Touma Kamijou


Touma Kamijou is a Child Error along with his sister, his parents were killed in a car accident and Touma blames himself till this very day, to cope with his depression he's a jerk to everyone and acts full of himself. Right now he's on a class trip to England and things are about to change forever...


He has spiky hedgehog hair, and light purple eyes, he also wears a gray jacket that his sister gave to him on his 15th birthday, finally he has red and black shoes.


Touma is a level zero and there is nothing special about him other than the fact that he has a bad luck streak.

Concept Art- https/jokesterjack77/art/Touma-Kamijou-Project-Index-2019-823733075

Final Product- https/jokesterjack77/art/Touma-Kamijou-Final-Design-824476451