Chapter 2: The Council

As it would turn out, things didn't go quite according to plan after Tron had left. Yori would find her opinions upon the council to have little to no standing, as each member all but brushed them away or interrupted her with their own opinions. Only Dumont seemed to care, he spoke to Yori often and still held his opinion of her in the highest standards. She took refuge in his words.

Though it was hard work, she made more and more of an effort to be heard, gathering information, facts, bringing debates and subjects to the large oval table they sat around within the room that just fit it with enough room to walk around the chairs positioned around it. She was sat directly in front of the open space for the door at the side, Dumont at the head to her left, who sported his ridiculously huge hat from the I/O Tower, she had to giggle inwardly at it. Everyone had an equal viewing of the other there. She fight hard along side her work with Lora-Prime as the company continued work on digitizing objects and back again.

Though at this time, it wasn't enough to drain her, and she was still fresh at every council meeting. Things went on like this, until, one cycle a Program who had been slowly becoming corrupt held a debate as to how to manage the distribution of energy throughout the System. What he proposed, was similar to the MCP! And his argument made the council hungry for its stores.

Yori was furious! She immediately stood up after the council almost unanimously agreed to it, Dumont being the only other who stood against it, and shouted at all of them! "We cannot do this! Don't you see? This is exactly the same as when the MCP ruled! If we take away that much energy to the Programs, they won't be able to function! Do you want to see them become mindless beings, devoid of thought like the MCP had them?! I can't believe you would let this happen! Don't you remember what it was like, being starved for energy when you required it to merely function?! Don't you remember how it felt to be ruled by an iron hand? I can't let you do this! How would Tron and Flynn feel if they were to come back to a System run that way?!"

She had slammed her hands upon the table mid-way through her speech, all the while looking every one of them in the eye, her passion and fire bared for all to see. In the end, it was the mention of the MCP, Tron and Flynn that had pierced their hearts, and they all begrudgingly accepted that a compromise was in order. It also helped that Dumont himself had stood and spoke his agreement with Yori.

They spoke for milicycles about how much energy to store away and how much to give to the rest of the System. It was seen that the System would run much more efficiently if there wasn't an overabundance of energy going to all of the Programs and facilities that was within it… In the end, it was a much more reasonable amount agreed upon, however, Yori would have liked it to have been more to the Programs of the System.


After that, Yori was exempt from every council meeting, they continuously came up with little side projects for her to do during the time in which they were to be held. During one particular project, she was required to create User World skating. She wasn't sure how to go about it, but did her best. She hadn't put together what the council was doing yet, she trusted them fully and expected to be back for the next meeting, that is, until she began her work. She had created the arena and was beginning to work on the floor, having a bit of trouble creating a slippery surface and skates. She shook her head, knelt down in the centre of the arena and sighed. Her mind had wandered during her endeavours and she sat up, face turned to the sky. "They're never going to let me back, are they?" She asked herself aloud. She shook her head and closed her eyes.

She sat there for a moment, sadness overwhelming her, yet no tears pricked her eyes. She would have to find a way to get back onto the council. Surely mentioning that she knew of their plans was enough to get back on. She nodded to herself. She'd been through much worse, she wasn't a failure… She suspected that it was because the council members all seemed to be becoming corrupt, though it was small, she couldn't deny their reaction to an almost MCP decision. The only Program left who didn't seem to be corrupt was Dumont.

Her eyes opened at this and she looked around. She would finish this project and ask the council to let her back on, and fight them if they didn't. She was sure some would feel embarrassed at her having found out.

That solved, she put her hands on her legs and thought. How was she to create a slippery surface? Then, she remembered a similar User sport that would be easier to recreate. Roller skating! If she was to modify the wheels enough… She could create a blade-like feel to them, one singular row down the middle, it would be very similar! Quickly, she bent over once more and placed her hands on the ground. Golden light spread from her hands over the expense of the ground of the arena, and soon, a clear and flat floor appeared! She smiled, she knew what she had to do.

She walked to the "preparing room" as she called it, and started to create the skates that would be needed for this sport. It took a few tries, but finally, she had a pair of prismatic boots with one row of wheels. She tried them on… Time for a test run.

She immediately found that walking in such contraptions was very difficult, and had to hold onto everything, including the walls, to keep from falling over. She got to the arena without mishap however, and pushed herself onto the clear floor. And promptly fell on her butt.

