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Anyway here is the story….

"Harry Potter" an old man yelled as he stood next to a silver goblet that had dyeing flams coming out of it. As soon as the old man yelled that name the flams died instantly and a scream filled the room.

Everyone stared in shock at the goblet once they realized the scream that was getting louder by the second was coming from it.

The old man jumped as he felt the magic on the paper in his hand changed when he looked down to the paper he was shocked to find the name changed to something different.

The goblet stopped screaming and the room instantly went dark. Before anyone could bring light back to the room, it was filled with a roar that caused everyone to feel fear even the disguised Death Eater was afraid for his life but like everyone else couldn't move.

"Why…" a voice that no one recognized spoke, "we said to leave us alone."

"W….who are….y ….you," the old man asked.

"What do you mean? Everyone knows who we are and to stay away from us" the voice spoke again as two glowing red eyes turned to him. "Since you truly seem to not know I am Steven and this is my friend Miki."

As the voice said their friend's name the light returned to the room to show a boy who was hunched over with red and white clothes and hat. He had long black messy hair that gave his face even more shadows than what the hat already had given. In the shadow that covered his face all that showed was two red glowing eyes and a wide insane grin that made everyone want to run. Next to the boy was a large gray dragon with black eyes and several blood red lines going around its neck. The two made a certain black dog that was hiding near felled safe of the first time in a long time.

S!3v3n's view

"Harry you were summoned here to take part in the Triwizard Tournament since your name was placed in the Goblet of Fire," the old man stated.

"How do you know that name? I am not Harry who his uncle killed, my name is Steven the Kanto's ex Champion, the capturer of Missingno who used it to bring Miki back, the one who Strangled his brother for what he did to Miki" I said with my grin growing bigger as the fear in the room grew as well while a weird black dog sat next to me and wanted to be petted.

"You used Missingno to bring back the dead?" a voice behind me spoke making me jump since there wasn't anyone there before. I turned around to see a flighty blonde girl with blue on her black robes…. petting Miki. "Is that why Miki's flame is dead?"

"Yes, blessed one," I said as I gave her a light bow "I am surprised to see a Legendary's blessed in this world."

"Palkia is the Legendary of space," the girl said without looking up as she continues petting Miki.

"How are you still sane?" I asked shock "Palkia sees every universe taking place at once."

"Who said that I was sane? You S!3v3n were blessed by Missingno and went insane." the girl smiled "my name is L^n ."

Time skip to the weighing of the wands

S!3v3n's view

"Why am I here I don't have a wand?" I asked while Miki was sleeping in her ball and P d7o0t was standing next to me.

"What" everyone yelled.

I held out my hand and brought out a ball of fire "I don't need a wand. L^n doesn't need one ether she only uses one to make you feel better."

L^n appeared as I said that and glared at me "really S!3v3n you had to ruin my fun."


Time skip to S!3v3n's first task

S!3v3n's view

"And now the final champion Steven" a man yelled.

"Huh, so this is what they call a dragon? How weak Miki lets show them real firepower" I said as I brought her out of her Pokeball. Once the Dragon saw Miki it tried to back away but the chains held it in place. "Oh you know when you are outmatched that's good for you. I need to just take the fake egg but they want a show. Miki please go easy on her and don't hurt her egg's" Miki smiled her creepy smile at this and took a deep breath then shot a ball of fire at the Dragon that exploded once it touched the Dragon knocking the poor Dragon out. The crowd was silent as I picked up the egg and left the arena with Miki, L^n , and P d7o0t joining me as I walked back to the castle.

Time skip to the second task

S!3v3n's view still

"You want me to do what?" I asked the crazy wizards.

"To save Luna from the bottom of the lake" the old man stated.

"So not only do you want me to infect everything in the water, but you also want to gain the wrath of Palkia" I stated giving them a 'are you crazy' look as the area began to shake as a portal opened above the lake and Palkia stepped out of it. Palkia roared then reached down into the water and pulled out the hostages. He then set them on the deck while glaring at the wizards.

"Hey, long time no see Palkia. Thank you for getting them out so I didn't infect anyone else with Missingno" I said to Palkia who nodded while still glaring at the idiot wizards.

"It's alright Palkia" L^n stated getting Palkia to look away from the idiot wizards "they are too much of an idiot to see this would get you angry."

Palkia nodded then gave the wizards one last glare then reentered the portal that closed behind it.

Time skip to the third task

I entered the maze any easily reached the center since the creatures were smart and didn't want to fight me. The few brave ones pointed the way for me. I picked up the cup and got knocked out from the forced teleport.

"I got my body back" I voice yelled walking me up.

"Wow and I thought Darki's blessed had it bad," I said seeing the snake faced wizard who was surrounded by mask-wearing wizards.

"What's wrong with my face Potter" Snake Faced yelled.

"Well for one you look like an idiot, two you just forcefully placed Missingno's DNA into you and Missingno hates when that happens right Missingno," I said as I turned to the left and broke out of my binds. As the idiots looked to my left Missingno glitched into view taking a glitch form of my old dead 5-year-old self that was very rotted with skin falling off in places and one eyeball hanging out.

"Y0u 5h l3 d!e," Missingno said pointing at the wizards who dropped dead. Missingno looked around to see if it missed any then teleported everyone back to the area the third task was held.

I whistled for P d7o0t who came running "its time for me to go home you want to come P d7o0t and L^n ?" I asked while everyone was staring in shock at Missingno.

P d7o0t morphed into S!r!u5 and said "of course Pup anywhere you go I will follow."

"Sure I want to come I need to get away from these idiots" L^n smiled.

"What about you Missingno are you come back with us now or are you coming later," I asked as I opened a portal home.

"L t3r !h3s3 i6i0t5 n3e6 t0 l3a/n l3s5o^," Missingno said with his glitched out laughter.

"Well have fun" I stated as S!r!u5, L^n , Miki, and I went into the portal leaving the screaming wizards behind.

And done with the first. Anyone with story ideas that hopefully can stay small like this one or entire letter/story, with the name of the universe it takes place in, into my forum that I just made hopefully it works. If not PM me same rule as the forum.

For those that couldn't read glitch text.

S3v3n- Seven

L^n - Luna

P d7o0t- Padfoot

S!r!u5- Sirius

Y0u 5h l3 d!e- You shale die

L t3r !h3s3 i6i0t5 n3e6 t0 l3a/n l3s5o^- Later these idiots need to learn a lesson