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Despite the loud and heartfelt cheers at first, the ending was a bit anticlimactic. Even with the Doom Slayer's quickness, many of the refugees had still died by the Flame Dragon. The survivors had put up makeshift graves for the deceased and were now praying. By then, the sun had begun to go down, replaced with nighttime while floating orbs appeared, casting a strange purple glow across the area.

[Though the losses are unfortunate, more lives would've been lost had you not arrived as you did. From my analysis of both the dragon and Third Recon's armaments, the outcome might've turned for the worse if not for your intervention] VEGA said to the Slayer. It was clear that the AI was trying comfort the Doom Slayer. The man grunted. He had failed to protect the innocent. Even if it wasn't demons, the Flame Dragon possessed the mindless savagery as them. Either way, it was on him.

The JSDF soldiers had joined them in mourning for the dead. Meanwhile, the Doom Slayer was sitting against a tree, watching this all from a respectful distance. While he understood the refugees' feelings, he did not think he should be over with them. He had long since run out of grief and sadness over the eons. He silently scoffed as he picked up a few words such as 'gods' from the survivors. Those entities rarely cared about mortals, praying to them wouldn't help.

It had been about another thirty minutes until they finished. Seeing how people were dispersing, the Doom Slayer got up and walked over towards Lelei and Cato, who were with some of the other refugees near the JSDF vehicles. He took note that Itami was speaking with the village chief. The latter seemed to have a sad look on his face as he spoke to the Lieutenant. Once done, the chief turned around and making his way towards his carriage before eventually heading off. Itami let out a sigh as he regrouped with the rest of the team and the remaining refugees. He looked at his team and the Doom Slayer.

"Well, looks like most of them are going to nearby villages where they have friends or family that they can stay with. Oh, and Slayer-san, the chief wanted me pass on his thanks for saving them from the Flame Dragon." Itami said.

Those that were leaving gave the Slayer one last glance, a few even giving words and prayers of thanks. According to Cato, the Flame Dragon was considered a symbol of disaster, a force that no army or mage could defeat. Even Apostles would struggle against it. For the natives, to see the Slayer kill one so easily was nothing short of a miracle. The Slayer did not really care, he had dealt with foes far stronger than the dragon.

[His gratitude is welcomed however we would like to focus back on our deal. I trust that you'll be able to speak to your superiors about our agreement] VEGA replied, the Doom Slayer nodding in agreement before walking away to rejoin Lelei and Cato, who were already on their carriage.

Itami chuckled nervously as Tomita approached him. "While I am also grateful that he helped us, do you really think General Hazama will let him enter?" Tomita asked the Lieutenant.

Itami sighed. "Somehow, I get the feeling even if I didn't get permission, that wouldn't stop the guy from just marching in. He doesn't seem like the type who would take no for an answer."

He then turned towards the remaining villagers. Many of them had nowhere else to go or had lost loved ones in the Flame Dragon's attack. Thus, the majority were children and elderly, along with Rory and Tuka. Letting out a sigh, Itami put his hands on his hips as he walked up to them. With a smile, he put two fingers in the air. "Right then, you leave it to us!"

His words seemed to improve the mood among the refugees, as they had smiles on their faces, with Rory giggling. The Doom Slayer just ignored it, standing a safe distance from the others as he gazed at the night sky.

(Unknown Location)

They were the gods of this world, what the JSDF called the 'Special Regions'. Worshipped by mortals and their will enforced by their apostles, nothing escaped their eyes. They had known that Hardy, Goddess of the Underworld, opened the Gate on Alnus Hill, followed by the Empire's armies marching through it. The gods also watched as the Imperial forces fled, with the 'Men in Green' coming through the gate afterwards. Whatever would come next, the gods knew that this would be an interesting, and dangerous time for their world. However, none of them were prepared when the newcomer appeared. Not from the gate but falling from the sky, where no mortal had ever been before, unless they were capable of flight.

They watched as their large armored being walked on their planet, guided by one of La's worshippers. Try as they might the gods couldn't get anything off this person. He radiated an aura that was divine, much like their own, and yet demonic at the same time. Unlike the men in green, this figure was a complete enigma to the gods, something that had never happened before, which made them feel troubled. The figure definitely got their attention when he single-handily slew the Flame Dragon, a creature that could even give an Apostle a challenge. Some of the gods had different thoughts: Emroy, God of Darkness and War was, like his Apostle, excited to see what kind of warrior this man was. Zufmuut, God of Light and Order, feared that this arrival would bring change that would threaten the balance of their world. Duncan, God of Blacksmithing, was more interested in the armor the large man wore and the weapons he wielded, curious as to their origins. The twin deities of Knowledge and Learning, Elange and Ral, felt foreign magic coming from this stranger, and wanted to see if they could learn more about it.

