Maddie is recently divorced and just wants to get on with her new life in LA. Chimney wants to get to know Buck's sister better. Gunshy, Maddie doesn't want to be in a new relationship yet but who says you have to be dating to have sex? Friends With Benefits AU.

A/N: Hey y'all. This is an AU where Maddie divorced Doug before coming to LA to work in the call center. Doug was a POS but not abusive as he was in the show. She and Chimney are just getting to know each other.

Shoutout to the "2 Madney fans" Audrey and Angel, I hate that y'all are going through this harassment again but know that you two are some of my favorite people.

Love you both ~Meowser

Maddie stood at her dresser, putting earrings on before looking at herself in the mirror again. Was she sure about this? She wasn't stupid, she could tell that Chimney liked her and that this whole setup tonight was Buck's clumsy way of getting his sister on a date.

She looked at her phone, waiting for it to buzz. Five, four, three…

She counted down in her head and sure enough, there was a new text from Buck.

Hey I'm running late. Go ahead and meet Chimney at the bar without me and I'll be along later.

She could see through his ruse a mile away but she decided to let this play out, see how the evening went.

Sounds good. She replied.

She smoothed her hands over her close fitting black dress. She was dressing it down with sneakers but it was still a very sexy outfit. She had to admit that there was a part of her which was as interested in Chimney as he was in her, but she knew she wasn't ready for a relationship yet.

She'd have to let him down tonight, she knew. Let him know that it was too soon for her to do this.


She slipped on a denim jacket, grabbing her purse. She could have a nice evening out first.

Chimney checked his phone for the seventh time in two minutes. A text buzzed and he breathed out, his hand clutching harder on his beer.

Hey I'm running late. Maddie is going to meet you there.


Buck you can't do this. I told you not to do this when you suggested it earlier. Maddie's not ready for this. He replied.

Buck's reply came too soon. I'll be there later

Chimney groaned. Not that he wasn't looking forward to spending the evening with Maddie, because he was, but he knew she'd think he'd asked Buck to do this.


He heard her voice, feeling his breathing get shallow. He was so fucking nervous. It was so unfair of Buck to do this to them. And of course he'd waited until Maddie was almost there to tell Chimney so that Chimney couldn't back out.

He turned around to greet her, the word Maddie freezing on his lips at the sight of her. She'd done her makeup and she was wearing heeled sneakers, paired with a tight black dress that was barely covered by a denim jacket.

She looked hot as hell. Chimney suddenly wondered if he was the one that couldn't handle this.

"Maddie," he finally said. "What can I get you to drink?"

"Chardonnay," she replied, settling onto the stool next to him. "How's the game going?"

"Oh, I haven't been paying attention, I don't really follow sports," Chimney said. "Do you?"

"Not a fan," she said. "Books are my thing."

"Right," he began. "And you haven't seen Mission: Impossible either."

"You're not going to let me live that down, are you?" She teased back. "I shouldn't have asked you guys to help me move in."

"No, no," he said. "I'll stop."

She smiled at him, a bright smile that made his knees go weak. "Hey," she said, sobering a little. "Let's call this what it is. My brother set us up."

"Did he?" Chimney wondered, taking a drink of beer.

"Don't play coy," she said. "Chim, I can tell that you like me."

"Maddie, I'm not trying to force you into anything," he said, his cheeks getting hot.

"I know," she said, and lay her hand over his as if to comfort him. He swallowed at the sight, and glanced back at her face. "Chim, I'm not ready for a relationship. That being said, if I was, you would be the only person I'd want to date."

"You don't have to make me feel better," he said. "I'm a big boy. I can handle rejection." It's not like he wasn't used to it.

"You don't get it," she said, moving closer to him. "Chimney, this isn't rejection." Her eyes were warm and brown. "I want this," she whispered, so close now he could reach and touch her. "But as much as I'd love to kiss you right now, I'm afraid I'd be leading you on. I don't want to date right now."

He felt his heart pound in his ears. "What if it wasn't leading me on?" He asked, voice low.

"What?" She questioned, moving closer so she could hear him.

"Let's say I understand this," he said. "You're not ready for a relationship but you want to...kiss me."

She bit her lip, her cheeks bright red now. "Maybe I want to do more than kiss you," she admitted. "But I can't do that to you."

"You could," he told her, his hand daring to touch her waist. "I'm a big boy, Maddie. I can handle a no strings attached fling."

"You're better than a fling though," she said, but he could see that her body was reacting to his touch.

"Maddie, I'll take what I can get," he replied. "Anything that you want to give."

Her eyes rose to meet his, and he could tell they were on the verge of something.

"Chim, Maddie!"

Buck! He'd actually shown up, but why?

Chimney jerked away from Maddie like he'd been shot, turning to see Buck pushing through the crowd. "Sorry I was late," he said. "Traffic was murder."

Why had Buck even shown up? Both Maddie and he had seen through the ruse.

Maddie was sipping at her wine, not looking at Chimney.

The evening passed with Buck. They played bar games and at the end of the night, after Maddie left, Buck stared Chimney down. "So?" He asked. "Did you get enough time to ask her out for real?"

"Yeah, and she shut me down," Chimney replied. "She's not ready for this, Buck. Don't push us into something like this again."

"Fine," Buck huffed. "I'm so sorry I tried to help."

"No one was asking," Chimney said, patting his shoulder. "Thanks for trying."

He left a twenty on the bar and was just about to reach his car when his phone buzzed.

It was from Maddie. He felt his heart leap into his throat.

Come over, if you want. No strings attached…

Oh god. He knew he'd end up only more in love but he couldn't help it. Maddie Buckley beckoned and he'd be damned if he didn't answer.

A/N: Obviously Canon Maddie would never do something like this, but her situation is different in this AU. Maddie is such a resilient person and season 3 shows that once Doug is out of her life that she is so much more lighthearted.

Anyway. This is meant to be a super lighthearted fic so please don't think I'm making light of Maddie's situation.

This is my what if for Madney that doesn't include blood or heartbreak or any of the terrible things the writers made them go through. Enjoy :)