She groaned at the impact, then giggled. She couldn't have expected this to be easy. So she wobbily got herself up and tried again. She had quite some time before she had to be at work, and the next council meeting wouldn't be for a few more cycles, so she practised. It took a lot of time and determination, but, eventually, she got the hang of it. It wasn't like the videos she had seen via her searches, she wasn't a professional by a long stretch, but she was able to glide gracefully across the arena's floor without falling down.

It would take a few more cycles for her to learn how to skate backwards, and even more to jump, but she managed it! And by that time, she had confronted the council. They all looked equally ashamed as she walked into the next meeting, having had a conversation with Dumont before, who had been proud of her coming forward and told her to be present. Each of the council members had received word that she would be attending, and they had no arguments as to her being there. She had stated clearly to Dumont that she was there in her Tron's place, her presence was crucial to the protection and well-being of the System. The council meeting went without a hitch.


Though she was back on the council, she still had a duty to the people of the System, and the council put her on little projects to help lift their spirits in Flynn and Tron's absence as a result of that. They figured it was the most she could do, as she was a designer-coordinator Program and had no use in any other field, her constructs were enough and she happily created for them.

One of these projects was a park, filled with beautiful flowers of her own creation and stars that danced over the Program's heads. These stars travelled in a set path, as she couldn't figure out how to randomize the pattern travelled by her simulations. She worked hard on this project, all of her free time was put into it, and it only saddened her further. At the very beginning of the project she had thought of what she would want to show her Tron, something that would blow him away, and, the sentiment of their bonding was brought forth to her mind. She would give him stars, just like he had wanted to give to her. Though they would likely only be seen by the Programs left in the ENCOM System for quite some time, she had hoped one cycle he would see them.

Her heart grew heavy with each new creation, a bright pink and glowing "flower" here, a glowing green "bush" there, and, most of all, the stars, she created those last. Tears flowed freely from her eyes as she prepared the code and her function to create bunches of them with her hands, spreading them so that they would be touchable by any Program walking through the "garden". The pathway through it was winding and about four or five people thick, the park itself was fairly large and oval.

(For the way the bushes and flowers look, think the "bushes" that Yori had created it the deleted scene, only it's a solid colour and see-through, not a line but they glow just like it!)

She smiled once she was done, lowering hands and admiring her work. There would be fireworks during it's opening, the event with which she had created it for. She stood there for a moment, happy with her work, though sad… She would have to ask Dumont if she could skip the event. She didn't know if her heart could handle it.

Turning, she headed back to talk to Dumont, a conversation that went well, but her presence was required at the event due to both it being her creation and her position upon the council. She went home with a sigh and prepared.

The opening of the park was a hit! So many Programs came to see her work of "User World-like environment". The fireworks went off in a brilliant myriad of colours, Programs walked the path, reaching out to the "foliage" and stars. Dumont was pleased. He stood at the head of the park awaiting Yori who came fashionably late. She hoped her presence wouldn't be noticed, however, she dressed in a white suit with "legwarmers" showing her deep pink circuitry and a long vest with deep pink "stars". She was a sight to behold, her hair let free and waving around her face, the true image of the artistic Program she was.

Dumont smiled as she neared, staff in hand, and reached out for her hand, she took it with her free hand and smiled, stepping up beside him and into the park. "What a beautiful garden Yori! The Programs love it! You've outdone yourself!" He beamed at her, his hand travelling to her back comfortingly for a moment. He wore his normal robes and a small cap upon his head, all glowing brightly with blue circuitry, just like she had first seen him on the day of her creation.

"Thank you." She said modestly with a small smile, looking to him and then around at the Programs walking the paths, taking in their reactions and how her simulations were holding up. To be honest however, her heart fell with each moment, it had started to the moment she could see it in arriving there. She wished desperately to leave, only her Tron filled her mind and it broke her heart that he wasn't here to see it.

Dumont, noticing her expression, had them walk for a little longer. "It's lovely, no Program could have created finer." He praised her conversationally. She merely nodded and continued walking with him, until finally deciding she had been there long enough. Turning, he took her hands within his, which was a bit hard with the staff in her right hand, and spoke to her. "It's been long enough. You can go home now." He smiled comfortingly at her and gave her a hug when she smiled sadly and nodded.

"Thank you." She said, relieved, and immediately headed home. She never revisited that park again.