Hey guys! How's it going! I have a question for you that relates to one of my older stories on the site, should I go back to my fire emblem routes and do a fire emblem story at some point after school done for the year? and another question, should I rewrite fates as that story for fire emblem, and if I did witch path should I rewrite (if you don't know they are Birthright, Conquest, and Revelations)? I would think that it would be very interesting to tackle considering how many ways I could go about any of these ideas, which is why I wanted to ask you guys about it, and I really want you guys to participate in this because I don't want to make something you guys don't want to read, and you guys have been very supportive so I think asking you guys this would be the best idea to get this idea out there. so please tell me what you guys want with this! should I do a fire emblem story?