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It had been a few weeks since Billy shared the power of Shazam with his true family and life so far was turning out to be good. The group of five would spend their afternoons, fighting crime and having fun. However, it started to come at a cost. One day, an unexpected visit from all of their social workers put them all on guard. They had been so caught up in crime fighting and bonding that each of them had started to fall behind in their school work and put each of them in danger of being removed from the Vazquez household.

Sometime later, all five kids were sitting in Billy's room as Darla asked "What's going to happen to us and what are we going to do about it?"

All of the kids became silent for a moment before Mary replied "Nothing will happen to us just as long as we split our crime fighting duties with each other."

"How can we split them up? We're a family. We fight crime together!" Freddy protested.

Mary gave Freddy a sad smile as she replied "I know we are, but social services doesn't see it that way, they only care if we're in a good home and if they no longer think that our parents can provide a good home for us, then they'll take us away."

At her words, Darla started to cry as Freddy, Billy, Eugene and Pedro quickly pulled her into a hug. Mary hurried over to join them, but Freddy glared at her and said "I think you've done enough."

Mary felt a little sad as she replied back with "I only told the truth."

Billy decided to jump in with "Well, to be fair, you could've broken the news gently…"

"And what do you think I should've said?" Mary questioned.

Billy opened his mouth to reply, when Darla interrupted with "Look! A shooting star!"

As soon as she pointed at the bedroom window, Mary, Billy, Freddy, Eugene, Pedro and Darla all hurried over to get a closer look.

Suddenly an idea hit Billy as he uttered "Let's go outside and become Shazams. Then, we can fly into the air and get a closer look."

At his words, Mary, Freddy, Eugene, Pedro and Darla all hurried out of Billy's room, down the stairs and into the backyard. Billy hurried after them and met them in the backyard. At the sight of their brother, all of the siblings placed their hands together as they all yelled "Shazam!"

Soon all of them were in their alter-egos and they flew into the air. As they flew, they saw an unconscious woman with long blonde hair dressed in a red, blue and golden jumpsuit falling towards the earth. At once, Billy flew towards the woman as fast as he could and caught her. His siblings flew around him as Darla asked "Who's that girl? Is she like us? How did she get hurt and what are we going to do?"

"Who cares? She's hot." Freddy repiled.

Mary and Darla both glared at him before turning their attention back towards the unconscious woman.

"Let's take her back to my room and one of you guys needs to keep an eye out for our parents." Billy ordered.

With that, Billy, Freddy, Mary, Pedro, Eugene and Darla flew back towards the ground. As soon as they landed in their backyard, they all cried out "Shazam!"

As they reverted back to their regular forms, the sound of lighting woke up the woman as she let out a gasp of shock. She quickly hopped to her feet, much to the surprise of Billy and his siblings. She didn't waste a second as she looked around for any sign of her enemy, however, she soon paused at the sight of the 6 kids near her.

The woman composed herself as she turned to the kids and said "Have any of you guys seen a strange man in a green suit?"

"No." All 6 kids replied at once.

"Where am I anyway?" The woman added.

"You're in Pittsburgh." Billy answered. "Who are you?" He added.

"I'm Captain Marvel and thanks kids." The woman answered before she jumped up into the air and flew away.

"Woah! Now that was a real superhero!" Freddy muttered in an impressed tone. Then, he added, "She must a new one, because I haven't heard of her."

Freddy's words gave the group pause. Come to think of it, they never heard of her either. Mary was the first to break the silence with "I think we need to keep an eye on her and find out who she's fighting."

With that, all the children once again cried out "Shazam!"

Soon they were back in their superhero forms and flew in the air, quietly following Captain Marvel. They didn't have to wait to see what would happen or what she would do for very long. A few seconds later, another person flew into Captain Marvel with clear intentions to hurt her.

Naturally, Team Shazam wasn't going to stand for that. At once, they flew at the strange man and gave him a beat down. Surprisingly, he put up a good fight, almost like a soldier. As soon as he realized that he was outnumbered, he tried to call for backup on a strange device, but his surprise, nothing happened. He attempted to try again, but like before, nothing happened.

As much as he hated to admit it, there was only one thing to do. He glared at Team Shazam and Carol before he flew away and vowed "This isn't over."

"We have to stop him!" Carol cried out to Team Shazam before she added "Who are you people?"

Team Shazam smiled proudly as they all said "We're Team Shazam, superheroes of Pittsburgh."

"Who was that guy?" The Shazam version of Freddy asked.

Carol was quiet for a moment before she answered "Someone I thought I could trust, but was actually using me the whole time, his whole society was. If I don't stop him, he will kill a bunch of innocent aliens and my friends."

At this, Team Shazam briefly whispered among themselves before Shazam turned back to Carol and said "We can help you. We know our way around the city and can even take to meet the other superheroes if you want."

That got Carol's attention as she said "Other superheroes? What other superheroes? How many of us are out there?"

Shazam looked at Shazam-Freaddy as he answered "There's Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, Cyborg and us."

"What have I gotten myself into?" Carol muttered.

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