I've been at Disneyland many times in my life. My parents took me and my brother every summer for a long weekend when we were little. Of course I loved the rides, the food, the happiness of it all, but the older I got, the more I loved the girls who portrayed the Disney princesses. Lee dared me to get Snow White to kiss me. I would have rather had Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty because for reasons unknown, even to me, I preferred a blonde. Lee swore that brunettes had a warmer touch than blondes so I reluctantly went along. I did manage to get a kiss; it wasn't hard, I just had to ask.

"You owe me!" I taunted. "Besides, there was nothing special about a brunette kiss!"

So with all those memories, why did I feel so lost? Well, it was a given that it was dark. Main Street, USA didn't have a soul besides me walking on it. There was a cold, lifeless feeling to this place and I didn't like it one bit. Then a little girl's laugh rang out and I jumped. The little girl must have sensed my fear because she began to laugh even harder.

"Who are you?" I asked into the night.

More laughter.

"This isn't funny."

More laughter.

"Where are you?"

"I'm here, dad. You know me."


Dad. This little girl who I can't see but can hear is referring to me as her father.

"Well, how do I find you?"

"Go to Cinderella's castle. Mom is waiting for you."

Her mother?

I didn't ask anymore questions and just kept walking. All those long weekends as a kid had seared into my memory and I had no problem finding the castle from Main Street. It wasn't that far, but the anxiety of meeting my daughter's mother made it feel like an eternity. I didn't hear a word out of her my whole walk through and I thought maybe I had been tricked.

There was a bride on the stairs when I got there. I gasped when I realized it was Janet Wood in that wedding dress. She took the breath out of my lungs. She waited for me to come to her and she stood there with a smile on her face as I lifted her veil. All my anxiety washed away as I kissed her. The fireworks blasted behind us as I looked down and saw a little girl with curly, dark hair waddle over to us. I picked her up and gave her a kiss. She was our daughter.

"Jack," Janet whispered with a nudge. "You slept through your alarm."

"What?" I asked, not opening my eyes. I never wanted to open my eyes again.

"Come on and get ready. My parents are taking us to Disneyland today, remember?"