However, the one among them who stood out the most was Palapon, God of Revenge. As per his title, Palapon ruled over feelings such as hatred, grudge, vengeance and retribution. During his long life since his ascension, Palapon had never felt such thirst revenge until he laid eyes on the green armored man. Despite his tranquil and apathetic appearance, Palapon could feel the hatred rolling off the man in waves. Vengeance practically covered this stranger, so much that one could say he was born of it, reveled in it even. Nay, it was more accurate to say that this man was vengeance and hatred incarnate. Palapon decided to keep a close eye on this 'Doom Slayer'.

(Next Day)

Morning had come soon, and Third Recon and their charges were preparing to leave. Since many villagers had left on their own carriages, the only one left was Cato and Lelei's. And since Tuka had woken up, the refugees rode in the three JSDF vehicles. Doom Slayer would've continued walking on foot but Itami had asked that he ride in one of the cars. VEGA had backed that up by saying, [The sentries at their base might feel threaten by your presence and would most likely not allow you entry. Riding inside one of vehicles will allow us to enter and avoid such problems]

Itami let out a sigh of relief when the Slayer agreed with VEGA's logic. Unfortunately, the only vehicle with room for him was the truck, the same one that Rory was in, along with Tuka and Lelei. With an annoyed sigh, the Slayer got in, the Praetor Suit's weight causing the truck to shift, startling Kurata and Itami. The Slayer made sure to sit beside Lelei, across from Rory. Said Apostle pouted while Tuka looked at the Slayer curiously. Once everyone was aboard, the convoy took off.

The trip was uneventful, except for a moment when Rory tried to start a conversation with the Doom Slayer, only to receive silence. VEGA had wanted to question Rory, but reading the mood, the AI remained silent as well. Rory eventually gave up for now and the trip became quiet again. Tuka would shift between looking at the Slayer and then the road if she thought the armored man saw her looking, though it was hard to tell with the visor hiding his face.

Eventually, the scenery began to change as the hills and fields were replaced by destroyed terrain. Craters pockmarked the brown landscape as the trucks began to make their way through down a long stretch of road.

[It appears that this Empire had attempted to retake the hill several times from the JSDF. Predictably, their primitive weapons and armor were no match for the JSDF firepower and were slaughtered] VEGA commented through the Praetor Suit's private channel.

The convoy continued down the road and eventually the Slayer began to see a massive fortress appear over the horizon. Large walls surrounded its interior on all sides, and from just at a glance, the Slayer and VEGA could tell the fortress was in the shape of a star. Eventually, the trucks approached a massive steel gate. As it swung open two gate guards stood duty and waved the trucks in. The convoy entered the massive complex and soon stopped in front of a large two-story rectangular building. One by one they opened up and the occupants began to emerge. All was well until the Slayer got out, the truck letting out a groan, as if relieved to be rid of the burden. His size alone, with the addition of his armor, was enough to make the Doom Slayer stand out from the locals, and immediately caught the attention of every nearby JSDF personnel. A few even reached for their weapons, but the Doom Slayer just stood there. He did not really consider them a threat.

Itami, who could feel the tension, waved them off. "It's okay! He's with us! It's a long story!"

At this remark some of them merely shook their heads and went about their days, while others continued staring at the strange heavily armored man all the while. Itami let out a sigh before looking at the Slayer. "Do you think you could, uh, be less intimidating? Fantasy characters are one thing, but you guys…are something else."

The Slayer growled at Itami's request, whereas VEGA translated his thoughts. [Unfortunately, that is impossible. The Doom Slayer and I are in unknown territory. Though the current forces here are no match for him, he prefers to remain on guard]

"Right…" Itami said before looking at an older soldier. "Sergeant Major Kuwahara, can you go ahead and help take care of the refugees? I have some business with Slayer-san."

"Got it Lieutenant." The soldier replied before leading the refugees with the rest of the team.

