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There's a feeling you get when you're at the edge of the world…

It's so beautiful...

So quiet and serene...

The feeling is falling into the abyss where it's covered with peace and freedom. There is no worries, no wars, and no blood...just peace and quiet.

...But that only lasted for two seconds because the next feeling was pain. Soul racking pain in every part of the body. Bones feeling out of place, muscles twisting and turning and places we didn't know even existed until now.

"Ow! Ow! Ow! Damn that hurts..."

"Wow, so the Princess does know how to curse." The Princess looked around to find the voice, luckily the voice spook again, "Can you please help me get down? I'm...stuck."

The Princess look up and saw another girl in a Kou servant uniform hanging upside down in a tree. The Princess looked away and started to snicker in her sleeve at the misfortune of her companion was in, "Ha-ha, actually I'm enjoying the show."

"Princess, I said please" The other girl cross her arms and pouted.

"Sigh- Fine." The Princess carefully climbed up the tree and got the servant girl's leg free from the vines.

"Yelp! Ow...thanks" The girl rubbed her back side and glared at the Princess, who jump down gracefully.

"Your welcome"

The two girls walked around trying to find any signs of life, but during their time together they would just ignore one another or glare if the other let out a breath of air. They manage to hold off killing one other because a group of men stop them. They could tell the men were greedy for the jewels and silks they wore plus the girls are beautiful as well.

"Stop right there and give us everything you own and no one gets hurt." The leader of the men said with a sword pointed at them. The girls look at one another unimpressed and bored before the man knew it he and his group were tied up and cover with bruises and blood.

"Now then, let's try that again. Where is the nearest village?" The Princess said with a sadistic smile.

The men shiver in fear and used their heads to point, "Th-that way! Please don't kill us!" As the men continue to plead the girls to release them or beg them to not kill them. They girls ignore them and walk into the direction they gave them and saw the village. The village was small but homely. All the people didn't have much but they can see they were content. But what put them off was the soldier who were walk around, their uniforms. This particular uniform the Princess has only seen in history books.

"Uh, Princess. I think we need to change our clothes." The girl saw the villagers in clothing that weren't as rich as theirs. Plus their dresses were getting heavy and the silk wasn't feeling as nice as it was before.

The Princess blinked her pink eyes in confusion as if this is the first time a commoner, a servant no less, was giving her, a princess, an order. The Princess glared at her, "What? Why?"

The servant girl pull her dark green hair into a high pony tail and glared back, "We would stand out. Plus I don't see any Kou soldiers around only...I don't know what that uniform is but it isn't Kou's." The girl thought the Princess was spoil and didn't know she can be the type that can make friends with anyway but the princess is someone who gets underestimate a lot and she's one of the people who can surprise the most unlikely people and change their minds about them, only slightly.

"Those are Parthevia Empire uniforms but I don't understand... Why they look somewhat out dated and... What are you doing?" As the Princess look around, the servant was taking off her outer layers of clothing but leaving one on.

"Come on Princess. Just take off your outer layers and wear only one."

"I don't expect a commoner like you to understand but that's improper!"

"Look at them! It'll be fine!"

After a few minutes of arguing the Princess and her servant change into their lighter layer of clothing. The rest went into a bag they took from the robbers which had a necklace the Princess put on. The Princess also change her hairstyle just in case, more like the commoner started to pull on it and said it stands out, she almost lost a hand that morning, into a long braid and bun it up. The servant girl put a few cuts on theirs dresses so they can move around easily. They made it into the village without trouble, well other than a few rude words here and there, and found a shop that trade materials for money. The store keeper is a pleasant middle age woman who loves children and dressing everyone up. The woman was very pleased with the silks and jewelry but the girls kept the gold just in case and the necklace they found. The woman gave them enough money for, food, horses, housing, and clothes that would last month. She was quite curious about the two girls, the older one has dark green hair pull up into a high pony tail, and gray eyes that reminded her of a storm passing through, plus the dress she wore was dirty and probably white before they came into the village and had a few cuts here and there. The younger girl is clean of dirt she has her red pink hair and eyes that match with a sweet naivety to them but they held a darker gleam if someone messes with her the wrong way. The red pink girl wore a dress that wasn't seen very often but with what they are wearing and what they traded in was obviously expenses and maybe even noble... boarder lining royalty.

