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The villains, the heroes and the hostages all just stood at each other for what seemed to be a very long time, the tension was so strong that it could've been easily cut with a knife. Then, Shazam Darla rushed forward towards the Vaquezs, before Carol stopped her with "Wait!"

Then, she turned her attention towards Yon-Rogg and said "I'm here. Let these people go. This is just between you and me."

"It was, until you got involved with this team." Dr. Sivanna interjected as he gestured towards Team Shazam.

"So you're not going to let them go?" Carol demanded as her eyes began to glow yellow.

This scared everyone, even Team Shazam. They had never seen anyone's eyes glow with anger, let alone Carol's.

Yon-Rogg quickly attempted to defuse the situation with "Everyone please stay calm. I only teamed up with them because I needed to see you…"

"So you thought kidnapping innocent people would make me listen to you?!" Carol questioned as she felt more angry then ever that her former teammate could do something so cruel.

"It wasn't even my idea!" Her former commander started to say, but Dr. Sivanna quickly interjected with "Don't you dare put the blame on me for this! You came to me and my friend! You offered us a deal! You came up with this plan."

With that, the tension burst open and the superheroes started to fight against all three villains as the Vaquezs began to scream with fear and worry for their children.

As they watched Team Shazam and Carol fight, a million thoughts began to run through Vaquezs heads.

It can't be true. It just can't be. How do they know our children? Is this why they've been falling behind in school? Been so tired all the time? Spending so much time together?

The Vaquezs exchanged a look with each other as they realized that maybe they somehow always knew the truth deep down. Then, the couple was suddenly brought back to reality, a reality where their children and a mysterious blonde woman that the strange alien man was after, were fighting for their lives.

Just when it seemed that things couldn't get anymore intense, a man in a blue version of Shazam's outfit suddenly appeared next to them. He raised a finger to his lips, before he grabbed them and flew out of the hiding place as fast as lightning.

Once they were back at home, the man in blue quickly untied them as he said "Call the police and tell them what happened."

As he was about to leave, the couple cried out at once "Wait! Tell us which of our children are you?"

The man seemed to be caught off guard by their words for a moment before he quickly replied "I don't know what you're talking about."

"Those mad men told us that our children are really Team Shazam superheroes, which one of our children are you?" Mrs. Vaquez inquired in a pleading tone.

A look of guilt quickly appeared on the man in blue's face before he uttered "Shazam!"

Mr. and Mrs. Vaquez each let out cries of shock as the man in blue transformed into their son Freddy, right before their eyes!

All three of them could only stare at each other for what seemed to be a long time.

Then, Freddy decided to break the silence with "I'll explain it all when I come back. Right now, my siblings and Carol need me."

As he opened his mouth to utter "Shazam!", Freddy was interrupted by Mrs. Vaquez as she interjected with "Hold it right there, young man! You're not going anywhere until you tell us everything."

"It can wait…" Freddy started to say, but his foster mother interjected with "No! It can't! How long has this been going? How did you get these powers and why did you drag the rest of your siblings into this mess?"

Seeing that there was no way out of this, Freddy let out a sigh of frustration as he explained "It's been going on for over a while. Billy was the one who got his powers before us. I encouraged him to be a superhero and I was his biggest fan. Then, Dr. Sivanna, he's one of the men who kidnapped you, tracked Billy down in his Shazam form. They fought and Billy managed to get away. However, he learned that I knew Shazam and forced me to tell him everything."

Suddenly, Freddy became quiet and fought sobs of shame as he continued with "I tried, I really did try to keep my mouth shut, but the things that he did to me…"

Suddenly, Mrs. Vaquez rushed towards Freddy and threw her arms around him as he continued to cry in shame. She shushed him and gently rubbed his back until he relaxed.

"It's alright, Freddy. It's alright." She assured him. "It doesn't sound like there was a lot you could do."

Suddenly, Freddy looked up at Mrs. Vaquez as he said "Thanks Mom, I later gained the power to fight against him as did all my siblings. After a game of hide and seek, he caught us and tried to force Billy to give him his powers. Thankfully, Billy managed to stop him and shared his powers with us. We took him down and we've been fighting crime together ever since. We even met Superman and so many other superheroes."

The Vaquezs looked at Freddy in disbelief before Mr. Vaquez managed to utter "So, that's why you guys have been falling behind in school. However, I still don't understand who the woman that you guys were with. Is she a superhero too?"

"Yes, and she's also from another world. Evil aliens are after her and her enemy and ours have teamed up. We need to get her back to her world." Freddy explained.

The Vaquezs looked concerned for a moment before they looked at each other and turned back to Freddy as Mr. Vaquez said "Come back to us, okay? All of you."

Freddy gave them a look of gratitude before he let out a cry of "Shazam!"

A few seconds later, lighting hit the young boy and he was transformed back into his superhero self.

He gave his foster parents one last look of love before he hurried out the door and flew into the air, back to the fight and his family.

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