at both you having sibling rivalry with martial art. It hurt to see you and your brother fighting like that. when I Basically had no one to be there for me when my mom passes away."

The next day began with everyone in the room with Honey off in a corner feeling jealous of Chika who gets to spend more time with Haruhi. Haruhi not feeling well does not reply to anyone and just lays down next to Honey and falls asleep. Sleeping through the next club activities and being in pain. No one notices until the end of the club when Honey wakes up and finds that Haruhi is running a fever. "Kyoya, call for a doctor something is wrong with Haruhi." With his words, everyone surrounds her before Kyoya calls for an ambulance.

The time seemed to go by fast as everyone waited for the paramedics showed. The guys followed her in their limos and made it to the hospital in record time. By the time they made it the doctor asks is anyone AB positive for just in case we need a blood transfusion for her.

"I am." Is heard through the group. Kyoya is the one to have spoken.

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