This is it. I will write more Laramie story, but I have to put on hold 'till I finish my other story that needs attention and I will write the story on sheets of paper and I'm taking my time with it to make sense and I was rushing and not stop and think.

Next morning, Slim woke up and then looked over at Jess, still asleep. He got up, put his clothes on and then left the room to eat breakfast. He walked up to the table and sat down while Daisy brought breakfast on the table. Andy, Mike, and Jonesy walked out of the other room and sat down at the table.

"Are you going to apologize to Jess?" Daisy asked.

"Yes, I'll talk to him," Slim replied.

They all looked at Slim and he looked into their eyes and he knew they wanted him to talk to him now, not later.

"All right. I'll go talk to him now before I eat breakfast." Slim got up and went to his room and he closed the door. He saw Jess trying to sit up, but his feet wouldn't let him.

"Let me help you." Slim went over to help him and left him up. Then Slim eat down on his bed. "How are you feeling?"

"Hurting." Jess said, not looking at his best friend.

"I know, but I'm sorry that I hurt you," Slim explained. "It's wasn't your fault."

Jess looked at Slim confused, "What do you mean by that?"

"What I mean is that was my boss's fault, not your."

"Why did you slug me for?" Jess asked. "I didn't do anything wrong to make you mad."

"I know." Slim stopped Jess from talking again. "Let me finish. You know that I was supposed to go to Denver, not you. And you were supposed to stay here to take care of the ranch."

"Yes, I know."

"Well, my boss waited for the last minute to telegram me, that was what made me mad," Slim said.

"Can you do me a favor next time?" Jess asked.

"Sure and you know I will," Slim replied.

"Hit your boss next time."

"I almost did."

"Why didn't you?" Jess almost yelled.

"He would have fired me and we both would be out of job," Slim said. "You know I really am sorry."

"I forgive you." Jess said, but he had a plan to make Slim feel guilty and he will give him a hard time.

"Good." Slim doesn't like the way Jess says that so quickly, he knew Jess had a plan but didn't know what. "Are you hungry?"

"Yes, but I can't walk to the table."

"Okay." Slim picked Jess up by the arm and walked out of the bedroom, walked up to the table and then sat down on the chair next to Mike, Andy, and Jonesy. Daisy brought more foods and saw Jess at the table.

"Jess Harper!" Daisy yelled. "What are you doing out of bed?"

"I feel better." Jess looked at Daisy with sad eyes.

"All right."

They eat their food and then Daisy told Jess to get back to bed. Slim helped Jess get up and put him to bed.

After five days, Jess's feet and back finally healed and he feels so much better. He walked outside and he pretended to moping around, feeling sad that Slim hurt him so much, even though he already forgave him, but he wants Slim to forgive himself.

Slim rode in after he finished talking to Cory in Laramie and saw Jess brushing his horse and then Slim's horse.

"I got a telegram from Matty, Jess." Slim got down from his horse and walked over to Jess.

"What did he say?" Jess asked.

"I don't know, let me see." Slim opened the envelope and read it to Jess, "The judge put my wife, Steve, and Chad on probation for two years and we may drop by your ranch to see how Jess is doing and then head on home."

"Okay." Jess kept on brushing.

Slim was confused, "That's all you can say, okay?"

"Yes. What do you want me to say?"

"Nothing." Slim walked towards the house.

Jess got a smirk on his face, his plan 'A' working and now he could start working on plan 'B'. He walked towards the house and went inside.

Next morning, Jess went outside to get cleaned up so he could take Daisy and Mike to town to get some supplies and he knew Slim would ask him t help him to fix the fences before the animals stated to stray.

Slim walked outside and saw Jess getting cleaned up beside the house and walked up to him.

"Are you ready, Jess?" Slim asked.

"Ready for what?" Jess innocent.

"To help me work on the fence."

"Oh, I'm sorry, I promised Daisy to take her and Mike to town to get some supplies. Some other time."

"All right." Slim walked away to get the wagon ready.

Jess got another smirk on his face, he knows he being rotten and he also knows that Slim still felt guilty about hitting him. He already told him that he forgave him. Slim put the wire in the wagon, got in it and left.

