A/N: I'm so happy to be writing on this platform again with a remake of one of my stories A Musical Romance so if you've read that one i will warn you This One Will Be Verrryyyyy Different but i will carry over a few elements of the original so enjoy..

"... Where is my brother?..." Octavia kept asking

5 Hours ago

"Come on Bell this is the band's first performance on tour this year! You need to be here it starts in two hours... So where are you!" Octavia, the backup singer of Skaikru, urged her brother on through the phone

"Sorry O but the meeting took longer than it was supposed to and the traffic is killer, I should get there before the second number begins," Bellamy, the lead singer of Skaikru, complained into his phone

"Well you better be here by then Blake, Lincoln and I can't hold your sister back forever!" Murphy, the bass player of Skaikru, complained into the phone

"MURPHY WHAT DO YOU MEAN BY HOLD ME BACK! " Octavia yelled as she- tried to -lunge at Murphy only to be held back by Lincoln, the drummer of Skaikru, who calmly spoke into the phone

"Get here soon Bellamy we don't need Octavia killing our Bass player."

"Sigh... I'll be there as soon as possible, bye guys love you O." Then the line went quiet.

Present time

"Where is he?... Where is he?... Where is my brother?..." Octavia kept asking as she continuously paced back and forth the length of the RV.

"UGGHH Stop pacing around Little Blake, Bellamy is a grown man he can handle himself," Murphy complained from his spot on one of the couches which he quickly recoiled into upon sight of Octavia's violent scowl

"I WILL NOT CALM DOWN MURPHY! My brother has been missing for four hours. The drive from his meeting to the performance should, even in traffic, take an hour tops!" Octavia fumed staring down Murphy

At first, Murphy looked ready to retaliate but stopped when the familiar chime of Monty the manager's phone ringing in the other room

Each member of the band turned towards the bunk rooms door, where Monty and Jasper were currently sleeping. Each one of them had a different question.