Shirai Kuroko


Kuroko works for the dark side of Neo Academy City, she was abandon by her parents at a young age, she was raised in a child error facility with Touma and Othinus Kamijou but then was removed from that said facility because her abilities can be proven useful to the city.

One day she was on a mission but then she was interrupted by guy with black hedgehog like hair, and she failed her mission because of him, filled with malice she sought out to get her revenge on him but his capabilities were remarkable that it surpassed her expectations. She also gets easily flustered with any comment he make like "Sexy Ninja Girl" or "Twintail Cutie".


She wears a blue ninja like outfit with tints of white, and she has a box with needles inside so she can trapped any opponent, she also wears a wears a black mask with matching ribbons and fingerless gloves.


While she is a level 4 Teleporter she also uses many weapons at her disposal like:

Smoke bombs, Needles, Shirkens, Kunais, Dagger, Nunchuck, and her own Hair.

Her hair was experimented on for extra combat in case she gets pinned by a opponent, she can use her tentacle like hair as a extra limbs.

originally she was going have a scarf but I decided to removed it because the hair was a better idea.

Concept Art- https/jokesterjack77/art/Kuroko-Shirai-Project-Index-2019-814317362

Final Product- ?