Hey, guys, I am back. This one is a crossover of Harry Potter x The Waking. If you don't know what 'The Waking' is this next part is for you but if you do know what 'The Waking' is, jump to the story.

'The Waking' was a very interesting comic series that was written by Raven Gregory and drawn by Vic Drujiniu and Novo Malgapo. Vic drew the first volume when Novo drew the second. It was short but fun with only four issues for both volumes.

Now here's a quick run-through of 'The Waking' story for those of you that need a refresher or never heard of the story and wanted to see what it was about. First of all both volumes are told through the detectives with the first told by Michael (never said his last name) and the second by his partner Vanessa Pelagreno.

Volume 1: Michael and the rest of his detective friends find themselves with murder cases that the victim doesn't stay dead. The dead return to kill the ones who killed them and the dead won't return to being dead until they kill the one who murdered them. It started off small with one or two coming to life then all of them come to life. Michael and everyone else at the Police Station don't know what the heck is going on until Jonathan Raine turns himself in. Jonathan tells them of how he first realized that he could bring back the dead and about his daughter Madison who was murdered and the killer got away with it. Jonathan figured that if he can get one of the other victims to kill her murderer then Madison can stay in the living. Michael tries to get Jonathan to stop his ability but he won't do it. The dead try to break into the Police Station and Vanessa shoots and kills Jonathan to stop the dead. It works and they think it is over until a few days later the dead rise again because Madison is still alive and has her father's ability. The Volume ends with us seeing that Michael was telling his son about what Madison did and who she was since his son saw Madison who keeps appearing to them.

Volume 2: Vanessa tries to outrun her incoming death by jumping for Police Station to Police Station never staying for too long. She ends up in New York and gets a new partner Dorian Grant. They get a case where many people are going missing with on dead bodies showing up Waking or otherwise. A body does come up but it is in pieces and only one finger has enough mussels to move. Vanessa and Grant use the finger since it is the only lead they have on the killer only to end up in a car accident were Dorian dies. Vanessa hears the finger start to freak out as a man exits his van she can't see his face but does see his license plate. Later she finds out that the van is own by a garden business and goes to the business owner's house to get the list of the van drivers. Only to get kidnapped by the owners and thrown into the basement with the other wakings chained down and unable to get their revenge. Vanessa gets out of her chains and frees the wakings who get their revenge when the owners reenter the basement. Vanessa makes it outside and finds Madison waiting for her. Vanessa asks Madison to forgive her and she does then walks away. Vanessa cries and is happy thinking that it is finally over only for us to see Jonathan behind her. The Volume ends with us back with Michael getting a phone call about Vanessa's death and his wife telling him he is going to be a father.

That is the story of 'The Waking' so far I am excited to see how it will go if Raven Gregory continues it. I found this series last summer and couldn't get it out of my head. After a few weeks, I thought what would happen if Madison was in Harry Potter and this story came to be. I had it written in my story idea notebook and just recently found its page again… yeah somehow everything before the four years later fits on one small notebook page.

Madison Raine was looking at the Ex. Detective Michael's family as she usually did to check on him since he was the only one that tried to help her and her father. Oh, how she missed her father but he got his revenge and is now at peace just like all of the others she woke up.

Seeing that Michael and his family are well she started to walk down the road. Madison was a good ways away when she felt magic call out for her like the one time she helped a young wizarding family by taking the hit for the pregnant mother. She and the family became good friends before Madison got band from the British Wizarding World.

The magic that was now covering her forever seven-year-old body was the same as her magical friend's and she could feel it break the baning magic that was placed on her.

Madison was curious about what could cause her friend's magic to act in such a way so she allowed it to take her and what she saw made her glad she did.

Number 4 Private Drive

A few seconds before

Harry didn't know why his Uncle was beating him. He did all of his chores, cooked the food perfectly and stayed out of their way. So why was he getting beat worst than before? Not knowing what he was doing he reached into his magic to call for help and help it did find.

"Get away from my Godson you PIG!" Madison yelled which stopped Vernon mid punch.

"Who the hell are you!" Vernon yelled back giving Harry a chance to see Madison and thought she was his age.

"I am Madison Raine Godmother of Harry James Potter and the Waker of the Dead" Madison said causing Vernon to pale.

"Then why was the FREAK given to us!?" Vernon yelled.

"The idiot head of Light thought that I was evil and band me from the Wizarding World. What I want to know is why Harry is here when the will said in BOLD print not to place him with you FREAKS" Madison said as she walked past Vernon then placed her hand on Harry healing him from all of the damage his relatives caused. "Let's go, Harry" Madison said just as they vanished with a bright light filling the house killing the wards that surrounded the house causing the neighborhood to remember everything the wards forced them to forget about what the Dursley's did too poor Harry. The Dursleys were arrested and charged with the abuse and murder of Harry Potter since no one could find him and no one believed that Madison took him since she never leaves the US.