The woman couldn't help back asked the girls who were looking at the outfits with curiosity, "Are you two running away from something or someone? Because these clothing and jewels are obviously from nobles."

The girls froze at the question but the older one answered the woman with a sheepish smile, "No. Actually we're trying to find our way home but we don't even know where we are."

"Oh you poor dears. I'm sorry. But you two are in Rears Village, just a week or two ride from Contantia Harbor in the Parthevia Empire." The girls look at each in confusion, Kougyoku was taught everything to know about the world and what her family would take over but she also knew Rears Village was destroy from a battle a few years after she was born. The woman saw the confusion in their eyes and explain a bit more, "We are in war to simple put it, with the Reim Empire. Most of our men have gone to fight but the ones who got out of fighting came back as thieves, robbers, and killers but luckily some of the hunters have been around to help keep those bad boys away but I'm surprise at you two. It's been known some of those robbers are in the woods hiding and waiting for their next victim."

They chuckled a little before saying, "Well, we almost got robbed on our way here but we had training and know how to protect ourselves."

"Really, that's amazing. You must have a knife or something on you to get this far." The girls just smile, "Well how about I help you ladies find some new clothes and you can be on your way." They can tell it's best not to argue with her about clothes or anything that has to do with fashion as they watch the woman look at the clothes on the shelves and pulled different pieces while looking back at them or putting back the clothes and grabbing different ones.

"Thank you my lady. We would be most appreciated for your help."

"It's no problems dears. Oh dear me I didn't tell you my name. My mind must be getting old," the woman giggled, "I'm Yuki, with a lazy merchant as a husband who is away at the moment."

The girls giggled, "It's nice to meet you Miss. Yuki. My name is Gyoku and this my... traveling partner, Lina." Both of the girls bow to the shop keeper and she bow back.

"My, my. You two are very polite. Now let's find some clothes for you two." After two hours the girls finally have an outfit that is comfortable and easy to fight in. Lina kept her hair in a high ponytail but added a few braid and left her bangs alone. The top in a gray that's a shade or two darker than her eyes, covers her breast to the bellybutton, on top is a light tan shirt. Her pants are a dark tan and has to be tied crisscross at the ankles to the mid-calf plus soft brown shoes that are easy to run in. Holding it together at the waist in a tight light brown scarf and two belts that can hold her knives. And for the finally piece dark brown gloves so she doesn't hurt her hands.

Gyoku is embarrassed that her outfit shows off her shoulders, midriff and wrists. Her top is a cream color long sleeves with blue at the ended but she can't hide her blush as easily with the outfit. And on top of that is a dark blue vest held tightly with a small red scarf. Plus her new necklace is being shown off as well. Her pants are creamy white too and at her hip is a long blue and red scarf that can be used as a small blanket and at her feet are dark blue boots. Miss. Yuki gave them a better bag to hold their money and belongings.

"Thank you my lovelies and please come back again! And please try not to fight one another again!" Miss. Yuki yelled at the girls while waving at them.

The girls turned to wave back and yelled, "Thank you and no promise!"

The girls walk around the village looking for a place to eat lunch and saw wanted posters of the men they left in the woods and the award is 5,000 gold coins.

Lina looked at the poster in thought before turning to her...companion, "Well I would be easy money." Because they left the group in an area no one could see unless you were really looking for it.

Gyoku glazed at the poster, "But we don't need it." She is a princess for Solomon sake she didn't need the money. Plus the money Miss. Yuki gave will last a while.

Lina rolled her eyes at, in her opinion, the spoil princess and counted off her fingers, "Listen, these people only know about one war, a war that has been over for years, plus I haven't heard anyone mention the dungeons and if they aren't talking about that, I bet if you ask anyone about him they won't even know who we're talking about."

