PROLOGUE: End of the beginning and the beginning of the end

"You know full well Ichigo intended to die there," said Rukia "and although I am glad he is still alive why the fuck do we have to seal him away?"

" you know the council will not go back on their word especially now since Ichigo is already sealed." said Yamamoto "and beside the power, he houses now is great for all of us to even consider letting him live in a world where we would fear him."

"Then when?" asked Rukia "when will we be ready?"

"I don't know." said Yamamoto "but one thing is certain. When humans have the power to awaken him that is when we will be ready."

"But that will be years from now," said Rukia

"Yes but at least he will rest easy knowing that his job is done," said Yamamoto

"How aizen is still out there! How can Ichigo rest easy knowing that the person that could end us in a matter of seconds is still out there," asked Rukia

"Because aizen is dead," said Yamamoto "and the hokioku is missing."

The silence was almost shocking to Yamamoto seeing as Rukia was one of the many people that hated what the council had decided for the substitute reaper was standing there in silence.

"Then tell me… tell me you will bring him back as soon as you find him awake," said Rukia

"Of course." said Yamamoto "he deserves better than what he got for his final moments like this."

(pandora the 29th century)

Like every good story there is always a prologue this just so happens to be one of an orange-haired vault hunter and his allies but this is just the beginning but I guess every good story starts with an introduction, but this introduction is of a bonafide badass.