Kings Chamber

US Branch

Ragnuk was going over some paperwork when he felt the air shift. He looked up to see what it was but didn't see anything.

"Hello Ragnuk" a voice spoke behind him causing him to jump. He quickly turned around to see Madison smiling and a little boy looking out from behind her. "May your blade never thirst."

"And you get your revenge," Ragnuk said once his heart calmed down. "How may we help you today Madison?"

"The wills of the dead have been ignored and I had to save my Godson from his early death," Madison said with a frown.

"Godson?" Ragnuk asked fearfully.

"Yes this is Harry Potter my Godson and the Grandson of Death," Madison said as she brought Harry out from behind her.

"Death is my Grandpa?" Harry asked shocked.

"Add in many greats into that if you want to be technical about it but since you and myself are his last living Grandchildren he doesn't care if you drop the greats," Madison said with a smile.

"He's your Grandpa too?"

"Yep but for me, I don't have to put in the many greats since my father was the newest Son of Death," Madison told Harry with a smile then turned back to Ragnuk. "I need the Potter Wills found, the Vaults checked for theft, an inherent's test for Harry to check Harry for spells, and finally I want to blood adopt Harry."

"So the usual Blood Adopting package" Ragnuk stated as he called the other needed Goblins to start on the known Vaults and to hunt down the Wills. Once he sent them away Ragnuk opened his desk and took out two parchments and a knife which he gave to Madison "you need to place three drops on the paper for the test and you both need to do this test so we can ketch anything we need to fix before we can safely do the Blood Adoption."

"There are spells that make Blood Adoption deadly?" Madison asked.

"Sadly there are but they are all easy to fix" Ragnuk sighed.

Four years later

Micheal's home

Harry's view

I was eating breakfast with my Uncle Micheal, my Aunt, and my cousin since Mama was rising the dead nearby when an Owl flew in with a letter in its beak.

"Huh" I shrugged "they finally found me."

"I see the idiots finally realized you were gone," Mama said as she appeared next to me.

"No matter how many times I see you appear like that Madison it still makes me jump" Micheal sighed causing everyone else to laugh.

"I am surprised that they only sent an Owl instead of a teacher" my Aunt committed.

"The Old Fool wanted to be able to manipulate my son by keeping him in the dark 'til the last minute. Not that would happen thanks to Tom, his Godfather Sirius, and his tutors teaching Harry normal magic and my showing how to control his abilities in Death Magic" Mama said with a smirk.

"Should I even go to Hogwarts thanks to you, Tom, Sirius, and the others I already past my NEWT's with O's on all the tests they had?" I asked.

"No matter what you chose you will get to drive Dumby crazy. If you go you will have to deal with easy water down classes, and idiotic children. If not you will have to deal with Dumby and friends trying to get you to go to Hogwarts" Mama stated.

"Good point Mama," I said as I flicked my hand summoning paper and a pen then wrote my letter.

McGonagall's office

McGonagall was sitting at her desk going over the letters of acceptance or the denial of going to Hogwarts that were sent in that morning when a zombified child fell onto her desk dropping a letter then it ran away leaving behind a shocked McGonagall.

After a few minutes, McGonagall recovered enough from her shock to pick up the letter and read.

Dear Headmistress McGonagall,

Yes, I did write correctly since by the end of this year Dumby will lose the job if not his life. The child was a victim of Dumby and her soul along with many others can not rest until they get their revenge in one form or another on Dumby.

Now onto the reason for the letter to you, I will not be attending Hogwarts now or ever. I have already completed my NEWT's and got O's on every test they had so attending would be a waste of time. Also, my mother and I are unable to enter Britain thanks to a magical baning placed by Dumby.


Harry James Potter-Raine

McGonagall stared in shock at the letter then heard a scream. McGonagall got up and run toward the scream and saw the child's body fall lifeless to the ground with a stabbed to death Dumbledore not too far behind the dead child.

It was later found out that the child was Dumbledore's sister that died years ago in a dual between Dumbledore and Gellert Grindelwald. McGonagall did become Headmistress of Hogwarts as Harry predicted and Snape was named Deputy Headmaster together they brought Hogwarts back up to the number one Wizarding School in the world.

As for Voldemort well…. When Madison found out that Harry had a Horcruse in his head she used her death magic to bring all of the Horcruxes including the Voldemort shroud into the room.

"No wonder you were insane" Madison sighed.

"What do you mean," the Voldemort shroud asked fearfully.

"You are running on bearly any soul which makes anyone insane and magically weak" Madison sighed then mumbled. "Well doing this will bring the dead peace and make it so Harry doesn't have to die."

Voldemort screamed his final scream as Tom came back to life and Voldemort was no more.

Yay, another one is done! I may do a version of this where this Harry does go to Hogwarts, if I do then skip to after Harry writes his letter cause it will be the same up to that point.