Itami then lead Doom and VEGA towards the general. As they walked, the Slayer got more looks from nearby personnel, all pausing from their work. Eventually, they reached a large reception building, before they both entered the double doors, Itami turned to face.

"Um, could you wait here for a moment? I need to explain this all to my superiors first." He said nervously.

Unfortunately, that was impossible. With a growl the Slayer kicked open the doors, nearly knocking them off their hinges. Doing so attracted the head of every JSDF soldier present turn their gaze upon him. Meanwhile at the center of the room, Itami watched as his superior officer, Yanagida, froze behind his desk. His normally calm and collected face twisting into one of surprise as his glasses almost fell off.

"W-who are you?" He managed to stutter out.

[Greetings, I am VEGA. To avoid any confusion, please know that I am not the man inside of this suit, I am merely an Artificial Intelligence that speaks for him. He is known as the 'Doom Slayer'] VEGA announced. [We had arrived too this world from an inter-dimensional portal device, where we met with Lieutenant Yoji Itami of Third Recon. In return for assisting him and his team in escorting refugees fleeing from the Flame Dragon, we would be allowed to meet with this base's highest command. I recommend following this deal as the Doom Slayer is not known to take no for an answer]

To emphasis his words, the Slayer let out a threatening growl that unnerved some of the people present. Yanagida slowly turned to face Itami, his anger, and shock clear for all to see. Itami was just standing there, figuratively sweating bullets. Yanagida then looked at the Slayer. "VEGA was it? I-if you and the Slayer could just follow me, I will take you to our commander."

The Slayer nodded before following the Lieutenant. Leaving behind him was a distraught Itami and several confused soldiers. The rest of the walk was silent as Yanagida was leading the Slayer to the General's office. As they moved through the hallway, the Slayer was met with surprised and shocked looks on peoples' faces, which he ignored. They eventually reached the last door at the end of the hallway. Yanagida looked at the Slayer.

"This is Lieutenant General Hazama's office. He's currently the commander of all military operations here in the Special Region. He can help sort out this situation." The lieutenant said.

[Very well, let us proceed] VEGA said.

Yanagida nodded. Then he opened the door and beckoned the Doom Slayer inside. At the center of the office was a man with a thick brown mustache and regulation haircut sitting behind a wooden desk. He appeared to be around the same age as Kuwahara. He was looking at some papers when the pair stepped in. Looking up, rather than jumping up in shock, his eyes widened slightly before letting out a heavy sigh and placing his papers down.

Yanagida stood at attention and spoke. "Sir, this is the Doom Slayer…and his AI VEGA. They're the ones who Itami brought over. They wish to speak with you regarding a deal they made with the Lieutenant."

Hazama nodded and stood up. "Ah yes, the 'space man'. I am Lieutenant General Hazama, commander of the JSDF forces here in the Special Region. It is a pleasure to meet you, Slayer-san, VEGA-san." Hazama greeted as he held out a hand. When the Slayer did not take it, the General tilted his head.

[Apologies, Lieutenant General. The Doom Slayer is not one for formalities. Personally, I would wish to move on to the topic at hand] Explained VEGA at the Slayer's lack of manners.

Hazama gave a light cough. "Of course. Lieutenant Yanagida, if you could please leave us."

The Lieutenant seemed unsure to follow that order, glancing nervously at the Slayer. But a look from the General made Yanagida resign and leave. Once the door was closed, the General sat back down, while the Doom Slayer remained standing. Hazama started the conversation. "Now, while I got a basic rundown from the report, I would like if I could hear a more detail account from you Slayer-san…or is it VEGA-san who will be speaking."

[We've come to an agreement that I would speak for us] VEGA said, earning a nod from the Slayer. [To begin with, I was created in the 22nd century by the mega-corporation Union Aerospace Corporation, or UAC for short, to serve as the Artificial Intelligence of their Mars Facility. The Doom Slayer, however, comes from an ancient, yet advanced civilization that has been long since destroyed. The Slayer has been on a one-man crusade against the force responsible for its destruction]

Hazama frowned. "You know, I would be more surprised by hearing this, not believing it to be precise. However, given as to where I am right now, I find your story believable." The General said, showing a flexible mindset. "May I ask how you ended up here?"

