"When did this happen?" Lincoln asked

"Is he okay, can we go see him...?" Octavia frantically bombarded Monty with questions. While shooting up from the couch, this in result earns Murphy a swift fall on his head "Sheesh little Blake don't be in such a hurry, Bellamy probably just got some burns or a broken limb" He comments sardonically

Octavia retorted while pulling her boots on. Murphy looked ready to retort, but Monty broke the metaphorical glass ceiling

"Octavia's right Murphy, Bellamy is in the ICU. With broken ribs, a few minor cuts, and bruises, as well as some swelling in his brain." Everyone had frozen at the sudden news that their friend/brother could be dying in his hospital bed or worse in a coma and will awaken with amnesia.

Scene of the accident...

"Sigh... I'll be there as soon as possible, bye guys love you O.," Bellamy said into the phone as calm as he can be after his sister and friends/bandmates have been pressuring him into arriving earlier than plausible.

The drive was as normal as it could be with Bellamy in his vehicle inching down the freeway slowly ever so slowly. Although after roughly half an hour the traffic swiftly dissipated allowing Bellamy to quicken the speed he was traveling from a slow 25mph to a nice and brisk 60mph.

The drive time was being cut in half and he was thinking of calling his sister to tell her he was going to be on time.

Until a mysterious silvery-white vehicle came speeding down the freeway towards Bellamy's vehicle, weaving through trucks, eighteen -wheelers, and vehicles barrelling towards him... Until BANG! the mysterious vehicle rammed into the driver's side of the vehicle and everything went dark for Bellamy.