Daisy came out of the house and walked up to Jess, "Shouldn't you be helping Slim with the fences?"


"Why aren't you?"

"Because I told Slim I'm taking you and Mike to town to get some supplies."

"We don't need anything, Jonesy and Mike took care of it last week."

"I know that and Slim doesn't know that. I just want him to forgive himself."

"Oh." Daisy said nothing after that. She went back to the house to make lunch.

Jess went on brushing to get the horses ready for the stage. A few hours later, Slim rode into the ranch after he was done with the fences. He stepped down from the wagon and went up to Jess and Slim looked around the yard.

"Where are the supplies?" Slim asked.

"Oh, we didn't go," Jess answered. "Daisy told me that Mike and Jonesy took care of it last week."

Slim looked at Jess and he notices that he's wearing a nice suit, "Why are you wearing a good suit? Are you going somewhere?"

"Yes. I'm going out on a date."

"I thought you were going to help me change of horses."

"In this suit? I just got cleaned up," Jess said. "I already got the horses ready and all you have to do is exchange the horses for the stage. I got a date tonight."

"That's it! You miserable no good saddle tramp!" Slim yelled.

"Finally, you broke down," Jess said. "I was about to run out of ideas. I already forgave you, Slim and you need to forgive yourself."

"What? You?" Slim was confused and then looked around and saw Jess slipped away from him. "Why you."

Slim ran after him as soon as Jess ran away and disappeared behind the house just in time that the stagecoach pulled in from Cheyenne. Daisy, Jonesy, and the kids came out of the house. Matty, Lucille, Steve, and Chad stepped down from the coach.

"Hello, ma'am." Matty tipped his hat. "I'm Matty, this is my wife, Lucille and my ranch hands, Steve and Chad."

"Hi, I'm Daisy, this is Jonesy, Mike, and Andy, Slim's little brother," Daisy explained. "What can I do for you?"

"It Slim around?" Matty asked.

"Yes, he is," Daisy replied. "He's in the barn."

"I'll go get him, Aunt Daisy!" Mike ran to the barn, but couldn't find Slim or Jess in the barn and ran back to Daisy.

"Aunt Daisy, I can't find Slim or Jess."

"Oh dear." Daisy put her hand on her lips. "Where could they be?"

"Who knows with those boys. I better go exchange the horses," Jonesy answered. "Come on, Andy."

Before they exchanged the horses, they heard someone yelling.

"Put me down!" Jess yelled.

"I'm not going to put you down for what you put me through." Slim walked past the stagecoach. "Hi, guys."

"Where is he taking him?" Matty asked.

"Oh, he's taking him to the water trough," Daisy replied.

They saw Slim drop Jess in the water trough and then Slim walked away and walked up to Matty.

"Hey, Matty," Slim said.

"Hi Slim," Matty replied. "What did you do that for?"

"Because he pulled a prank on me."

"Oh, okay."

Jess got out of the water trough and walked up to Slim, and pretended to be mad at Slim.

"What's the big deal!" Jess yelled as he gave Slim a look.

"You deserved it and you look like a drowned rat."

Jess turned around and saw Matty, his wife and his ranch hands.

"Hi, Matty. What are you guys doing here?" Jess asked.

"We wanted to check on you before we head home," Matty replied. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm doing fine."

"Slim is right, you do look like a drowned rat. Slim, will you promise me something?" Matty asked.


"Don't you ever hit or slug him ever again," Matty warned him. "Just protect him, that's what he needs, he's been hurt too many times."

"Okay, I promise that I won't hit him again," Slim said.


Lucille walked up to Jess, "You know that I'm sorry that I kidnapped you and hurt you."

"That's okay. I forgive you all," Jess replied.

"Let's go honey." Lucille walked back to her husband.

"See you." Steve and Chad got back on the stagecoach and Matty helped Lucille in the stagecoach and the Matty got in it. Mose left the ranch to head towards Denver, Colorado.

Slim put his arm around Jess's shoulder," I promise I won't slug you again."


They walked back inside the house and enjoy their lunch after Jess changed his clothes.

The end.