[The force that the Doom Slayer had been combating for eons ended up on Mars and wiped out all staff of the UAC facility saved for myself and the head of the corporation. The Slayer was used to push back the Thralls of the Nameless One, whereas myself was put through self-termination to close the portal that the invaders had come through, but the Slayer preserved my systems into a localized back-up. Once his mission to stop the invasion was complete, the Slayer and I were forced into an Argent-powered Einstein-Rosen bridge, which is how we ended up on this world] VEGA answered.

"I'm assuming that you weren't sent here on purpose." Hazama guessed.

[That is a correct assumption. Our arrival was unintentional] VEGA replied.

Hazama nodded. "Well, unintentional or not, you and the Slayer saved a lot of lives, including some of my soldiers. I am deeply thankful for that. However, you plan to return to where you came from."

[Correct. The Slayer wishes to return and ensure all things are in order. Unfortunately, we currently have no means of returning to said location. That is where our interest with you, or rather, this Gate, come in] VEGA said. When the General made no noise, the AI continued. [From what I've gathered, it is a Dimensional Portal, like the method that sent us here. I suspect that the Gate's influence is what effected our own interdimensional travel, thus could be used to help us to return to Mars. That said, I wish to study it in order to understand its composition. This would also benefit you as I will provide data on what I learn to you and your government in the event the gate becomes harmful. In return, the Doom Slayer and I will assist you in military operations but retain free reign of our own movements and actions. Nor will we follow orders by your government…or the relinquish of the Slayer's weapons and armor] VEGA quickly added the last part when he noticed Hazama look at the Praetor Suit curiously.

Hazama did his best to hide his disappointment, but not enough. Letting out a sigh, the General spoke, "Well, I admit that having more information on the gate would be a good weight off my back. Plus, after hearing how you took care of that dragon, I would feel a lot better knowing someone like you was out there protecting my men. To ease tension, I'll have to ask you to be escorted by someone whenever entering one of the more important parts of our base. Plus, I'll need to let my superiors know about this. Other than that, I believe that your terms are acceptable." Hazama said.

[Thank you General. May I also recommend that a private quarter for the Doom Slayer? It would be appreciated] VEGA requested.

"Very well, I'll speak to the construction workers." Hazama said as he raised his hand again. This time, the Slayer took it, careful not to crush the General's hand. "Welcome to Fort Alnus, Doom Slayer."

(Sometime Later)

Time had pass after the meeting with Hazama. Currently, the Doom Slayer was near the Gate, which was protected by a solid dome with tanks, vehicles and guns guarding it. He wasn't really doing anything, but his helmet's HUD was scanning the structure for VEGA to analysis its components. Behind him was Shino Kuribayashi. When it had been announced that the Doom Slayer would be staying on the base and would need an escort to check out the Gate, Shino jumped at the chance. After seeing how the Slayer easily decimated the Flame Dragon, the battle maniac sergeant wanted to try and learn more about the newcomer. Besides, anything was better than hearing the Lieutenant and Kurata talk about their stupid anime porn.

As she walked behind him, Shino learned that the Slayer was not really a talkative person and was even indifferent to what was around him unless it was of interest towards him. He didn't seem to care about the other JSDF personnel around him, looking at the Slayer with curiosity. A few were even taking pictures with their cameras or phones. The only one who did all the speaking was VEGA, who could multitask, which allowed Shino to ask some questions.

"Where does he keep those weapons that he was using to fight the Dragon?"

[The Praetor Suit has a dimensional storage device that can hold inanimate objects, whether organic or inorganic]

"How many can he hold?"

[Presently he carries ten weapons, excluding grenades, but it is possible he can store more]

"How does he fight?"

[While the Doom Slayer is highly skilled with firearms, his preferred method is close combat. There he focuses on delivering brutal, but efficient strikes that will best kill the target]

These were some of Shino's questions. As mentioned before, Shino was the type of girl who would be called a tomboy, interested in things related to combat and violence. She had only caught a brief glance at some of the Slayer's weapons during the battle with the Flame Dragon and the sergeant had to resist the urge to ask to hold them. The last thing she wanted to do was upset the Doom Slayer.

A few minutes later, VEGA had finished his scans of the Gate and the three left the dome. As they left, one of the tanks turned to look at the Slayer, its barrel pointed directly at the armored man. This was something obvious, as even with the General's words, there were still some people who were on guard around the Doom Slayer. The tank crew were trying to intimidate the Slayer, warning him not to try anything. Unfortunately, the Slayer was not the least bit scared. Instead what he did was grab the tip of the barrel and…


With just one hand, the Slayer easily bent the barrel upwards, before returning it to its previous position. If one could see the crew, then they would see their faces were one of shock at how this man bent the metal of a tank barrel with a single hand, no struggle whatsoever. The same thought was running through all the other onlookers except for Kuribayashi, whose face was one of awe.

