Catching thoughts in the rain

The weather in Val'Sharah was rainy that day, heavy rain that seeped down through the thick canopy of the trees surrounding Lorlathil. It gave the Field of Dreamers a whole different appearance. She loved it. Cian liked Val'Sharah, it still had a certain charm and ancient calm to it, like Mount Hyjal used to have. Or at least what was the feeling she got from the left over land that was Val'sharah after the Legion had destroyed so much.

Huddled up with her arms wrapped around her legs she sat on a sturdy overhanging branch from one of the large trees, half hidden under the protection of the ancient leaves as she watched and listened to the rain that fell in thick droplets around her.

Some caught her tunic, her arms, it soaked her hair. She did not mind, for some reason the sound of rain felt so peaceful . So she closed her eyes and listened. Other than the occasional critter she heard rustling through the branches that formed the rooftops of the trees, there was nothing other than a marvelous level of serenity out here.

Drip, drop! New drops splattered down. One finding its way to her forehead where it rolled down the curve of her closed eye, passing to the side of her nose until it vanished. Opening her eyes she smiled.

Cian held out a hand to try and catch a few of the raindrops for the fun of it. In moments a tiny pond of water was formed in the palm of her hand. She looked at the clear water with curiosity.

If she looked with her left eye at the puddle of water that had formed in her hand, then all she could see were the light and dark shapes of the water against the contrast of her skin and the leather glove covering half her hand. Her whole visual was a distorted reflection of shapes through the cracked lens of her eye. It was almost like looking through a broken scope. Contradicting her right eye, which served her a perfectly normal visual of her surroundings. By now she got used to the left eye losing its function.

Drip, drop, drip, drop! More raindrops fell into her hand.

She smiled when they merged with the layer she already had managed to gather, watching them raise the level of water in the curved palm of her hand. It worked a bit like a bowl she supposed, by clutching the fingers tightly together and curving the palm of her hand the water had a place to remain, until it either vaporised from the warmth of her skin or overflow in her hand to seek another path to escape.

Escape, that was perhaps the right description. She had done this often when she was a small child. Escape and hide out in the trees while it rained. It gave her a feeling of solitude. Rain was somehow fascinating to look at if you wanted to empty your head, she thought. Just like it was when staring at your own reflection in a pool water, right before throwing in a stone that would ripple out the image before it would smooth the surface back again. She had done that plenty of times over the past months. Throwing rocks in the water, hide in trees, sit and ponder her thoughts in the rain. Reviving the old habit.

Vald had sat with her many times in silence, soaked from the rain, and only speaking when she asked him something in those moments. She quietly thanked him for that patience, just lending his sturdy form to lean against as he left her to deal with her thoughts. Remaining close enough for her to know he was there if she needed him.

Cian had come to terms with herself on many things of late: The loss of her left eyesight, the choice of not wanting to pick up her bow anymore. Not now at least. The sudden reuniting with her family when Basalt had managed to track her all the way to Val'Sharah. Learning of the new war and the terrible losses after the burning of Teldrassil. It had given her much to ponder about.

Another drop joined the rising water level in the cove of her palm. She shook her hand suddenly; moving it in a quick gesture from left to right, watching the layer of water scatter out in multiple droplets again that launched themselves to all sides before they vanished from her now flat stretched out hand. Cian pursed her lips together for a moment, pushing the wet strands of silvery white hair back behind her ears so they would not stick in her face. By now her whole outfit felt damp from sitting there. She did not mind for the moment, though Cian would if the cold hit her skin. For now she would remain a while longer, contemplating her thoughts like she did the raindrops.

Some things still weighed heavy; such as her mother's sudden but honest revelation that had led to the introduction of her half-sister, Naravei. And the loss of her oldest boy. Those were things that still left her stomach in a heavy knot. Not ready to offer them a solid place of acceptance just yet. In due time she hoped she could.

Drip, drop. Four raindrops bounced off the flat surface of her hand. One clinging the tip of her finger before it let go, falling past the branch to disappear in the direction of the ground below her.

"Ciel?" The male voice calling out her name sounded close by. He first called her by her nickname. She smiled, closing her eyes once more as she listened to the repetitive name calling coming from the person who obviously sought her. "Cian?" The voice called again, this time it came from under the tree. She opened her eyes, finding Vald staring up at her.

"Are you deliberately ignoring me, again?"The question came with a scowl from the man standing on the ground looking up at her. She grinned visibly down at him, shaking her head. "I would not dare," she said. Vald did not look so tall from up here.

He shrugged, sighed and shook his head at her. "Well then," he said, easing his scowl back into a more suitable expression as he craned his neck back."If you are done catching thoughts with the rain, perhaps you'd like to speak to Basalt. Since he has just returned," he mentioned, motioning her to come down. Her eyes widened when he said that, so did her smile. She was down in no time, jumping from her spot to land on her feet with a certain ease that told him she had done this many times before. He waited for her before he turned himself in the direction of Lorlathil.

She caught his hand, hers felt cold against his. Her fingers a bit numb by now. He tugged gently at her hand, making her raise her eyebrows in question when she looked at him. "Did you catch many?" He asked her:"Thoughts in the rain, I mean?" He added. She nodded. He merely smiled at that. Then they headed back through the Field of Dreamers towards the village.