The red hair girl thought the points over before looking at the green hair girl, "But, but that would mean..."

"We're in the past."

"We're dead."

"Wait what? Why would you say that?" Both of the girls said at the same time. The villagers can almost see lighting coming out of their heads as they glare at each other. Not long the Princess and the servant were arguing for another five minutes again about the possibility of time travel.

Lina sighed and looked at the heated Princess she knew she's going to be stuck with for a while, it's definitely better then one of her insane, idiotic, bloodthirsty brothers but she still hated the Ren family, "Look the only way we would know who is right is we go back, get the men and talk to the guards or someone who can tell us what's going on. Deal?" Lina held out her hand. Kougyoku look at it, "Sigh, deal." They shook hands but what they didn't know is that the rukh were flying around their hands because this is the starting point of a new beginning and a beautiful friendship but they still had a long way to go before they notices.

"Wonderful lets go."


They got to the area where they hid the men and found them asleep and still tied up. As quickly and quietly as they could they dragged them into town. It wasn't dinner time yet so people were still out and about so a few kids, girls and boys, saw who they were dragging and not long everyone started to come out and cheer for the girls and thank them. The girls' waved back and when they made it to the prison the Captain of the Guard was waiting for them, "Thank you my ladies. How did you ever find them?"

"They didn't realized who they were targeting or trying to steal from."

"Well here is the award and if there is anything I can do please let me know."

"Some information would be nice."

"Oh, on what?" The girls notices how his shoulders got a little tense and his voice tighten but it relax once they explained.

"So you see you just want direction to get home and be on our way."

"I see. What is the name of your village and where is it located?" The Captain invited them into his office which has a big map.

"Our home is called Dialina, near the Kou Empire." Dialina was a town in Kou made from one of the dungeons.

"I'm sorry my ladies. But I have to say I've never heard of Dialina. And with the Kou Empire...it's still new to our ears so we don't hear much about them. Other than they were three kingdom who formed under one but that's about it. But here on this map, if you take this road you'll make it to Contantia Harbor you'll know if you're going the right way once you pass Tison then it's a straight shot. From there a ship is going to Napolia and from there you can go home."

"Thank you so much Sir." The girls realized they maybe more lost then they thought but they knew one thing for sure. They managed to travel back in time.

"It's no problem. But it's a shame you two are leaving you could have made great hunters."

"Us? As hunters?" The girls asked together then glared, the man laugh at the scene. "Yes. The hunters are everywhere and almost everyone knows who they are. They are the ones who take care of bounties like these guys and bring them in. And in their own little way, they change the world to be safer with for everyone. With some training I bet you two can become great huntresses."

"Thank you but we need to get home."

"Of course, of course. Well safe travels you two. Ah, here." The man placed a coin in Gyoku's hand. "Just in case you ever change your mind."

"Thank you Sir." The girls bow and made their way into the night looking for an inn and dinner.

One of the guards went up to his Captain, and if you look closely on both of their right wrist you can see a tattoo of a dragon, the same mark as the coin he gave Kougyoku, "Sir. Was it wise to tell those girls where to look?"

The Captain look at the spot the girls were standing at before looking at his lieutenant, "I can see they have a long way to go but their future will be brighter if they learn who the Hunters are."

"I hope you're right."

"Eh! Why must you doubt me?"

"Because you do dumb things like this!"

"Ha-ha! Maybe so but these girls... They're special."

The girls found an inn that serves dinner and they stayed for two nights before leaving for the docks. They asked themselves questions on why the past was different from the stories they told. Who are the hunters? Where is Sinbad and his stories? Can they change the past for a better future? How did they get to the past? Is Kougyoku's family worry? All these question but no answers. The third morning came and the children ran into them asking for the girls to visit again.

The girls said their goodbyes and went off to start their adventure.

"Why did I have to be stuck with you?"