[Oh look, Slayer. I believe there is a target practice field to our left] VEGA said, not the least bit bothered by what happened.

The Slayer nodded, making a turn towards said place, an eager Sergeant trailing behind him. They were halfway towards the field when a familiar voice spoke up.

"Sir Slayer! It appears fate has brought us together again!" Rory exclaimed as she approached the Slayer. Behind her were Tuka and Lelei. Tuka had discarded her torn Elf clothes and was now in a civilian's attire.

The Slayer gave no indication to her words. Shino decided to greet them. "Hey you three, all done?" She asked.

Lelei nodded. "Yes, your people have been accommodating us. They've already begun constructing houses for us. It is quite fascinating to see so many new things."

[Indeed, creating simple buildings were easy for the humans of Earth in the 21st Century. Though they still pale in comparison to the 22nd Century] VEGA commented. [I suspect that they will be done relatively soon]

Lelei hummed, hearing VEGA's words. "Where are you heading now?"

[I've finished my analysis of the Gate and am already preparing to document my findings. Currently, the Slayer appears to be interested in trying out the JSDF's firing range. May I inquire what you three are doing?] VEGA asked.

"We're going to harvest some wyvern scales from the dead ones lying outside the fortress. The Jays Es Dee Ef have allowed us to go out there. Perhaps you wish to join us as our escort? I'm sure I can find a way to pay you." Rory said, putting emphasis on the word 'pay' while licking her lips seductively.

Tuka and Shino, understanding her hidden message, blushed a little while Lelei looked on impassive. The Slayer showed no signs of being affected by her attempts of seduction. Instead VEGA asked, [These scales? For what purpose do they serve in harvesting them?]

Rory pouted that her attempt failed. Meanwhile Lelei answered. "Wyvern scales fetch a high price, VEGA. Given our current situation, we wish to find a means to support ourselves."

[I see] VEGA said before entering a private channel to speak with the Doom Slayer. After a minute the Slayer turned around to face a large clearing near the group. Without making a word, the corpse of the Flame Dragon appeared in said spot. Its impact caused a small mess of dust to kick up, startling everyone nearby.

The Doom Slayer turned to look back at the girls, who all sported shocked looks. [I trust that the scales of such a beast would fetch a higher price in the market than wyverns would]

"W-what? H-how?" Shino stuttered, trying to comprehend.

Lelei, who had snapped out of her stupor, answered that. "VEGA said that the Slayer's armor, the Praetor Suit, could store organic objects so long as they were not living." She looked at the Hell Walker. "I had wondered what happened to its corpse, was it because of you?"

[The idea was mine. I was curious in studying the creature's body to see if it could have been of any value. Unfortunately, I found none, so perhaps it will be more beneficial to give it to you and the refugees] VEGA explained.

"Yes, this will be very beneficial." Lelei said as she shifted her attention from the Flame Dragon corpse to the Doom Slayer. Wyvern scales were very valuable in the market, so the scales of the fearsome Flame Dragon could make someone as a rich as a lord!

Satisfied, the Slayer resumed his trek to the shooting range, his escort following him, with Rory also following too. Eventually Lelei and Tuka also followed out of curiosity, leaving it to a just arriving Itami to sort out the giant corpse in the middle of the base.

There were a few people already at the range, practicing their aim. But they all stopped when the Slayer appeared. Ignoring the looks and made his way to the row of stacked rifles. He took a Howa Type 89 and 64, and an M4 Carbine, the Slayer then approached the closes stand. Holding the 64 to his hip, the Slayer opened fire. Each round hit its target dead on, no mistakes. He did the same with the Type 89 and the Carbine.

[The 21st Century firearms are indeed impressive. However, they are not as formidable as your current arsenal and would probably not amount to much in future incursions with the demons] VEGA noted.

The Slayer nodded in agreement before putting the weapons down and then taking out the Heavy Assault Rifle. Using its Scope Mod, the Slayer took aim. Each .50 caliber FMJ round found its target, piercing each target through the head with ease, followed by piercing them through the middle of the chest. Than, with the Scope Mod, the devastator rounds would easily destroyed them. Not paying attention the gawking looks on the JSDF personnel, or the one of awe from Shino, the Slayer nodded in satisfaction and put away the weapon. This little detour done the Slayer resumed his walk around the base.


