Lucille and her men ride into town, looking around to see if there are any dark-haired men around in town but couldn't find anyone who the description that she was seeking. Choosing to leave town, while they were riding out, unknown to them, Jess Harper walked out of the sheriff's office and got on his horse and left Laramie. He had to get back to the ranch so that his partner, Slim Sherman, wouldn't get mad at him for being late. Slim had to leave on the afternoon stagecoach to go to Denver, Colorado, to see about the horses that were needed for the stage line. It would be up to Jess to take care of the ranch while Slim was away.

Lucille and her men continued to ride farther out of town until they saw the sign stating that they had reached the Sherman Ranch and Relay Station. They opened the gate was there and to not around suspicion, they closed it after they had entered. They rode onward until they reached the top of a hill overlooking the ranch house, and then they get off their horses.

"Chad, go behind the rock and watch for the dark-haired man." Lucille directed one of her men.

Chad nodded. He went behind the rock and waited for the dark-haired man lives in the house to arrive.

"Lucille, can I asked you some questions if you don't mind?" Steve, her other companion prompted.

"Sure I don't mind," Lucille answered.

"Why are you going after the dark-haired man?" Steve asked, wanting to understand. "You have plenty of men already in prison."

"I want revenge against my uncle Joe. I know I already got plenty of them there," Lucille replied. "Three men are missing and I don't know what happened to them?"

"Why do you want revenge against your uncle Joe?" Steve asked farther. "What did he do to you to make you act this way toward him?"

"He abused me, beating me repeatedly since I was seven years old," Lucile explained with sadness of the memories. "And he kept me isolated in the house until I turn fifteen years when I got the chance I ran away from home and have never gone back there since.

"You know that every man that has dark-colored hair some have different colored eyes."

"I know. I don't care what color eyes they have."

"What color were your uncle's eyes?" Steve asked.

"I don't know I don't pay attention to his eyes," Lucille harshly. "I was too angry at him to care."

"What happened to your parents if you don't mind my asking?"

"I don't know. It was a wagon accident," Lucille said. "Something went wrong with the axil or so I was told."

"I got one more question to ask you?"

"Sure, go ahead," Lucille nodded.

"Before you came out west, where did you and your parents use to live?" Steve asked.

"My parents and I use to live in Chicago, Illinois," Lucille explained. "We were moving to California so that my dad can find a job there because he was let go from his old job."

"What kind of job did he do?"

"He writes for a newspaper," Lucille told him.

"I overheard my parents talking until I was caught. Before they made me go to bed and told me, "You didn't hear anything."

Just then, Chad walked back to Lucille when he saw a dark-haired man ride up to the Sherman ranch house.

"What did you see, Chad?" Lucille asked, eagerly.

"I saw the dark-haired that rode up to Sherman's place," Chad replied.

"Perfect, get back behind the rock to see what he does next."

"Yes, ma'am." He went back to the rock and waited.

Lucille hopes her plan would go perfectly, but what she doesn't know is that her uncle had been dead for four months. Steve and Chad wondered if they were doing the right thing in helping Lucille to get revenge and they hoped their boss, Matty, didn't find out what they did.