Time had passed and the sun was already beginning to set. The Slayer was standing near the housing that the refugees were temporary staying at until the tenant buildings were done. He did not mind as sleep was something he no longer required. Rather, he would most likely remain on guard next to where Lelei and Cato were sleeping. VEGA was still working to repair the tether system that Hayden had uploaded to the Praetor Suit. But even if it was fixed, without proper coordinates, they would most likely be jumping at random rather than heading straight back to Mars, especially with the Gate's energies disrupting it. VEGA believed that once he gains a better understanding of the Gate, he the tether system can be used properly. In the meantime, they would have to watch over the two mages so they could bring the Slayer to Rondel.

[My present concern is the Japanese Government. No doubt the General will inform his government about this. We must assume that they may try to get some hold over us, despite our warning. In order to gain access to our weapons and technology. We will have to be careful] VEGA warned.

The Slayer merely shrugged his shoulders. He was never one to care for politics and would leave that bothersome stuff to VEGA. Even if they did try something, then those fools would be walking into their own grave. He had no time to deal with idiots who thought that they could get away with anything because of their positions.

"Oh, there you are." A familiar voice said.

Turning around, Doom watched as Itami approached him. The Lieutenant was in more casual military attire, not wearing his gear or hat. "We've been looking for you. Dinner is going to start soon, and we have food ready for everyone at the dining area." Itami said.

[Your concern is noted, Lieutenant, however, unnecessary. The Slayer requires neither food, water nor sleep. We shall be fine watching the perimeter] VEGA said.

Itami blinked, not realizing that. "Oh, well um…" An awkward feeling began to fill the air as the Lieutenant tried to find something to say. "Well, would you like to come anyway? It would be good to have company."

The Slayer shook his head at the offer. [The offer is appreciated, but we shall remain here on watch] VEGA said.

"Ah…well, okay then." Itami said quietly before walking back to the dining area. The Slayer knew very well that Itami was either trying to get him to open up or learn more about him to tell his leaders. To be honest, either were annoying and Doom truthfully found the Lieutenant a pest. He was to laid back and did not take his job seriously. It confused Doom as to how someone like him became a Lieutenant, let alone why he wasn't discharged yet. Well, he wouldn't be the Slayer's problem for long.

(Several Miles from Alnus)

Numerous fires could be seen around the large campsite. In the campsite were men were making jeering, cheering, laughing, yelling, eating and drinking. They were wearing armor and had weapons and shields beside them. None of them had symbols to designate where they came from or what kingdom they served. And of course, they wouldn't, these men were bandits and marauders. Though that wasn't originally the case.

A few weeks before the Slayer arrived in this world, the Empire had sent missives to their vassal kingdoms, to gather together and repel the JSDF stationed on Alnus Hill. Needless to say, it was a massacre, it took only three tries and the combined army of the kingdoms was annihilated. Many of the survivors went home while others deserted and ran off, taking the life of banditry. Thus, a large number of the men at the campsite were former soldiers, abandoning their honor and kingdoms to survive, while others were bandits who joined under the belief in strength with numbers. Of course, many of them had been driven mad by the horrors they witnessed at Alnus Hill. These men were united to raid and kill all in their path, take revenge on the Empire that sent them to die, and find the death they desired and was denied to them on Alnus.

"My brothers!" The bandit leader shouted, a mug of ale in his hand. Somehow his voice managed to reach everyone in the camp as all eyes were on him. "We have looted and slaughtered much in Emroy's name! But we are not done! Tomorrow we make our way to Italica! With so few defenders, the city will surely fall to our might! And from there, we will truly have our revenge, and the death that was denied from us on Alnus Hill!" A mad glint could be seen in his eyes as he raised his mug into the air. "For vengeance!"

The rest of the bandit army roared in response, raised mugs, pieces of food, fists and weapons into the air. However, none of them noticed the lone bandit far from the campfires. Huddled in the darkness, the man laughed in a craze manner, even crazier than his other comrades. Quietly, he rolled up his shirt, to reveal several demonic tattoos drawn on his chest. The light from the fire gave them an angry red glow, as if sensing the coming bloodshed.

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